The Best Erotic Stories.

by Primera

He had been in the back yard for some time, tidying the mess of plants there. His throat ached for a cool beer. He entered the garage and was about to walk through into the family room when he heard the distinctive but muted sound of an erotic movie from within. Because of the angle of the room, he could see most of it unobserved from where he stood. He moved cautiously forward, his breath quickening.

His wife was sitting on the sofa facing the TV set and was dressed in her gym gear: white T shirt and her favourite tight striped pink shorts. She was 38 years old with nicely shaped 34" breasts, dark hair and a firm rounded ass which always turned him on. Previously she had never shown any interest in watching his erotic movies with him saying it wasn't right to see porn films. "If you have to watch them", she used to say, "that's up to you, but don't expect me to be interested in "that stuff." He was therefore very surprised (and stimulated) to see her watching one.

She was sitting on the green sofa with the curtains drawn. Her hands were stretched out in front of her with her left hand resting casually on the VCR controller, scrolling through one of his movies. She did not appear to be reacting to the action on screen. She fast forwarded the female on female scenes and pressed the play button whenever a large penis was in action. She took a deep breath and puffed out her cheeks after one particularly vigorous fucking scene. Every now and then, she lifted her hips from the sofa as though releasing the pressure in her groin. He had a good view of just how tight her shorts were with the thin cotton material moulding over her hips and highlighting her prominent sex mound. The bulge of her pubic bone was evident with the labia perfectly defined in the material. His penis was thickening seeing the way his wife was obviously getting turned on by this "stuff" as she called it. The action on screen was starting up again. Her mouth opened slightly and he could see her tongue pushing against her lower teeth and she began making barely perceptible sounds through her mouth.

Her right hand dropped to her hips and gently began to stroke where the material softly divided her sex. Up and down, up and down: creating the friction between her sex. Abruptly she stood up and pulled down her shorts, kicking them off her ankles. The T shirt (no bra) followed and she slumped back onto the plush sofa. Her legs were slackly parted and her flower patterned panties were pulled tight into her pussy. She idly pulled on a brown nipple and it began to thicken and grow, standing erect from the breast.

He slid down his shorts and rubbed his palm along the stiff length of his aching penis. The pants came down and the reddened penis sprung erect, the large purple head emerging from the skin surrounding it. His eyes went back to the scene in front of him.

Her legs were now wide apart, and her small panties were in a discarded twisted heap on the floor. Her pussy was thickly covered in soft black hair and as her hand lifted from her mound, he could see a shininess on the middle two fingers where she had been stroking between her lips. She stopped the VCR tape and rewound it some way. Her tanned face was flushed and her eyes were scanning the screen. Her fingers circled the top of her mound and then stimulated the clitoris quickly before settling into a slow languorous circling of the upper lips of her mound. He began to pull on his aching cock and noticed a glistening spot of pre-cum juice on the reddened end. The action on screen was building to a crescendo of screwing and her fingers were frantically stimulating her clitoris, her legs planted firmly apart. His fist became a blur on his stiff penis trying to time his orgasm with hers. She began to let out a series of moans and "ooh, yeahs" and her long legs snapped opened and shut. He could hold out no longer, his cock spurted long streams of sperm through the air his hips thrusting and pushing forward as though it was buried up to the hilt in her mound.

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