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Underwear Bandits Part I
by Rebecca

I'm a 28 year-old recently divorced male who basically until a few weeks ago led a pretty normal life. I had been married for almost three years to a woman who was very uptight about sex. My biggest mistake was thinking she would change after we got married. She didn't change and when our sex life became nonexistent, we had it out (verbally). That's when I discovered why my wife had no interest in my rather thick seven-inch cock. She was a lesbian.

That's right, my wife had no interest in men, and no interest in me. She was very sorry she had hurt me but explained that she had these feelings for years but being Irish-Catholic she had suppressed the feelings. Now she couldn't hide it any longer and our marriage was over.

She still got the house which made me crazy. I decided an new start was in order so I quit my job, packed my things and headed to Florida. I have a sister out there who I have always been close with and she insisted I stay in her house until I got settled. Her husband is a doctor and they have some big bucks as well as a very big house. Wendy is 32 and they have no children (by choice) and live a very good life out there. So I headed south.

I hadn't seen my sister in over a year and I'd never been to the new house and was impressed by both when I arrived. Wendy (my sister) was a bit overweight, not fat but chubby would be a better description. I think the fact that she had a big chest on such a short body (she's 5'1") made her look even chubbier. But when she answered the door that Sunday afternoon when I arrived, I had to smile. She noticed and did a quick spin for me after we hugged hello and told me that she had lost over 20 pounds and was an exercise nut nowadays. I told her how fantastic she looked and she took me on a tour of the house.

The place was huge, spread out over two floors with a built in swimming pool in the back and a path that led to their own dock and a nice 32 ft boat. She had 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a room with a theatre sized screen on the wall and 6 theatre seats and a couch in it. There was a lot more too, the place was amazing. Pete was out back and he welcomed me as well and said I could stay as long as I needed and to make myself at home. 30 minutes after I got there I was laying by the pool with them. When Wendy went in to make dinner Pete took me for a quick ride on the boat. Being a city boy from the east coast this was all new and lots of fun.

Things went really well the first two weeks I was there although I was having a hard time finding a job. Peter worked incredible hours at the hospital and Wendy and I spent a lot of afternoons by the pool. She worked although they didn't need the money but was home by 3:30 every afternoon and we would spend hours by the pool together. I noticed something odd happening, I was beginning to fantasize about my sister when I jerked off. I guess it was just that she wore bikinis by the pool everyday and while they weren't slutty, they were sexy enough. Plus, I would hear her and Pete when they fucked even though my bedroom was across and down the hall.

Then the girl they had that came in twice a week went back to Mexico for a few weeks and I volunteered to do some chores around the house. I still had no luck with a job and wanted to do something to help out. My sister said I didn't have to but I insisted. There really wasn't a lot to do, the main thing was the laundry.

I had gathered several of my sisters bikinis to wash in the delicate cycle and set them aside to do last. In all the laundry I noticed that there were none of my sisters panties and I figured she was washing them by hand or something. The reason I thought about this was because when I was young (just reaching puberty) I used to steal Wendy's panties from the hamper and sniff them while I jerked off. I'm sure millions of brothers sniff a panty or two belonging to their sisters. That childhood memory caused my much neglected cock to stir.

I picked up the yellow bikini she wore yesterday while her and I sat by the pool. As I touched the material I got a full blown erection. I knew how wrong and perverted it was, but still I brought the crotch to my nose for a sniff. Wow, the crotch still felt a bit damp and there was the strong, musky smell of arousal. My mind started racing and I began to wonder why my sisters pussy would've been so aroused while she sat poolside with me? I pulled out my cock, it was so thick and hard already, the head purple and swollen. Man, it had been days since I blew a load.

"So that's why you wanted to do the laundry..." I think my heart momentarily stopped when I heard Wendy's voice. Man, I was so busted! I quickly tried to put my cock back into the leg of my shorts which wasn't as easy as it sounds considering it was rock hard. I started to stammer an apology but as I looked I realized she was smiling at me and not mad at all.

"I love watching a guy jerk off but Pete never amuses me like that. You can go ahead and finish if you want. If you don't mind me watching..." She moved closer until she was standing maybe 2 feet in front of me. This was too wild and I wondered if I was imaging this. Then she playfully reached out and snapped the waist of my shorts. "Drop the draws little brother" she teased. Now tell me, what would you guys have done? I slowly dropped them and my underwear to the floor. My cock had lost a little steam, I guess from the initial shock of being busted by Wendy. "There's nothing little about that little brother," she said looking right at my cock. "I knew you would be big. I saw daddy's pecker a few times. So thick, and he had big, heavy balls too... just like yours."

So I began to rub my cock. Wendy told me to sit on the washing machine and I did, right on the edge. She moved closer, her eyes glued to my manhood. As I jerked off she grabbed the bikini bottoms and handed them to me and told me it was okay to sniff them. I inhaled her musky but sweet pussy smell as I pumped my shaft.

Wendy was wearing a summer dress and I could see her hard nipples poking through the material. She started to rub herself. I was hoping she would strip and let me see her, but she didn't. What she did do was start to talk to me, all the while staring at my fist pumping my cock. She asked me if I liked my balls licked and if I had ever been deep throated? How I liked my cock sucked, if I liked my ass hole licked. Her slutty talk combined with her standing there rubbing herself through her panties and the smell of her fragrant bikini bottoms and I told her I was close. She began to rub herself more frantically and all of a sudden she was moaning. "Aaaawwww God, I'm cummmmingggg!!!!!" she practically shouted. That was too much for me to take and my cock exploded, maybe the biggest load of cum in my entire 28 years. It erupted and shot all over my chest and neck and some strayed and hit Wendy on her arm. I was almost breathless.

Wendy stepped back and pulled her panties down from under her dress and took them off. She wiped my cum off her arm with them and handed them to me. "Use these to clean yourself up." I took a moment to inhale them and the smell was 100 times better then the bikini bottoms. So fresh and so wet. If she wasn't watching me I would've licked the crotch clean of her juices.

When I had wiped myself clean she held out her hands and wanted her panties back. The frilly little pink things were soaked with cum but I handed them to her. "I have a secret to tell you," I was all ears. "First, let's go get something to drink." I followed her into the huge kitchen, still in disbelief and wondering what her secret was...

To Be Continued...


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