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Underwear Bandits Part II
by Rebecca

I sat at the table with Wendy and I still hadn't said a word. We drank a beer together and she was sweating just as I was and she was glowing. She looked so damn sexy that all I could think was that I must be sick to want to fuck my sister so badly. Her nipples were still poking out, I had noticed them before and came to the conclusion that they were probably quite large. I also knew she was pantiless and that turned me on too.

"So what's this secret?" I finally spoke.

"Your cum was the first I ever tasted. I blame you for my over zealous need to taste the stuff." So for the next ten minutes I listened to her secret about how she found a pair of my undies that were filled with fresh cum one morning and she was 17 and curious (still a virgin). She said she tasted it and loved it. She said she was sucking the cum from my underwear and from that morning until she left for college the next year she would always look for my underwear to taste my cum. Back then ( I was 13) I had a lot of wet dreams and woke up with dirty undies a lot. I confessed to her that I used to steal her panties and sniff them and jerk off all the time. We laughed at our shared childhood perversions.

Pete called to tell her he was going to be stuck at the hospital for a while and probably wouldn't be home until very late. She was mad when they hung up and she said the one night she needed a good fucking and he wasn't around. She said she was going in to shower and that I should do the same. It was only 3 o'clock and I wondered what else would happen before this day was over. I would find out a lot more kinky secrets about my sister after the shower.

I had a tough time not jerking off in the shower but I hoped my sister would want to see me do it again. I also hoped maybe she would let me see her do it, and not through a dress this time. Yes, I am aware that incest is considered wrong and I never in my life would've thought I would be wanting to fuck my sister but here I was.

After our shower we sat in the kitchen while she prepared a little food for us to eat. Wendy was wearing a long, white Dolphins t-shirt and I could see she was braless underneath. Her tits looked awesome through the thin material and I wondered if she was wearing any panties. I had on a pair of gym shorts and after watching Wendy making our salads I had a hard on. If I moved I had no way of hiding it. Fortunately she didn't need me to help her with the lunch and I was able to calm down a little.

"So, how wrong was what we just did?" she asked but she didn't seem upset.

"It was horrible. In fact, if we don't do it again right away I'll cum in my shorts!" We both laughed and then got quiet.

"Let's go inside" she said and into the living room we went. I held my arm in front of me hoping to hide my cock which had started to stir again.

"There's a few secrets I could tell you but you have to promise not to judge me," she said as we sat on the sofa together. I told her that she was my sister and that I loved her unconditionally. She went to the kitchen and got us both beers before settling into the "confessional" on the couch.

I listened to my sister explain that she often fooled around with Gail, their attractive, married neighbor. She said that when Peter was working late Gail would fuck her husband then come over. Wendy would suck Gail's cum filled cunt clean until Gail had several orgasms. Gail however would not return the oral favors but Wendy said she understood and never pushed her friend. As you could imagine, my cock had turned to stone.

Next she told me of the theatre club she and Pete belonged to. By theatre, she explained home theatre and why she and Pete had designed a movie theatre in their home. Another doctor from the hospital where Pete worked was the president of the club which held monthly meetings alternating between the their house and the other doctors. There were 14 active members but it was rare to have more than 5 couples attend any one meeting.

"You're a swinger?" I asked shocked. But that wasn't the case. What the club was into was watching each other fucking and sucking but no swapping went on at these meetings. She said she was sure some of the other couples met on the side but nothing happened at the meetings. Except of course the fucking, sucking and jerking off. "So why the movie theatre?" I asked.

"Because at every meeting each couple must bring in a 30 minute video on the subject we decide at the previous meeting." "Like what kind of subjects?" I asked as I adjusted my painful erection which didn't go unnoticed by Wendy.

My sexy sister stood and held out her hand and told me to come into the theatre and she would show me an example of some of the videos. I followed her in and was surprised to see a large door built right into the wall with a lock and everything. I followed her in and was further surprised. Besides a wall with over a dozen home videos, there was a wall with over 30 porn movies of various subjects. There were also a dozen or so dildos and vibrators and cock rings and stuff like that.

We chose (I chose, actually) a video on the girls shaving their pubic hairs. Wendy told me it was an excellent choice because I would get to see all 8 women who have participated at one time or another. We settled down on the couch together as the huge screen came to life. The first woman was attractive, in her 40's and was shaving herself. It was nothing extraordinary but my cock was already on hyper-drive. "You'll like the next one, I think" my sister said.

The second woman was in her twenties, younger then me and a real knockout. She had help shaving herself, all you saw were a set of large, black hands. This chick had a pretty pussy too, nice lips, a big clit and you could see how wet she was getting. My sister looked over and saw me rubbing my bulge. "Take it out...its okay if you want to play with it" I hesitated, I guess because she was so close, her shoulders leaning against mine. I hauled out my hard cock and Wendy stopped watching the screen and eyed my cock.

We watched several more women get their pretty pussies shaved (some just shaved the area around the lips, others went all the way). Then my sister appeared on screen wearing just panties and a bra. Pete was there too and he did the shaving. My sisters pussy was perfect and I had to stop stroking my cock because I was so turned on. "Wendy, I think we're both wearing too much clothes" I looked at her, holding my breath waiting for her response. She moved away from me and all of a sudden was very serious. "I will, but you have to promise me that we won't touch each other. We can't fuck. I mean, this is sick enough but if we have sex that would be too much for me to handle" I smiled and touched her hand and told her I just wanted to see her beautiful body.

So we were both naked now, sitting there. Wendy's tits were perfection, big rubbery nipples capped the tips and yes, her pussy was still shaved and it looked good enough to eat. She sat back down and we masturbated, our shoulders touching.

I noticed as my sister masturbated that she always had a hand on her tits, pinching and squeezing her nipples. She began talking nasty to me again and was telling me how she liked to suck Pete's cock. I had forgotten about the video and looked up to see a black woman's pussy up close getting the shave treatment. I'd never seen a black pussy up close but I liked it. My cock was swollen bigger then I have ever remembered and I told my sister I was getting ready.

"Not yet, stand over me. I want your cum on my tits.... tell me how much you want to fuck me" she seemed possessed and I think if I tried to fuck her right then she would've let me. But I remembered our talk. I stood over my sister pumping my cock, fisting it. My pre-cum lubed the way and just as Wendy started to cum my cock erupted. The first blast was so powerful it shot into Wendy's hair. I aimed down and sprayed about a gallon of my hot jizz all over my sisters big tits. I stood there breathless, my cock still in my hand, covered in sweat. My sister looking up at me with glazed eyes.

CLAP...CLAP...CLAP... I looked toward the door and there was Pete, staring at us with a strange look on his face. Oh man, I was in shock and scared as he walked toward his naked wife whose tits were soaked in cum, and her brother (me) with my cock quickly shrinking.


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