The Best Erotic Stories.

Virginities Lost
Pt. I: Mutual Seduction
by Leo Davis

Carol was a shapely brown-haired, brown-eyed young woman twenty-one years old. She wasn't beautiful in the classical sense, but she was certainly exceptionally pretty. Her lips were full, and cried out to be kissed. Her breasts were not spectacularly large, but they were nicely shaped (at least in her bras) and appeared to be between B and C cup. She had a narrow waist and pleasantly wide hips with an almost flat stomach. Whenever Carol walked by, men looked at her. Most importantly, I really liked her.

Although I had experienced quite a bit of physical intimacy, my senior year in college was just finishing and I was still technically a virgin. So too was Carol. I had been friends with her since our freshman year, and she had dated three of my fraternity brothers. From them, and later from her, I learned that she was completely frigid. She had grown up in a small, rural, deeply-religious town, where even the table legs were covered and referred to as "limbs" (apparently to prevent any impure thoughts).

One year at my fraternity Christmas party she was given a spray can of de-icer, which caused everyone to laugh and caused Carol considerable embarrassment. As her friend I had talked to her at length about her fears, but I didn't date her until our final semester. I had my own fears about sex, mostly about getting some girl pregnant, so we two virgins took our time as we gradually developed a more intimate physical relationship to go with our developing intimate emotional one.

Carol had a lot of cramps when she had her periods, and one of the extremely intimate things she asked me to do was to gently rub her abdomen through her panties (but under her skirt), moving not much lower than the beginning of her pubic-hair. The warmth of my hands and the gentle rubbing helped make her feel better. It also made me hornier than hell. Here I was with a girl who wouldn't let me touch her breasts, but who asked me to reach under her skirt and rub the front of her panties while she kissed me. Strange. But this experience helped reinforce one of my "tricks." Since puberty I could tell by the smell of a girl's sweat if she was having her period, and Carol's scent during these panty-rubbing sessions confirmed my own instinctual decisions about her menstrual cycle.

Carol was my date to my fraternity's spring formal, and she wore a wonderful strapless gown that gave me a terrific view of her breasts as we danced. After the dance we necked in a dark wooded area, and she allowed me to caress the tops of her breasts above the top of her gown. I also kissed them as far as the gown allowed, but I couldn't get her to go any further. But it was clear that my touches and kisses were starting to turn her on.

A couple of weeks later, on our last date of the semester, I managed to maneuver things so that we found ourselves alone in a friend's apartment for a couple of hours. As I had suspected, part of Carol's fear was having someone else know that she was doing "forbidden" things, and she allowed me to go further than she ever had before. I was able to unbutton her blouse, unfasten her bra at the back, then lift it up and caress her nipples.

Finally she let me kiss and suck her breasts, too. They were larger than I expected, probably 34C/D, and they were beautifully shaped. While kissing her nipples I undid my pants and guided her hand into my underpants so that she could grasp my penis, and she began to get really excited. Just when I thought I would be able to remove her blouse and bra completely, she suddenly let go of my penis, jumped up, re-fastened her clothing, and said she had to leave. Her face was flushed, her breathing was fast, and she was clearly aroused, so much so that I could smell her. She said she could feel an incredible warmth spreading through her body, but our intimacy had also frightened her. I took her back to her dorm, had a wonderful goodnight kiss, and the semester was over before we could have another date. The memories of touching and kissing her breasts and her aroused scent was more than enough to send me over the top as I beat off every day. I dreamed of getting her completely undressed, and it turned out that she was having the same dream, too.

I didn't need to leave to go to graduate school until the fall, so I stayed with my parents (in the same town as our college) and immediately after final exams I began work as the manager of a local swimming pool. About two weeks later Carol came back to town, rented an apartment with two other girls, and began summer school. I wasn't able to see her until Friday at the end of the first week of classes, although we talked every day on the phone. I arranged my schedule at the pool so that I could get to her apartment complex about four P.M.. Carol wanted to sun bathe (as if I didn't get enough of that!), go for a brief swim, go to a pizza place for dinner, then go see a movie.

I arrived about five minutes late, wearing my swim suit under my clothes, and carrying a bag of clean clothing to wear after we swam. The girls' apartment consisted of a small living room, a tiny kitchenette, three small bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small balcony which was visible through some drapes. Carol's attractive apartment mates, Joan and Karen, were both there when I arrived, but Joan was leaving to visit her parents for the weekend. Karen told me she was working the eight-to-four shift on the desk of a nearby motel that evening. After a little small talk with Karen, Carol came out of her bedroom. Boy, was I surprised!

In previous years Carol had worn a conservative one-piece bathing suit, but this year she had on a revealing white, two-piece suit that contrasted well with her early-season tan. It had a pull-on, hip-hugging stretch bottom with a narrow waist, and the small cloth top had a bra-like fastener in the back, with strings tied around her neck holding the top up. It was obvious from the jiggling of her breasts inside the clinging top that Carol had removed the liners, and I could see that her nipples were pressing against the cloth. I took off my shorts and shirt and wrapped my towel around my shoulders. We said good-bye to Karen, and Carol led me to the apartment complex's pool.

Carol told me that a guy from another apartment had been bothering her at the pool, and that's why she wanted me to be seen with her as she worked on her tan. I told her I would follow her anywhere if she wore that suit. She blushed and giggled, causing her breasts to bounce. At the pool she led me away from most of the other people onto a semi-private area of grass where we could lie in the afternoon sun. She lay down on her stomach, then completely un-Carol-like, untied the string on her top, unfastened the strap, and pulled everything down leaving her back completely bare. Then she asked me to rub some suntan lotion on her back and legs.

I did her legs first, and got a huge hard-on. Then I moved up to her back and rubbed lotion everywhere from her neck to well below her waist (where her suit began). The sides of her breasts were completely visible, and I rubbed lotion on them, too. She moaned little sounds of pleasure as I did this. My hard-on had become even stiffer. I lay down beside her, pressing my stiff prick into the grass beneath my towel.

Every few minutes Carol changed her position so that the sun wasn't always shining on her from the same direction, and each time I watched to see if her nipples would show. Unfortunately they didn't, but after several minutes of lying on her stomach she rolled over onto her back. She carefully piled the strings and straps of her top on top of her breasts in order to get as complete a tan as possible. Except for the cloth covering her areolae and the skin between them, her breasts were completely bare. I offered to put more lotion on her but she just giggled. As she lay there on her back with her arms at her sides I could see almost all of the breast closest to me, and I longed to caress it. She asked me why I was still on my stomach, and I told her that I would embarrass us both if I rolled over. Carol blushed, then giggled again.

After almost a half hour lying in the sun my hard-on had lost some of its stiffness, so I was more comfortable. Carol wanted to go for a brief swim, and we both jumped into the pool. My earlier observations about her suit were immediately confirmed. The cloth of her suit clung to Carol's body, and her areolae were clearly outlined. I told Carol that she was really getting bold since I could see her nipples. She blushed and hugged me. I could feel the points of her nipples against my chest and my erection was pressed against her thigh. After playing in the pool for a few minutes, Carol wanted to leave. I told her we had to wait until I had calmed down a little. She got out, and I swam laps until my stiff prick was once again soft enough to "hide" in my trunks. Then I got out, and we walked back to her apartment.

Joan was long gone. Karen had left a note saying she was going out to dinner and from there to her all-night job and would be back about 4:15 AM. For the second time I was alone in an apartment with Carol! We kissed in our wet swim suits and Carol made little purring sounds in her throat. She began to get turned on, but pulled away to get us something to drink. As she broke out the ice cubes, I asked if I could soak the chlorine out of my suit in one side of her sink. She told me to go ahead, so I wrapped my towel around my waist, tied a loose knot at one hip, then slipped out of my trunks, put them in the sink, and turned on the water.

I could see Carol sneaking glances at my bare leg below the knot. Carol handed me my drink, then glanced down at my towel because it was tenting over another erection. After a couple of swallows, I put my glass down, took Carol in my arms, and asked her if she had ever kissed a naked man before. The "old" Carol would have been shocked by such a question. Instead she remarked that I wasn't really naked, so I moved her left hand down to the knot at my waist and told her that she could correct that with one pull. Carol blushed, but didn't move her hand away from the knot. Did she want to touch my body as much as I wanted to touch hers? Had she really lost her frigidity? As I kissed her I carefully untied the strings at the back of her neck. Then I unfastened the catch on her top, but held the straps together, hoping she wouldn't notice. She clearly didn't since she was apparently trying to decide if she wanted to pull my towel off and that's where her attention was.

In the middle of a long French kiss, Carol slowly pulled the knot and let the towel fall. It didn't go far since it was hung up on my erection and it still covered my front. I told her she should pull the towel off and drop it on the floor. After another minute or two of a fantastic kiss, she did exactly that. At the same time I released her straps, and tossed her top into the sink on top of my suit. Carol let out a little scream and tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but I pulled her against me before her hands could come up. At first she acted like the "old" Carol and tried to pull away, but I kissed her and she stopped fighting. As we kissed I rubbed her bare back, from the edge of her suit to her neck. I gradually worked my way around to her breasts. Finally I was rubbing them, with my thumbs occasionally brushing against her nipples. Carol would get alternately tense, then she would relax and kiss me harder. Her hands had wandered from my back to my bare bottom and up to my back again. She was making little sounds of pleasure in her throat.

I took hold of her right hand, and lowered it to my penis. I told her to take hold of it, and she wrapped her hand around it and gave several gentle squeezes. Then she caressed my balls. My penis was now poking to the side, and she had easy access to it. I cupped both of her breasts in my hands and kissed them. Carol began to make strange little rhythmic sounds deep in her throat. When I moved my kissing from her breasts to her neck to her lips then back to her breasts, Carol suddenly let go of my penis, pulled away from me, covered her breasts with her hands, and said she needed to take a quick rinse-off shower so we could go to dinner.

She ran to her bedroom, then quickly came out wearing a heavy robe. She tossed me the bottom part of her suit and asked me to rinse it out, too. I was still standing there with my dong poking straight out, but she pretended that she didn't notice. She went into the bathroom and locked the door. I checked, and it was really locked! I thought about picking the lock, but I was afraid of getting too intimate, too fast. I washed and rinsed the bathing suits instead. Hers had a wonderful aroma of aroused woman. In a couple of minutes Carol came back out of the bathroom, still covered with her robe, and told me I could go in. I was still start naked. I watched her go into her bedroom and lock the door, then I went into the bathroom and I rinsed off. I got dressed in the living room. Carol came out of her bedroom just as I finished.

I held her and we enjoyed a long, passionate kiss, this time fully dressed. Then we headed to a nearby pizza place. We sat side-by-side, with our thighs pressing against each other. Each time she leaned forward, her breast rubbed against my biceps. I was acutely aware of her body touching mine. We finished and went to a movie. I don't remember any of it. In the darkness I held her hand in my lap, and she rubbed first the back or her hand then her fingers over the erection pushing my pants up. I had one hand over her shoulders, and I reached down inside her bra and caressed her breast. Every few moments we kissed.

The movie ended and I took Carol back to her apartment. As expected, we were again alone. I knew Carol was less inhibited with nobody around, and I tried everything I could think of to get her to remove her clothing. She finally agreed to dancing topless, so we each removed our upper garments and I held her breasts against me as we slow-danced. I was so excited I thought I would cum in my pants! I had never done anything this intimate before, and certainly Carol hadn't either.

After dancing for a half hour, we sat topless on the couch and kissed and caressed each other. Finally Carol remarked that it was after one, and I knew I needed to leave fairly soon. (Even though I was over twenty-one, I was living at home, and my parents still wanted to enforce rules such as not staying out all night.) So we stood up and kissed some more, still topless. Then I asked her to do one more intimate thing. I suggested that she go into her bedroom, undress completely, get into bed, and cover everything that she wanted to and that I would come in and kiss her everywhere that she was uncovered. At first she refused, but then she coyly asked, "Everywhere?" I said again I would kiss anything she left out of the covers. I told her that it would be a wonderful way to end an evening during which we had been so intimate. After some more kissing and breast-fondling, she smiled and agreed.

Carol went into her bedroom, her breasts bouncing, and in a couple of minutes called to me. In the meantime I had undressed myself, and I walked into her bedroom with an enormous erection waving right at her. She was covered with a sheet below her waist, but her top was in full view. "I didn't know you were going to be naked!" she yelped. I told her that the sheet would protect her, but that she could hold my penis just to be on the safe side. I straddled her on the bed, and she held onto my penis with one hand while we kissed. Then I slowly kissed her face, lips, and neck. I moved slowly down, kissing each breast and sucking each nipple. I continued kissing her until I reached the sheet at her waist, then slowly kissed my way back up again. I could smell her pussy, strong and musky. The second time I began to move my kissing down her body, Carol grabbed me and pulled me down against her. My penis ended up between her legs, separated from her pussy by only the thickness of the sheet. She kissed me passionately for several minutes. Finally she told me I had to leave. As I got up I saw a dark, damp spot on the sheet where it had pressed against her crotch, and the smell of her pussy was even stronger than before.

I reluctantly got up, leaned over the bed one last time to kiss her and caress her breasts, then said good night and went out into the living room to dress. Getting my penis into my pants was a problem, but I finally managed. Then I gently opened the door. At that moment I heard Carol coming up behind me. I turned, and there she was, wearing only her panties, holding her arms out to me. I held her, rubbing my hands down to cup her bottom through the thin material of her panties, and she kissed me good night. She said that a good hostess always said good-night to her guests at the door. I finally slipped out of the door with the blood roaring in my head. Wow! Carol had certainly lost her frigidity!

My balls were throbbing, so I ran down to my car, pulled out some paper napkins, and beat off. The cum came out so hard and fast that I almost didn't catch it in time, but I wiped myself off as best I could, put my penis back into my pants (with a wad of napkins to soak up any additional cum that came out), and drove home. Along the way I tossed the wads of cum-soaked napkins out the window, wondering what the person who found them would think! I had another date with Carol for the following night, and thinking about it kept my dong hard.

The next day I was again scheduled for the early shift at the pool, so I was able to leave by about 4:30. I headed for Carol's apartment, and found a note telling me to meet her at the pool. I put my shorts and shirt into my bag, and headed there. Carol was working on her tan, and "the guy" was trying to put moves on her. I cleared my throat, and told him that he was horning in on my date. He looked as if he wanted to argue, but Carol called me over, and I bent down and kissed her as she lay on her back, with her breasts barely covered, just as she had been the day before. "The guy" took the hint and left.

By 5:30 everyone had gone and we were completely alone in the semi-private grassy area near the pool, with Carol still lying on her back. She put her arms over her head, stretched so hard the loose top piled on her breasts almost fell of, then with a big smile asked me to rub more lotion on her body. I lubricated the fronts of her legs, then did her face. Finally I oiled her arms, then moved to her breasts. Carol lifted her top so that I could smear lotion all over her chest. She suddenly began to laugh, and pointed toward my trunks. I looked down and the head of my penis was sticking out of the leg of my trunks! She surprised me by reaching over and giving it a quick squeeze, then let me continue to rub her breasts. I was almost out of my mind with desire and her nipples were hard as pebbles, but we knew that someone could come down to the pool at any moment, so we had to be careful. "I think I'm safe from sunburn, but if you keep that up, I'm liable to be rubbed raw!" she said. I kissed her with one hand still on her breasts, then wedged my erection against the towel and lay down.

After about a half hour with nobody else arriving at the pool, we both got in. I still had a huge hard-on, and if anyone had been there, I don't know how I could have made it from the grass to the pool. We chased each other and kissed and cuddled in the water. She reached inside my suit and played with my penis and balls and I caressed her breasts through her thin, cloth suit. Carol's kisses got more and more passionate.

As she had done the day before, Carol got out and let me exercise until my erection was manageable, then we walked hand-in-hand back to her apartment. I dropped my bag just inside the door, and kissed her. Carol told me that Joan was still out-of-town and Karen was working the same shift and wouldn't be back until after 4. She kissed me again, then went to fix us some drinks. Once again I removed my suit and wrapped a towel around myself. I drank several swallows from my drink, then began to rinse my suit in the sink. Carol turned away from me, removed her top, then wrapped herself front-back-front in her large towel, ending with the loose end tucked under her arm pit on top of the first layer in front. Then she reached under her towel and removed her bottom. She dropped both into the sink and we stood there, wearing nothing but towels, and washed each other's suits. We wrung them out, and put them on some towels to dry.

Carol turned to me and we kissed again. Then she said that today it was her turn, and moved my right hand to the place where her towel was fastened. "Ever kissed a naked woman?" she asked in a throaty voice. I moved her left hand down to the knot on my towel and she grabbed it. Very slowly I pulled her towel loose, and slid it across the front of her body. I let go of the towel and it fell away from her back, but a third of it remained pressed between our bodies. Then I told her to pull my knot. As we kissed, she did exactly that, leaving both towels clamped between our bodies. I rubbed my hands over her back and bottom, them cupped her breasts. We separated an inch or so, and both towels fell to our feet. I moved against her naked body. My penis ended up pointed down, pressing against her thighs, rubbing against her pubic hair. We moved against each other, and Carol began to make grunts and moans in her throat. She moved her legs slightly apart and my penis pressed upward against her pubic hair and crotch. She tightened her legs together, squeezing my penis between them. I couldn't hold back. Cum exploded from my penis several times, splattering her legs and our towels and part of the kitchen floor. She tried to pull away but I wouldn't let her. Premature ejaculation, the mark of a real rookie! Finally my penis started to get soft, and she took hold of it. She seemed fascinated by its small size and soft texture. The smell of cum was overwhelming.

Carol told me not to worry because she had finished her period a few days before, so she couldn't get pregnant if some of "the stuff" got inside her. I told her I already knew about her period, and she laughed and then she remembered that I knew her schedule as well as she did. She told me that she had often smelled cum when her roommates had boyfriends sleep over, but she hadn't known what it was until now. She wiped us off with the towels, and she added detergent to the water in the sink and began to wash them, seemingly unconcerned about being completely naked. "I don't want Joan and Karen to get the wrong idea!" she exclaimed. I realized once again that she was more afraid of people knowing what we were doing than she was about the acts themselves.

We rinsed the towels and I wrung them out. Carol laughed as I, completely naked, sneaked out on the balcony to drape the towels over a chair. Then Carol, also still naked, headed to the bathroom to clean up. I heard the lock click into place, but this time I decided to ignore it. I got a small knife from a drawer in the kitchen, and popped the lock in a couple of seconds. I put the knife back, then opened the bathroom door and climbed into the shower with Carol. She told me I shouldn't be there, but I said that I had made the mess and it was my responsibility to clean it up. So I sat down on the floor of the shower, looking up at her hairy pussy, and gently washed her legs from her pussy to her toes. Carol then washed my penis, making it hard once again. We kissed and rinsed off, and left the bathroom. I grabbed my bag of clothes and followed Carol into her bedroom. Without saying a word, I began to dress her. I had trouble putting her bra on, probably because I really wanted it off! Carol dressed me, item by item. She had trouble getting my penis to fit into my pants, and she had to move it around a lot before she found a solution. After each piece of clothing, we kissed. Finally we were dressed, and we headed out to dinner.

We went to the same pizza place, "our" place. Although Carol didn't usually drink alcohol, I talked her into having some Chianti, and she really enjoyed it. It also quickly intoxicated her. She began to rub my penis with her hand under the table, and I began to run her thighs and abdomen, getting almost to her pussy. Carol squeezed her thighs together, trapping my hand, and kissed me. I could smell her musky scent. Finally we left and went to another movie.

Once again I had no idea what the movie was about. Carol unzipped my pants, then reached inside and took hold of my penis. I reached one hand up under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties, and with the other reached over her shoulder and inside her bra. Her nipple became really hard, and I could feel her areola swelling, becoming covered with little bumps. My hand against her pussy began to get wet as her pussy juice soaked through. I felt her virgin slit, and slid my finger up and down it through her wet, slippery panties. Carol began to make audible moaning sounds, and she clamped her thighs together each time I touched her clitoris. I covered her mouth with mine as she leaned her head back, stiffened and almost stood up, then began to shake against my hand. After a few seconds her climax subsided and she kissed me passionately.

Carol asked me what had just happened, and I whispered that she had just had an orgasm. She wanted to know how I knew, and I told her that I had done the same thing with another girl I had dated. She whispered that she had no idea that anything could feel so wonderful, and I whispered back that it would even get better than that. She shyly asked me if I had "gone all the way" with anyone, and I said, truthfully, that I had not. I told her that I had more experience than she did, but that I was still a virgin. I asked her if she had ever masturbated, and she said "No!" in a shocked voice. I also told her that I had never done most of the things we had done that afternoon and evening. Carol clung to my penis which was sticky with pre-cum, and the scent of her pussy was overwhelmingly wonderful. She said everything was new to her, too. I rubbed her wet pussy through her panties again and after a few minutes she had another orgasm, this one stronger and longer than the first. I muffled her cries of passion with my mouth as I kissed her.

After the movie finished, we rearranged our clothing, and stood up just as the lights came up. I pointed to the seat where Carol had been sitting, and there was a dark, obviously wet, spot. Carol blushed, and I told her there was another, bigger wet spot on the back of her skirt. I had her smell my sticky fingers, and she turned really red. We went out the exit at the front of the theater so that we didn't have to walk back through the lighted lobby, even though we had to walk around the building in the dark to get back to my car. Carol managed to get in without anyone seeing her pussy-juice-stained skirt, and we drove back to the parking lot for her apartment complex. Being careful that nobody saw us, we sneaked back into her apartment. I kissed her, then unfastened her skirt, and lowered it to the floor. The wet stain was very obvious. As I picked up the skirt, I looked up and her panties were so wet they were transparent. I stared at her labia until Carol realized what I was doing, blushed, and tried to step away. I reached up and pulled her panties down to her ankles. "We've got to wash these." I said. Carol was unwilling to stand there bottomless, so she raced to the bathroom, saying she was going to clean herself off. This time she didn't lock the door, and I follower her in, undressed with her, and helped clean her off. By the time we finished, she was breathing loudly and her labia were swollen and clearly visible through her pubic hair.

I followed her into her bedroom, and she put on a pair of shorts and a top. I talked her out of wearing either a bra or panties. Then I put on my shirt and shorts without underpants, and we left her apartment to wash her clothes. The basement laundry room was empty at midnight on a Saturday, so we necked and petted throughout the washing and drying. After about an hour, her clothes were clean and dry, and we went back to her apartment.

We undressed each other, and I told her that she should get into her bed, naked as she had the night before, covering whatever she didn't want me to kiss. She pulled back the covers, climbed in, then pulled the sheet up to her neck. When she saw the look of disappointment on my face, she laughed, then threw the sheet completely off, spread her legs, and told me to lie on her. I kissed her all over except she wouldn't let me kiss her through her pubic hair. But kissing her breasts and the insides of her thighs had her aroused to a peak. I rubbed my fingers against her pussy, and rubbed directly on her wet clitoris which was about the size of a pencil eraser and sticking straight up. Carol began to grunt, then cry out, and finally yelled "Oh my God! Oh my God!" over and over. The entire bed shook. I moved between her legs, and placed my penis against her labia. Everything was wet and slippery. The head of my penis slipped into her, then stopped at her hymen. Carol reached down, stroked my penis, and told me to be gentle but to push myself into her. "I want to make love with you!" she declared. Here we were, two virgins, about to enjoy intercourse for the first time, together.

I wanted to shove myself into her, but I knew enough from things I had overhead in the fraternity to prepare her further. I leaned up and kissed her lips, face, and breasts, with the head of my penis pressing gently against the entrance to her vagina. I reached down and gently rubbed her wet, erect clitoris. Carol squeezed my penis and began to moan and grunt. When I felt her begin to climax again, I couldn't hold back any longer, and I pressed myself forward. There was a sudden halt to my forward motion, then her hymen broke and I slipped all of the way inside her until our pubic hair was smashed together. The pressure of her vagina on my penis was hot, wet, and unbelievable! Carol cried out with the initial pain, but quickly began to move her hips against me as I moved in and out of her. She began to scream my name over and over, and I could feel her orgasm through my penis, and I spurted again and again into her. Finally we both were still.

I rolled over on my back, and pulled Carol on top of me. My penis flopped out of her. I cuddled with her, kissed her, and caressed her breasts. I asked her how she felt. She said she was a little sore, but still felt a warm glow throughout her body. She spread her legs so that she was straddling me. I rubbed my hands over her bottom. I kissed and caressed her face, her lips, her nipples, and her breasts. She reached behind her and rubbed my penis and balls. I got a quick, hard erection. Carol began to squeeze it. Her breathing got heavy, and I asked her if she still felt sore. When she said no, I quickly rolled her over, and rubbed the length of my penis up and down her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she gave me a passionate kiss and I slowly entered her, with both of us watching my penis. I moved all of the way out of her, then slowly all of the way in. Carol said she couldn't describe how wonderful it felt to see and feel me going into her. She began to push back against me as I got inside her, and her nipples got really hard. I quickened the pace and she grabbed her breasts, crushed them against herself, and screamed my name over and over as she climaxed. I hadn't cum yet, so I waited for a minute or so, then began my in-and-out motion again. Carol quickly had another, long and loud climax. I lost count of the number of times she climaxed before I finally felt myself letting go in the middle of one of hers. We called each others names over and over as her bed shook with our combined climaxes.

I kissed her as we calmed down. My limp penis slipped out of her, and we cleaned up the bed and ourselves with a towel and walked naked into the living room. Carol found some soft music on the radio and we held each other and danced completely naked. Carol kept having to wipe stuff off her legs as it dripped out of her pussy. She asked me how I felt, and I told her that I had never imagined that sex could be this wonderful. She told me that she felt a little sore again, but that she too would never forget our first love-making.

As we danced, the constant contact with her body began to affect me, and I slowly got another erection. It began to rub against Carol's pubic hair, then strengthened and reached between her legs. I continued dancing and rubbed my thumbs along the sides of Carol's breasts and her nipples. Her breathing began to change. Then she whispered, "I'm not sore any more!" I pulled the cushions off of the couch, put them together, and laid her gently on them. Then I lay on her and caressed her entire body, paying particular attention to her nipples and clitoris. A few minutes later I could hear wet, clicking sounds coming from her vagina, and she told me she couldn't wait any more. I gently slipped the head of my penis between her labia and she immediately exploded with an orgasm. I stopped, then when she was quiet, entered her completely.

After just a few strokes she came again, over and over. She was bucking herself against me, clawing at me, calling my name, sucking on my tongue, and climaxing almost at will. I was running my hands all over her body, pinching her nipples, kissing everything I could reach, and loving every bit of it. I finally shot my wad, what there was of it, and we both calmed down again.

Carol got a towel and we cleaned up what we could from the sofa cushions, then put them back. It was late and she told me I had to leave since Karen was due back in less than an hour. I dressed, and she kissed me and hugged me at the door. I promised to call her as soon as I got off work the next day. "When can we do this again?" I asked. "As soon as we possibly can!" Carol replied. We kissed one last time, and I headed home to try to sleep. We were no longer virgins! And we had both been good lovers!

To Be Continued...


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