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The Wizard and the Unicorn
by Xanthippe Electra

I am going to be honest with you from the start: I am not beautiful. As a matter of fact, I am overweight and very plain, the kind of girl guys don't look twice at. If they even look once, I am very surprised. But I have other attributes that I am proud of, including my 145 IQ.

One night, while sitting at the computer, lying through my teeth trying to impress guys in a chat room, it hit me: Why am I doing this? Why don't I just tell them the truth? So I re-entered the chat room with the announcement: "Hope this doesn't mess up your night, but everything I said previously was a lie--I'm overweight and extremely plain!"

One by one guys exited the chat room until there was only one left. I sat there, staring at the monitor, and the last person typed in "So what?"

I replied, "Aren't you scared of by what I said?"

"Not at all--I am rather intrigued by you," Wizard replied. "Your name 'Unicorn' made me feel like we might be on the same wavelength."

I thought about this for a minute and agreed with him. "I like to go into the chat rooms and hope to learn new things about sex--I've only had sex twice in real life."

Wizard shot back, "I'd like to help you further your education. Would you like that?"

Unicorn replied, "Oh yes please, that would be wonderful!"

Wizard replied, "First of all, you must be comfortable with yourself.. What are you wearing now?" I told him I was wearing a T-shirt and panties, what I always slept in. "You don't sleep naked?" he asked.

I blushed from head to toe and replied, "Absolutely not!"

to which he replied, "You must get more comfortable. Take them off!" I was so glad he could not see my red face through the monitor as I did what he asked.

"Are you naked, Unicorn?" he typed in bold letters.

"Yes," I replied, feeling very self-conscious at my nudity.

"Good," he replied, "now caress your breasts, run your fingers around your nipples and make them hard." I looked down at my 44DD's and cupped them in my hands, running my hands all over them as Wizard had instructed. My fingertips traced around my nipples, which hardened immediately and an involuntary moan escaped my lips--it felt so good! Wizard asked "Now, how did that feel?"

I replied, "Actually, quite good."

"Now, Unicorn, do it again, but this time imagine that I am doing it. Close your eyes and just imagine."

I did as he asked, and this time the sensations were sharper and more erotic. "Oh, that makes it even better," I replied to him.

"Excellent!" Wizard replied. "Now, I want you to put one nipple at a time in your mouth and suck it, and imagine it is my lips on your luscious breasts." I wondered vaguely how he knew my breasts were big enough for me to be able to do that but I quickly dismissed the thought. He can't see me, I told myself. I grabbed my left breast aand placed the nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it. Sensations I had never thought of zinged through me. I did the same with the other breast and I felt my pussy begin to get wet. This was very interesting.

"I wish we had voice chat," Wizard typed. "Then you could really get into this and I could hear your reaction. Are you getting excited yet, my dear?"

Excited??? This was already better than the two times I had actually had sex! "Oh yes, Wizard," I replied, "my breasts are tingling and I am getting very wet down there."

"Good," he replied (and I could tell there was a certain smugness in his tone). "Now take your left hand and rub your clit back and forth in a teasing motion, almost like a tongue, so you can still type."

How did he know I was right handed? I asked myself. but I did as he said, teasing my clit with a soft back and forth motion, which caused extremely nice sensations all through my body.

"Ooh, that feels so good!" I typed slowly with my right hand, as I continued to tease my swelling clit. "This is really turning me on, Wizard. I just realized what a good name that is for you. You have cast a spell on me!"

He typed back, "Really? I haven't even begun my magic yet!" I continued rubbing my clit with the juice dripping from my pussy and moaning loudly. "Do you feel the tingle yet?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I replied. "I am going to come any minute!"

I happened to glance over my shoulder through my sliding glass doors. The curtain was open and I noticed my neighbor's light was on. He was new to the neighborhood and we had not met each other yet. I hope he can't see in here, I thought to myself. Thinking of that possibility made me orgasm even harder, and I almost fell out of the chair. "Are you coming yet?" Wizard asked.

"Yes, yes," I typed in hurriedly.

"Good, I am stroking my hard 8" cock, imagining it in your mouth," he replied. "Have you ever given a man a blow job before?"

"No," I replied. "I don't know how."

"Ah," he replied, "that is what your next lesson will be. Do you have any bananas?"

I went to the kitchen and got one and sat back down. "Yes I do," I replied.

"Unicorn, peel it and see how far you can put it in your mouth."

I did as he asked and typed back, "About halfway."

"Good," he replied.

"Now relax your throat and try again." I relaxed and tried it again, and it went down a lot more smoothly.

"I almost got it all that time!" I replied excitedly.

"What now?"

"Practice going up and down on it, using your tongue as you do," Wizard replied. I could tell he was getting excited by the thought of me and that banana. I practiced like he instructed and thought, I am getting the hang of this! The thought of a real dick in my mouth was making my pussy even wetter and it also ached for a dick in it.

"Wizard, you have gotten me all hot and bothered now," I protested. "What am I going to do?"

Wizard replied, "Hey, I am in the same predicament! What would you like to do about it?"

Oh, if I only could really do something about it, I thought to myself. I would fuck his brains out! "I would like to fuck your brains out!" I typed in quickly. "But since I can't, I'll just have to do myself and pretend and you will too."

"I guess so," he typed back. "But it will not be the same. Give me five minutes and I'll be back on okay?"

"Okay." I replied. What now, I thought. what if he doesn't come back???

I lay down in the floor of my den and proceeded to assault my aching clit and pussy with my fingers, searching for release. I caught the rhythm and was spinning toward orgasm when I heard a tapping on the sliding glass door. I looked over in surprise and could not believe what I saw. A naked man wearing a wizard's hat!

"Hello, neighbor...I've come to offer my services in person," he said with a smile. I just lay there, speechless. This could not be happening! He opened the door and stepped into my den. He was 6 foot tall with a raging hard on that took my breath away. I just lay there, staring. He removed the wizard hat and knelt beside me. There was a mixture of fear and anticipation in my eyes.

"Unicorn, don't be afraid. I only want to bring you pleasure," he whispered as he fondled my breast, making it ache for the touch of his lips on it. I closed my eyes and moaned as he took the nipple in his mouth and sucked it thoroughly, my body jerked convulsively with pleasure. He then moved to the other one, repeating the assault, while his hand found my wet and ready pussy. He began to stroke my clit with soft touches, then increased the pressure and my pleasure. I could feel myself start to climax again and he stopped. "I want to see if you learned anything with that banana," he said as he lay back on the carpet.

Slowly I raised myself up and placed my mouth on the tip of his throbbing cock, and he jerked convulsively. "Oh yes, Unicorn, that's good for starters. Now take it as far as you can..relax and let it slide in." I did as he said, and I could feel it going in and he moaned. I began to go up and down and used my tongue to tease, just like I had on the banana, but this was so much better!

"Yes, Unicorn, that's it!" he cried out. His cock was so big and I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. Wizard said, "Okay, that's enough--I want to come in your pussy the first time. Have you ever had sex doggy-style?"

I shook my head no, and he said, "Get on your hands and knees and let me show you." I got into position and I felt his hard dick enter my wet pussy and moaned in pure pleasure. It filled me up all the way! Wizard pulled it out slowly and slid it back in slowly.

"Ooh, that feels good!" I moaned.

"I haven't even begun to work my magic yet," Wizard replied, smiling. "Do you want me to continue this or eat your pussy first?" he asked.

"Oh, eat it first!" I said. "I've never done that."

Wizard slowly pulled out and lay down. "Bring your pussy to my tongue," he commanded. "I will make you come with my tongue first." I positioned myself over his face and he began his magic. The sensations rippling through my body were beyond description! I moaned and he increased the pressure.

When I came, I screamed and pussy juice flowed freely. I collapsed and he sat up. "Back on your hands and knees, Unicorn. Now you are going to know what a fucking feels like!" I got back into the position and he slammed his cock into my sopping wet pussy, holding my hips for leverage. He increased the pressure of his thrusts, making me moan in delight. I could feel his balls slapping my ass and I could tell he was about to come and so was I!

He grabbed my hips harder and gave several hard, quick thrusts and I could feel his load shooting into my convulsing pussy, but still he didn't stop. I was moaning and so was he--then I felt his final thrust and final spurt as he came his last time. I collapsed in a heap, with him still inside me. I was panting like I had run in a marathon and was covered in sweat and come and had never felt better in my life!

"Well, Unicorn, you look like a woman who has been thoroughly fucked," he said.

"Oh Wizard," I replied, "Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you don't plan on moving anytime soon, because I think I might need a few more lessons! And you are a most excellent teacher!"

Wizard smiled and replied, "Well, it's easy when you have such a willing and eager student. However, I am sure we can find some areas that you need to work on..."


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