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Unfinished Business
by Carl East

Jody glanced at the clock beside her bed, then wrapped the blanket tighter around her body, and snuggled up to the pillow, suddenly she sat bolt upright.

"Nine fifteen, I'm going to be late again!" She said, getting quickly out of bed.

Getting dressed and rushing a piece of toast, she ran for the door, opening it she found it was raining.

"It's going to be one of those days, I can feel!" She muttered.

Running down the street, she could see the tram just starting to pull away from the stop, she was determined to catch it. She ran as fast as she could, hoping that, when it got to the first stop light, she would be able to jump on. She had done this a hundred times before, so why should this be any different. She only had to cross one side road, so she only glanced when she reached the corner, not seeing the motorbike, she ran out into the road.

He tried to avoid her as best he could, but it was hopeless, the rain made his back wheel slide around dumping him on his side, the bike smashing into Jody's legs. She only knew he was there when the bike struck. They would have gotten away with just a couple of broken bones, if it hadn't been for the van that was behind him. Skidding to a halt, the van driver found he had not only gone over the bike rider, but had his back wheel sitting on Jody's chest. Quickly getting back in the cab and backing up slightly, he rushed to see if he could help.

Jody opened her eyes to find she was in a white room, on a white bed, where the lights were white, she sat up.

"That bike, I wonder if he's alright." She said.

Then she realised that she had no injuries.

"This is impossible, I know I was hurt, I even heard the bone in my leg brake." She said, getting out of the bed.

"Ah, you're up then." Said a voice from the door.

"Hello, could you tell me where I am?" Asked Jody.

"Yes my dear, you're in purgatory." Said the kind looking lady.

"Purgatory, where's that?" Judy said, vaguely remembering the word from school.

"I think you had better sit down my dear," said the woman, "I have to tell you some bad news."

Jody sat on the bed, somehow knowing that this would be serious.

"The thing is Jody, you had a very nasty accident and died, purgatory is where the souls that are in balance come too, before being sent on to either heaven or hell."

Jody wanted to laugh, but deep down she knew it was the truth, she bowed her head looking at her hands and feet, not a scratch.

"Did the man on the bike survive?" She asked.

"I'm not sure my dear, but I'll find out for you, by the way, my name is Claudette, I am your liaison in purgatory until you get moved on." She replied.

"Could you tell me why my soul is in balance, I mean I wasn't a bad person when I was alive, at least I tried not to be."

"Unfinished business, that's all it say's in your file." Replied Claudette.

"Unfinished business, what could that be?" She asked, more to her self than to Claudette.

"Sometimes the reasons are hard to fathom, but it will all come right in the end, that I do know." Stated Claudette.

"Now then, while you are here, you are permitted to wander about and check out the facilities, may I suggest you look in on the library, we have a magnificent collection of books." Said Claudette, like this just a job, and nothing bad had happened.

Claudette beckoned Judy to follow her, which she did, outside the room things looked more normal in that there was colour. Somehow Jody had expected everything to be white, and said so.

"No, your room is white to help calm your nerves when you arrive, we find it to be very therapeutic."

Further down the corridor they came across a seating area where soft drinks were being served.

"This is the conversational lounge, where you can get to meet other unfortunate people, who have yet to cross over."

The room was almost full of people, all talking, and some laughing, but most had a drink in their hands.

"Would you like a drink my dear?"

"No thank you, I'm not thirsty." Said Jody, looking around the lounge.

Further on, they saw, the library Claudette had mentioned earlier, it was huge.

"I'm impressed." Said Jody, taking in the entire room.

"It's quite good, isn't it?" Replied Claudette.

Every wall was covered with shelving, all full to bursting with different sized books, in between from floor to ceiling were free standing shelves, equally filled with books.

"We can come back here later Jody, I just want to show you the volunteers lounge before I leave you." Stated Claudette.

Further down they came to a room that had no door, but liberally placed comfortable armchairs.

"Let me guess, a rest room?" Said Jody, sitting in one of the chairs.

"It can be, but this is the volunteers room, where we recruit anybody who would like to welcome new comers." Replied Claudette.

"Like myself you mean?"

"Yes, I was recruited from here, seems like a couple of weeks ago now, but was probably longer."

Jody looked at Claudette with an enquiring glance.

"Time has no meaning here my dear, you'll also notice no watches or clocks." Returned Claudette.

"I would like to volunteer my services." Said Jody.

Claudette thought about it for a moment, then turned to Jody.

"Very well Jody, here's your first case." She said, handing her a file from seemingly nowhere.

Taking Jody further down the corridor, they came to a room identical to that which Jody had awoken in earlier.

"You'll find everything you need to know about this person, in the file you have in your hand." Claudette said, pointing to the file.

Jody entered the room to find a young man laying on his side and starting to stir. Walking around the bed she opened the file and found that his name was Stephen, she cleared a lump in her throat, then spoke for the first time.

"Hello Stephen, your awake then?"

"Hello, um yes, where am I?" He asked.

Jody took it slowly at first answering all the questions she could, either by consulting the file, or by what she already knew, thanks to Claudette.

"Why have I not gone straight to heaven, I mean, I wasn't a bad person when I was alive?"

"It just says, that you have unfinished business." Replied Jody.

"Did the person I hit survive?" He asked, looking concerned.

"I'm not sure, it doesn't say in your file, but I'll check into that for you if you like?" She replied.

"So you died from an accident as well?" Said Jody.

"Yes, this woman back there ran in front of me, I tried desperately to avoid her, but it was wet and I lost control of the bike."

Jody suddenly realised who this was, for a moment she wasn't sure how to continue, or even if she could look into this mans eyes without an emotional out burst.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"Sorry, about what?" He asked.

She bowed her head not saying another word, Stephen could see she was upset, and being the kind of person he was, he placed an arm around her shoulder to comfort her.

"You're new here as well, aren't you?" He said.

"Yes." She sobbed.

"Come on, cheer up, its not all bad." He said, hugging her tighter.

They suddenly found them selves looking at each other; Stephen then had an impulse to kiss her full on the lips, which he didn't fight. Before either one of them knew it, they were in a passionate embrace. Her tongue entering his mouth, with his doing the same, he removed her gown revealing a beautiful body. He then removed his own, not once stopping the kiss that had completely taken Jody by surprise. Her hands went down to grasp his buttocks as the kiss got more intense. He, suddenly broke the kiss off bending down to kiss her neck, Jody looked down to see that his manhood had grown considerably.

She placed a hand onto his cock, making him jump slightly, then she bent down to take it in her mouth. He gasped as she engulfed his penis, surprised to see how much she could take into her throat. She sucked softly and slowly at first, wanting him to enjoy this moment. Her tongue trying to cover every inch of this mans tool; she then placed a hand on his sack and gently caressed him squeezing slightly. This excited Stephen more than he had ever been excited before, his cock starting to twitch with the tell tale signs of imminent ejaculation. She knew he was close, but she carried on, almost feeling like she owed him something special.

His first load gushed into the back of her throat, not once did she gag or splutter, she swallowed the entire load. She carried on sucking his cock, making sure that he had finished coming before she stopped. He decided to return the favour by placing her on the bed, then bending down he placed his tongue at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned slightly as his tongue first touched her vulva, crossing over to lightly press her clitoris. She knew at that point, that he had done this before, the way he knew where to place his tongue clearly gave that away. Her body writhed on the bed as his tongue found her erogenous zones, working its magic more ably than she'd ever known. Every now and then he would plunge his tongue into the depths, as far as he could, making her squirm with delight. She could feel her first orgasm start to build; arching her back as it exploded forth, not once feeling Stephen slowing down.

When he was sure she had stopped, he climbed on top of her, placing his hard cock against the wall of her pussy. They kissed hard, his cock slid into place, she held him tight wanting to relish this moment. She was tighter than he thought, which only made it that much better. He began to rhythmically push in and out, slowly but surely, their kissing almost becoming a swap of saliva as their tongues started to make love to each other. She could feel her vaginal walls being stretched by his cock, and loving every moment of it. The passion taking over, they were making love, this was not just lust, every emotion was coming into play. She wanted this to last forever, for she had never experienced anything so beautiful in her entire life.

But of course such things can't last forever, she could feel him starting to jerk, knowing that he was coming. Placing her hands on his backside she pulled him to her, wanting to feel his cock as deep into her womanhood as possible. He let out a sigh of pleasure as the last drop of sperm left his cock, collapsing onto her as their kissing came to an end. She placed her hand at the back of his head running her fingers though his hair, and whispering how lovely that had been. They just lay there for a while, neither one wishing to let go of the other. She was the first to speak.

"I have something to tell you, Stephen."

"It was me, who caused that accident, I hope that you can forgive me?" She continued.

He looked straight into her eyes, smiling as he sat up on the bed.

"I forgive you." He said, kissing her lightly on the lips.

Just then there was a knock on the door, they quickly shouted just a minute, then got back into their gowns.

"Come in." Shouted Jody.

Claudette entered the room, smiling at them both.

"I've come to inform you both, that its time to move on."

"But what about this unfinished business, you told me about?" Asked Jody.

"You had to make piece with the torment you were feeling, and the guilt that was plaguing your mind, this you have both done." She said.

They held each other's hand and followed Claudette down the corridor.

"Are we going up or down?" Asked Stephen worried that what they had just done might somehow go against them.

"Oh up of course, we very rarely send anyone down." She replied.

"Why not?" Asked Jody.

"Well, to be in purgatory in the first place must mean that you have some redeeming qualities, which is explored while you're here, in order to ascertain where to send you." She said, opening the door in front of them.

They entered a large room with a small pedestal in the centre, standing on it they held each other tightly, then they were gone.

"Young love, it never ceases to surprise me." Said Claudette, as she walked from the room.


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