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The Weekend Getaway
by Meatsicle

While you were gone this weekend, erotic thoughts went through my mind, and even the outrageous was fun to at least imagine, good fantasy stuff. Friday night I knew it would take forever to get to sleep so I watched some TV and then finally went to bed. I decided to sleep nude and the second I slid under the covers, the feel of the sheets touching my cock, plus my erotic thoughts of you being with someone, got me very stiff real fast. The only way I would ever get to sleep was to get myself off, so I reached down and took my cock in my hand and began to pump it, I still had the light on so I could see the drops of pre-cum begin to leak and I got so hot and so fast, in just a couple of minutes my cockhead was soaked with pre-cum and jerking it up and down got real slippery now and it was feeling really good. I reached for the Vaseline and put some on my hand and worked it in and now my cock was super slippery and I worked my hand back and forth over my cockhead.

I closed my eyes and I thought of you at the hotel, getting ready in the bathroom for a night out, your pussy shaved real smooth, your body smelling really fuckable, and you then got in the elevator and headed down to the bar.

You ordered a drink at the bar and before it was gone, the waitress brought you another and said someone bought you a drink and pointed to a man a few tables over. You picked up your glass and toasted him with your drink to thank him and you also noticed he was looking at your entire body, so you moved your legs to allow him to see more of you and you saw his eyes focus on you. Taking his drink, the man moved over to your table, introduced himself, and asked if you were alone. You said that you were alone, told him your name and thanked him again for the drink. The usual conversation then took place and the two of you had a couple of drinks and you remembered that he had told you he had a front side suite and you said it must be nice.

"Would you like to see it?" he asked. Maybe for a minute you replied, so the two of you finished your drinks and got in the elevator and headed up to his suite. Once there, he took you to the window and showed you a fantastic view and took you out on the balcony. The height made you woozy and the man put his hands around your hips and told you not to worry and you felt safe now. While looking out over the ocean, you noticed his hands were beginning to make circular motions on your sides and those circles began to grow larger. You moved backwards just a little until your backside came in contact with the man, more or less give your consent to his touching and suddenly you felt his hands move up to your breasts, passing lightly over your nipples through the material. You felt your nipples begin to harden and then his hands slowly pulled down your top and you now felt the night air on your breasts.

The man's hands now cupped your tits fully and he pinched and pulled your nipples with his fingers and suddenly you felt him place his face on the back of your neck, kissing the top of your shoulders while he continued to squeeze and tease your nipples. You then noticed the man was pushing more to your backside and you could even feel his hard cock, through his pants, press against your ass. The man now started to hump you from behind, pushing his hard cock against you and you responded by inching back again and again to meet the man's movements. You then noticed that one of his hands began to work its way down to the top of your panties and his hand then slid inside while his other hand continued to rub lightly over your nipple. His fingers found your shaved pussy and you heard him say "hmmmmmm" and you knew right away the man was pleased to find your pussy shaven smooth and soft.

The man's fingers now slid between your pussy lips and began to rub your clit, he then stuck a finger slightly inside you and you knew right away that his fingers found you moist from the foreplay. The man worked your wetness up over your clit and gently fingered your clit. Your pleasure was instant and you felt your legs become weak. Then suddenly the man turned you around and took you in his arms and kissed you fully, pressing his lips against yours. You then felt him push his tongue into your mouth as he pulled you tightly against him, your breasts pressed flat against his shirt and you met his tongue with yours and pushed your mouth hard against his mouth to suck his tongue even further into your mouth. You wanted more but not there on the balcony so you told him to take you inside. The two of you walked slowly to the next room and made your way to the side of the bed where the man then began to undress you in the dark.

Once your clothes were off, you slid under the covers while the man also undressed. He then slid under the covers and moved close to you. You felt the heat of his body against you and also his hard cock push against you. His mouth again found yours and you felt him press fully against you as he kissed you. His hand went slowly down your body until it again found your pussy and the man began to rub your opening again. By now you were even more wet and his fingers worked your juices over your clit and opening. This went on for several minutes and then you felt him begin to move his mouth from your neck down until he had your nipple in his mouth. Your response was quick, you arched your pussy upwards to meet his fingers and you gasped as his wet tongue teased your nipple. The sensation was slow and wonderful and you laid motionless as the man continued to finger your clit, making it more sensitive and responsive by the second, until finally you felt him move his mouth from your nipple down and down and as you laid waiting, the man positioned himself between your legs. He started to kiss and lick the insides of your thighs and he worked upwards until his mouth and tongue were touching your area around your pussy. It seemed like forever, but finally you felt his tongue touch your shaved pussy and then his full mouth covered your opening. You knew in your mind your pussy was dripping wet and his mouth and tongue must have gotten a full dose of pussy juice. It was exciting for you to know the man was drinking from your pussy and you spread your legs even wider to give him full access to your cunt. He pressed his mouth even harder against your cunt and he took your clit and pussy lips into his mouth, again and again, sucking you off.

It was heaven for you, laying there while this man with an expert mouth sucked your cunt for you, taking your shaved cunt into his mouth and loving it just the way you enjoyed it. Slowly you began to feel your cum building, higher and higher, until finally your climax started to overtake you. As your cum peaked, your body begin to stiffen on the bed, you grabbed the sheets in your hands and clenched hard until finally your cum burst from you and flowed through the walls of your cunt to your opening and onto the lips and tongue of your lover. As your cum subsided, you felt the mans tongue and mouth continue to suck your pussy, drinking your cunt juice. He continued a few moments more until he finally began to move upwards on your body until finally you felt his huge cock press against your cunt. Gently the man pushed his cock forward and you felt him part your cunt lips and suddenly you realized that this man, whom you had just met a couple of hours previously, was now inching his cock inside your cunt. You felt his cock push against the walls of your cunt and you knew right away his cock was quite large around and a few seconds later, he was fully inside you. With gentle fucking movements, you felt the man begin to fuck your cunt, first with short movements and then finally with long deep thrusts when his balls stopped him from going inside further. It seemed just seconds into this when you realized your cunt was soaked with your juices and the wet fucking sounds filled the room.

The man pushed your legs higher so he could drive into you fully with each thrust and he started to fuck your cunt with even tempo. The feeling was wonderful to you and each push brought you closer and closer to cumming until your cum finally came over you. Without changing rhythm, the man continued to fuck you as your cunt came all over his cock, sending your juice onto his cock, coating it with your cum juice. Then as your cum began to lessen, the man suddenly began to drive deep and hard into you, the man was going to cum. Hard and wet slapping sounds filled the room as the man fucked your cunt hard until finally he began fucking you in short quick jerks. It was then you felt his cum enter your cunt, soaking you with his juice as he pushed in deep. With nowhere to go but out, the man's cum gushed from your cunt each time he drove inside you and you felt a hot flow of cum drip down your ass. Finally the man withdrew from you and you felt the full wetness he had left you with. Your first though was to go wash but the idea of making a departure seemed like a better idea. You got up from the bed and the man asked you to stay.

You said, "I better go in case my husband tries to call me." You slipped on your panties, your skirt and top and left the room. Once the elevator door opened and you saw the man was not following you, you felt at ease. You went back to your room and went immediately to the bed where you fell flat on your back, thinking about what had just happened. You wanted to take a shower but you didn't have the energy, instead you slipped from your clothes and slid under the covers wearing just your panties. You then started to think about what just happened, that you had just fucked a complete stranger, and that thought started to excite you.

Reaching down to your pussy, you slid your hand inside your panties and felt the wetness around the outside of your pussy and then stuck your fingers between your pussy lips and felt the wetness, you were still soaked with his cum. You ran a single finger up and down your clit until you had to rid yourself of your panties, then you pulled them down and slid them off, then you spread your legs and began to rub your pussy with your fingers. You inserted your fingers inside your pussy, coating them with the man's cum and you began to rub it over your clit. In seconds, your cunt was a sticky wet mess and you worked it over your clit, back and forth, first slowly then faster until you felt your cum begin. Pushing the covers completely off your body, you spread your legs as wide as possible and you rubbed your pussy with fast, hard rubs, thinking about the man who has just fucked you, working his cum over your clit, until your cum broke from your body with full force. You cried out from your cum, rubbing your pussy fast and hard, until finally your cum lessened and then completely subsided. Then you fell asleep.

During the night, you woke up and couldn't get your mind off the man you met in the bar. The thought of seeing him again entered your mind and the more you thought about it, the closer you got to going back to his room. You didn't really have the nerve to just go to his room so instead you decided to call his room. When he answered, you nearly hung up the phone, but got your courage up and said hi. Then the man asked if he could come down to see you and you said that would be ok and you told him you'd leave the door unlocked, that way you could remain in the bed and wait. You turned out the lights and slid under the covers waiting for your lover to arrive. A few minutes later you saw the door open and the man who fucked you earlier came in, stood by the bed and removed his clothes, and then slid under the covers next to you. Your bodies came together and you felt his arms go around you and his mouth found yours and you both kissed deep, wet kisses.

This went on for several minutes, the kissing and touching until a thought came to your head and you thought, if I think about this I might not do it, so you quickly slide down under the covers and took the man's cock in your hands. In the dimly lit room you could barely see the man's cock but for the first time felt it with both your hands and marveled at its size. You brought the man's cock to your face and slowly put your lips on the cockhead and then slid it slowly into your mouth, kissing the cockhead and running your tongue around the backside. Then with your hands, you started to pump his cock up and down with your mouth over the head, working the man's foreskin back and forth until you felt him grow even harder. The salty taste of his cock was there and you knew the man's cock was leaking pre-cum into your mouth and you sucked it even harder, pumping it up and down with your hands. As the man lay there still, you worked his cock up and down, sucking and pumping, licking his cockhead, until you began to feel the man respond to the fullest. Sensing he was getting close, you got up on the man and held his cock up straight, straddling the man, you brought your cunt in contact with his cock and positioned it at your opening and then lowered your body down on his cock, enjoying the feeling of having that lovely cock penetrate you once again. Slowly you lowered yourself until the man's entire cock was inside you and now you began to move up and down on his cock, continuing where your mouth left off.

Within minutes you felt your cum building, you rocked back and forth, pushing your clit against his pelvis, pushing his cock inside your pussy as far as possible, until finally you felt your cum sweep your body like a tidal wave. So sooner had you climaxed, the man grabbed your hips and began to buck up and down under you, you knew he was cumming. Riding his cock, you fucked his cock hard and the man lunged up and down until you heard the man gasp with orgasm. At the same time you felt his hands squeeze your sides hard, you felt a flood of cum enter your cunt and you kept up your fucking until you were sure every drop of his cum had been unloaded inside your pussy. You then slowed your movements and then sank down squarely on his cock, taking every possible centimeter into your cunt, allowing his cum to drain from your cunt down over his cock and balls. You thought this was the end of it until the man pulled you down on top of him and rolled you over onto your back, getting between your legs. Again, the man pushed his cock, still hard as ever, inside your wet pussy, fully pulling out and then going fully back in you. His next move surprised you, when you felt his cock press against your ass, you thought no, I can't do this, but there was simply no time to resist because in an instant, his cockhead was pushing inside your tight ass. Your body tensed and it meant pain for you and you tried to relax your muscles, as you felt his cock slide inside your ass a little further, but this position was not good, so you told the man you would rather lay on your tummy. You then felt the man get on you and you felt his cock press against your wet ass, slowly you felt his hard cock inch its way inside your bottom, ever so slowly. You weren't sure how much cock was inside your ass, but you felt there couldn't be much more.

Slowly the man began to fuck you, in and out of your ass until finally the fucking became easier and you had adjusted to his size. He then began to fuck you even harder, with quicker jabs, sometimes even deeper, until you finally felt him press fully against your ass, it was then you realized his full cock was inside your ass. There wasn't any pain, just fullness in your ass and you laid motionless under the man as he had his way with your bottom. Gripping your sides with his hands, the man set out to fuck you royally, pistoning his cock in and out of your asshole with full force. He was like an animal on you, gripping you hard with his hands as he pumped his cock in and out of your ass, as deep as it could possibly go, until finally you felt him grip you even harder, he was slamming himself hard against you, until suddenly you felt a rush of hot cum shoot deep inside your ass. The man signed, again and again, jabbing his cock into you with full force, sending every drop of his cum into your butt, until finally his movements slowed and you began to feel his cock shrinking inside your ass and finally fall from your butt with a popping sound. No sooner had his cock left your ass, you began to feel the soreness setting in. You laid there quietly and the man told you he had to work in the morning and really should be getting back upstairs.

With that, the man slid back into his clothes and left the hotel room. You figured it might hurt if you moved and although it did a little, it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be, as you got up from the bed though, you felt the rush of cum flow out your ass and down your legs, followed by air and more of the man's cum. You quickly walked to the bathroom and put a towel on the floor and stood on it, washing with a facecloth, feeling the soreness setting into your ass. The warmer the water was, the better it felt on your ass and then after several minutes of washing, you dried your ass with a towel and made your way back to bed. Once there, you crawled under the covers and laid motionless, feeling the pain of your just fucked ass, which was the last thing you felt before falling asleep.

The next morning came and as you went to get up from the bed, you definitely felt that something had been in your ass the night before. You took a shower and got cleaned up and proceeded to go out for breakfast. You went to the restaurant across the street and ordered coffee and a breakfast special. You couldn't help but remember how hard your ass had been fucked the night before because you could practically still feel his hard cock inside your sore bottom. Not even shifting your weight helped, it would just have to take time. Good thing it was your last day there you thought...but still, you couldn't help but wonder how you could ever possibly top this.


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