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Police Officer Sandra Thompson strode purposefully through the reception of the Police Station where she worked. She nodded politely and smiled towards the desk clerk as she passed him and made her way quickly towards the locker room. Her heart was beating fast as she opened her locker, and, ignoring her usual standard issue uniform, removed the clothing she had been instructed to wear for her special assignment. She had been seconded by the vice squad last week to work under cover. The squad's aim was to bust a prostitution ring in the city, and apprehend the primary characters involved. Sandra checked her watch, it was 17:40 hrs. The final briefing was in 20 minutes.

Sandra laid out her undercover clothes and quietly giggled to herself. She had always wondered what it would be like to wear such slutty clothes, but had never dared try. As she stripped her own clothes from her body she kept looking at what she was to wear for the next week; a light blue satin halter top, very tight; a black leather micro skirt which barely covered her panties, black patent thigh high boots with spike heels and a black leather jacket. Sandra slipped the undercover clothes on and looked at her reflection in the cracked locker room mirror.

"My god" she whispered to herself. "What a slut I look!"

Her long slim legs looked great in the boots. She could nearly see her panties under the skirt if she looked hard enough, and the satin top did very little to conceal her full braless breasts. Realising that the whole squad would be able to see her large pink nipples through the sheer fabric, she donned the leather jacket pulling it self-consciously around her and made her way quickly up the stairs to the briefing room.

Taking a deep breath she opened the door to the briefing room and walked inside with a false swagger. The room was full of officers in plain clothes. Immediately Sandra entered, the room was full of laughter, whistles and crude comments. She had been fully expecting this reaction and parried the banter with quick and witty responses. The room eventually quieted, as the chief called the meeting to order.

"OK" the chief started "We all know why we're here. We all know the plan. Officer Thompson is to be our bait to catch these bastards. She will be working under cover and reporting intelligence to us as often as possible. Danny and Greg will be your main contacts Sandra, they will be watching you as much as possible."

"That will be tough!" interrupted Greg sarcastically, "she's not exactly hard on the eyes"

More laughter echoed around the room as the chief continued.

"Ok...Ok... quiet down you guys. Sandra, Danny and Greg will drive you to the house we have under surveillance. Our informer Jacko will meet you there and hopefully introduce you to the main man....Is all that understood?"

Nod's and "Aye's" went around the room as the officers acknowledged there understanding of the operation.

"Good. Then let's go!"

As Danny and Greg dropped her off a few streets away from the target house, Sandra took a deep breath and started to walk. She really wanted to do well on this assignment. She had been in uniform now for nearly five years and was actively looking for a move to vice or homicide. She knew that a good result on this assignment could open a lot of doors for her, maybe even promotion. She had been ordered by her superior's not to take risks. If she found herself in more trouble than she could cope with, she was to get out by any means possible and call for immediate back-up. Sandra understood this perfectly, but was convinced that she would not be calling for reinforcements until it was absolutely necessary.

As she turned the corner, she spotted the informer "Jacko" leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette. As she approached him she felt his eyes undressing her.

"Wow" he breathed a stream of smoke towards her face. "Fucking great tits for a cop!"

"Yeah, well that's as close as you're going to get to them, creep"

" nice sweetie" he drawled, "come on, I'll introduce you to the main man"

As Sandra followed Jacko up the steps to the front door of the house, she felt alone and now very vulnerable. The operation had been gone over many times in the briefing room over the last week, but now as she entered the house for real, it all felt so different. No jokes, no comments or light banter, just the sound of her own fear beating in her chest.

She followed Jacko through a maze of corridors and passages, up some stairs and down others as she tried to keep a mental note of her exit route should she need it. The house itself seemed very run down and unkempt. Damp paper peeled from the walls and a musty smell of decay permeated the whole building. The whole place was very quiet and Sandra, with a shiver, was convinced that every now and then she could hear the faint scurry of rodents. Eventually they arrived at a door covered with green baize. Jacko knocked soundly and they both waited for a reply.

"Come in" came a commanding voice

They entered, Jacko a pace behind her. Sandra quickly tried to take in the surroundings. The room was a large office and most unlike the rest of the building. It was cool inside in contrast to the humidity of the street and gone was the smell of damp and the feeling of decay. Expensive looking portraits hung from the walls and she could feel a deep pile carpet beneath her boots. A stately looking man with broad shoulders sat, arms folded, behind a large mahogany desk in the centre of the office. He wore a dark expensive suit and was flanked by two even larger men on each side. It was not difficult to work out that he was the boss.

Jacko lost no time in introducing her. "This is the one I was telling you about boss" he babbled dancing around "And guess what boss? She's a COP! Yeah, that's right, a stinking COP! She was gonna rat us out boss, I know, they tried to do a deal with me....but I brought her to you, boss. I thought....."

The man in the suite leapt to his feet and bellowed at Jacko making him cringe in fear.

"WHAT? What have you brought a fucking cop here for you ASSHOLE? Jesus Christ, are you fucking simple or what?"

"S..s...s...sorry boss....I just thought..."

"Do us all a favour Jacko, DON'T FUCKING THINK AGAIN! - Now get out!"

Sandra was completely shocked. This was a turn of events that she had not expected at all. She tried to make a break for the door but was beaten back by the fleeing Jacko and landed, sprawled on the carpet. As she tried to pick herself up she felt strong meaty hands lift her and place her in a chair in front of the desk.

The suited man seemed to have regained some of his composure and seated himself opposite Sandra.

"So...." he murmured in a relaxed voice as he straightened his already straight tie, "are you a hooker looking for work, or are you a cop?"

Sandra looked up at him. She could feel beads of perspiration breaking out over her forehead.

"I'm a hooker" she stated in a voice which suddenly seemed very small and timid.

"Really?....well that's not what Jacko seemed to think. He may be a complete dickhead when it comes to thinking, but I doubt he would ever cross me.... Boy's, check if the bitch is wired"

Before she could react, Sandra was lifted easily onto her feet. She thought that the henchmen would just pat her down, but she was wrong. She suddenly felt hands at the neckline of her satin top. Heard the horrifying sound as it was torn downwards. She tried to struggle but was easily held still. The remains of her top were pulled from her body as the hands found their way to her skirt. As the skirt was ripped down her long legs she was bundled to the floor herself falling onto her back. She again tried to kick as her legs were pulled upwards and her boots dragged from her feet. She felt the restraining hands leave her as she pulled herself into a sitting position, naked apart from her panties, and trying to cover her breasts with her arms. She was terrified, but as she looked up at the suited man now standing above her, she attempted to display an aggressive, petulant facade.

"Well now..." the boss intoned "no wire I see" he turned to face his henchmen, "perhaps she is a whore, after all! Shall we find out?"

Sandra saw the two henchmen smirk at each other and then laugh out loud, nodding their agreement.

"The first thing a real hooker would know" he continued "is how to suck cock!"

Sandra looked up in astonishment as the boss slowly lowered his zipper and pulled a large cock from his suit trousers. She tried to run again, but was easily caught by one of the henchmen and forced to kneel in front of the boss. His cock was now right in front of her face. It was not yet erect, but looked large and menacing just the same. Sandra just kept looking at it. She knew that if she refused, she would be exposed as a police officer and probably disposed of in a gangland fashion. She had to keep up the pretence of being a hooker.

Closing her eyes, Sandra took a gulp of air. Her lips felt arid and rough with fright as she moistened them with her tongue. Of course, this was not the first time that she had given head, her various boyfriends seemed to think she was good. But would she be good enough? Slowly and carefully, she took his thick meat in her hand, gently sliding her fingers from the base to the head. She used her other hand to cup his heavy balls and massage them gently feeling him tense and start to stiffen in her hand. As his cock became more and more erect, she bent the shaft gently towards her mouth. She could smell his scent as her mouth moved ever closer to his cockhead, and she flicked her tongue out to tease the tip. She felt his length twitch in her grasp and heard a small moan escape his lips as her mouth moved over the head of his cock and slowly slid down the shaft. She used her tongue to swirl over the head as she felt him approach the entrance to her throat. She knew the best way to please him. Adjusting the angle of her head slightly she positioned his cock and relaxed her throat as much as possible. The head felt large, but not too large as, with a deep breath, she swallowed his erection into her throat.

The boss was now sighing and moaning in pleasure. If she was not a hooker, as he sincerely believed she was not, she definitely knew how to suck cock. He could feel the walls of her throat constrict his cock as he took bunches of her hair and pulled her head towards him. He felt her gag momentarily, tightening the grip of her throat on his shaft, but she soon relaxed again. He delighted in the way her head was now starting to rise and fall. It felt so good, like a velvet glove enveloping him. Almost like fucking a really tight pussy as, through closed eyes, he imagined his cock sliding down her throat. With her throat fully relaxed he was now able to pull her head back and forth, fucking her face properly with slow and easy motions.

After several minutes of this assault on her throat, Sandra became aware of his breath shortening. She had to admit that his cock was just the perfect size for sucking; not too long but quite thick around. She could hear the boss sucking air into his lungs as he began to piston his erection faster and faster into her tight throat. Sandra sensed his cock start to swell. He was panting hard now, his breath coming in short rasps as she stroked what little of his shaft was not in her mouth and throat and gently massaged his balls.

"Oh yes.....yes...yes...yes...suck me down my little bitch...mmmmmmm...make me cum...I'm nearly there.."

Sandra sucked furiously on his length, her mouth sliding from the tip all the way down his shaft so that her lips nestled softly against his pubic hair. With little further warning she felt his cock suddenly twitch violently in her throat. She knew he was about to orgasm and tried to pull back. But the boss was too strong. His hands still in her hair pulling her face tightly down over him as he let loose the first stream of his seed.


Stream after stream of milky white cum erupted into Sandra's throat. She swallowed as best she could to avoid choking, but inevitable she could feel the sticky liquid leak from her mouth and fall in pools on her tits. The boss kept up the pressure on her head until every last drop of cum had been squeezed out of his cock. As Sandra felt the last contraction of his cock twitch in her throat and the final spurt of cum land in her mouth, she realised that the pressure on her head was slowly abating, and she was able to disengage herself and come up for air. She wiped the cum from her lips and looked up at the boss. He was slumped in his chair and breathing heavily. He looked totally spent but satisfied.

After regaining his composure, the boss spoke.

"Well now...that was not at all bad. You certainly suck like a pro." he said, tucking his softening cock back into his suit trousers.

"Now, stand up. Let's have a look at you"

Sandra slowly stood. She had no wish to antagonise this situation further, it was dangerous enough. She was still uncertain as to whether they still thought she was a cop or a hooker. The henchmen stood silently flanking their boss as all three men looked at Sandra. They seemed pleased that she was blonde, with long tresses falling below her shoulders. Their eyes roamed downwards over her flawless shoulders to the slope of her breasts. She moved her hands away from her breasts as the boss had indicated and felt her pink nipples begin to stiffen as the men watched her. Their gaze continued downwards, reluctantly leaving her breasts as the took in her flat stomach and athletic hips. Sandra could feel their stares on her covered pussy and in her horror realised that a small damp patch was clearly visible on the front of her panties. She saw the men acknowledge her obvious excitement to each other as they continued to traverse her body with their piercing eyes. Her thighs were shapely and yet looked muscular. The long legs led to small, dainty feet with red painted nails to match her fingers.

"Very, lose the panties, lets see it all"

Now obeying without question, Sandra quickly rolled her small bikini panties down her legs to her ankles. Stepping out of them she stood, arms by her sides, strangely seeking their approval.

The men licked their lips in unison. Sandra was completely shaved, save for a small patch of neatly trimmed hair immediately above her pussy.

The boss continued "You know, just because you give good head, you may still be a cop. But I've rarely met a hooker who has a virgin ass! I guess we should take a look at that, don't you boys?"

The two henchmen just continued to look straight at Sandra, knowing that it was not necessary to indicate one way or the other to their boss' rhetorical question.

"Come on baby, bend over the desk and spread. Let's take a look!"

Sandra looked horrified as all three men now approached her. She knew, for the sake of her life, she must do this and do it willingly. The two henchmen led her to the front of the desk, and bent her over the cool mahogany surface. Sandra again closed her eyes as she felt strong hands grip her wrists and stretch her arms out in front of her. The surface of the desk felt cold against her nipples and she curiously thought fleetingly about her cum covered tits marking the pristine wood. She could smell the polish as her head was kept down against the desk and she felt a pair of hands begin to fondle her ass cheeks. The hands were gentle but insistent as they pried her cheeks open exposing her most private area to the cool, conditioned air.

"It's so difficult to tell from just looking" said an unfamiliar voice.

Sandra realised that, until now, neither of the henchmen had spoken. She realised that the taller one of the two was looking directly into her puckered anus. She knew, fortunately, that her asshole was not virgin territory, but she had not been taken there for a good few months. As she began to think that her nether hole may pass the inspection after all, she felt a warm, wet finger nudging and probing insistently at her anal muscle. Sandra tried to relax her ass as much as possible. There was no pain as yet as the finger started to feel its way inside her, widening and loosening her. Sandra felt her face flush as she sensed her excitement growing. Every now and then, the finger would slide out of her ass and gently probe her vagina occasionally circling her clitoris and causing her to moan deep in her sore throat. She knew that she was very wet now as she felt the heat begin to build in her pussy. The finger alternated from her wet pussy and back to her ever widening asshole. She felt a sting of pain as a second finger and then a third was added and thrust into her holes pistoning back and forward.

The boss was watching his henchman pushing his fingers into Sandra's pussy and ass and could feel the beginnings of another erection. He knew that she was not a hooker, he always had really, but he badly wanted to fuck her and while she was still not sure of what he was thinking, he knew that she would comply. Making his decision, he quickly lowered his zipper again and released his growing erection.

Sandra could no longer hide her excitement. Her moans were becoming more audible as the fingers in her ass and pussy brought her closer and closer to her impending orgasm. Her lips felt dry again as she felt her body slide back and forth across the desk with the force of the fingering she was receiving. Closer and closer she drew towards her orgasm. Her hard nipples like pebbles as they rasped across the surface of the desk sending messages of further stimulation to her brain. Suddenly and without warning, the fingers were withdrawn. Sandra could have screamed, she was so close. She tried to look over her shoulder and protest, but could see the boss position himself behind her and heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper being lowered. She had not long to wait for a replacement for the lost fingers. She felt the first stab of pain as the same cock that had earlier been inside her mouth started to probe and push at her prepared and spread asshole. The pain quickly turned to a low burning sensation as she experienced his initial thrust and felt the head and a little of the shaft pop past her sphincter and enter her anal channel.

The boss had thought that her ass would feel good but the sensations he was feeling now were fantastic. He closed his eyes and grunted as he thrust his length deep into the girls asshole. Once or twice he had heard her cry out but was gratified to hear that her cries had now turned to guttural moans of ecstasy as he began to ream her ass. Her throat had been good but this was something else. She was so tight. He knew that this was no virgin ass, but she cannot have been fucked there recently. He felt the walls of her ass squeeze his cock as he sawed in and out slowing and then quickening the pace, pulling nearly all the way out then thrusting back in to the hilt. He knew from her moans that she was close to her own orgasm, and thought "what the hell...lets help her along!" Slowly, while keeping up his incessant assault on her anus, he slid two fingers down towards, and then into, her shaved pussy and started to rotate his thumb over her distended clit.

Sandra was now getting used to the feeling of an erect cock in her ass. Her head was still down against the desk and she was moaning freely. The fingers had brought her close to her climax but then, after they were withdrawn, she had started to build again. What she needed was......

"Oooooohhhhhhh....yesssssssss thats it......mmmmmmmm"

Her body reacted as the fingers sought out her vagina and the thumb came into contact with her clit. She felt incredibly full. Incredibly close. She just needed a little more to make her...

"Aaaahhhhhhhhgggggg.... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......I'm cumminggggggggggggg"

Sandra bucked her hips from the desk as her orgasm exploded through her tight body. All her nerve ending reacted in unison. As she bucked, she felt the cock go deeper into her ass and heard the boss groan deeply. His cock swelled again. She knew he was about to cum as she was now. She sensed his weight on her back as he tensed and trembled and let out a deep sigh. His cock twitched wildly and Sandra experienced a flood of his cum coat her insides. The initial burst of his seed was quickly followed by three more eruptions deep in her ass before his cock, finally drained, slipped limply from between her buttocks. Gratefully, Sandra slipped to the floor and looked up at the three men, as the boss adjusted his dress. What was going to happen to her now she wondered.

"Well, you ass did not seem well used to me" said the boss, as the three men once again studied her.

"Maybe we should combine the both, eh?" he continued "There's no reason why we cannot have a cop as a hooker. Hell!, we might even get a better price for you!"

Sandra was relieved and terrified at the same time. What could he mean?

"Boy's, get her ready to travel." he looked back at Sandra "we have houses set up all over the country, you know."

Smiling at the frightened, naked girl on the floor, he continued.

"A three hour plane ride will put you in one of our best brothels. You'll have plenty of time there, no one will ever find you!"

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