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The Wedding Reception
by Cartman

I woke with a dry mouth and throbbing head. Through bleary eyes I didn't recognise the image of the surroundings which danced crazily around inside my head. I stopped to think for a minute. Hmmm.... It was clearly obvious that I was suffering the ill effects of drinking too much from the night before, but this didn't shed any light on where I was, what time it was, how I got to be here, or indeed, what day it was.

God, I really must have been very drunk. I pulled myself from the horizontal position I was lying in on some stranger's sofa to sit upright and almost instantly regretted doing so. The room spun round and round, nausea engulfed me. I lied back down again to keep myself from throwing up. It was then recollections of the previous night's events started to spring in to my mind.

Music... I remembered there had been music. Music and lights. That's it! There was a disco we were at. We - not I? I paused. My wife Lin was there with me. Yes, okay, we were there together, but where was I now, and more to the point where was she? I continued my train of thought, trying to remember more.

We had been invited to a wedding reception, some friends of Lin's were getting married. When I say friends, they were more like acquaintances and when we got there we hardly knew anyone. So far so good, my memory seemed to be restoring gradually as I traced the night's events. I idly thought a little more about it. I picked up from where I left off. We hardly knew anyone there, but everyone was really friendly, laughing, joking and after a while we found ourselves sitting on a table with some close friends of the bride and groom.

We talked like old friends, buying rounds of drinks for each other, dancing and generally having a good time. By now my memories were becoming a little more obscured - by this time I think that the alcohol was taking its toll. I remembered the disco stopping for what must have been the end of the night and getting into a car driven by one of the men we had befriended on the table. I sat in the front passenger seat, Lin had sat in the back in-between two other friends of the man driving the car. Mike and Steve, yes, that's what there names were. John was driving. The journey to wherever we were going to lasted a fairly long time, but Lin seemed to be enjoying herself, whispering and giggling with the other two in the back.

We eventually pulled up in a driveway in a house, got out and went inside. And that was it - that's where I was - in John, Mike or Steve's house. Ah, I thought, one piece of the puzzle solved. We went inside and I was poured another drink. Someone put some music on. Music.... Lin was dancing with John in the sitting room, some slow songs were playing and they were fairly close to each other. At first I didn't notice it, although it must have happened practically the moment they started dancing, John's hands were resting on Lin's arse.

This progressed from a gentle caress to a full-on grope. And yet I sat there saying nothing. This, now, being sober, made me feel sick to the bone, my wife had been touched up in front of me and I had quite plainly accepted it. Maybe it was the drink, maybe I was being naive, but this was for sure - Lin was being quite clearly being groped by this man and obviously knew it, and yet she said nothing neither, there again, I thought to myself, if I were enjoying a little fun and my husband didn't object, neither would I.

My non-objection for things getting a little out of hand was like a free for all to have a quick feel up whilst having a smooch with my wife. John, Mike and Steve took it in turns to have a dance with Lin, each pressing themselves close to her, hands roaming along her hips, around her waist, stroking each arse cheek in turn, feeling the back of her thighs, whilst Lin responding by giggling and whispering in each of the mens' ears, her fingers intertwined around the back of their necks, swaying in time with the songs playing on the stereo.

My memory was becoming fuzzy again, all I could remember now was sitting and watching the men dance in turn with my wife while I drank my way through the bottle of vodka which I had been presented with. And that was it - that was all I could remember, I must have blacked out. I looked down at the floor, there was the empty vodka bottle and drained glass...

I decided that it was time to do something, even if it was to get a glass of water. I hauled myself up and set off to look for the kitchen. Feeling a little better after finding the kitchen sink and drinking what seemed like a gallon of water I headed off to have a look round to see where everyone was. This proved to be less than fruitful, the two bedrooms I found were empty, although obviously slept in - the sheets were messed up, the bathroom was empty, although obviously used - towels were discarded all over the floor, the kitchen was empty, although littered with empty cans and bottles. I wandered back in to the sitting room. It was only then I saw the letter on top of the television addressed to me.

I opened it up, it read: "Darling, thought you'd better have a lie-in, get a taxi back home when you've woken up, there's a taxi-rank outside, love Lin xxx".

The journey home in the taxi took around half an hour and £28 out of my wallet, but at last I was home, home sweet home.

Lin was up and about when I got in.

"Recovered then?", she asked.

"Just about", I replied. "Must have been a hell of a night, if my hangover's anything to judge by."

"It was. Shame you missed all the fun though honey..."

I paused and waited for her to elaborate, but she busied herself cleaning. Ten seconds passed, then twenty, thirty seconds, one minute. Silence still. I had to ask.

"Errr, what fun was er that then?", I stumbled.

"The fun you arranged but missed because you got so drunk you fell asleep. Still, I enjoyed myself."

Now I was completely confused. Fun? Fun that I arranged? What did I miss out on? I couldn't remember a thing.

"Err... I can't remember exactly what happened last night. All I recall was being in a house with some music, dancing, that sort of thing. Y'know?", I said attentively.

"That's right", said Lin, "I was dancing with John and Mike and Steve, you remember that right?"


"And they were getting a bit carried away, right?" "Yeah, they were having a grope of your arse, as far as I could see", as said impertinently as possible.

"They were", Lin replied quite calmly, "but you said you didn't mind."

"I DID?"

Lin paused, then smirked. Now assuming an air of superiority, she realised that I clearly had no recollection of saying this, and from the beaming smile which now had painted itself on her face I could tell that she was going to relish telling me all about it. Which she did:

After I had been dancing with John, Mike and Steve, I went into the kitchen to get another drink. You followed me in, all you kept saying was that how you had seen the way that I had been dancing with the men and how much it was turning you on. You kept repeating yourself, telling me how sexy I was, and how much you wanted to see me kissing another man.

(Inside I was laughing to myself, because what hubby didn't know was that when I was dancing with John, Mike and Steve they were turned on too, they kept rubbing their hard, stiff cocks against my tummy, and kept whispering in my ear that they were making plans to take turns to fuck me. In fact, in the car on the way back from the wedding reception Mike had his hands between my legs trying to finger my pussy through my knickers while Steve had his hands underneath my blouse feeling my tits through my bra.

Mike, Steve & I couldn't believe hubby didn't notice anything was going on, in the end I was sitting in the middle of the back seat with my legs wide open, knickers pulled down round my knees with Mike and Steve's fingers stretching my sopping wet cunt to its limits. All hubby could do was slur out polite conversation... we were pissing ourselves laughing).

You said that you wanted me to kiss one of the men as I danced with him. I refused, saying that they'd probably want to get me into bed if I started to lead them on. This seemed to turn you on and spur you on even more, you said how much you'd like to see another man having sex with me, how you've fantasised about it but were too afraid to ask me. You do realise, I said to you, that if one of them has sex with me, they'll all expect to have sex with me. I asked you if you were certain that this was what you wanted. You told me not to worry. So I didn't.....

We went back into the living room, you sat down and I asked John to dance. We started moving to the music, our bodies pressed closely together, I could now feel his prick hardening against my stomach. I kissed him gently on the lips. The kiss lingered, and sensing it was ok, John explored my mouth with his tongue, French kissing deeply, our hands started exploring each other's bodies. John pulled my skirt up to my hips, showing my black stockings, suspenders and knickers, then slid his hands inside the thin material of my panties, slowly caressing my bare bottom. My hand worked in between us, unbuttoning his jeans, working my way inside his boxer shorts, grasping his big, thick cock. Oh, it was so big, much bigger and thicker than yours, I could almost hear it throbbing, I wanted him to fuck me there in the middle of the room, I didn't care that you and the other two were watching, I just needed him so badly now.

I glanced over to you and by this time the alcohol had taken its toll, you had unzipped your jeans and pitifully were trying to coax your cock from its limp state to arousal. I felt kind of sorry for you, and considered going no further and leaving there and then. Then again, everything that was happening was your idea, not mine. Why should I feel guilty? Just because you couldn't enjoy yourself, why shouldn't I? John unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt and let in fall to the floor. I followed suit and undid the remaining buttons on his jeans, letting them drop to around his ankles.

His hands moved from my bottom and undid my blouse, button by button. After removing it from me he unfastened my bra and sliding the straps over my shoulders and down my arms I stood topless in front of you all. John stepped out of his jeans and removed the rest of his clothes. We then resumed our kiss, even more passionate than before, tongues sharing each other's mouths, my tits and stiff nipples pressing into John's hairy chest, my hand cupping his large full balls. John placed his hand inside the front of my knickers, working his fingers down past my pubic hair he slid two fingers in my wet slit.

I parted my legs slightly and started rocking back and forth, thrusting my hips against his hand, letting his big fingers fuck me. I looked over to Mike and Steve, they too had removed their clothes and each sat enjoying the show with a well proportioned stiff cock in hand, obviously waiting for their turn. I then looked at you - I couldn't believe it, you had fallen asleep (or more likely passed out from the amount of vodka you were drinking).

So what? I thought. Too bad. I broke from John and took off my panties, sliding down over my stockinged legs, revealing my blonde pussy, which initiated appreciative wolf-whistles from all sober (and conscious) parties. I laid down on my back on the carpeted floor and like a true slut opened my legs wide and announced to John, Mike and Steve that I was ready for them to take turns to fuck me, nodding towards you I said, "he said it's ok". I didn't have to ask twice, the men were more than happy to oblige with my request. John was first (I imagine he got first choice as it was his house), kneeling in between my legs, he eased his superior cock into me, and then slowly started pumping his lovely massive tool in and out of my receptive pussy.

I was in heaven, him fucking me like I was some dirty cheap whore, with his magnificent balls slapping against my arse with every thrust of his hips. I'm surprised you didn't wake when I screamed when he made me come. There again, I'm surprised I didn't wake the neighbours! Although wonderful, he came too quickly, ramming himself against me as he spurted his seed deep into my womb, plunging his cock into me, filling my pussy with his sperm. He withdrew from me, his cock was still hard and it dripped come on to my tummy. John said it was now turn for someone else to "have a go". Mike and Steve decided that the fairest way of who got the "next turn to fuck her" should be decided on the flip of a coin. Mike called heads and won.

I didn't find Mike very attractive, ginger-haired, fat and short, not the sort of man I would fancy. "In for a penny, in for a pound", I thought to myself, it was too late to say no now. He had a nice enough cock though and wasted no time in sticking it in me, but he was a lot rougher than John and kept sticking his tongue in my mouth and grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples and arse as he squelched his cock in and out of my come-soaked pussy while his fat belly slapped against me. Mike came quicker than John, satisfying himself only, not giving me chance to orgasm, adding his come to the seemingly huge amount that John had already deposited. I thought of the expression "sperm bank", and giggled inside.

He got off me and almost immediately Steve's cock took Mike's place. Now Steve really was an expert, gently fucking me, fondling my tits, stroking my thighs, kissing my neck. The more he fucked me the more the sperm leaked out of my pussy, dripping down my in between my arse cheeks, onto my arsehole, it felt wonderfully horny. He fucked me for what seemed forever, I had orgasm after orgasm, he really was a superb lover. John was knelt beside my head and asked that I sucked his cock. I wasn't really keen, it just being up my pussy 'n' all, so I pretended not to hear and concentrate on fucking Steve.

John didn't bother to ask again, he just turned my head towards him and prised my jaw open and stuck his cock in my mouth. I had little choice apart from to suck his cock, so I started licking and sucking his bell-end, running my tongue along the underside of his large dick, whilst Steve continued to pound his more than adequate meat into my messy cunt. Mike joined us, kneeling the other side of my head, and without warning stuck his index finger straight up my spunky arsehole. I tried to scream out but was gagged by John's huge cock. Mike wriggled his finger further up into my rectum, the feeling was immense - pain & pleasure. While he had his finger up my arse he rubbed his ginger pubed cock all over my face and then started wanking inches from me.

John took his cock out of my mouth and started wanking as well. John said that he and Mike were going to come over my face and that I should keep my mouth wide open so I could swallow their sperm. I did as they said and waited for the inevitable. John came first, strings of the stuff landed all over me, on my eyes, in my hair, in my mouth. This seemed to be the catalyst for the other two, Mike concentrated on getting all his spunk in my mouth, the first spurts hit the back of my throat, the rest landed on my tongue, Steve started pouring his sperm into my pussy.

When they had all finished they watched me swallow what I had in my mouth, and then made me lick their cocks clean. You lied slumped on the sofa snoring. Ignorance is bliss, eh?

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