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Valentine's Fantasy
by Grant

I gaze down at you, head in my lap, looking at peace as we watch the movie we rented. My hand absentmindedly begins softly stroking your hair, and you let out a soft sigh of contentment. I tune out the movie entirely, focusing my attentions on you. Silently admiring every part of you to myself. Your soft, full lips, your delicately soft skin, your bright, deep brown eyes. Oh how I can get lost gazing into those eyes, seeing your love for me shown through them.

My stroking has put you into a state of deep relaxation, almost to that of sleep. My mind starts to drift, envisioning what to do when the movie is finished. Maybe I should go and draw a warm bath to dwell in afterwards. No, you look too comfortable where you are to disturb you, the bath will wait. We will find our way there, holding each other close all the while, and draw the bath water as we slowly undress each other. Cherishing every moment, I remove each item, basking in the beauty of every inch of skin as it is revealed. As good as you look in that little red dress that you wore for our very special Valentine's date, the beauty of your absolutely perfect body without it is beyond words. I light several candles around the tub, casting a romantic glow in the otherwise dark room. We slip in slowly, we're in no rush, and I settle myself behind you, pressing my face to your head, inhaling deeply the sweet smell of your hair and nuzzling my face softly to the back of your neck. Your head rolls back and your eyes fall shut as I begin softly washing your shoulders and back, placing soft kisses up your neck to your ear, nibbling on your earlobe playfully as I know you enjoy so much. You turn your head slowly and our lips seek each other, melting together passionately, tongues rolling gently into each other. My hands slide around to your chest, running my hands over your breasts, causing you to moan softly into my lips.

After an eternity of bliss in the bathtub, we reluctantly remove ourselves, but we both know better things are yet to come. I fetch a towel and run it softly over your body, as you do the same to me, and we embrace and simply stand there for several minutes, holding each other close, lips meeting once again, and we make our way to the bedroom.

Once again candles are lit, this time filling the air with a soft vanilla scent, and we fall gently onto the bed. I fetch a rose from the bouquet beside the bed and begin to draw it ever so lightly across your flesh. Starting at your forehead, I draw it down your face and across your neck slowly, replacing the beautiful flower with my lips as it passes each area, gently kissing and nibbling your skin. The rose continues down across your shoulders and very slowly up your breasts, tickling the nipples playfully, and back down the other side down back and forth across your stomach down to your hips. Here I stop momentarily to give more sensual attention to your breasts, dragging my lips up the mounds and drawing your nipple into my mouth, sucking softly and slowly flicking my tongue over it. Now fully erect, I give a light playful nip to it then go down the other side of your breast with gentle kisses. The attention goes back to the rose, as I draw it across your hips and down your thigh, calves, and down to your feet. When I arrive there I shoot you a devilish grin and you let out a slight giggle as you know what's coming. Just as you expected, I softly tickle your oh-so-sensitive feet with it, and the soft giggles continue until I finally stop this and lower my face to them, kissing them and taking a moment to pay special oral attention to your toes as I know how much you like this. Finally, the wait has become too much for you, and you slowly guide me back up to you, face to face, my body melting over yours, and another long, passionate kiss is shared. I draw back for a moment and run my fingers through your hair, gazing deeply into those bottomless eyes, and I sense a mutual anticipation of what comes next.

Our lips meet again as I slowly enter into you, an inevitable moan flowing from your mouth to mine. I enter you fully, and stop, wanting to savor this moment, your legs slowly moving up to lock around my hips, hands running up and down my back. I then draw out from you even slower then I entered and thrust back in a little faster, your hips arching to meet me. My mouth glides across your cheek and up your jawbone to your ear, licking around the edge and once again sucking and nibbling on your earlobe. Your fingers run up my spine and entangle themselves in my hair, pulling my lips back to yours, your breathing becoming more labored with each thrust. One hand caresses your cheek and the other slides down your side to your hip, creating more leverage for me as I begin thrusting a little faster and with more intensity. Soon, your breathing and mine alike become more heavy and you begin to tremble with each of my thrusts, a very low continuous moan beginning in the back of your throat. Your arms wrap around me and your legs tighten their grip on my hips as the moan escapes through your lips and becomes almost melodic with my own as we both reach the point of total ecstasy. We lay there for several minutes, simply enjoying the feel of our bodies against each other as one. Then we roll over so you are laying on me and our fingers run through each others' hair as we share one last passionate kiss as we both drift off into slumber.

Then, I wake up to the rolling credits and glance down to find you gazing up at me, a loving sparkle radiating from your eyes, and I smile softly and gently coo, "I Love You", as we pull ourselves from the couch.....embrace tightly.....and make our way to the bathtub...


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