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Vanished Pt. II
by Suzie Samuels

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* * * * *

Hi my name is Suzie, and this is the story of my new life. I was striped of my former last name, now I am known just as Suzie, my Master's slave. I actually prefer being called slave to slut, as he does when others are around or in the heat of the moment. I have a reasonably good life but it is so very different from the life that I had before... before that fateful day twenty-one months ago.

I cannot complain I am well looked after and I know Master loves me in his special way. Strangely I love Master intensely now. Initially I was terrified of him and hated him. I would have scratched his eyes out if he had not restrained me. I especially hated when he worked his magic on me, awakening my body, then I not only loathed him but myself also.

My only role now is to look after Master's personal needs giving him pleasure as he sees fit at any given moment and with whomever he wishes me to service. I am never sure what might be expected of me from one day to the next. Master does not consult me on the use of my body, yet I trust him. My body has led the way to my loving Master Geoff. I have absolute faith in my Master to keep me safe and though he challenges my thresholds I would go to the ends of the earth to please him.

It still seems very strange when I clinically look at our relationship. But when I am with him I know I am more alive now than I was as a wife and a mother running my small business. I guess I am technically still a wife, but somehow now I think of Geoff as my only husband. I must not call him Geoff to his face or I will suffer his punishment, but that is how I think of him. I cannot say the pain of loosing my children is gone, but Geoff makes me so happy.

* * * * *

It had not started out like this. It had started with me being terrified of him; I am talking absolute abject terror. If it had not been for my strong self-esteem and sense of who I am Master would have succeed in breaking my spirit forcing me to give up, but I am not sure if he ever wanted me to break. Instead I fought him, I may have bent but break I did not. I remained me, my sense of humor and intelligent intact, but I have to admit there is a new part to me, an essence that he brought kicking and screaming to my surface that I never knew was there before.

I had come to this setting against my will, awoke to a living hell of embarrassment and humiliation. I awoke to the discovery that freedom was redefined. I awoke to a world where at first I was the only woman in a group of sexual deviants who to my way of thinking took great delight in causing me pain and distress. How I ever survived being bathed, fondled and explored by this abuser, I will never know.

As a straight married woman who was so busy with my young family and escalating career, I knew nothing of the world of alternative lifestyles. I knew nothing of men dominating women generating intense sexual pleasure for both and a release for the women that unless you have experienced it is beyond words or at least beyond my words. Now I know that wonderful bond.

I survived my collaring and my nipple piercing humiliated and in pain, but what came next blew my mind. I even could accept my rape by him and somehow my base-being even enjoyed it, immensely enjoyed it, though at the time he could have pulled out my tongue and I would have denied my pleasure.

The most strange and foreign aspect of the collaring which I likened to a marriage was when I walked out of the bathroom ushered by him. There lounging in the family room was the three strangers who had done the physical mutilation to my nipples. When I close my eyes, I can still see those three nude men, their shaved balls and flaccid cocks dangling against between their legs. They were gentleman, they as one stood when I walked out hand in hand with him. I could not believe nor take my eyes off their cocks as each became engorged the further I walked towards the raised bed. I twisted my neck attempting to see why they were stark naked were there other women in the room. I strained my hearing listening for the sound of any feminine voices. There were none.

I looked up at this man who insisted I call him Master with a perplexed look querying his friends state of undress afraid to give voice to the horrible thoughts that were running through my mind. A sense of doom playing up and down my spine, the fear of the unknown almost palpable. My fingers tightened around his large hand in a plea for protection.

I felt them hovering in the background closer than they were a moment ago, too close.

Without warning and I cannot identify who made the move even now, but suddenly I was dumped unceremoniously on the bed. I landed in a heap, arms and legs askew. I quickly pulled my legs together and did my best to cover my nude crotch. Nude men encircled the bed, all eyes on me, with fully erect cocks. I saw drops of precum oozing out of their cocks except for Master's. Buddy's was already forming a long sticky string pulled downward by gravity it became hypnotic to me. I watched it grow that is how I knew time was not standing still for no one moved for the longest time.

They moved as one, each grabbing an arm or a leg. I went rigid. "Take your hands off me, you fucking bastards." I screamed like a shrew at them. I dug my own nails into the tender skin of my crotch in an effort to keep myself covered, later he told me I drew blood. They were so strong, too strong. With four men against one woman how could I expect to win? My head rolled side to side, teeth snapping like a snarling bitch trying to clamp onto someone's flesh, I did not care who's at that point. In fact, I was hoping one of those cocks would get close enough that I could amputate it. Oh how I hoped for I could taste their blood.

My Master slapped me hard across the face pulling me out of my hysteria. It felt like my head was leaving my neck. All I could do was stare at him, unbelievably stunned. Why didn't he tell me what was planned for me? Why did he have to hit me?

I was too stunned to cry, I lay whimpering as my hands and feet were pulled open, stretched taunt. I guess it was because I had tightened every muscle it hurt like hell. I turned my head and looked beyond them out the window centering on the vivid sunset thinking of the old saying 'Red sky at sunset sailor's delight.' I thought, it would be a nice day tomorrow; I will live to see it. "I will live to see it" became my silent mantra as I retreated into myself. My body was their toy; my soul remained my own.

I felt the bed slump with the weight of the men; though remained limp, safely away. Hands moved up my arms slowly. I felt a moist hand trailing up my left leg while the large dry and calloused hand of Master scrapped up my right leg to the knee and down again to my foot. They were playing me as if they had rehearsed this scene before. I thought, surely no other woman has ever had four men rape her. Oh, how naïve I was back then.

Hands approached each nipple; I flinched as I felt the moist fat hand that had to belong to Buddy move up past my knee, moving ever upward. I shifted my gaze to the beamed ceiling now the sun had slipped behind the mountain peak. Somehow my situation seemed even more ominous now that darkness had settled in.

Master's dry hand continued playing with my toes quietly reciting "This little piggy..." That made the others laugh and it seemed to break their tension, the air seemed less electrified. I could feel them shift into other, possibly more comfortable positions after the tension was dissipated. The bottom of my foot was raked with Master's nails. I couldn't help myself; I tried. My foot involuntarily flinched, I am so ticklish that I wanted to laugh, but I was too scared and to angry to let loose with my natural melodious laugh.

These men move as one, hands massaged my breasts as Buddy's fat fingers prodded past my nude labia. It felt so funny to actually feel the fingers on me down there, instead of having the protection of my coarse, curly hair cushioning the sensations. A shudder ran up my spine, they laughed as one. Ronnie said, "Now we have the lady's attention."

With that he gave my nipple a tweak. I could feel my cunt tighten as if an electrical current ran from my nipple to some hidden place down there. Why had Joe, my husband, never had that effect on me? Our sex life had been okay but we were not obsessed with sex. Lately it had almost become a perfunctory like an old married couple doing their duty to one another on a Saturday night. Of course we both traveled a lot and were under a lot of stress, so that was to be expected with the children and everything. Wasn't it? I asked myself.

The third man, Jimmy, fiddled over my head with a hook in the ceiling, I watched without any sense of what he was doing not understanding what the impact of his action would be on me. I was trying to understand how come if this Geoff, wanted me so badly that he kidnapped me and collared me immediately making me his; why were these other men fondling me? Why was he letting them? Why was he taking such a passive role in this whole thing? He lounged against the heavy footboard just watching running his hand up and down my leg barely touching me, never venturing above the knee.

Buddy's exploring fingers were holding my attention but I did not let him know that, I remained stoic. He was leaning over my leg using both hands to open me up for his inspection. I wasn't sure whether he had never seen a woman's private parts or if he was a doctor or some kind of an expert. He was and is an expert in the female anatomy, he knows which buttons to push and just how hard to push to make his subs beg for release. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

His diversion worked I had not panicked over what the other men, Ronnie and Jimmy, were busy rigging above me. They each brought the light silver chain towards me allowing the clamps to trail across my belly sending shivers rippling through me from the cold metal. I focused on them finally. Jimmy leaned right over my face and said, "Buddy check and see how wet the slut is right now, then do it again in a couple of minutes. I bet she will trench your hand next time. She is a painslut if I ever saw one." I could feel his spittle on my face. I wanted to slap him or spit in his face but fear held me frozen.

That quip brought uproarious laughter from all the men. Master spoke up quietly saying, "She has a wet cunt all the time, the slut." He dipped his finger between my legs almost pushing Buddy's hand out of the way. He held it up for all to see, and then he sucked it into his mouth, making sounds of pleasure. Our eyes met, held, he smiled.

"Suzie, go with the flow it is going to happen with your permission or without. It actually is more fun for them if you don't give your permission." He licked the last of my juices from the back of his hand, Buddy following his lead, soon all were tasting my juices on there fingers. Can you imagine each one had to have a feel and a taste?

"Geoff, she is a sweet tasting slut, you lucky devil." Ronnie piped up, licking his lips.

He snuck back for seconds, "Little woman you want a taste or do you dip your fingers in your well every chance you get. I would if I had a sweet tasting honey pot like yours." I thrashed my head back and forth trying to avoid his offering. Grabbing my chin holding my head in place, his big hand forcing my mouth open, as he shoved his slender finger into my mouth all sticky and wet, smelling like me. Our eyes met I would teach him to respect me; I bit down hard on his finger. His slap left me seeing stars; the others' laughter rang in my ears. He whispered, "Just wait bitch, you'll get yours." I had a sense of rage about him that stopped me dead. I knew I had made a bad mistake.

As I was fighting to avoid tasting myself, the man named Jimmy, was attaching the chains to my nipple rings. 'It doesn't hurt,' flashed through my mind, so I gave little thought to his action, my aching head had my attention.

"Give me those chains. I want to be the one to make the bitch swing."

Buddy piped up taking my side, "Later when she is healed you can make her swing from her tits if you want, but not now. You hear me, Ron?"

"Yeah." He grumbled. He pulled on the chains; I watched it as it rolled over the pulley at the ceiling. The pain was immediate, radiating outward and inward, too. I arched up off the bed attempting to ease the pain. The restraints on my arms held me back. It didn't help with Ron pushing me down also. I screamed in pain such, as I had never known.

But their laughter did me the most harm it reduced me to sobs, great gulping sobs. I wailed. I realized that these men could do absolutely anything to me and there was nothing I could do, what a horrible sinking feeling. I was totally alone.

My brown nipples were suspended. I looked at them in horror as tension on the rings was causing the recent puncture wounds to elongate. I closed my eyes, I couldn't watch. I felt ill. I felt the bed move, someone was moving. Suddenly my ass was pulled off the bed as Buddy drove into me. My eyes flew open. "NOOOOOO. No."

"Oh man, Geoff is she hot, so tight... very wet ... Gawd she's juicy. She hugs my cock like I was made to fit in her. You sure she isn't for sale. Name your price."

It finally hit me I was a slave, a real slave I could be sold. Silently, tears bubbled out of my eyes and ran down puddling in my hair. With sad, beseeching eyes I looked at my Master. I, finally, accepted my fate. He looked at me and blew me a kiss mouthing 'good slut.' I could feel my lip quiver.

Try as I might I could feel twinges as my body responded to my brutal rape by Buddy. Both Ronnie and Jimmy were playing with their purple-headed cocks slick with precum. I saw a look go between them. I was convinced that if I kept my eyes on the man who had become my Master he would come to my rescue. I also knew that there was little sense to fighting their rape. I would not add to their pleasure.

Jimmy bounced off the bed and I heard the bedside table drawer open, in a flash he was back smiling down at me with a sinister smile. "Open wide, Bitch!" Ronnie helped him insert a jaw lock kind of thing that held my mouth open. "You won't be biting off my cock, slut." He said as he swung his leg over me settling sort of on my pulled taunt breasts. I felt like I had been kicked the pain was so intense.

I could smell him, his sticky cock jumping against my lips as he positioned himself. As he entered me Buddy was nearing his climax, I felt him going rigid and his grunts reminded me of a rooting hog. Jimmy wasted no time in driving his short fat cock deep into my mouth fortunately he was not as large as my Master's, I thought proudly.

My body had taken over my thought processing as my orgasm escalated. Jimmy, too, was ready to come. How was I supposed to do this? Finally I just let my body go, taking over. "Hurry up, you pair of assholes. I want the bitch's ass." Ronnie said fingering my nipples. I felt Buddy's hot seed blow into me and I was thankful it was the wrong time for me to get pregnant. Jimmy as if he were in a competition with Buddy rose up and drove hard into me holding his position as he grunted emptying his balls into my mouth. I gagged. He held my nose forcing me to swallow. OHHHH.

I felt them both sag, sated. I said a silent prayer asking that Ronnie drop dead where he stood, I was so afraid of him. My prayers were answered. My nipples had started to bleed from their torture and the sight of my blood seemed to bring Master to his senses. "Enough."

"What the fuck do you mean, enough?" Ronnie shot back at him with narrowed eyes. "You have to be shittin' me if you think I will back off now... sir." I was surprised at the change in his attitude as Master slowly got off the bed. They stood cock to cock. Ronnie turned grumbling and disappeared out of my line of vision.

"Jimmy, get the pressure off those nipples. NOW. Buddy, get the antiseptic? ...Please?" He wiped the oozing blood away with a Kleenex, so gently. Jimmy stood there looking somehow lost and guilty at the same time. "Thanks, Bud. Now leave both of you." Soon I heard a door open and close.

I laid there with my eyes closed as he removed the clamps and applied the cream. "You are okay." He said taking the jaw thing out. He was so gentle as he massaged my jaws to ease the cramping. "No tears, hear." I gulped trying to swallow my tears. I knew he was my only safety line; I had to stay in his good graces.

"Thank you, Master." I said through my cracked lips. He smiled at me and nodded. He busied himself with the restraints not removing the cuffs as I had hoped. I pulled my arms and legs back into alignment as he disappeared into the bathroom.

He returned with a basin of water, a towel and a glass of water. He set it on the bed, "Don't move or I will sleep on your pallet and you can sleep in the wet bed." He chuckled. "That's a joke. Smile." I gave him a weak one as he handed me the water. I guzzled it trying to erase the taste of Jimmy. He washed my tear-streaked face.

Then he moved lower. "Open your legs." He gently pulled aside my lips swapping Buddy's seeping come. I wanted to beg him to let me douche to rid myself of the foreign semen but I knew he would insist on doing it and there was no way I would allow that to happen. He patted me dry.

"You did very well, Suzie. I am proud of you. That was the boys' reward for helping with your collaring. We do it for each other all the time. It is just part of our fun. It is our style of shivaree. Ronnie's pissed and you will have to make it up to him but hopefully by then you will understand things a little better." I starred at him in disbelief. I could not believe what he was saying. How could that be? He made it sound like an everyday occurrence. Could that be?

"I will be back in a few minutes and then it is my turn, slut." He left heading to the bathroom.

To this day I am not sure whether he got his turn or not, the next thing I knew it was daylight and I was sleeping on his shoulder. At my first movement he was awake and another day began, in my topsy-turvy world of being a slave.

To Be Continued...


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