The Best Erotic Stories.

by Suzie Samuels

It has been a long day already. It had started well before dawn, as most days do when I must travel a great distance. This time the travel is all by rental car. I love the freedom of driving, the miles rolling one after another, town after town.

For much of the early day, I am as usual, the workaholic, as evidenced by my continual use of my cell phone. Only getting off it when it gets so hot I can't stand it against my ear. Maybe it is the mountain air, or maybe it I am having a breakdown but after the last frustrating call I with a vicious tug yank the cord out of the cigarette lighter jack and toss it over my shoulder into the back seat. Enough of that!

I just want to be alone, lost to the work world that keeps me so tethered. This is the first time I have cut my tether in years. Now, no one knows exactly where I am, they know where I will be in three days time when I catch my plane, but not for now. I drive brooding for sometime until I turn off the air conditioner, roll down the window, and let the warm, pine-scented air lift my spirits. As it works its magic my foot eases on the gas pedal. I watch the beautiful, high desert country go by with me getting slower with every mile and the 'got to' rush, 'got to' be somewhere sensations ease. I continue my drive leisurely enjoying the time alone thinking of my life.

People say I am successful and I certainly I have enjoyed some successes; but they have been at a cost. Only I really know what the cost has been. I have it all, the big house, the perfect family, an equally successful husband and we have two beautiful, intelligent, children ­ one of each. I also own a thriving business. We belong to all the right clubs and have the respect of the business community. I have lots of friends and family, too as a support group to round out my world. To the world I am a happy and successful businesswoman who has mastered juggling it all. My children are in the care of nannies and schools and my house is well cared for by the nanny / housekeeper. My busy husband is so busy too that he doesn't noticed that we are not together alone anymore. When was the last time we traveled together alone or even have gone on a date? It has been a long time; I cannot remember when it was. I muse over the missed dance recitals, missed Cub Scout camps and the ball games I just could not get away from work to attend.

Yes, I have it all, but I am not happy today, it is just too much for me to carry sometimes and this day is one of them. Well I mean I am not happy with parts of my life, I love my kids, my husband and my family and friends. It is work; that has killing me. I put in way too many hours and I leave always feeling there is something I have left undone. So I leave every night I struggle with the tug of war going on in my mind, stay and work or go and feel guilty.

Not even when I leave work do I go straight home to my family; I stop at my gym first. In many ways it is my sanity pill, I exercise and tone my body with the same passion I do everything else. I am lean and firm from hours of aerobics and running and my muscles are well developed from my weight training. My time at the gym rejuvenates me for the rest of my day, which will be equally as busy as my working day. Every morning before daylight and long before I wake the kids I run for two miles and walk for a mile. The walk is my time to smell the roses. My body frame is average in size, but with my body type, I could become one of those pear-shaped women. I am in great shape if I do say so myself but it takes dieting, fanatical dieting and tons of exercise. I have overheard guys at the office, my employees saying that I am stacked and when I do I cannot help but walk just a little bit more sensual past them. 'Look, boys, but don't touch.' I laughingly say to myself. My average 9-hour workday and my hour at the gym is the routine before heading home to hubby and my darlings.

While the gym recharges my batteries it cuts into my time with those I love. I so look forward to being swarmed as I walk in the door, the last one home. They all have something to tell me, a secret to share or a homework assignment that they need my help with. I am blessed. But it overwhelms me all to often too and then I feel inadequate to my responsibilities.

Oh, the freedom that came with simply pulling that plug. The car rented in my name not my company's name, as I usually do and no owns my time for now. I came three thousand miles and sold my business in principle, the details to be worked out later when I return home. I think I did it here so I would not have to face my world and my irrevocable decision for these three days. I will have the rest of my life to face the decision. I did it with no fanfare or any real plans for my future, but I feel like I dumped the weight of the world. Now no one knows where I am or what I am doing.

I turned off onto a side road across the cattle gate then slowed and pulled over to the side of the road and in a daring uncharacterised move shed my business attire and leave only the necessities on, my soft-pink silk camisole and black mini skirt. After putting in my favourite tape I push the seat way back and recline it. I pull aside my thong panties and lie there playing with myself in the quiet of the hot afternoon. With the toss my phone, my tether I have all thrown caution to the wind, I am like a neophyte in a world without purpose.

Something has brought me to this high desert road and I am glad it did. It is so beautiful, so peaceful, and so absolutely quiet. The ponderosa pines for years have spread a carpet of needles across the land. It is so different here than at home; so rocky and craggy. The windows are rolled down and I love the scent. I What I do not understanding yet is that I have arrived at my new home.

Maybe I dozed off, I will never know for sure, but suddenly I am conscious of the fact that I smell smoke heavy in the air; I can see what must be a fire in the distance, thick rolling smoke obliterating everything. I quickly start the car and drive away. I'm not yet worried there must be roads off of this one that will take me clear of it and I know that there are no roads behind me for miles and miles, surely there must be. How did that happen so fast.... the fire that was off in the distance only a moment ago is now behind me also? There are hundreds of panicked animals running across the road everywhere, I swerve and miss several, their panic infecting me my heart races. I am facing a herd of deer and there is no missing them. I close my eyes not wanting to see their slaughter. Crunch, I can hear their bones breaking. What a horrible thought,..... to think that I am taking a life. I cannot control the car. It rolls. The last thing I hear is my scream... a scream that echoes in my head for what seems like forever. In that split second, I realize I will be burnt alive soon. I pass out never expecting to live.

My last conscious thought was 'I want to live!'

Awakening, I become aware of my surroundings slowly. The darkness recedes. My head hurts unbelievably. Breathing hurts my throat is so, so very sore. I smell smoke. 'Why am I smelling smoke?' I ask myself. "OH MY GAAWDDDDDDD!" I scream. Ooh my throat hurts, the scream dies, and it is too painful to scream. My eyes pop open and I thrash around, I must get out of this car; run for my life. I am trapped, I cannot move. "Let me out! Help! Why can't I move? Where am I? Where is the car? Where are all the animals? Where is the fire? God help me, please." I pull and pull but still I seem to be trapped, but I am not trapped in the car. I am not in the car. But, I can't sort out where I am. 'Oh, my heads hurts so badly please stop the hurt'. I feel so funny.

'God I hurt.' and I cannot move at all, not even my head can turn. I am blind .... No there is something covering my eyes, I am blindfolded. I am tied so tight that it is hard to pull in a full lungful of the precious clean air that I need. I attempt to call out and cannot, something is in my mouth; I am so thirsty but cannot call out. Is this my hell? I hear someone moving out of my line of sight. I strain to see; to speak but only hurt myself in the trying, my throat aches from the effort.

He tells me my fate; the world assumes I am dead burned in my wretched car. Yes, I was caught in a forest fire and crashed my car. He tells me, "Your life is now as my sex slave. That's all you are good for, Suzie, is to be my cumslut, my reservoir for my seed and you will take whatever abuse I chose to give you. Understand, bitch?" I don't. I must be hallucinating or am I in hell? All I know is I don't understand it, at all. I try to shake my head I can't. I try to take big gulps of air and it is hard. I am horrified at the words he is says and they make no sense to me at all.

I must have passed out again, for when I am next aware of my surroundings my blindfold and gag are gone. 'Breath deep Suzie, breathe deep and relax, look around, figure out where you are. You are not in the car, breath deep' I blink my eyes several times trying to adjust to the lighting. I look around, it is dim; its not a house more of a cottage or a cabin. But why am I here and not in a hospital? Am I paralysed from the accident? I can feel my arms and legs. Good.

'Gawd, help me I am tied my arms are stretched wide between two supporting poles. I look down and so are my legs. I am wide open, WHY! Think, Suzie, think.' I tell my foggy pain-racked brain. 'Why am I tied up? Was I trying to run into the fire, was that it and the firefighters have tied me to keep me safe? Were my close burnt off of me, am I burnt?' My head hurts, I can't think clearly. Bang! 'What was that? Where did that noise come from?' A hot breeze sweeps over me, all over me. 'Oh God in Heaven save me I am nude.' I open my mouth to scream and realize my throat is much to sore to scream. Water, I need water, before I can even scream.

Heavy steps on the floor I can feel the floor move ever so slightly under my bare feet. I try to see who is moving around. How can I cover up, I can't be seen like this. Turning my head, 'Oh that makes my head hurt even worse.' I close my eyes while the pain and the subsequent dizziness dissipates.

I open my eyes again and can only see the silhouette of someone, someone big, a giant framed in the doorway against the brightness of the outdoors. "Help me! May I have some water, please," I rasp out barely audible.

"Ah my woman is awake, welcome to our home, your home". He says in his big booming voice. "Calm down, my filly, you will be just fine." My eyes are tearing, from the effects of the smoke and fear of the unknown and I can feel my tears running down my cheeks and dripping onto my chest.

"Who are you? Where am I?" I struggle to ask. Pleading. " Water?"

"That's right, beg, woman, you will be doing a lot of that from now on." He announces in his booming voice accompanied with a deep rolling belly laugh. He walks towards me and stands very close to me; I can feel the heat from his body on my naked body. He smells clean, of strong soap and definitely male cologne, spicy.

"Please get me a blanket or some clothes, please. I can't stay nude like this, help me, sir." I look up into his face for the first time. How would I describe him? He is clean shaven, very tanned with a big head that goes with the bigness of the rest of him, square is how I see him, that's it he has a big face that's square, a strong chin. He has very, very blue eyes and a full head of hair. No, he isn't the giant I at first took him to be but he is a large, a barrel-chested man with a deep resonant voice. Actually not bad to look at, if he was my type. He stands in front of me and tweaks my tits.

"Ouch you bastard." He turns and is gone.

He, that's all I can call him; I have no other name for him, he doesn't introduce himself. He comes close, with a blue enamelled dipper full of water. "Here Suzie, have a drink. Drink slowly. You have had quite a sleep there, woman. You okay, Suzie?" He kindly asks. His voice makes my head hurt more; it seems to echo in my head. His kindness and caring pushes me over the edge, the tears flow and I can only nod yes. I am alive anyway for now.

"Oh, I bet you have a headache, don't you, my poor thing. I did find some Tylenol in your luggage, so I guess you can safely take them, I can't let anything happen to you, pet." He quietly says as he runs his right index finger under my chin. He takes his finger, wet with my tears, and puts it in his mouth. "Um my first taste of my women, yum." 'His woman.' My aching head tries to rationalize what he means. "Here my sweet, take these and I will untie you and move you to our bed so you can sleep some more, you will feel better when wake up. I wanted you to wake up, tied here so you would know this is where you belong. We will talk then, Ok? You must promise not try to run or I will leave you here spread eagle. If you do try to escape you will remain tied for a very long time. Do you understand?"

He bends and unties my legs, re-chaining them together attaching cuffs to my ankles with about a 12" chain between them. They do not feel cold. Actually they feel nice, sort of soft. He opens the right wrist cuff and re-clamps it to something around my waist. I hadn't even released that there was something around my waist until now. It is a belt of some kind; it is wide, but how wide. He repeats the same on my left hand though this one he holds for a few seconds and rubs. "Just getting some circulation back into your hand. Now then I think a trip to the potty is in order, but first another drink of water, then potty, bed and sleep." He says to me speaking to me as if I was a child.

When I look around the cabin it is one big room, very large actually maybe 16 by 30, but just one big room with a separate bathroom. He carries me fireman style to his bathroom and gives me a slap o the ass as he sits me on the john. Surprisingly it is a very modern bathroom that has been attached, obviously as an add-on to his rustic cabin. He leans against the vanity for a moment, then turns and takes out a clean washcloth and towel. Filling the sink he lathers the washcloth with a strong male smelling soap. We watch each other in the mirror. I whisper, "I can't go with you standing here, please leave, sir, I will be all right." He just laughs.

"Suzie, there is not part of you I haven't already examined, so there is no reason to be ashamed. I approve of all your parts." I blush; I feel heat in my face that is something I have likely only done maybe a half dozen times in my life because of my olive skin. "Please just go do whatever you need. I have already cleaned you all up once, you know. I bathed you from head to toe, you were so dirty, sooty, sandy soil and blood." He laughs at my discomfort. I am mortified at the thought of him having washed me, touched me...who knows how and where I have been violated and maybe even raped by this man. I grimace in revulsion. He, that's how I think of him simply as 'He'.

He faces me with the soapy cloth and washes my tear-streaked face. "You still are breathing out smoke, see." He shows me the dark stain on the cloth, "You will for a few more hours or maybe even days, I am not really sure. But I looked it up on the Net, and you should be ok in time." 'Oh, that's reassuring.' He gently, very gently for such a massive man dries my faces and taking a comb, combs my hair, pulling me into his belly as he does the back. I pee and pee, I can't hold it another minute. It is hard to believe I could go with this strange man holding my head in this strange room, battling smoke inhalation.

He stands me up and puts one foot on the toilet and bends me over his raised knee. He takes the freshly rung out cloth and gently washes all traces of my pee away. He spends way too much time doing this; the rough cloth rubs over my clit. Then moves back opening my labia lips and washes them and my vulva carefully continuing to move back. He washes my anus around and around and then pulling my ass cheeks open he shoves the cloth into my asshole.

It hurts and I cry out flailing my arms at him, tying to get him to stop, to let me go. You BASTARD, STOP THIS INSTANT, STOP! I scream hysterically at him.

"I want you nice and clean." He dries me, down there, where not even my husband has done such a thing, yet he does it using little patting motions.

Heaving me over his shoulder again "Now then, off to bed for you. When you wake up we will talk, not now. You are still too woozy for it to mean anything. I thrash around as he re-ties me spread eagle with my ass up on 2 pillows. "Suzie, while you sleep I will be shaving your cunt. These pillows will allow me to shave you easier." Throwing a quilt over me he saunters out and shuts the door with the same bang that announced his arrival. Alone the tension I have been feeling lessens, I relax enough to drift into a fitful sleep, full of nightmares, I scream and cry, reliving the fire and crash. Being tied limits my movement.

"SSSHHHHHHHH, there little lady, SSSSHH, lay still or you will be cut in a really bad place." He chuckles lightly as I feel a wet something on my crotch. Placing a hand on my stomach he starts to shave me. I feel a shudder roll through me. He pulls my lips taunt as he shaves each side of my labia. I have never been shaved except to give birth to my two children. The thought of them makes me sob uncontrollably. He opens my ass cheeks and checks for hair there. I feel cool water run over me and a soft towel pats me dry. The towel is replaced with his large paw, between my legs. It is there possessively, not moving just here. His hand is huge, hard and calloused. All I can think of is his hot calloused hand. I have closed my eyes tight not wanting to see the demonic look that this mad man must have as he shaves my crotch.

"There Suzie all done, you can open your eyes, I know you are awake. We need to talk, open those big brown eyes. Well if you are not going to open them, I will still talk and I am only saying it once. Here goes. I saw you go off the road after hitting the deer and you ploughed right into an outcropping of rocks in a stand of pine. I was on my way back from town rushing to get through before the fire overtook me but I stopped and pulled you out. Your stuff was scattered all over the ditch from the impact, your purse and briefcase, anyway. I pulled you away moments before the car exploded into a fireball setting that stand of trees on fire too. Then an idea came to me. You know you are very pretty and I have been looking for someone to be my woman. I get very lonely up here sometimes. Why not? Your arrival into my life was like manna from heaven. The fires, the crash, all your stuff strewn all over, people will just think you are dead. Bet they think you were hurt but still mobile and that you ran away from the fire and got trapped by it and in this terrain, your body would never be found. After I went through your purse I threw it back into the car and watched it burn. Suzie the world thinks you are dead." A sob escapes me, I have been holding my breath during his monologue and now I sob uncontrollably.

"Please, please I have a family, a husband and 2 beautiful children and they need me. I must go back. Please sir, I beg you to call the police and tell them I am OK or just untie me and let me go. I won't tell them about you, honest. PLEASSSSSSE!" I plead been uncontrollable sobs.

"Nope you are mine now and I know that soon you will not think of anyone except me. You are my woman for as long as I wish." Tremendous shudders of revulsion roll down my body. I feel so ill, sick to my stomach

"No! No! No, never will I be yours. You must understand I am married. See, see, my wedding ring." I turn to look at my left hand and there are no wedding rings there to see. "No, where are they?" I whimper unable to hold back my despair.

"No Suzie you belong only to me." Since he started to talk his hand has never moved from between my legs and it has just kept up a slow tapping on my nude pussy, as if it is the most normal thing in the world for a total stranger to possess my body.

His left hand moves onto me also, claiming my left breast. His index finger circles my nipple and about every third time around he gives the nipple a tug. I thrash around in my restraints trying to dislodge his hands. "Go away, you bastard. Take your fucking hands off me." Now I am fighting mad. " You, motherfucker, take you HANDS OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shriek.

"You can shriek and fight all you want but you are mine now and you will do as I say, you have no choice. End of statement! You hear me bitch!" His powerful right hand comes off my crotch in a straight swing he hits me on the side of my head. Everything momentarily goes fuzzy, not black, but my headache instantly returns with a vengeance. I whimper, wishing I could just disappear. "Understand this, Suzie, you will do what I tell you when I tell you. You have no idea what awaits you if you ever refuse me. For swearing at me you will spend the rest of the night where my dog sleeps."

He undoes my restraints and pulls me by my left arm; gone are the niceties. I fall off his high bed and he drags me to the corner where there is an old green plaid wool blanket on the floor. An old, crippled dog lies there on it. The dog growls at me as he, throws me quite literally onto the blanket it with his dog.

"I can't stay here, please, I am allergic to dogs and he looks like he is full of fleas and likely worse, please don't make me stay here." I beg, in a whinny totally unnatural voice for me. He chuckles. Pushing me down, he bends and reattaches my hands to the belt around my waist and puts ankle cuffs on and attaches an extra chain that he pulls up and attaches to my belt at the back; holding me tight with my ankles pulled unnaturally up behind me.

"We will see how much fight you have left tomorrow morning." He turns and walks away.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD, DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!" I scream. "I WILL SCREAM ALL NIGHT UNTIL MY DYING BREATH, YOU PRICK IF YOU DON'T UNTIE ME THIS SECOND." He never says a word he just turns towards me and takes a dirty looking used handkerchief from his back pocket and stuffs it in my mouth.

"There try screaming through that, why don't you?" He turns and walks away shutting the lights out as he goes. "Be careful you don't vomit or you will asphyxiate and die, bitch."

The night is dark. I am naked and cold. My teeth usually chatter when I get cold and they would now except for the gag. The thought of his dirty snotty hanky in my mouth makes my stomach rolls and the bile swells up into my esophagus; I will it down afraid I will vomit. I attempt to stay as far away from the dog. The blanket smells of dirty old dog. But my tether only allows me to just get off it. Oh I hate dogs and I hate fleas even worse. AND I HATE BEING HERE. Every noise is amplified in my fear-racked head. I hear him rolling around in his bed; it creaks under his weight. Every time he moves my heart stops in terror of what is to come. 'Oh what is to become of me?'

I guess at some point I must have slept because the room is full of sunlight and he is fully dressed smelling of soap and his spicy aftershave even across the room. I try to watch him through half open eyes not moving my head; maybe he has forgotten me. "Oh, dear God, in heaven, please let him forget me. Please make him let me go in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen." I silently pray repeatedly. I try to keep my breathing slow and deep as if I am sleeping. He ignores me. I am not sure whether or not he is aware I am awake or even if he remembers I am there.

He goes outside leaving the door open. The sun is bright; the air is cool but not cold even on my bare skin. The smell of the pine-drenched air is so nice after smelling dirty dog for hours. It wipes out all the dog smells instantly. It is like a tonic awakening my senses. The sun is in my eyes and I automatically squint. I eagerly drink in the fresh air in great deep rejuvenating breaths. The dog limps to his feet and saunters outside. The fresh air and the absence of him give me the confidence to open my eyes wide. My head swivels around sizing things up now that my head is not aching as badly. It has settled into just a dull pain now. Maybe there is a way I can get out of here.

For the first time I get to clearly see the other side of the cabin. It is nearly all glass and appears to be set up as a lounge and a home office. I cannot help but wonder what he does because he has all kinds of computer equipment, lots and lots of it. Beyond the wall of glass is the most beautiful scene, all mountains and trees and I can see a trace of water nearby also. I can see why he has his desk facing it; I wouldn't get any work done if it was my desk. I guess I am lost in my reverie.

He is standing over me, he must have moved like a cat so silent. How has he moved that fast? "Well, well, you are awake. Suzie, I knew the instant you woke up, I just wasn't ready to deal with you, and so I left you here like a dog, an animal. You can stay there until you are ready to talk to me." He pokes me with the toe of his snicker as he turns walks away.

He should not have done that; his poke though not hard hit me right in the bladder and now I must use the toilet. I lay there willing, my body to quell my urge to pee. As always though Mother Nature will not be denied. If I do not get to the toilet soon, I will be no better than this a dog who has not been house trained. I have held off as long as I can, now there is real urgency for to me use the toilet. I can't lower myself to the level of the dogs. "Sir, may I use the bathroom, please?"

He was going about setting the table. Glasses, bowls and spoons, we must be having juice and cereal. Something is not right he has only one of each. No that can't be I am so hungry and I must pee. No. He cannot possibly refuse me something to eat. 'When did I last eat? What day is it? Louder I say with a dry throat "Sir, Sir please, I must go to the bathroom, please, don't make me go on the floor. I beg you not to humiliate me any further." Without a word, he turns and looks at me, giving me a long stare. We just look at each other. I am praying he will untie me and let me go to the bathroom. 'Oh Please, let him.' I have no idea what he is thinking but he finally walks over and reaching down from his height he undoes my chains. Then he goes back about preparing breakfast. I try to stand but my legs are cramped so badly that I cannot stand when I try. "Oh help, please help me."

"If you have a problem, Suzie it is of your own making, so I suggest crawl, bitch, crawl." I crawl, the tears again flowing. But I must reach the bathroom immediately.

'Oh thank Gawd.' I close the door. I fumble for the lock. There is no lock. No lock! Even my privacy is subject. I am alone. Maybe I can think, but I must pee first. I stumble to the toilet as my pee starts flowing even before I am seated. I have no more than stopped than he opens the door and walks it. He walks in quickly for a man of his size. He reaches for a clean washcloth and towel while filling the sink with warm water. He again puts me over his knee and washes my whole crotch, my pussy and my ass hole. This time it is his soapy finger he inserts into my ass hole. I close my eyes, 'How can anyone want to so degrade another human being?' I breathe deep trying to fight the pain. He never says a word. He leaves me standing there. This time I keep my mouth shut because I must eat.

"Come eat!"

'Oh thank you.' I say under my breath, my prayers are answered. He just wanted to scare me, that's all. I walk out still embarrassed at being nude in front of a strange man, I avert my eyes, like a child that believes that if they cannot see someone, and then the other person cannot see them. I use my hands to attempt to cover my private of parts. I know it's just a mind game but it helps me survive what is happening. I walk straight for the table on my still wooden legs. He is sitting there eating a huge bowl of oatmeal. I am just about there when it dawns on me that there is no place set for me. I look at him and gasp.

"That's right, woman, until you submit to me willingly, you will eat on the floor. It is right here beside me. Come here now." He indicates where the bowl is beside him. I stand there, wishing I could be defiant, but I am so weak from the lack of food, I must eat.

I know my blood sugar must be way down and that will be adding to my fuzzy feeling. I walk over and hold out my hands. "Please Sir?"

Shaking his head he says no. "No, find your own way to eat. After you eat, you will do the dishes and clean up, understand." I nod and kind of tumble; down to the bare floor. I take the bowl as best I can in my hands and bring it to my mouth and gobble it up quickly. I do not think it hit bottom until the last bite. I have got oatmeal all over my face. I try my best to wipe it off, wishing I had a napkin like I would at home.

Dishes. Oh, I hate doing my own dishes but to do his is low. "All done." The kitchen is spotless, unlike mine at home that somehow always seems to have too much stuff on it or in it to look spotless. This little kitchen is spartan but efficient, open concept with only a utility island to break it from the central room. It is obvious he is fastidious; everything is spotless, but short on the amenities that make a house a home. It is definitely a man's nest, unlike my men; it is a neat man's nest. He has been sitting at the table watching me all this time do his dishes and clean his kitchen; just watching. He comes behind me saying,

"Now it is time to clean you, my pet." He propels me towards the bathroom. He sits me on the toilet and turns on the taps filling the tub; he adds a strong lemon-scented bubbling bath oil. The steamy air is heavy with the scent. He bends opening the cabinet and brings out a vinegar douche; I recognize the box. He puts it on the cabinet. "Use it or I will." He adjusts the water temperature. Walking two paces to the other end of the cabinet, he sits on the vanity and watches. 'No fucking way, I can do that with him watching!' I sit and look at him then the douche box. I shake my head involuntarily no. He slides off the cabinet and in a flash I reach for the box.

"Please turn away, please."

"No!" I cannot believe that that I am inserting a douche tube in my vagina with a man whom I do not even know his name, sitting watching me. My face is so hot from embarrassment; I keep my eyes averted. I squeeze the cool liquid into me and feel it flow out. 'Please let this ordeal be over soon.'

"Good, Suzie, well done. Tub time. Come here let me take off the cuffs and the belt." He says taking out the key. As he removes them I shiver. He laughs and picks me up as if I weigh nothing, depositing me in the tub full of warm lemon scented bubbles. 'Oh so nice.' I lay back relishing in the feel. I hear him doing something. I hope he is leaving. No he is sitting beside me. "Here we go Suzie, I will shampoo your hair." I look at him with raised eyebrows. He doesn't say anything he just goes about it and he does a good job. "Ok dear, now I will shave your underarms and legs. I will bathe you daily and after today you will bathe me. We will not bathe together, but we will clean each other. Lift your arm." He shaves me carefully. Though I am terrified of him and I am full of despair, he is gentle and his touch is not unpleasant. He then washes me from head to toe. He touches me everywhere under the pretence of washing me, but he enters every hole, hard and deep. Using first the washcloth then his hand he rubs my clit until it is very near raw and she unhoods herself. He cleans and cuts my fingernails and toe nails. I have never had someone do everything for me, in this manner. He lifts me out and takes a big blue fluffy towel and dries me.

He carries me to the posts and fastens me hands and feet to the posts, which really stretches me. It feels like my shoulders are pulling out of their sockets. Below I feel cold air way up in me. He has pulled me very wide open by shortening the chains. I can formulate the questions but I am afraid of spending the rest of my life on the floor as a dog or worse so I keep silent. I turn my head away and close my eyes, willing myself to another place, a place where he can't get me. He comes forward with a makeup case. "I am going to put your makeup on now Suzie. You will always where your makeup like this for me all day every day, even, no especially in our bed, understand girl?" I can't bring myself to nod so I just blink. He takes his time, applying my makeup, much more time than I ever have taken. Not necessarily a lot of makeup, just very artfully done. He includes a lot of mascara and lots of red, red lipstick. He picks up a mirror and shows me my face. "Like this, always." He turns around and digs through the case and returns with the brightest red nail polish. "Hold still, you smudge this and I will be very upset and will hurt you. So stand still and don't close your hands." He applies a liberal coat of the lacquer to my fingernails and then sitting on the floor to my toenails after twisting a length of cotton batten through my toes. He finishes, put everything away and he leaves.

He walks to a door and enters another room, I hadn't even seen the door; it is one of those hidden ones, done like the walls. He returns momentarily in a well-cut sport jacket and dress slacks, a khaki colored ensemble with a cream-colored oxford cloth shirt. He walks by me in an exaggerated manner, saying nothing; not even looking at me. He leaves the house, taking his dog with him.

I listen to see if I can hear a vehicle start, I do. 'What if there is another fire, I am trapped.' No I can get away now, if I try hard enough. I pull and pull trying to get my hands out of my velvet-lined cuffs. 'Don't smudge the polish.' I keep reciting like a mantra. My arms ache from the strain and still I am captive.

I hear voices outside and freeze. I strain to hear the conversation as it drifts in. I hear my name mentioned. 'No he won't bring anyone into this place with me chained here like this, surely not. He would go to jail; he is not so demented. I hear at least 2 maybe three voices plus his deep voice. The door opens and he lets three people enter before him. I could die of the embarrassment of being seen like this.

Addressing the older man, he says, "Well how do we do this? I guess you take over from here, do you?" they are all approaching me. He and the third man are picking up the table and bringing it with them. They set about three feet away in front of me. My face is hot and my eyes are trying to take in everything. The three strangers all head for the kitchen sink where they scrub their hands very well, almost surgical-like.

He stands beside me and runs his hands over and through my hair murmuring, "Suzie, you will be OK. Just do as he tells you. Be still, girl." I turn towards him and with my eyes I plead for him not to let them hurt me,

"It is not too late to let me go, I won't tell anyone, honest. Please don't let them hurt me, please." I whisper to him. He just smiles and keeps petting me.

The two younger men return and start laying out all manner of stuff on the table. The older man returns and asks Geoff, "You sure you don't want me to give her something first." He just shakes his head, no. "Ok, she is your woman." He says with a shrug. "Ok, Geoff, it is time she is told what really gives her so get on with it, my boy." 'Geoff. That is his name, Geoff.'

"All right Suzie, remember what I have already told you now listen because I only ever say anything once. My name is Geoff. Master Geoff to you. It is this way; I have taken over ownership of you. You are mine, sort of like a marriage, but there is no need for love in this matter, at least not at first, maybe later" He says with a shrug. "You will be whomever I want you to be. In my eyes you are still a virgin until I take you and that will be soon, my love. Yes I love you, in my special way. You will learn how to anticipate my needs or you will be badly hurt. The first things you are going to learn is that I can and will cause you pain. Lots of pain! I hope you will learn to get off with it or your life is about to become a living hell, it is your choice.

I spit the words out emphasizing every one of them. "Like hell you haven't touched me. What the fuck would you call this, you bastard? You cocksuckers, leave me alone, all of you. I will see you in hell before I submit!" My eyes' almost shoot out sparks.

Copyrighted 3/2000 Suzie Samuels

"I am taking you as my slut wife. You will be mine to use, to abuse as I wish, when I wish and if you displease me I can and will sell you or maybe just give you away. It is only my decision, but if you learn your role well and behave you may make me value you sufficiently to keep you." Geoff is so calm as he delineates my future. I am speechless, in shock.

"This gentleman and his assistants are here to ensure that you will always know who you belong to me. If you just go with the flow, you will survive." My eyes are huge, my throat is dry, and I cannot believe what I am hearing. Geoff, steps out of my sight and he puts his large warm hand on my left shoulder and I must admit it is reassuring. "Steady Suzie." The older man turns towards me with a wide leather belt in his hand. No, is not a belt, it is too small. 'It looks like the collar we had for our St. Bernard.' I look perplexed at him and at the other men; I twist trying to see Geoff to see if he will explain what it is for to me. I cannot see him, but he squeezes my shoulder as if to say 'It is Ok.' I hate myself for turning towards him. I hate him. I hate Geoff. Maybe I would feel just a little more comfortable if there were at least one woman here, as it is I feel so alone, so vulnerable.

"My name is Buddy and this here is Jimmy and Ronnie." The older man points to each one. We will be with you and Geoff for a day or two, so relax.

Here Geoff she is your woman you should have the honor of putting your collar on her. Suzie, with this collar Geoff is claiming you as his woman, his slut wife." Geoff doesn't say anything to me; he just puts the collar around my neck; adjusting it and fastening it. It fits snug but not tight enough to cut off or impede with my airflow. Buddy gives Geoff a small padlock and he inserts it into the hasp and locks it. SNAP!!! The finality of that snap sends a visible shudder of revulsion through me. It is the loudest sound I have ever heard. The thought of this permanently around my neck makes me panic and I scream.

"Shhhh, Suzie, I don't want you gagged during this ceremony but I will if you don't calm down right now. You will see it will be OK. SShhhh." He says giving my shoulder a squeeze. " This was the easy part, I need you to be very strong now."

Buddy steps back and Jimmy and Ronnie step towards me. Just the look in their eyes makes me strain as far back as I can, I am deathly afraid for my safety. Geoff steadies me. Jimmy on my left takes hold of my left breast. "Get your fucking hands of me, you prick!" I screech. I never have sworn as much as I have in the last twenty-four hours, I can hardly believe I knew the words. With that my right nipple is grabbed cruelly also by Ronnie. They pull and twist sending an electric-like shock right to my clit. The pain radiates from my poor nipples all the way down to that deep spot in my crotch. My nipples have always been very sensitive and certainly connect to my erotic zones. The pain is too much and my knees give out, but I can't go anywhere; it just puts more strain on my poor shoulders. I forget the collar only able to concentrate on my nipples and the throbbing ache in my crotch.

"PLEASE, please." I scream it only end in a whisper. I look down and realize how swollen my nipples are. My attackers face other, each taking hold of my nipple in there opposite hands while the other hand holds my breast from beneath they rub a cream on nipples. It immediately starts to feel cold. 'What is this stuff, why are they doing it to me? They hold my breast from beneath, just standing waiting and holding me.

Stepping forward Buddy has a cruel-looking thing in his hand he looks at Geoff again, "You sure that you don't want her to have more of a sedative first? This is going to hurt her like hell." My head swivels between them.

"She must understand right now that she is mine and I can do anything or have anything done to her at any time. I can't think of a better way of defining what I mean early. Can you, Buddy?"

"Do it." Buddy moves closer to me with that thing. Bingo, I know what it reminds me of the thing that department stores use to pierce ears. 'Hell, no.' I am frantic when the realization hits me as to what his hideous plan is. 'No, no one would do that to anyone least of all me. Get a grip, lady, you are loosing it.'

"Pull her nipples out as far as you can now; pull them further. He puts a gold ring, which looks like real gold into the piercing gun. I frantically fight him as best I can. He attempts to put it over my left nipple and. I pull back as far as possible and ram into him with my head, pulling to the left then the right. I fight a she-devil gone berserk. "Hold her Geoff." He steps behind me and braces me against him and holding the posts so I am held stationary. I butt my head against his and he just calmly says " SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHH, woman, it will be done. Why don't you just close your eyes?"

His calm voice has the necessary effect on me and I finally stop my fighting, submitting for how can I win against four large men. Submit is all I do, I do not like it, and "I will find a way out of here one day, so help me God, I will." Buddy efficiently centres the piercing gun and presses the trigger. "NOOOOOOOOO, nnnooo, please no." I scream in pain and terror, as I have never done that before, ending in a whimper. Tears run copiously down my face, and I bite my lower lip until it bleeds. But even my pain does not stop Buddy; he quickly moves to the right nipple and repeats the process efficiently. All I can manage this time is a whimper and my head sags to my chin, whimpering pathetically.

Jimmy now approaches with a small jewellers soldering gun with a small coil of gold of wire. I watch but my pain is too great at this moment to understand what is about to happen. Buddy turns the gold ring in my left nipple so it is closest to Jimmy and inserts behind the ring a asbestos jig that fits around the ring to protect my skin from the open flame. With obvious, practiced ease, Jimmy touches the coiled gold to my ring applying heat and permanently fastens the nipple rings to my breasts. I watch in horror only able to whimper. Buddy applies an antiseptic cream to wounds. I look in disbelief at my permanent disfigurement.

Geoff massages my arms and shoulders murmuring, "I am very pleased with you, Suzie, you did well. Rest for a few minutes before we go ahead with rest of the ceremony. I look at him in confusion. The pain has overtaken all conscious thought and I close my eyes just relieved that my tormentors have moved away from me. I can feel wetness running down my legs, I have peed myself, humiliating myself even more, I guess from the excruciating pain. It doesn't see like hardly enough for pee and I need to go to the bathroom still. Geoff returns with the dipper full of cool water.

I smile weakly pleased with the gesture I whisper, "Thank you, sir. Geoff, why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I can and I want you as my woman. Are you ready for the next phase?" The three men who have done this to me are back. Jimmy and Ronnie put the wide belt back around my waist and pass each end to Geoff. He pulls it up tight. Ronnie takes a narrow something out of a dish of water; it has a ring on one end and an adjustable end on the other. Ronnie and Jimmy fasten it onto the belt at the back. I can feel the wetness running down my ass cheeks and Jimmy reaches between my legs and passes the adjustable end to Buddy. He takes the end and pulls it up to the D ring at the front of my belt. It reminds me of wearing a pad. I don't panic for that reason until Buddy starts to pull it tight and keeps pulling it tighter and tighter. I groan loudly and bite my lip. Buddy looks into my eyes and tells me that the stripe is wet leather. "Do you realize what will happen when it starts to dry? Leather shrinks as it dries, it will make it tighter and tighter. It will cut into your clit; the pressure will let us see just how hard you can be made to cum. I suggest you try to get some rest because soon there will be no sleep for you. We will be getting some ourselves, so we are ready for the next phase."

"The next phase, please what are you going to do to me?" Buddy just smiles and turns to Geoff. "Geoff you are to have a sleep too, so you are able to handle the next step. I know you are excited but you must sleep now. She will be a couple of hours; you will know when she is ready. She'll let us know, big time."

Geoff runs his hands over the back of my head and whispers "Soon Suzie, soon." He touches both of my nipple rings before he leaves, tugging on them till I groan loudly. He goes to his bed, which sits on a raised platform and lies down. The cabin's lights are turned off and my three tormentors leave the house. In the quiet, I look at my damaged nipples all swollen and with every heart they hurt more. Soon I drift off to sleep, into a restive sleep.

I have no idea how long I slept but I am awakened with a terrible pressure, you know where. I blink hoping the pressure is just a passing thing. No it is still there. It is getting worse and worse, I can't keep still and I fight to keep quiet. I don't want them, the men, to know how badly it hurts. No, not hurts in the normal way, the pressure is making my clit swell and that is making me wet. I close my eyes in pain and will myself not to feel the pleasure that causes the pain. It is not something that I am accustomed too, pain causing pleasure. AGGGGHHH. I moan softly. I moan louder as the leather tightens under my crotch. The moans, unbidden, are getting louder and turning more into groans of pain. I cannot stop the tightening of my vagina walls as if a cock is in me. I cum. My orgasm is huge, all by myself. My eyes open and close involuntarily the room has gotten very hot, very hot. I can feel the perspiration breaking out on me, all over me. The door opens, but I am lost in the moment and continue my climax.

"Geoff, it is time to get yourself ready there. Your woman is hot and she knows how to come. Why gentlemen look at her juices running down her legs." Suddenly all four of them are around, circling watching me and still I climax. Lost totally in my body's needs and myself. "Well, Geoff let's undo her and get on with it."

Geoff is now nude but he has the key in is hand. He steps up to me and kisses me full on the mouth. I am so hot that even though I loathe him, my mouth opens to accept his deep kiss. I groan and moan in a need that only he can satisfy. Suddenly my eyes fly open realizing what I am doing, I try to turn away. 'Um he did feel good, tasted nice, too.' He reaches up and unlocks my left wrist rubbing circulation back into my cold hands. The pain of the returning circulation is so intense, hurts so much. He repeats on it my other wrist.

"Please undo that strap, please, Geoff. It hurts, please." I whine. He kneels and unlocks my right leg and then my left. He does not attach the walking chain. I guess he figures I am not stupid enough to run with all of them here. Where could I go? Geoff leaves the leather strap between my legs. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed. Every step brings another wave of orgasm that makes me stop dead in my tracks, as I experience my climax. It makes for a slow walk to the bed. Surprisingly the other men walk behind Geoff and I stopping and watching my orgasms. I can't believe the number of times I'm coming, more than I have ever had. 'Shit I love this, but not like this.'

Geoff turns to me and lifts me as if I weigh nothing and places me in the center of his bed, not as gently like a lover and not nastily like an abuser or kidnapper. Immediately the other three men are taking my arms and legs and reattaching me extremely spread eagle to Geoff's cannonball bed. Geoff brings a basin full of hot soapy water, he has yet another pale blue fluffy towel over his arm. He sits on the bed and wrings out the washcloth and washes my tear-streaked face and dries it gently. He repositions himself lower. "No, please, people are watching."

"Yes and they will be here for a while longer, Suzie. It is all a part of the ownership ceremony. Just relax." He undoes my cunt strap and the rush of pain is so fast and hurts like crazy as the blood floods back. He says as he proceeds to wash my pussy and ass taking his time, feeling my very swollen clit. I groan under his touch and close my eyes. He passes the basin and towel to Ronnie. He stands and accepts a short whip from Jimmy. Geoff starts whipping my breasts oh the pain; it is so intense.

'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggh.' He is careful not to touch my sore swollen pierced nipples, but just the shockwaves cause me unbearable pain. Then the thinkable happens, he, Geoff, strikes both of my nipples in the same swing, I scream louder than I thought possible. They stand waiting and watching me; all eyes on my vagina. As the pain recedes the most glorious deep ache occurs in my vagina. I cannot help myself, my hips rise up in ecstasy, and my eyes close in what may look like pain but truly is wonder as wave after wave of climax rolls over me. I can hear them talking quietly but excitedly.

I feel weight on the bed near my head as Geoff straddles my head while I still am enjoying my orgasm. Jimmy pries my mouth open and Ronnie reaches in and but blocks in my jaws so I cannot take bite down. My eyes are open watching and I am twisting to avoid Geoff's cock that Buddy is guiding into my mouth. "Fuck her Geoff she is a whore, your whore, your slut, use her." Buddy intones. Ronnie and Jimmy immobilize my head for Geoff. No niceties here Geoff drives straight into my throat. I gag and gag, my stomach rolls. They tip my head way back to make it an easier entry for Geoff's penis. "That helps." Geoff groans. Geoff's asshole is over my nose as he plunges in deeper and harder each time. I taste his salty precum. As suddenly as it started it is over, he pulls out and leaves me. His salvia wet cock; still rock hard slides slimily over my face as he rises off me.

I open my eyes; my mouth still blocked open. I can hear a conference off to my right, the whip in Ronnie's hand whistles again over my tortured tits. I fight not to cum again as the warm glow spreads over me. They softly laugh among themselves. With Jimmy's help Ronnie removes my jaw blocks as Geoff climbs over my right leg. I tremble. He waits.

Buddy leans in and taking a white cloth that smells sweet he touches me there, rubbing the clothe all through between my legs. I quiver. "Geoff, by taking this woman's virginity and bringing her into our culture you accept responsibility for her welfare. She is yours to own, to use, abuse, sell or trade as you wish."

"Suzie, when Geoff enters your virgin cunt you will belong totally to him as long as he wishes to have you as his woman. No do not say anything. We do not care about who or what you were before this time. This is henceforth we are talking about. Geoff is your master, your absolute owner." I open my mouth to object and a gag is placed in mouth. As Buddy tells me my fate, Geoff lifts my ass and drives into me with his huge cock in one fluid movement. 'Aaaahh, I am so wet and eager that I just open up for him. No do not do that, no, he mustn't feel so good, he is not my husband, cannot be my husband. Suzie, think of something else, don't let him make you cum. Do not let him know how much you like this, how wonderful he feels so deep in you nor how much you want him to stay in you.' I fervently talk to myself. My body starts to exert its will of animalistic need over my mind and it is winning.

"Geoff, make her cum and she is yours." Buddy says patting Geoff on the right shoulder. "Go for it, boy." Geoff's urgency is mounting; a sheen of sweat covers him as he pulls out and only to dive in harder. His heavy balls hit my ass in time with his pumping; he is groaning as if in agony, but I have been around enough to know it means he is nearly there. He controls himself enough pull out until just the head is in my vagina, and then he drives in harder than I can stand and I moan, as I can no longer ignore my body's cry to join him in climax. My hips match his rhythm, finally giving in to my needs. 'Oh gawd, this room has gotten so hot, so hot.' I moan. I have totally forgotten the audience and only live for the release that Geoff and I will share. He touches my right nipple ring and pulls. I come up off the bed in pain. Pain! 'OH, OH I Am cumming. How can pain give me such joy?' I rock into you, to the extent that my bonds will allow me. My moans are now loud and I trash beneath you I don't know how to handle such strength of feelings, such sensations. I scream, not in terror but a begging scream for you to "Take me. Make me yours." I am beyond thinking what I am doing I can only feel and I love the feelings. Geoff responds in kind and explodes in me while I am still rocketing up in my own climax. At this moment we are one. Just us. 'How did I let this happen?'

"Well done, Geoff." Buddy tells him as Geoff continues to enjoy having his cock milked by my convulsing vagina. All he can do is nod as he orgasm.

With a final grunt Geoff collapses on me and says, "She is everything I wanted her to be and more. Shit you are tight Suzie and you belong to me." He reached between us and pulls on my left nipple ring very hard. He laughs as I moan in another orgasm. He rolls off and heads for the bathroom. The other men busy themselves over at the posts.

I lay there enjoying the aftershock orgasms. It appears that for the moment I am forgotten, thank heaven; the 'other three' as I have labelled them, are busy at the table that is still near the posts and I can hear the water running from Geoff's shower. I lay thinking about my husband, wishing I could tell him that I love him and wondering if he and the kids are mourning me. Tears silently slip out of my eyes and run into my hair, as I cry for my lost family. Will I ever see them again? As if to pull me back to the present, my nipples ache, one of those aches that cannot be ignored; I wish I could touch them and nurse them back to health.

I must have drifted off because the next thing I know Geoff opens the bathroom door. He walks into the main room surrounded in a cloud of steam; it is so surreal I wonder how much of my nightmare is real. My breasts ache and I go to touch them and can't move. As if reading my mind he says "It is all true, Suzie." He is dressed in a stripped multi-coloured blue robe and is towel drying his hair. Throwing the towel over his shoulder he leans over me and kisses me hard and deep. It was so sudden I forgot to not respond and the feel of his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth is just too sensual and I respond by trading tongues and exploring his mouth. I moan into his mouth.

He pulls away and laughingly tells the others "She is a great kisser when she is hot." His hand goes straight into my vagina, as if he owns it. "Suzie, I think you are even wetter, my gawd, girl, you make me hot. Hey guys, take a walk for a few minutes, I am going to do her again before you maim her and she is off limits for a couple days." My eyes are huge and look at him pleadingly and mouth the word "maim". Buddy, Jimmy and Ronnie quit what they were doing and leave, the old dog gets up and follows them. We are alone.

"Sorry Suzie, that was a horrible thing to say, I apologize for using that word, the wrong word to use. They will not maim you, not as you think of that word. Trust me, I won't let them do anything really cruel to my woman and you are my woman." With that he jumps like a kid onto the bed landing beside me, smelling all clean of soap and mouthwash. I must smell pretty grungy to him, but if I do he does not give any hint. He lies across my stomach and his hands play with my nipple rings, flicking them up and down and turning them around and around. "Mustn't let these scab over or get infected, you will learn to treasure these too Suzie." He leans over them and kisses me so deep again, the agony that I feel in his weight on my damaged nipples is overshadowed by the sensation his mouth on mine causes me. Together the impact on my clit and my pussy are profound and I can feel our juices running out of me, down the crack of my ass onto the bed. I eagerly kiss back enjoying the moment. Living just for this moment. For a moment the shadow of my former life flashes through my mind; I push it down there will be time for my grief later. He kisses each nipple, "My, my, they like my touch look how hard they are getting hard and you are you all wet down there, woman. He takes his right hand and drives it into my pussy hard, as if he is trying to force his fingers, all of them, right into me. I groan and rise up off the bed. "You are all wet." That is, I rise up as far as my restraints allow.

"It is cum you left in me that is running out, it is not my juices." I smugly tell him, knowing that that my juices must be flowing, since I feel so flushed, the room is so hot and his every touch sending electric shocks through my body regardless of where he touches me. He bends over and with both hands he opens my labia and lowering himself further he sucks my clit until she unhoods herself. 'Oh too nice, too nice.' My hands beat the bed creating my own tattoo. My clit sings and I push up onto my attacker, my owner. Getting between my legs again he opens my lips and looks into my most private of parts, he looks up and smiles. "Mine, Suzie, mine." He grabs a couple of pillows and shoves them under my butt, forcing my neck to accept the pressure of the weight of my body. Smiling, he moves his engorged cock into my vulnerable pussy that just awaits his attention, unable to move, to do anything except, and accept his attention and invasion. Wanting his attention, gawd yes I want his attention. The feel of a man's hard cock opening me is like no other, beyond explanation, but every woman knows it and few are articulate enough to aptly describe the sensation yet we all yearn for it. Alone with the man who has claimed me, momentarily I am afraid of him at one level but at this more base level, he excites me. I watch the man who is taking me, and I can appreciate that I should be honored with his attention. He is a good-looking man, large, solid, and with well-defined muscles and he has a huge cock.

'Gawd he knows how to get me excited, never wanted anyone so much.' He is so large throbbing, growing so fast, I am experienced enough to know that he won't last long this time but it will be noteworthy because I want him also. Grunting he drives into me hard and harder and then collapses on my spread eagle form. It has only taken a matter of minutes for him to explode into me, shooting his seed deep into my vagina. But then it did not take me any time reach my zenith either. 'What is there about him that makes me want him like that? Maybe it is the water or they put something in the water.' Talk about heavy; but in this moment of climax, I can handle his weight easily, I can only nestle into his neck, lost in the age-old sensation of sexual orgasm. Just enjoying the joint sensations that two people share when they have just known each other carnally. Finally cooling down enough, he gives me a chaste kiss and rolls off me, smiling.

Patting my nipples, causing me to groan in pain, he walks to the bathroom again. Again I hear running water and he is humming a nameless tune as he does whatever he is doing. Steam wafts out the open door, I lay there watching the steam as it floats across the ceiling. He, Geoff, leaves the water running and walks over to me; again he gives me a quick kiss and a tug on each nipple ring. I moan in agony, 'aghhhhhhh.' "Come on, woman, time for a clean up job." He leans over and undoes the belt around my waist and then the cuffs wrists and ankles. 'I am free.' He lifts me off the bed placing me on my feet on the braided multi-coloured mat. He takes me by the hand and he leads me to the steamy bathroom smelling of lavender this time.

"Sit on the toilet. Have a piss and shit. If you can't shit, I will make you, so I suggest you do it, the alternative is not pleasant. So do it."

I do need to have a piss, but not bad because I have not been drinking enough, 'must drink more.' " May I have a glass of water, I am very thirsty and a couple of Tylenol because my nipples are very sore, please?" He just sits there watching me, sitting on the vanity counter, with a silly smile on his face. He ignores me. "Geoff, please, did you hear me, I am thirsty and I need some pain killers?" Nothing. "GEOFF, damn you."

"Sure, Suzie as soon as you shit, now." He barks at me.

"Listen, you prick, I can't go with you sitting here watching. Get out! " He laughs getting up, he kneels and rummages in the cabinet. "What are you doing?"

"I know I have an enema here somewhere, it may be old but I remember I had bought one, once when they were on sale. You know, you never know when it will be just the think you need and nothing else will do. Obviously now is when I need it, well not for me. I need it for you, Suzie." My eyes, must just about fall out. I remember having those when I was in labour and I am not having another.

"Please Geoff give me another few minutes, Please Geoff." I push in the universal sign of a person having a bowel movement when they are either constipated or trying to go before they are ready, I grunt loudly grunt. 'Ah it is moving, I can do this." Grunt. "AAAAH! Thank Gawd. "Put that away, you jerk. I did it." I jab my middle finger in the air at him. "Satisfied! Why the hell do I have to go on your command? Gee, this whole set up is unbelievable."

Finally he lazily moves and gets me my pills and glass of water. "Thanks."

"You will understand, soon enough, my sweet. Stand up!" In a flash I grab some toilet paper and wipe myself. 'There.' "Come here, bend over my knee, and DO as I say, you slut." You say as you step in and put your foot on the toilet, blocking my way. I am left little choice as your strong right arm pushes me forward to be joined by your left hand on the back of my head in the push. "UGH!" SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. "I told you what to do and you didn't obey. YOU WILL OBEY ME! OBEY ME!" Your voice has taken on a hard angry tone and each word is accompanied by a strong slap on my ass. My cheeks are on fire; I am screaming unintelligible sounds. 'How did I get myself in this mess? Why was he so nice to me just a few minutes ago and now he is spanking me like a child.' But no child has ever felt what I am at this moment. With my temper flaring at the treatment and my cheeks on fire. I know that they must be scarlet, my clit is aching and my juices start to flow giving me that wonderful sensual feel. 'I must be a sick puppy to like this but I do I like it. Oh, shit I am horny.'

As suddenly as he started he stops, and stands me upright and in the same fluid motion he scoops me up and places me in the steamy tub and gently pushes me down into the almost too hot warm. 'Ooooooooooooh, that makes my cheeks even more on fire.' The tension just flows out of me as the heat penetrates me. 'Oh that makes me feel so good, a chance to clean him off me.' He proceeds to wash me, being very careful around my wounded nipples. "I'll put more salve on these when I am finished bathing you, Suzie.

I spanked you so you would understand that when I say do, I mean do. That is just how it will be. Later when you learn your place you will have more freedoms maybe, if I can trust you not to escape. I am not an ogre, I love you, Suzie, but there are going to be elements to our relationship that most people will not understand. Suzie please trust me, please understand that I want you to be happy here and while you hate me right now, it is my hope you will learn to love me and love the special love that I will share with you. It is obvious that you have no idea of the kind of love we will share and it will take some getting used to. But Suzie, you must or your life will be one of pain and suffering, not one of joy and of totally giving yourself to me. You have nothing to fear from me, honest. Come on dry your tears." I hadn't even realized I was crying.

He washes my pussy and soon the cloth is gone and his fingers are probing into me, exploring my openings pushing a finger, two fingers now three fingers up in my cunt. His thick fingers open my pussy up deep under the water, his thumb pushing on my button. I groan, and adjust my position making myself more open to him. He takes advantage of my adjustment and taking his fingers out of my cunt and he pushes not one finger but two of his big fingers into my asshole. "OOOOOOWWW."

"You like that don't you." He wiggles them around in my hole and with a sigh he pulls out. My hole, feels like it is broke, will I ever close? 'Another new experience.' "Stand up here, I need to douche you so you are very clean, we cannot have cum running out all over Buddy's hands."

I shudder in revulsion, though the moment before his deep calm voice nearly had me fooled. I start to struggle and splash water at him as I stamp my feet. "NOO! NOO, DAMN YOU TO HELL! You cannot do that nor anything else to me, let me go, take your hands off me, you asshole." I end up sobbing. He just holds me tight until my sobbing abates.

"Now I will douche you, just as I said before. The next time I spank you it will be with a whip and out there in front of the fellas. You can let me do it here in the privacy of our bathroom or out there tied up in front of the boys. But you will be douched before we proceed with the phase, understand?' He picks up the bottle and insertion tube. "NNNNoooooooo, Geoff, no." I protest weakly.

"Open your legs now and bend over, all the way. That's my girl. Let me watch this tube go up into your pussy. Hell, that is a sight. Shit Suzie, just looking at you is making my hot again." He starts squeezing the cool liquid into me, depositing it deep in my vagina, up towards my cervix. It doesn't feel cold just cool, it goes in cool and flows out mixed with our hot cum in a warm wash that seeps over my clit. As the bottle empties and air is inserted up into me, it makes vulgar noises, embarrassing me, as if I can be more degraded. He laughs when my body makes those degrading noises. He laughs at me. He rinses me off and hefts me out, standing me on the floor; he takes a big navy blue bath sheet and dries me off, very gently.

Finishing, he takes and folds the towel and neatly hangs it over the towel bar and turning he takes me by the hand. He picks up a small tin of antiseptic cream and taking a bit on his forefinger he rubs it on my poor nipples. They are so sore still. "How be you clean your teeth, I'll wait here by the door for you. Suzie, you have a great body and it is mine. All mine." I listen you him talking to me softly as I clean my teeth and rinse with Listerine. I think he is talking just to keep me calm.

"Suzie, it is time." He says as he takes my hand and opens the door. We step out.


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