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Velvet Escape
by 1Master65

A beautiful old hotel - this was the place I had dreamed of - a long drive leading up to the grand oak doors - my sweet Lady deserved this, the one who I had imagined and desired for so long...

I had arrived early and checked out the room, old England in design but comfortable - large shutters closed locking out the world to concentrate on my beauty's desire - the Lady who I had lusted after for such a time. I took a shower to refresh myself after my journey then put on my robe to await her arrival, two hours to go, my mind racing with thoughts of her. Impatience now, only a short time left before I tasted her for the first time, but my mind was now unsettled and the small clock became my focal point - its hands seem to be moving slower each time I looked.

A drink - a good idea just to relax my thoughts - vodka to try and remove this damn impatience. It went down quickly so another seemed a good idea.

"Relax, lay on the bed, just rest easy till she comes".

I lay on the large bed and my thoughts turned to her - imagined kissing my lady, searching her mouth deeply with my tongue while I felt her warm body against me. Felt her full breasts against my chest, her nipples pushing through the silk of her dress, so erect for me to tease with my hands and tongue. Her legs swathed in sheer stockings, my hand feeling her tanned thigh tops then moving up to her sex. No underwear as expected, just the wetness and warmth of the flower I had wanted to feast on for so long...

I could feel my cock growing underneath my robe, its thickness swelling as my daydreaming continued.

My mouth on those nipples, from one to the other, sucking hard on each in turn as I pulled the silk away from her shoulders, her tanned full breasts exposed in their tailored support. Tongue trailing down across her stomach to her soft pubic hair and my first taste of her - kneeling now as she leans back against the dressing table - gasping as my tongue finds its joy. Her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her as she moves her legs wider to allow me better access - her high heels digging into the carpet as she is pressed back further by my attentions. My tongue moving up and down rapidly, flicking against her clit then back down to enter her again, trying to get as deep as I can - my face already wet with her honey, her delicious wetness, which I have dreamed about for so long. I continue to tongue her folds as she starts to moan gently, her hips and pussy grinding into me and her hands now firm on the back of my head.

My hand finds my cock as I pull my robe away and I start to stroke my hardness - my thoughts and imaginings now engaging me fully.

I withdraw my tongue from her wetness, a new desire filling me, and hold her hips to turn her gently round, she lets my head free from her grasp and does as I wish, her beauty now leaning over the table. I move the stool to the front of her legs and she kneels onto it, her arms and upper body leaning onto the dressing table itself. In the mirror, I can see her pleasure and her breasts still exposed nipples hard almost touching the cool wood surface. I pull her dress up, exposing her beautiful behind and stocking tops, then bunch the silk up around her waist - I want to slide my hard cock into her straight away but resist in order to pleasure her more. To savor her more...

My hand now stroking my cock faster, pre-cum lubricating my tip and dripping down my member onto my swollen ball sac.

Kissing her beautiful deep tanned ass cheeks, I start to work my way to her crease then slowly start to lick my way down to her other intimate place - another part of this desire I have for her. My tongue start to lubricate her hole as I use my hands to spread her asscheeks. The lady is now pushing herself back against me, fully leant over, as my tongue slowly works its way into her asshole, slowly flicking in and out and fucking her intimate place with it. I love to pleasure her this way - to feel her tight ring resisting my tongue then easing open with each movement as I hear her murmur then groan with the sensations rising through her.

Slow down, almost came, stopping for a while to prolong this - my hand gently squeezing my cock to stop the rise...wait for the lady.

A pillow for my Lady. I grab one from the bed and gently put it in front of her - she lifts her elbows onto it - still keeping in the position that I love, her beautiful rear exposed to me with her sweet pussy now open. The beautiful crimson flower exposed for my attention, contrasting against her brown body. Returning to kneel behind her, I start to taste her again, moving from her sex up to her anus - dipping in each - building a faster momentum as my desire grows. The Lady starts to react immediately, pushing out more violently against me - her groans now louder to match the more intense and persistent attention she is receiving. My own member now pulsating as I feast upon her - my mouth and face smothered in her honey juice - my tongue aching as it strains to do her the service she so deserves. I reach down under the stool and fumble for the little help I had bought with me - my hand finally finds it while I try to keep up with her movement, her backside now moving frantically seeking my further and deeper attention.

Beautiful sweet Lady. Where is she - I can almost taste her but she still doesn't arrive. My cock wants to cum for her. Want to feel her on me...

The helper needs no lubrication as I press it against her anus; it eases straight in as I watch her ring yield to it. The ribbed conical tip disappearing into her as my tongue slides down to her sweet wet pussy once more - I can hear the lady swearing then trailing into a moan as the slim dildo slides into her fully.

My wrist starts to work the toy, withdrawing slowly then easing back in - starts to work a nice gentle rhythm, which my tongue matches. Both her delicious places now being taken at once. This woman of my desire now raising her head and arching her back, gripping the edge of the dressing table as she matches this building rhythm, this fucking of her, this praise for her pleasure only.

Hear voices outside - a man and a woman talking - is this her finally here but I can feel my cum rising, my balls tightening...

My toy now penetrating her fully, I stand up quickly, holding its wide end to ensure it stays in her. Got to take her finally - the moment I have craved for so long - my cock filled with my racing blood, veins standing out on its thick length, nudges against her flowers lips then slides in easily to her velvet. The lady cries out as it fills her - now two lengths inside her as I start to take her - no gentleness now as I want to fill her so much, my cum rising fast. My fucking of her velvet is fast, ramming my cock into her as I continue to press the dildo into her asshole, my balls slapping against her mound as my lust finally reaches its peak. My heart pounding as I feel my member start to jerk and the blood comes rushing up - cum starts to pump into her and she screams as I feel her velvet walls tighten around my cock then start to pulsate as her own orgasm takes hold. My cum jetting into her now as I try to penetrate her deeper - my need for her and the feeling she gives feeding my frenzy, prolonging the ecstasy that holds me. My Lady quiet now, her head in the pillow, breathing rapidly as she regains her senses. "James"

"Wake up James"

I hear her voice call. I regain my senses and get up from the bed still recovering, my cock wet with cum. Gather my robe around myself and head for the door - still her voice calls.

"Hurry up James"

"Open the door"

I walk over to the door - reality setting in - open the door and there she stands. My colleague, behind her, my other male colleague at the Seminar, grinning broadly.

"Been dreaming - we've been waiting here for 5 minutes"

"Come on James, Dinner is being served downstairs - I'm starving"

Reality sets in. Real World dawns. Where is my Lady?

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