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Underwear? We Don't Need No Stinking Underwear!!!
by PeterR

It started so innocently, but wound up with some sensational results!

I recently accepted a new job about two hundred miles north from our home. At the suggestion of a friend, and to cut down on my laundry, I decided to go without underwear on weekends, and also to sleep without pajamas. Almost at once I noticed that great feeling of freedom. The touch of denim against my pecker, as I moved around, was enticing. It generated mild erections for me during the day, a youthful feeling that was so energizing. Sleeping in the nude also added to my horniness.

My sweetheart and I were having some problems, some of which I suppose were of a sexual nature, so I was a bit reluctant to tell her of my newly found secret. One day, when she visited me, I did tell her of my lack of underwear escapades, and instead of laughing or mocking me she began sleeping in the nude also, and on a few occasions, she went out on test runs without her underwear. I'll be honest that this alone wasn't the only thing that righted our union, but it did provide the spark and excitement that re-ignited it, and hopefully will keep us in a satisfied bliss forever.

On one occasion, while sitting in a booth of a dark restaurant, I was wearing jeans, and a tee-shirt with moccasins. She wore a denim blouse and matching skirt, no panties. I took my big toe and started to tease her as I gently probed, and massaged her pubic area. All this while we were waiting for our menu. By the time our salad was served, I managed to get three quarters of my toe into her, and she let out a cute sigh. She smiled, taking my cue, massaged my dick though my jeans with her toes, which made me almost hard. We didn't even remember the meal, for we couldn't wait to get home to finish what we have started earlier. During the drive home, I alternated squeezing each boob, and inserting a couple of fingers, into her very wet slit. She had my zipper down, and my shaft out, covered by her hand so others could not see. When the 'coast was clear' she stroked, and teased me, keeping our excitement level extremely high.

As soon as we arrived at home, we stripped off each others' clothing, and hit the shower. Here she thoroughly washed me and I washed her. Our crotch areas, and her boobs were washed so clean, and so many times that they might have been considered 'hospital' clean. We then dried ourselves, and I commenced to lick her from the right toe up to her beautiful tunnel of love, being careful not to actually touch it on the way up. I then went up, passed her bellybutton, circled her right boob, sucked and nibbled on her already erect right nipple, and up to her neck which culminated in long sensual kisses, exchanging plenty of tongue. I then went down the other side, baby-kissing down to her left boob, circling and biting and sucking on the very hard left nipple.

I then arrived at my palace of pleasure, and sprinkled it and all around it with chocolate syrup and some whipped cream. At once, I started lapping up the chocolate and the cream, ravishing her slit, with my tongue, teeth and lips. I love chocolate, but it never tasted so good. The combination of her body heat, the chocolate, and my lust for her, I was literally, in the locked-on position. I was like radar onto its target, or a puppy with its newly found bone. I was sucking, and feeling her getting extremely wet. I reached under her, and cupped, and squeezed her butt as I forced her to move with my mouth. She was freely undulating now, humping my face, and moaning...'oh boy'....'oh boy-o-boy' she got sopping wet. I felt her erect clit starting to spew, and I was there to catch most of my honey's juices. The taste of her nectar, and knowing that she has been released partially by my efforts, made me so hard that I felt a bit of precum from my cock.

My mate collected her wits, and asked me to get comfortable. I laid back on my back for in situations such as this, I will take orders. She then said that she couldn't wait to taste me again, since I tasted so sweet the last time, and to get ready to receive her unabashed love. We kissed a few times, after which I felt her sprinkle some raspberry lotion all over me, and commenced to lick and kiss every part of me, heading toward my crotch. She passed my family jewels, with just enough of a tease to keep me stiff. She baby- kissed me down to my right toe and back up the left leg, slowing down as she started to lick my inner thigh, in small circular motions. I quivered with anticipation. She arrived at my balls and took each one into her mouth, and slowly began to stroke the length of my erect shaft. She then cupped my balls and started to lick the head of my shaft, and took a quarter of it into her mouth, while licking me intensely, with her tongue. Halfway in her mouth I was ready cry "uncle" with passion, when she also felt it, she gently squeezed the bottom part of my shaft, and backed off and continued to massage and lick my balls.

She got to this point a few times and backed off each time. Then she got serious, and finally cupped my balls with one hand, massaged behind them with the other hand, and deep-throated me as I felt my waves of a tremendous release, which seemed to come for a long time, emptying my balls.

We rested some and had some more normal, and yes fantastic sex for the remainder of the evening.

As we were ready to finally sleep; my honey winked and said: "who needs underwear anyway?"

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