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Union 76
by Buck

Roni and I had just gotten into the car. Fresh from our usual Friday night at Cisco's, we were feeling pretty buzzed. Our Friday ritual starts at our favorite Mexican restaurant where we have chips, salsa and more than a few Margaritas, (add to that a shot or two of dear Jose Cuervo). Though we plan on only a few drinks to loosen up and ease the weeks stress we sometimes loose track, this was one of those nights.

Once in the car, Roni was unbuttoning her dress as I pulled out onto the Expressway. Pulling up to the first stoplight, she had her dress off her shoulders and was unfastening her bra when a F-150 pick-up stopped along side of us. The driver did a classic double take as he caught Roni's bare size 36C breast illuminated by the streetlight. So of course she made sure he got a really good look.

With her bra off and her dress re-buttoned she announced that she needed some coffee! I knew what this meant but in this Tequila haze I also knew to expect the unexpected. Roni and I love to flash truck drivers. Not just your usual titty flash, but roll down the windows, turn on the dome light, strip naked and finger yourself for the lucky driver while we move down the interstate for 15 to 20 miles. One guy even tried to take photos!

Now what better place to flash truck drivers but the truck stop? Union 76 here we come. We walk in at about 11 PM and the place is fairly busy. Our table is a small two-seater on the main aisle in the truckers' section. The table across and one up has three men, one with his back to us and the other two facing us. They are about mid-fifties and definitely not college professors or accountants. They immediately noticed Roni as we walk in, (she's even buttoned her dress from the neck down to just above her knee).

It's that Roni is HOT, very sexy at a petite 5'1", small boned with delicate features that include smoldering brown eyes, beautiful, sensuous lips and black hair that softly frames her gorgeous face. I have already mentioned her amazing breast and she has an equally amazing little butt, so it is not at all surprising when men noticed her.

Tonight she is wearing black ankle-high boots that perfectly set off her muscled and toned legs that are covered in an ebony shade of pantyhose. Her dress is long, below her knee, but very low-cut and remember, now she is also braless. Yes, I said pantyhose, not just any pantyhose, no, they didn't come in an egg. These are the crotchless kind that has a little slit in just the right spot that pulls tight against her pussy and makes her lips swell out and appear excitedly red and plump.

We get our coffee from our ever so friendly waitress, Karen (who comes around just often enough that she doesn't spoil our fun). Roni has her right hand under the table and is already smiling at me with that little devilish gleam in her eyes. I ask her what's happening with 'the guys' and she tells me that the two facing her haven't taken their eyes off of her since she sat down. So I ask if she giving them any other reason to stare.

Roni tells me that she has unbuttoned her dress to just below her crotch and that she has her legs spread open enough so that in the bright, garish neon light they are getting probably the best beaver shot they have ever had.

I try to act nonchalant and carry on a semi-normal conversation but she is acting so seductive that it is all I can do to not look underneath the table to also witness 'the show'. Her hand is still in her lap and I notice her shoulder slowly, rhythmically moving. I have to ask, what is she doing under there? She tells me that she has been rubbing the top of her thigh, what did I think she was doing or better yet what did I want her to rub.

I asked her if 'the guys' have been watching or showing any interest in what her hand was doing. Well Duh! They haven't taken their eyes off her pussy since she opened her legs for them. So I replied, that I'm pretty damned certain they would love to see her gently move her fingers up and around on those fat swollen lips, maybe even pull them apart so they can get a peek at her little hard-on clit.

Roni carefully tries to avoid looking directly at the men but she does sneak peeks at each one and has just enough eye contact plus gives them that little sexy smile that they can't help but fantasize that she wants to fuck each one of them. And now she's spread her legs and is rubbing her pussy lips just for them! Except she tells me her pantyhose is too tight on her pussy and she can't pull her lips apart to show off her clit.

The fabric of Roni's dress is sheer enough that her nipples have obviously stiffened from all the activity and attention. I rhetorically ask if her nipples are hard and with a sly smile, she unbuttons the top three buttons of her dress (to below her titties). She then reaches inside and slowly rubs and pinches her already hard nipple. Behind me I hear more than a few grunts, moans, mutterings etc. Swooping in from nowhere, Karen brings us a fresh carafe of coffee. Roni has barely enough time to pull it together so that we don't get caught, ejected, arrested or whatever they do to perverts like us.

Now with fresh coffee, Roni immediately resumes where she left off. I tell her that her nipples are still incredibly erect and that I want to see one. Without even looking around, Roni gently pulls her dress away from her large right breast and softly cups it and massages it for me to admire. She begins to slowly pinch and twist her nipple, squeezing it harder and harder as the men behind me stare at her, not believing that this is happening. How could they ever be so lucky?

This has obviously gotten to the point that we desperately need to go home and fuck like animals, plus it's nearly 12:30 AM. Roni slowly closes up 'shop' and I wave at Karen and ask for our check. Roni tells me she needs to go pee.

I pay the tab and when Roni returns I get up to leave but she tells me to sit back down, she wants to smoke a cigarette. Okay, but when she sits down she puts her foot on my knee and once more I detect the telltale sign of her arm moving. Except this time it is a bit more pronounced and both her shoulders are surging forward as she slowly nods her head, eyes, now heavy lidded and slipping into that distance look of approaching ecstasy. Her rhythm seems to be slowly increasing when I ask what she's doing under the table. She tells me to look, so I awkwardly knock my napkin to the floor and before leaning over to retrieve it, I glance at the truckers behind me.

I can't begin to describe the smiles on their faces, all three watching her in stoned silence, almost appearing stunned. I bend over and almost cum in my jeans. While she was in the rest room, Roni had removed her pantyhose and her legs were now completely bare plus she had pulled her dress back away from her legs making her appear nude from the waist down. With her foot on my knee, her pussy was pulled open and she was finger-fucking herself with two fingers, grinding them deep into her hole, then pulling them up between her lips, separating them so that her purple swollen clit was on view for everyone to admire. Continuing to slowly masturbate for 'the guys' I could tell from past experience that she was very near cumming.

Once more, pulling us out of this nirvana, Karen comes to collect the cash. Whew, almost busted again! Getting up to leave, the three truckers nod to us, one even thanking Roni. We walk out to the parking lot ready to drive home to Guthrie and that good pussy.

Roni's dress is still unbuttoned to her pussy and the wind blowing makes for a great show. Well, we just thought the show was over! Parked next to our car is a black man in his mid-thirties, sitting in his pick-up, window down, obviously waiting for someone.

I nod to him and Roni speaks, asking him if he's picking up his wife or girlfriend. I unlock the Honda and Roni sits down, placing one foot inside the car, leaving the other on the pavement. Her dress is once more totally open exposing her swollen and wet pussy. As I stand there waiting for her to put her other foot in the car, Roni tells me to go ahead and get in. I walk around and get in. Roni is still one foot in, one out but has started to rub her snatch, so I reach up and turn the dome light off.

The guy's name was Bill and his girlfriend was getting off in about fifteen minutes and at the rate Roni was going she'd be getting off just any minute. She had started talking nasty to Bill by asking him if liked to eat pussy and if he thought she had a pretty pussy. She was using both hands to masturbate for him, slowly fucking herself with one hand while she rubbed and slapped her clit with the other. Roni loves to have her pussy spanked and anyone that heard or saw her would be amazed at how hard she pops it.

She asked Bill if he liked her titties and he told her couldn't see them but they looked very nice and large. Couldn't see them! That was my cue, leaning towards Roni, I unbuttoned her dress to her waist and reaching around her from both sides I pulled the fabric back away from her breast exposing them completely to Bill.

I slowly massaged each tit, squeezing, rubbing, pinching, twisting her nipples making her moan and wince from the pain. Roni asked if he could see them now. Bill was all smiles and told her they were beautiful; that he sure would like to touch them, even suck them. With only one button left she undid it then got out of the car and stepped over for Bill to touch her.

Climbing up on the trucks running board, Roni pushed her tits into Bill's smiling face. Dropping one hand down between Roni's legs he begin to plunge his thick black fingers into her cunt. As he slowly worked on her hole, he manhandled her juicy pussy by pulling her up on her toes as he roughly fingered her. While he did this Roni had placed one hand behind his head and her other was cupping her tit to his face allowing him to suck and bite her nipples. I sat watching, expecting at any minute for Bill to open the door of his pick-up and force Roni's face down on his cock. Roni had reached inside the truck and was obviously getting a handful. The wind was blowing her now completely unbuttoned dress out away from her body, totally exposing her entire backside. God she looked magnificent! Humping his huge hand, her ass began moving faster and faster.

Then it happened, the shudder, the tightening of her ass cheeks, the sudden rigidness of her body as she began to moan. Her cum came in waves and she had released his cock and was gripping the truck door with both hands as she furiously fucked his hand while her pussy gushed her sweet cum juice over his hand then ran down her legs. She seemed to almost collapse, and then without a word she opened his door.

I reached over to shut the Honda's door so that she could open the truck door wide enough for me to watch. His cock was hard, very hard, and it had to be 8 maybe 10 inches long and it was also very thick and he was uncircumcised. An impressive cock and Roni showed her appreciation by wrapping that little mouth around his huge hunk of dark meat.

Knowing that Bill's old lady was due any minute Roni worked vigorously on his rock hard dick, feverishly sucking and jacking him off trying to drain him completely. Her dress had blown over the side of her body and her little butt was giving me the full moon as I watched her head rapidly moving up and down on his massive cock. Then as I saw him begin to start moving his hips faster to accelerate Roni's mouth fucking and to shoot his full load down the back of my sweetheart's throat, I heard voices! It was the truckers; they were walking to their rigs when they noticed our little activity.

I heard Bill groan and say, "Shit", except it took about 30 seconds to completely exit his mouth. Roni continued to drain him, squeezing his thick cock and sucking up every last drop of his cum. Well, almost every drop, there was so much that some had run down his dick covering her hand with its stickiness. Oh yeah, the truckers, they applauded! Roni was startled but turned to them, pulled her dress open and curtsied! Turning back to Bill she told him thanks for the fun and maybe we'd see him next week.

Finally, she got in the car and we headed north.


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