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Uncle Steve
by Lisa S.

Wow, you are really not going to believe this happened. I could hardly believe it myself. This was my last free summer before I started college. Mom asked me if I would mind going to my Uncle Steve's house on Saturday mornings and just straighten up a bit and dust.

He is a single guy - about 36 or so and absolutely gorgeous. He travels a lot, was usually home on Sundays and Mondays only and his cleaning lady was going home to her country for a month. He needed just light dusting and stuff. I really didn't want to do it but Mom asked so nicely I could hardly refuse. So, here I was in his house with a dust cloth in my hand. He has a big screen TV and while I did the den I decided to put on a cable music video channel.

I accidentally hit the play button as I moved the remote and suddenly heard moaning. I turned to look at the TV and there was this blond woman on her knees sucking the biggest cock I ever did see. Having never seen an X video I stood there staring. I felt my nipples tingling as she let it slide in and out of her mouth. She looked like she was loving it and so did he. I started feeling really turned on and my nipples were hard as pebbles. I sat on the couch and just watched. I lifted my T shirt - and my hands slid up over my 34C breasts. I rubbed my palms over and over my nipples - mmmm they were so hard and I was getting very wet. I unzipped my shorts and pulled them off.

As I watched the TV the man and the woman got on the bed and a red headed woman joined them. The red head spread her legs and the blond got on her knees in front and started licking and sucking her pussy. The guy got behind the blond and slid his cock deep in her pussy. As I watched it sliding in and out of her wet pussy I was wishing that was me. MMM - I was soo hot. My hand slid down to my slit - it was soaking. I keep my pussy hair very very short. I slid my finger right in. OHHHH -- but that certainly was not doing it ---- I wanted that extra large cock. I slipped two fingers in and out while I rubbed and tweaked my nipple with my other hand.

Ohhh yes - felt nice. I wanted something deep and I saw a nice long candle right there in front of me on the coffee table. I took it out of the holder, leaned back on the couch, put my feet up beside me and slipped the candle between my very hot slit. I started rubbing it up and down as I watched the man fuck the girl. She was loving it. Who wouldn't I thought as I slipped the candle inside my tight pussy. I slid it in and out and started rubbing my clit with my other hand. I felt my pussy throbbing and closed my eyes ----

"What are you trying to do - melt the candle"---I jumped and opened my eyes. The candle was buried deep inside and I was on the verge of cumming -- and there was my uncle standing right in front of me. He was so tall and good looking. He had on a black pair of silk boxers and I could see the front of them sticking out with a substantial bulge. He told me not to stop on his account - he was enjoying the show and I did look like I was just about to cum. So, I closed my eyes and slid the candle deeper.

Suddenly I felt his mouth on my nipple as he started sucking on it. My nipple got even longer and harder and he bit it as I screamed and came while pumping the candle. His hand moved down to my pussy and he played with my quivering clit. It was so sensitive. I moved my hand to his boxers and slid them over his cock. It was huge. My hand could not even fit around it. I slid my hand up and down and felt it warm and soo hard. I took a peek - and lost my breath. It was huge. I just knew it. I wanted desperately to suck it deep in my mouth and then bury it deep in my pussy. I lowered my head and rubbed his cock head on my lips. He moaned. I felt some pre-cum on the tip.

I opened my mouth a bit and slid it back and forth across my tongue then took the head in my mouth. He hardly fit. I sucked and licked the engorged head, loving it. He rubbed my clit and was pulling my nipple. I sucked him deeper but it was so thick and long I could not take more than half in my mouth. I pumped with my hand as I sucked. I felt him throbbing and thought he was about to cum. He pulled out of my mouth and knelt on the floor in front of me and spread my legs wide. He started licking my pussy lips - up and down the sides while he held them open. He flicked his tongue over my clit - licking and nibbling. I could tell he was loving it. He just stopped - spread my pussy with his thumbs and stared as it throbbed and glistened with cum. He rubbed his thumbs up and down and then took my clit in his mouth and sucked it hard between his lips. Then he flicked his tongue back and forth on it. I held on to his head for dear life, my fingers in his hair .

OHHHHH GOOOOODDDDD!!!!!! He slipped two fingers inside me and started sliding them in and out as he played with my clit in his mouth. Then he started rubbing around my asshole as my juice slid between my cheeks. He played with my asshole making it all wet and started to push the tip of his finger in. I have never had anything in there and it felt a bit strange but nice. Suddenly, he bit my clit lightly and slid his finger all the way in and I came all over his mouth. I never had an orgasm like that in my life. He loved my pussy real good. Then he stood up in front of me and I scooted lower on the couch. He started rubbing his huge cock on my hot wet pussy. Asking me if I wanted it.

What a stupid question I wanted to say. But I told him I never seen one that big - he was as big as the guy in the video - let alone had one in my pussy that size. But I really couldn't wait for it. He kept rubbing it on my slit - up and down - up and down - It was soo hard and hot. I begged him to put it in. I held my pussy lips open and he slowly pushed the head in between my lips. God, it was huge. I felt my lips being spread so wide. He pumped a little and the head slipped in. He played - sliding it in a bit and then out - getting me used to the feel of it. I was begging for more - trying to pull him in.

He said he didn't want to hurt me - he needed to go slow. I think he was just teasing me and liked me to beg. I started rubbing my clit and he slipped more in. I was so stretched around his cock -- I lifted my legs, wrapped them around his hips and pushed up and all 10 inches slid in my hot tight wet pussy. I knew I was in heaven then. I held him there - getting used to the fullness in my pussy. I was so full of cock and loving it. Then he started to pump. He felt so big and hard and hot and throbbing. My pussy was on fire. He dipped in and out till I felt him give one deep push and his cock started jerking inside me - and as I came he came in me - I could feel each and every squirt of his cum.

It felt hot and ohhh sooo good. He just held his cock in my pussy - rubbing my nipples - as we tried to catch our breath. Finally he pulled out. It still looked big to me. After all that cumming ... Wow.. I lay there just winding down and he sat next to me. I took his cock in my hand and started rubbing it up and down. I could feel it getting really hard again. His hand was rubbing my pussy again and then he spread my legs and licked and nibbled my pussy again. I sucked his cock back in my mouth - what I could fit in there - and we sucked and licked. Then he lifted me up and told me to lean forward. I put my hands on the coffee table, with my ass in the air and he sat on the couch behind me. He took the candle and slid it between my legs - rubbing it on my slit. Then he slid it in my pussy and pumped it in and out. My pussy was so hot I thought the candle would melt. I could feel cum sliding down my thighs. Then Uncle Steve took the candle and started rubbing it on my asshole. Around and around my puckered hole. He played. Then he slipped the tip in - and out - and in and out. Till he had a rhythm going with the candle in my ass.

And I did help him along - moving back and forth with him. Then he stood up, spread my legs a bit and started rubbing his cock on my pussy, mmm then he slipped his cock all the way in. Ohh I was on the verge of cumming as he slid his cock in and out of my pussy and the candle in and out of my ass. I was sooo full as he pumped deeper and deeper, his long thick cock sliding in and out. I could feel my orgasm building as his cock throbbed inside me. All of a sudden we exploded together - his cum squirting deep inside my pussy as I came on his cock.

We collapsed on the floor together and he held me. Rubbing my hair - telling me he loved my and my pussy and was so glad he found me playing with myself - cause he felt like he wanted to fuck me forever and finally got the chance. Boy, was I happy too.

So, I go to my Uncle Steve's very often now to clean around his house. And of course you know I get to play with his cock too. And maybe next time I'll tell you about the time his friend came by. His very large friend.

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