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Veronica's Love
by Heather

She waited by the phone in hopes that it would ring. "Damn you Justin, come on phone ring," Veronica said to herself in her very lonely and empty apartment. Usually Veronica is not the type to sit and wait for a phone call, but this was Justin we were talking about. Justin is the type of guy that you would call tall, dark and handsome. He reaches a height of 6'5" and weighs about 250lbs. He has the most beautiful blue eyes with dark brown wavy hair, and the best complexion anyone would have dreamed to have (even in the winter he looked like he had a tan). Not only did he have a face to die for but the body on this boy was amazing. Wide broad shoulders, arms the size of her waist, big hands to hold her with, then sight of him made her wet.

She was no small girl either. Next to him she felt short but he was a good 5'11" and 130lbs. She had beautiful long legs, a tight tummy (that had a six pack), a bra size of 36C, long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a smile that lit up any room. In a word she was perfect.

As she waited there in he black velvet bra and panties set, she started to remember the first time she saw Justin. How he made her feel and why she was stuck sitting there in front of the phone waiting for it to ring. As her mind wandered so did her fingers.

It was a rainy Friday night. Veronica and her friends had decided to go out for a girls night out. They all went to one girls house to get ready, walking around in their panties talking about men and what to wear. When everyone was ready, and the last look in the mirror was finished they were off, to go club hopping. They started off in a small club that had cheap drink specials so that the girls could get a good buzz going. When they left their They headed off to The Hot Spot. Now this club had something for everyone. One full floor of pool, a floor of dance music, a floor of rock music, and a floor of just bars. Great place to meet a one night stand.

When they walked in they all did a few Jell-O shots and started dance. They had heads turning but wasn't really interested in any of the guys that would talk to them. At one point Veronica told her friends that she was going to go to the bar and get a drink and she would be back in a minute. As she got to the bar she noticed the bartender was huge. She wondered why he wasn't one of the bouncers, clearly he had the body for it. He had big broad shoulders and very muscular arms. She walked up and asked for a sex on the beach.

"Just the drink or is that an offer?" the bartender joked.

Veronica used this as a way to talk to him some more and she what his deal was. She sat there for a good thirty minutes and talked with him having a few more drinks on him.

"I was wondering what you were doing when you get out of work tonight?" Veronica asked him with the best serious face she could make.

"You're drunk - I really don't want to take advantage of you like this," he tells her.

"Look if I didn't want to see you I wouldn't have asked, I am not drunk. I am just feeling good. We can go for coffee if you want. Or we could go back to my place and I can show you a really good time?!" she said to him with a devilish smile.

So finally with much persistence Veronica talks him into going to her house, she tells her friends to leave without her and she had a ride home. And she sits at the bar and drinks for free until he got off of work. By the time that was, she was smashed. She got in the passengers side with some help, Justin couldn't help to see that she had undid some of her buttons to her shirt. And her skirt was hiking up, but he didn't touch any of it he wanted to look at her while he drove. She looked at him and told him how amazing he looked in that cute little outfit that they had to wear, and she put her hand on his leg. With the sight of her breast and the smell of her sex the hand on his leg was more than enough to make him rise to the occasion. Not wanted to seem to desperate, he shifted himself so that she won't notice right way that he was rock hard. She keep her hand there and massaged his leg getting closer and closer to her target.

She really didn't think he noticed her hand moving forward, because he didn't show and reaction. She couldn't tell if he was hard or not, but she knew that she wanted to feel him touch her. She knew what she was doing, he thought that she was trashed, but whenever he wasn't looking she would give her drink to someone else and make it look like she was drunk. She wanted to seduce him and have him think he was in charge. When she had gone to the bathroom, she made sure that her shirt was unbuttoned, and her skirt was nice and high. As she laid their doing her best to act drunk, she told him the rest of the directions and figured if she was going to play the part why not play it all the way. She leaned over and unbuttoned his pants and pulled his rock hard dick out. She was happy that what she had been doing had gotten him so hard. She opened wide and swallowed his 9" prick into her mouth.

Not realizing what she was doing he almost crashed. The feeling of her warm wet mouth and the cold metal from her tongue ring. He had not noticed it before but now that it rubbed up and down on his shaft it was all he could do to not cum right then and there. He was amazed at her skill, how her mouth went all the way down to the hilt of his shaft. How she sucked on the head of his dick like it was a lollipop, and rubbed the ball of her ring over it giving his a sensation that was driving him crazy. He could feel himself getting ready to cum and he tried to stop her because he didn't want to lose it so early, but she was like a vice grip, he couldn't get her off. A soft moan came from her lips and she felt the hot cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed and swallowed as moaned loudly, trying not to drive off the road.

He pulled up to her house just as she got done licking his shaft clean. She kept her act going just a little bit she wanted to know what she could do to him and what he would do to her. Justin helped Veronica into her house as she went straight for the bedroom calling out something about getting into something more comfortable. She started to get undressed but couldn't help to notice that she was dripping wet. She laid on the bed and started to finger herself. She really wanted Justin to walk in on her and watch her but she didn't want to call him, so she started to moan loudly. She worked her finger like she hadn't had an orgasm in years. Hearing the moans coming form the bedroom and wondering what she was doing, Justin headed straight for the bedroom. The sight that he got was more than enough to stand him up to attention.

He opened the French door to her bedroom to find her laying on her back with her legs spread so wide she was fisting herself. A little glisten of sweat on her body making her shine beautifully in the candle light. As he walked toward her, the sweet smell of her sex overwhelmed him and he wanted more than anything to be inside her. He touched her hand that was trusting deep inside her and then out again. She jumped maybe half a mile from shock.

So concentrated on what she was doing she didn't even hear him come in.

He moved her hand and lowed his lips to her pussy. Already dripping wet from her own pleasure, he had plenty of juice to lick. Veronica was in heaven no guy has ever licked her the way he did. Orgasm after orgasm, she was going crazy. God he had an amazing tongue. He worked his way up her body rubbing his again rock hard dick all over her body. Stopping to nibble on her nipples. Suck on her neck and kiss her ears. Finally he reached her mouth for an amazingly passionate kiss. At this point he realized that she was not drunk anymore, and wondered if she ever was.

He lined the head on his throbbing cock to the dripping hole. HE rubbed up and down her slit and teased her. He did this until she begged for him to up it in. He pushed a little entering the head in and holding it there. Trying to push down Veronica wanted to feel all of him. Then he grabbed her arms and trusted hard and deep into her pussy lips. A gasp escaped her lips, holding her arms down she could barely move. With one arm he held her down and with the other he flicked her nub. Again orgasm after orgasm after orgasm shot through her body. Justin pushing harder and faster with every thrust. He was enjoying this just as much as her, with every orgasm she vagina would contract and squeeze his dick tighter. Every time he thought that he was going to cum he would slow down and pace himself.

With one quick movement he was fucking her from behind and slapping her ass while he pumped. He could feel himself starting to cum and he could stop this one. With one hard thrust and a loud slap across her ass, he came deep inside of her, making her scream with delight.

Just then a ring. Waking her from her daydream, she realized that the phone was ringing.

"Hello, Justin is that you?"

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