The Best Erotic Stories.

by AXLaws

My wife, kids and I were vacationing in Branson Missouri last year. Upon our return to Texas is where our story starts!

As the kids slept quietly in the back of the Suburban, my wife and I were engaging in some conversation concerning sex on the road. Thank God the kids were asleep.

As the topic of sex continued to grow, I could tell my wife was becoming quite excited, first her shoes came off then she started to massage her upper thigh, I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse happily finding out that she was not wearing a bra, opening her blouse brought into view two perfect breasts, I began to tweak her nipples, upon touch they hardened immediately. She then removed her soak filled panties, as they hit the floor, she turned laying her back against my side gently placing one foot one the dash, the other resting nicely near the headrest, exposing her beautiful exquisite pussy to anyone who had the luck to pass on the right side of our vehicle.

Traveling at 65 mph in the left lane gave plenty of eye-gawking truckers the sight of my hand being guided down her soft belly to the area that was releasing the most beautiful aroma I've ever known, her honey spot. I pulled gently on the lips opening her love canal, flicking her little clit brought moans of pleasure, her wetness begging for more, I inserted one finger, just then a trucker hit his air horn, my wife raised quickly to see who was looking, a man who gave a thumbs up and a long look of desire. She laid back again, now with a wry smile pursed on her lips, I continued to work her until she was overcome with orgasm, her honey flowed out of her onto her thighs and dress.

My wife never one to out done, sat up, turned around and gave me a fantastic kiss, the beginning of what was about to come. She started out at my neck, down to my nipples engorging them so much I thought they were about to bust. She continued on down to stomach, inserting her tongue in my belly button. When she came to my shorts there in lied a problem, getting to my throbbing member, without wrecking the truck. She wanted access to my cum filled balls, so at now about 75 mph ( I was getting excited), she proceeded to remove my shorts and underwear, while all of this was going on I passed a Highway Trooper, luckily he stayed where he was. With a flick of her wrists I was totally naked cruising down the highway. I then realized it was time to put the cruise on the truck.

She began licking and softly rolled my balls in her dainty little hand, To tease me she ran her tongue up the side of my manhood, back down to my balls, slipping one in her mouth she began to stroke me, readying me for her beautiful lips. Leaving my balls she slid back to the head, now dark purple from straining and waiting for the obvious to happen. Her lips perched at the top of penis, tongue lashing my cum hole, quickly she engorged the head and off again, more flicking, by the sounds I was making she knew I was totally under her control. Next thing I know she totally inserts me into her warm loving mouth, stroking me with her lips and throat, It is to much for me to handle any longer I begin to moan, my penis swells and begins to jerk, she accepts my entire load without losing a drop.

About that time my boy asks Daddy where we, my response was in Heaven.

May we have many more GREAT VACATIONS!

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