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Vacation Heat
by Lily

I needed a vacation away from everyone and all my usual problems. I got in my car and ended up at the coast. I checked in to a small hotel with a nice view. The Oregon Coast is beautiful and I love it most in the winter, with the wind and rain. There is nothing like the power and the beauty of a storm at the beach.

When I started out it was just drizzling so I wore a sweatshirt and carried my shoes. I walked for a couple of miles enjoying the sounds of the ocean and watching the seagulls. The beach was deserted except for one other person. I passed him as he walked by in the other direction. He said hello with a sweet southern drawl. I smiled at him and his voice seemed to stay with me as I walked by echoing through my mind.

I kept walking for another mile or so enjoying the cold sand on my bare feet and the slight sting of the wind. When it started to rain heavily I decided to turn back. It didn't take me long to realize that the tide was rolling in very quickly. I wondered if I would have time to make it back. I jogged down the beach hoping to beat the tide.

I saw him in the distance just making it past the breaking waves, I knew by the time I reached that part of the beach it would be to late. It wouldn't be the first time I had stayed out to long and gotten stranded.

I looked around for somewhere to wait out the tide. There was a log close to the sand dunes that looked safe enough. There was nothing else to do but wait. I leaned back against the log and started to laugh when the rain began to pour down so hard it made divots in the sand. I turned my attention to the man approaching on the beach. I watched as he drew closer. He was tall with short dark hair He smiled and looked down at me.

"You like getting wet, or are you stuck till the tide changes?" he asked.

"Stuck," I said moving to sit up on the log. He sat down next to me and we watched the waves for a while.

"My place is just down the beach a ways," he paused as if gauging my response.

"You want to go sit by the fire until the tide goes back out?" My eyes widened in surprise. I shivered involuntarily. He grinned and stood up holding out his hand to me. I stared at him and then his hand. I shrugged my shoulders and took his hand, he pulled me to my feet but he didn't let go. We walked together hand in hand without saying a word until a house overlooking the ocean came into view.

"That's it," he said pointing towards it. There was a sandy path and he led me up to it and to the door.

"Wait a minute," I said still holding on to his hand.

"I don't even know your name."

He grinned at me and said, "Joe." He paused for a moment and then added, "Are you going to tell me your or shall I guess?"

I laughed. "I'm Melissa." We smiled at each other as he unlocked the door. It was a cozy house with wood floors and large stone fireplace. I watched as he hung his coat up and disappeared down the hall. He returned with a gray flannel shirt.

"Here, you can put this on, the bathrooms down the hall, first door on the left." I hesitated for a minute before reaching out and taking it. He turned and started to build a fire. I closed the bathroom door and leaned against it.

"What am I doing?" I kept saying to myself. I was shaking with cold as I peeled off my sweatshirt and bra. I looked down at my pants, they were soaking. I stripped them off and then my panties. I pulled on the shirt, it was nice and big and came down halfway to my knees. A knock at the door made me jump and gasp.

"I forgot to give you a towel," he said. I pulled open the door and he handed it to me. "If you want to give me those," he said pointing to my pile of clothes on the floor. "I'll throw them in the dryer." I bent to pick them up without thinking how much the shirt would reveal. I heard his sharp intake of breath. It made me smile. I moved slower knowing he was watching. the hem of the shirt rise higher until he could see my ass. I took my time gathering them and straightening up. I could feel myself getting wet just from knowing he was watching. I handed the clothes to him and smiled looking him in the eye. A slow grin spread across his face as he took them from me and walked back across the hall to load them into the dryer.

The fire was warm and it felt good. We sat in front of it, I was finally starting to thaw out when he said.

"There are better ways to get warm." I laughed and leaned back against him and he folded me into his arms. He moved my hair away from my neck and kissed me softly. His legs surrounded me and his hands moved up and down my arms, then wrapped around me.

"Better?" he asked quietly against my ear.

"Mmmm..." was all I said snuggling up against him. He groaned and pulled me closer.

"This is crazy," he said.

"Should I go?" I asked him. He touched my hair, stroking it gently

"All you have to say is no and I'll stop," he said. I turned sideways so that I could look into his eyes and said

"I don't want to say no, I don't want you to stop." He took my chin in the palm then and rubbed his thumb slowly across my lower lip. I saw his eyes darken as he leaned closer and began to kiss me. His tongue flicked over my lips and between them. He cradled me in his arms, bending my head backwards as he kissed my lips and neck. My fingers wound around his neck pulling him closer to me. His hands moved over me one stroked up and down my back. The other traveled slowly over my arm to my shoulder, down my side until it reached my hips. The fabric of my borrowed shirt wrinkled and bunched as his fingers stroked softly under the hem. His tongue dipped into my mouth insistently. I moaned when his hand began unbuttoning the shirt. He stopped kissing me slowing the pace of his fingers, moving deliberately.

We both watched as his fingers pulled away the shirt and I laid there naked and exposed in his arms. He put his hand between my breasts. He could feel my heart pounding. I looked up at him to find him watching my reaction as he touched me. I gasped as his hand moved over my nipples only to be replaced by his lips sucking one tight bud and then the other. I cried out when his teeth scraped over me, biting gently and then soothing again with his tongue. He sat back up and smiled at me. He kissed my eyes and my cheeks and then my lips again. I whimpered as his hand moved lower over the tender skin of my thighs. he spread my legs slowly.

"So smooth..." he murmured trailing just the tip of his finger over one swollen lip and then the other. My breathe catches as his finger glides over the slippery seam of my pussy, flicking back and forth over my clit.

"Ohhhhh..." I couldn't help the sounds coming from me now. I rotate my hips, one finger slides between my lips he watches me as he slowly sinks his finger inside me. He smiles at the gasp I cant control and circles his finger inside me.

"You like that don't you?" he whispers. I moan in answer. Slowly the friction begins. He moves first one finger and then two in and out of me sliding back and forth. I arch to meet his fingers wanting to feel them even deeper inside me. My hand grips his shoulders

"That's it baby," he whispers against my neck and then kisses me nipping my skin and arousing me more.

"Please," I beg.

"Is this what you want?" He said and we both watched as his thumb brushed over my clit. I cried out and he pushed his fingers deep inside me. I clenched them inside me and drenched his fingers. hiding my face against his shoulder and gasping for breath. He slowly slid his fingers from inside me and rubbed gently over my lips.

"Your so sweet, honey," he said kissing my cheek. I tried to burrow farther into his shoulder.

"Don't hide from me," he said leaning back and pulling me with him until I lay half on his chest and half beside him. I looked up slowly meeting his eyes. I leaned forward to kiss him and he pulled me up against him, my breasts rested on his chest and I raised one knee brushing it against him as I moved over him straddling his legs I laid over his body. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me again and again. I pulled away and scooted down his legs. He watched my fingers undo each button and pull the jeans and boxers down his legs until he was free and springing upward, so hard and ready I couldn't stop from touching him.

His skin was hot and I let my finger trace over his stomach and into the springy hair below. I ran one finger from the base of his cock to the drop of moisture at the tip, I brought it to my lips, it was his turn to gasp as I sucked the flavor of him from my finger leaving him in no doubt of what I was going to do.

I sat on his knees and leaned forward brushing my face over his cock. I kissed each side of it and stroked his thighs softly. His hands reached out to me and he held my hair back away from my face as I rubbed my lips over him slowly he groaned as my lips parted and my tongue began to flick over him. I stopped and held myself first an inch from his throbbing cock. I looked up at him and licked my lips and let out a breath of air, stiffening him more. I watched him as I sank down on him pushing him between the folds of my pussy. He moaned as my mouth slowly swallowed each inch of him until my mouth was full and the hair at the base of his shaft tickled my lips, I rubbed my tongue over him swirling it around him and sucked as I gradually backed away until just the head was in my mouth. I flicked my tongue over him circling him and enjoying his restless movements. He groaned and pulled me up onto his chest and rolled on top of me, both of us panting and gasping for breath.

My thighs spread slowly and I feel him pressing against me. His hands moved to the back of my knees sliding them apart and around him. He slides over me skin against skin. Sweet friction building between us. With one agonizingly slow thrust he entered me, stretching me to fit him. He stopped for a moment and just looked at me, propping himself on his elbow, he stroked my cheek and pulled my hair away from my neck. His lips traveled over my cheeks, my lips and my neck. Then he began to move. He reached between us touching my lips where we are joined. I sigh as he pulls out until just his head is left inside me.

"More baby?" he whispers.

"Oh yes." I sigh as he moves inside me just a little faster with each stroke. Still joined he rolls us to our sides and continues to thrust inside me. He squeezes my ass and pulls me harder against him. I wrap one leg over his and his fingers find me stroking each slippery wet lip with each thrust.

"Ahhh!" he cried out pumping furiously against me, squeezing my ass harder with every thrust. I grip his hip willing him to move faster to give me more. My pussy contracts around his cock. We both cry out together. My juice flows over him as he shoots long streams of hot cum inside me. Gasping for breath we cling to each other still wrapped around each other, hot slick skin sliding under our fingers. We lay next to the warm fire not needing its heat anymore.


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