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They Walked Among Us
by Anubus

I'm standing in my bedroom holding my newborn son, looking up at the stars and thinking back about 9 months ago.

My name is Karie and I am a paralegal working for a small firm in northern Va. Our firm had just won one of the biggest cases we'd ever handled so we all knocked off a little early. I decided to celebrate alone and went to a local pub. That's where I met him. He said his name was Zon. He stood about 6ft 4 in and was built like he worked out every day. His face was smooth and without a blemish, but what got me was his eyes. They were black without any visible pupil. I thought that they were contacts at first but later I found out that they weren't.

While I'm at it I guess this is as good a time as any to describe myself. I'm 5ft 4in tall with light green eyes. I keep my body devoid of any hair save for a small V-shaped tuft above my pussy. The way he looked at me enticed me to talk to him. We chatted until just before the pub closed around 12:00 a.m. He offered to walk me home and I accepted. He had told me that he worked for the government, a courier of some sort, and that he would only be in town for a few days. Just being around him made my inhibitions drop and I found myself asking Zon in for a nightcap, something that I never do. Once inside all pretense was dropped and we were locked in each other's embrace. I offered my parted lips to him and he plunged his tongue between them.

I could feel the power of his body as he pressed himself harder against me. In my aroused state I paid little notice to the fact that his tongue had slid half way down my throat. My scant panties were flooded with my juices and my knees felt weak. I managed to pull myself away from him long enough to get into the bedroom. We began to take each other's clothes off. I could now see his perfect body bathed in soft light. His body was beautiful. The only odd thing was that there was not a single hair anywhere on his body save his face and head. His cock was standing proudly upward against his abdomen it looked to be about 6 to 7 inches long and I couldn't wait to start sucking it.

I dropped to my knees grabbing the thick slab at the base and pointing it toward my hungry mouth. I started licking his cock head paying close attention to the sensitive spot just below the head. My lips stretched widely to wrap around the shaft but once done he quickly began to throat fuck me. I reached down between my legs to play with my clit and found my pussy to be a cauldron of steaming juices. I quickly found a comfortable rhythm, strumming my clit to the same rhythm I was sucking his cock to. I could now feel the urgency in Zon to cum as he began to thrust harder and deeper into my mouth but just before he release his load into my waiting mouth he pulled away from me and said he wanted to get into the bed. He quickly lay down on his back, grabbing my hips over his face. He dug his tongue into my pussy. Again, I paid no attention to how deep his tongue slid up in me.

All I wanted was to feel his cock erupt in my mouth. I didn't have to wait long. Zon's cock began to jerk around in my mouth and he began to moan. I could feel it deep inside me bringing me over the edge. We met each other with full orgasms. His thick cum began to shoot onto my waiting tongue but what caught me off guard was that his cum was sweet not bitter, and that his dick was actually getting bigger instead of going limp. After he finished cleaning up my juices, he slid out from under me and told me to stay up on my knees. I could feel his now 9 or 10-inch dick begin to slowly slide into me. My pussy yawned to accommodate the fleshy invader filling me up with its goodness. Yes!! I screamed as I felt his heavy balls slap up against my swollen clit. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!!!

Obliging me, Zon's cock began surging into me faster and harder than any man ever had before. It didn't take long for me to cum again but Zon showed no sign of slowing. I came so much and for so long that I could no longer tell where one orgasm ended and another one began. I was on the verge of total collapse when Zon began to cum. Blast after blast of Zon's manchowder was shot into my cunt filling it and overflowing the walls of my pussy. Again I could feel Zon's cock begin to grow and swell, now a full foot in length and about as round as a Coke bottle.

My lover rolled me onto my back. He slid between my tired legs. I told him that my pussy was through and that it couldn't take another assault like the one he had just given it. I'm not planning to fuck your pussy again he said with a smile and in the split second it took for my foggy brain to figure out what he meant Zon had my legs pressed up against my chest and his cockhead was pressing itself into my asshole. The quick movements caused my still throbbing cunt to pour a mixture of both our juices down over my exposed asshole causing it to become slick and lubed. Lubricated well enough for Zon's massive cock to penetrate my ass. There must have been something in his sperm to help deaden the nerves because even though I could still feel the intense pressure I felt as his cock slid inch after inch deeper into my ass it did not hurt very much at all. After what seemed like an eternity all 12 inches of his cockmeat was buried in my ass.

Now he began to slide in and out of my puckered hole slowly at first but gaining momentum all the time, he soon looked like a jackhammer pounding away at what was so recently my most private hole. With my pussy steadily dripping onto his piston it seemed like Zon was going to fuck my ass all night. Luckily the lightness of my asshole proved too much for him to last for much longer. He bellowed when he came this time and as he began to shoot his life fluids into my ass, he reached up and caught my love button between his fingers. He pinched it hard and I exploded with the most intense orgasm yet. My pussy and asshole spasmed madly causing Zon's finally deflating member to slide out of me with a wet pop.

I was completely spent and totally exhausted. As I watched Zon get up from the bed I couldn't even ask what he was doing. I barely saw him as he reached down and took something out of his pocket that looked like a small cell phone. As he approached the foot of the bed he waved the device over me. It began to beep. He looked at the display and smiled. "Mission complete", he said into the small machine, "that makes 100 for me before the deadline." A voice answered back, "Well done Zon, that beats all the others attempts. You've done well. Come back to the extraction site and we will head for home." Unable to speak, Zon gathered his things, leaned over me, and kissed me on the forehead.

"You will be the one that I miss most, Karie, take care."

I fell asleep as I watched him walk away. I woke up the next morning a little stiff but well rested. The phone rang. It was the office calling, they frantically asked me it I was all right. I told them I that I was fine. They said that when I didn't show up for work yesterday they got worried. "I've been asleep for 24 hours?!" I exclaimed. I told them that I would be in the next day bright and early. That's when I noticed the video tape on the bed. Stiffly I put the tape into my VCR. The tape came on and Zon was standing there. It went on the describe in detail that Zon was from a dying planet hundreds of light years away and that he and others like him were out across the stars to this planet and others to insure that his people would survive. He told me that he had left explicit instructions on how to raise the child and what to teach it. He also left a large pouch full of diamonds to help pay for the child's upbringing. My doctor confirmed what Zon told me. Now here I stand holding Zander in my arms looking into those same black eyes. I wonder if I will ever see Zon again.

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