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Pool Tag
by Anonymous

I was a virgin when Richard and I first had sex. He had to finger me to stretch me out, and the first time, he couldn't even penetrate all the way because it hurt so much. This happened when I was 25 and he was 32.

But the second time he fucked me, I was beginning to get the rhythm and soon after, I learned to really love being fucked. He was eight years older than me, and had over a dozen relationships before, but he was my first boyfriend and I was deeply in love with him.

We fucked all the time, even though our relationship was rocky--it got better and better, and we fucked in all sorts of positions and I surprised myself by getting more and more uninhibited and agressive.

One time, we had a huge fight and I was seething in anger because I knew that he could never really love me back. After hitting him and screaming, I sat down on the couch, fuming. My breathing was hard and I was very worked up emotionally. I don't know why, but while he was standing in front of me also very angry, I pulled up my blouse and pulled my bra down, exposing my breast. It was pushed up under the bra cup which I was holding under it, and my nipple looked pink and stiff.

He immediately knelt in front of my and took it into his mouth and began to suck. It was electric! I twitched and sighed, because that's one of my most sensitive areas, my nipples...I was feeling warm and felt my pussy getting wet.

He raised my blouse and unhooked my bra. He lifted my shirt above my head and took it off, then slipped the bra off. We were still very mad at each other and it seemed like sex was often becoming the solution to our worsening relationship. It was a language that transcended many things for us.

He was tweaking my other nipple now, and then transferred his mouth there and suckled it tenderly. Meanwhile, his other hand was massaging my wet crotch through my knit leggings, and I was getting extremely aroused, feeling deep vibrations in my pussy.

We had been having sex now for a year, and he knew all my special spots and that I really relished having plenty of foreplay. He liked to get me very hot and wet before actually entering me, and I often sucked him to orgasm. He would also play with my cunt for a long time and suck hard on my breasts, and I remember one time he went down on me for what seemed like hours while he fingered me deeply and at the same time,rubbed my clit so hard. I remembered screaming, "WHAT are you doing, omygod!!!" that time as he brought me to a smashing orgasm before climbing up to spear his cock into me. But that was another story, and today I want to tell you how we did it in the walk-in closet!

I stood up and took off all my clothes, and knew we would be fucking soon. We continued to kiss deeply while touching and rubbing each other everywhere. I loved how he ran his hands down my sides and around my breasts, then pinched lightly on the nipples, pulling them and then sucking hard. He put his knee up between my legs and buried it in my crotch, rotating it as he massaged me there. I felt my warm moisture leak out and run over his skin. He put his hand on my cunt and dipped it inside...I was very, very wet..."Oh! Hmmm!" He smiled naughtily at me, reacting to my extreme readiness. "Oh, " I smiled back and kissed his neck, biting softly. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. I loved undresssing him. He stepped out of his pants and took his boxes off. I looked at his hard,huge cock and stroked it sweetly, telling him how hard and big he was...

We took a few steps to his walk-in closet and he sat me on a drawertop where a pile of dirty laundry lay. He spread my legs apart and I moaned, leaning back on the pile of clothes. He laughed, saying he couldn't believe that I was going to fuck him on top of the laundry! I was very wet and he slipped his finger inside me while we frenched deeply. He slid his fingers up and down my slit, fingering my hole and my clit until I began to reach out and pull on his dick. I opened my legs even wider-- I wanted to feel his cock inside me already. I hugged him and brought him close. I really loved Richard and everytime we fucked, I was moved deeply and gave myself totally to him.

He held his swollen penis and positioned it at my entrance. I opened wide and leaned back as he slowly thrust it inside of me. I moaned and writhed and hugged him so tight, kissing his neck. He murmured sweet nothings as we began to fuck each other in earnest. He was making direct contact with my clit so I felt close to coming, but I wanted to change position.

I stood up and pulled him toward me as I lay on the floor of the closet after spreading a blanket on the floor. The walk-in closet was small, but just long enough for me to lie down and spread my legs apart upwards, leaning each leg on the left and right wall in a wide open "V", with my feet pressed down firmly for support on the walls. Richard got on top of me, and with my legs up like that, he sunk inside of me all the way...I carried his full weight was on top of me and I hiked my legs up higher, as though I was some kind of hammock.

Because of his weight on me, his penis went very deep inside, and because my legs were up on either wall, with my feet pressed down hard, he was hitting my g-spot and hard, sensitive clit directly. Fucking never felt so good!

I knew he was going to be late for his appointment with his analyst because even if it was a prepaid $60 session, he had never been fucked like this before, either! I bounced him around on top of me and he pushed in deeper, from side to side while sucking on my hard nipples and kissing me very deeply. He wouldn't thrust in and out, he would go inside, grind himself deepand hard against me,rubbing his dick against my clit and slit. I clung on to him tightly and moaned loudly, fucked him as hard as I could and losing control. My pussy was sopping wet, and as he slid in and out, I heard nasty slurping sounds which made me even more horny.

Smelling the odor of our sex, hearing our juices make slurping noises, and listening to our moans and groans was just too much! Often we talked sweetly and lovingly while fucking, but since we'd been fighting, we were silent throughout this fuck session. I was sorry our relationship was failing, and wondered why the sex was never more intimate, satisfying, and ultimately moving.

We fucked like animals , intensely, wildly, and without abandon. It was always like that with Richard, which is why we could never break up, but the way I fucked him back in that closet that warm summer afternoon, I was probably saying something more, which is why it was so emotional. I came with a smashing intensity and he spurted his warm sperm inside of me. He lay on top of me for a long time. When I looked at my watch, I was astounded to see that we'd been fucking for over an hour. Our anger had dissipated somewhat, but our relationship was not going to move forward, it was clear.

Still, after two more years of heartbreak, we fucked one another with such gusto and searing intensity that made it difficult to finally break up. Although our affection was still strong and our sex was very deep and satisying,we finally called it quits by stopping cold turkey, no contact,no phone calls, nothing.

The last time I saw him I remember lying underneath him with my legs open wide while rubbed his hard dick over my slit and clit. I wanted him so badly inside me but he didn't have a condom. We just played with each other and made each other come,but we didn't fuck. I wonder if it was a foreshadowing that we wouldn't see each other ever again.

I've never fucked anyone else, but I am sure it will be even better when I do, because it won't be just sex. I'll never forget Richard and I guess in a way,I still love him, wherever he may be. I hope he reads this someday!

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