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Vacation Pt. II
by ghostwalker6969

As we were getting out of the pool, I had the feeling that we were being watched. I looked around and caught a glimpse of a beautiful young woman wearing what looked like an old-fashioned gown staring at us. When she noticed my look, she turned and walked away into the darkness. I didn't mention anything to you back at our room and after we took a shower, we fell asleep(well you did, my dreams were full of strange visions and that woman).

In the morning, we decided to go into the city and do some sight-seeing. While you were getting dressed, I went to talk to the manager. I asked him if any other tourists had shown up during the night and he said no. I then asked him if any of the staff had children living with them here at the resort-again his answer was no. He noticed the look of confusion on my face and wondered why I had asked the questions. Leaving out the main details, I told him about the woman I saw last night. After my description, he nodded his head and told me I had seen the ghost he told me about yesterday. A look of disbelief and doubt crossed my face and at that time, you pulled up in the car ready to go.

All during the day, while we were shopping, playing at the beach, looking at monuments and eating lunch, the thought of me seeing a ghost was in the back of my mind. As we were driving back to the resort, you commented about my lack of attention and wanted to know why. I thought about it and then told you what happened after we left the pool and what the manager said before we left. At first you just laughed and kidded me about falling for a old legend, but as you looked at my face and saw I was serious, you became quiet for the rest of the trip...

When we got back, it was late evening and the cook was fixing dinner. After dinner, we took another walk, entranced by the setting sun and the colors it painted on the clouds. When we got back to our room, we were so tired that we just decided to sleep in each others arms. Again I had weird dreams and as always the picture of that woman in my mind. Sometime during the night I was awakened by the sound of you moaning as if you were having a erotic dream. I rolled over to see what looked like two hands rubbing and squeezing your breasts. As I continued watching, the form solidified into the figure of the woman I saw last night. She must have heard me move because she looked over at me, smiled and continued to play with you.

As strange as this was, my dick had no such problems and started rising. The ghost started moving down your body, heading towards your hot, damp pussy while my hand was slowly stroking my cock. As her mouth and tongue played with your clit! and pussy, your hands reached for her head and you woke up thinking it was me. Noticing me at your side, a look of utter confusion crossed your face and you looked down to see this woman at your pussy. At first you started to pull away and scream but when you looked at me and I shook my head no, you laid back down and allowed the sensations to flow through you.

You looked at me again and mouthed, "Is this the ghost?"

"Yes," I said and you smiled. Moving around, I was surprised to see you start to stroke and fondle her ghostly body. I think the ghost was surprised too because she started to fade away and then reappeared to continue what she was doing. I watched as you and the ghost changed into a 69 and started eating each other out. My dick was hard to bust bricks as I watched this and I continued stroking. After a while, I noticed your breath getting shorter and shorter and knew you were close to cumming. With a little scream, you came harder than you ever did and Conchita (the ghost)was right behind you with a scream of her own...She turns to me, looks at my black shaft and with a small hand reaches for it and starts stroking it up and down. Then she leans over and starts sucking my dick, giving me feelings that I have never felt before.

After sucking my dick for a while, she glided up my hips, placed the head of my dick at the lips of her pussy and slid down my shaft with a small scream and sigh. Reaching up, I started playing with her ghostly tits, sucking her nipples and reaching up to kiss her ethereal lips. You watch what's going on and start to finger your hard, little clit and pinching your nipples. The action was starting to get hot and heavy as the three of us was reaching the point of no return. Conchita was breathing heavy and moving faster up and down on my shaft, moaning and speaking in Spanish as she starting cumming. My dick swelled to a unbelievable size and exploded inside of her while you started cumming from your finger job, juices running down your wrist. Her ghostly muscles draining every drop of my cum and felt like she was trying to drain my life as well. She looks at the both of us, gives us a ghostly kiss, says what sounds like "thank you" and slowly disappears. We look at each other, can't say anything and just lay in bed holding each other close.

The next morning we wake up to the sounds of shouting and cheering. We get our clothes on and go out to see what the ruckus is. As we get outside, we see a long line of cars pulling up, people asking for rooms and the staff with tears of happiness in their eyes. The manager looks at us with a knowing smile and returns to checking people in. We look at each other and realize what happened. Conchita was raped and died alone, thereby was doomed to wander without peace. We happened to come along to give her what she really needed; real and unselfish sex and that release gave her the peace she needed to go home forever. As we packed our bags and loaded them in the car, we realized that our lives were forever changed and nothing would be the same again....Oh, before I forget-the manager was so grateful for what we had done, we had a free suite at the resort for the rest of our lives.



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