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Underground Adventure
by caramel girl

The bar was dark, music throbbing in an endless din. Among the cacophony, you, J., and I are standing near the bar. I am wearing a tight long black leather skirt with a slit that reaches up to the top of my thigh and a sheer black long sleeved blouse with a velvet panel across the bust that is still not enough to conceal my full breasts as they try to burst over the top. I'm pantiless, braless, except for a bit of support in the velvet panel of the blouse.

Sandwiched between the two of you, none of us are really in the mood for the noise and smells of a bar that night or so I think.

I feel your hand slide between the slit of my skirt and your fingers touch the smoothness of my freshly shaved pussy. Your hands are cold against it after holding onto your drink and I'm startled by it. My ass pushes back against you with the fright and I can feel it cushion your cock against it. Your cock feels full, slightly aroused, as though you had something other than dancing on your mind.

"I have to go to the bathroom", I tell you and J. You look at each other and nod at me, saying "Okay", almost in unison, a slight smile rising to your face.

I step into the tiny bathroom, painted black and dark purple as the rest of the club, and relieve myself, then powder my nose and open the door to rejoin you and J. Instead, I feel my body thrust back, something strapped over my eyes, and feel myself being spun around an undetermined number of times. I gasp, losing my breath and feeling my body lean as if to faint, but instead, I feel a hard body supporting me. I feel as though I have moved somewhere, my shoulders bumping against a wall to my right, but I cannot tell how far. I hear a door shut, feeling darkness around me, and sensing more than one person controlling the situation, I listen for conversation, but hear none.

Then I feel hot breath on my ear...a tongue licking my ear lobe from behind me. In front of me, I feel hands grabbing a breast in each hand and squeezing them tightly, then molding them, causing my nipples to harden, despite my fear. The firm hand suddenly rips the blouse from my body...I can hear it shred and I cry to myself, knowing how much it cost me, and what's more, thinking of what would be done to me. I feel the cool wetness of a mouth on my nipple, and I feel as though I am dissolving in his or her mouth. Behind me, a hand has reached under my skirt and slipped between the lips of my pussy, massaging slowly, rubbing the lips, teasing around the slit until my trembling for fear turns to pleasure. I start to moan, pushing my breasts into the mysterious mouth, and trying to adjust my torso to get the probing fingers to slide into my cunt. But each time I give more, they pull back. I start to moan from the agony of denied pleasure, being brought to the brink of cumming and not being allowed to.

Suddenly, I hear a door sweep open and feel my body twirled around again...another door slams, and I feel my body pushed to bend over some surface and my hands are tied behind my back. My breasts are pressed flat against the table and I feel fingers gently unfasten my skirt and unwrap it from my hips. As it slips off, I feel someone approach...definitely a man...his cock brushing lightly against my exposed ass. I smell a familiar scent...your cologne...and I know that you must be near somewhere. I hear shuffling in the background as the man teases me from behind with his cock.

Then, I feel the loosening of my blind fold from my eyes. Regaining my focus, I look around to see where I am. It is an unfamiliar room, though I assume it must be a part of the same building as the club. It is the same black and dark purple decor, but with various types of furniture that look unfamiliar, and straight before me, a large bed, dressed in black satin. J. is reclined on it among numerous pillows, stroking his cock..

You come in from a dark corner towards the bed, defying my thought that you were the one behind me, although there no longer seems to be anyone behind me. Being blindfolded was disorienting. There is almost a spotlight illuminating the bed. Where I am bent over is the optimal viewing point. I watch as you climb onto the bed and lying on J's side, you start to suck his stiff cock hungrily as only a man would know how to do. I hear the moans and sighs coming from J as your mouth engulfs every inch of him...from where I am I can see your own cock swelling as it bats against J's bare ass.

My pussy tingles from the sight of two men getting off together yet I feel so exposed. My ankles are harnessed to the table so that I am spreadeagle, my bare ass, legs, and pussy exposed.

As you continue to ride J's thick cock in the steady slurps and sucks of your mouth, your saliva runs down the crack of his ass that you begin to pry apart with one hand, slipping your finger along the trail to his anus, rubbing the spit around his crinkled hole. You deftly gleam your fingers with lubricant from somewhere around the bed and start to suck his balls...then sliding two fingers, then three, into his exposed ass. J's moans grow increasingly insistent as he asks for more. You kneel before him, your cock standing stiff in the air and rub it against his cock, then his balls, push his hairy legs up towards his body and probe his asshole with the ruby tip of your dick until you sink the head inside. At this sight, my body is shaking....trembling with excitement... your first drive into his asshole goes slowly, gently, but deeply until your balls are flat against his ass. You both lay still for a while to embrace the sensation of it. I feel my pussy juices dribbling from my smooth shaven cunt down my spread, caramel brown thighs...I'm cumming at the sight of you fucking J's ass...I love to see the strength of your bodies together, your cocks both stiff and thick and full of cum..I can't touch myself because of my tied hands and I can't even rub my pussy between my thighs, so I use my cunt muscles to make it pulse hard, then release, trying to give myself some sort of pleasure...

Suddenly as I lay bent over the table, drunk with lust, there is the feel of a cock behind me, stiff and battering against my naked ass! I was never quite sure if anyone else other than the three of us was in the room...but another man is there, one that I'm sure I don't know...but his cock feels ready, and my pussy is hungry. I feel dainty flicks of his tongue on the feathery inner lips of my cunt and then on my clit. I start to move against the tongue, but he tugs my arms backward further with the harness on them causing a pinch of pain and I stop. I feel his hot breath on my ass cheeks, and he parts them, his nose pressing against my ass as his tongue looks for the treasured hole. He licks around it, never quite on it, teasing me mercilessly. I want to bend over further and let my asshole swallow his tongue, but I'm afraid there would be more repercussions for showing how much I want it. Suddenly, he stands behind me and slips the tip of his dick into my soaking cunt. It is fat, and difficult for my pussy lips to surround it in one thrust. I feel him push and edge it in while he reaches underneath me to rub my clit. You begin to thrust your cock in and out of

J's asshole, slick with lube, and he is stroking his cock furiously, both of you grunting and groaning as the mysterious man thrusts his cock into my longing pussy...he parts the lips with his fingers and keeps them there, to feel the juiciness of my cunt and to feel his own cock sliding in and out of it. "Be still, baby", he whispers, "I'll fuck you good". I moan loudly as he begins forcing his cock in and out of my cunt, ramming it into me hard while he gently rubs my pussy...the control that he has to perform two opposite tasks at once amazes me...and causes a rush of juices to flood over his cock..."That's it my lovely slut...feel my cock make you cum.."

He raises my ass up and outward to sink his cock in so deep that it touches my cervix..almost on cue, you and J and this man and I start fucking faster and faster, our groans and moans growing to an unintelligible din. Sounds of slapping skin and the suction of cock in and out of wet orifices fills the room...As the man's body bucks over me, riding me hard, you are riding J...faster....faster....deeper.....aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......we let out long cries of pleasure as your cum spurts load after load into J's ass, J's cock explodes in streams and puddles all over his stomach, the mysterious man's load tears through my body as he jackhammers it into me with incredible force until a mixture of his cum and mine drip down my brown legs.



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