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Vixen's Cabin
by Vixen

Thank you, Honey, for letting me spin this tale for you, for telling me how much you love it, and for encouraging me to share it. No wonder I'm so crazy about you.

There's a log cabin far out in the woods. It's in a clearing, surrounded by huge cedar trees. Trees thousands of years old. Mystical trees covered with snow, their branches bending to the ground.

There's a full moon tonight and it's snowing lightly. Moonlight glistens on the trees and snow-covered ground. The air sparkles with fairy dust - moonlight on falling snow.

The cabin is built around a huge stone fireplace. Each room shares part of the fireplace, drawing warmth from the center, just as we draw warmth from the core.

We're here, my lover and I. Alone in the woods in the stillness. Here to be one. We have all the warm clothes to go out and play in the snow during the day. And we have all the soft, sexy clothes to play with each other inside, before the roaring fire.

The firelight flashes on your skin. It reflects in your eyes as you look at me. The fire warms my naked body; the light in your eyes warms my heart.

My lover has been pleasuring me since we finished supper. Slow, lazy sex. The room smells of the wood fire and of our fire. I cooked, so he has kp duty. He called for a break a little while ago, picked up the dishes and took them to the kitchen area. I can hear him rustling about as I lie before the fire, watching the flames dance and thinking about being with him.

A little sleepy...warm's so quiet outside, the snow's falling. He's making "puttering around" noises on the other side of the room. I'm so relaxed.

Thinking about later; about being with you. Starting to get hot inside. Reaching down to touch myself...wet.

Feels so good, lying here, thinking about what your hands feel like. Rubbing, stroking myself. Spreading my legs, propping my right leg up on a low stool, my legs and open pussy facing the fire.

Stroking. Slipping a finger inside. Thinking of your hands, your fingers. Rubbing my nipples and thinking of your mouth and tongue there.

So warm, so lazy.

Just fooling around, feeling myself getting ready for you. Firelight reflecting off my skin, sparkling on the moisture between my legs. Listening to the logs crackle in the fire you built.

I'm so engrossed in my reverie that I don't notice you have finished in the kitchen. I don't see you standing over me, looking at me spread open in front of the fire, watching me play with myself.

Wanting more, I reach for the toy bag and select a vibrator. I turn it on low and just dance it lightly around my clit.

My fingers sliding inside a little harder now, faster. I'm suddenly close to coming.

You can tell, you know me so well.

I sense you before I feel you kneel beside me, one hand reaching for my head. Holding me steady as you bend toward my mouth.

Kissing me, opening my mouth further with your tongue. You taste so incredibly good. I suck gently on your tongue.

"In a sucking mood, baby?" mmmmmmmmmm

"Would you like something bigger to suck?" mmmmmmmmmm

Slipping your stiff cock into my mouth. It's warmer than the heat from the fire, and already slick. You shift carefully, your cock never leaving my mouth, as you lower yourself, your face between my legs.

Gently removing the vibrator from my hand, you take over.

I'm so satiated that when he picks me up and carries me outside, I don't even squeal with the shock of the cold. He carries me down the covered path to the hot tub. He gently lowers me into the steaming water and joins me.

He raises me to his lap and we sit watching the snow fall on the cedars, my head resting on his shoulder. I can feel the hair on his chest against my back. He wraps his arms around me and fondles my breasts, kissing the back of my neck.

I feel his cock begin to stiffen against my back and I shift slightly to tuck it in close to me. Close to its home. Close to the place it loves to be.

My lover's hands and mouth become more insistent. I feel my internal heat rise to match the heat on my skin. I shift again, to press his cock even closer. I want it in me.

I want to be filled with him, in the new place, the place I've saved for him. We've talked about it and he knows I'm a little scared. But he knows what I want. He guides his stiff cock to that tight opening. He reaches around my belly, his arms pressing my breasts together, his hands directing my body down onto him. Slowly, gently, he fills me. He holds me still so that I can relax and grow accustomed to this new feeling.

I turn slightly to reach his mouth and he fills my mouth with his tongue. Inside everywhere he can be...pressing, rubbing, searching.

He begins to stroke slowly. I'm so buoyant that he can guide me up and down on his cock using my pussy as a lever. I reach up and pull his head close to mine. Staring into his eyes, sharing tongues. Drinking each other. His thumb doing its magic on my clit, his strong fingers inside me, he slides me on his shaft.

It's starting - I can feel it in my toes. I wonder briefly whether all women start to cum in their toes. My pussy throbbing around his fingers, I clasp my lover's cock as hard as I can and press against his big hand.

I hear you whispering in my ear, "Cum to me, baby. Don't pull back. Let it take you. This is just for you. Just for my angel. Don't think, baby, just feel. Cum hard, little one." Quietly, insistently, telling me how much you love this, how much you love me. Waves and waves of pleasure washing over me, I just surrender.

Wrapped in warm water. Wrapped in my lover's arms. Impaled on my lover's stiff cock. Nothing, nothing is better than this. I was born for this.


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