The Best Erotic Stories.

Virginities Lost
Pt. II: Sex Education
by Leo Davis

Carol and I had simultaneously lost our virginity the night before, and I was still feeling a special warm glow from our lovemaking. As soon as I got off work at the swimming pool that evening, I called her. That's when I got the bad news. Carol said that when she got up, her apartment mate Karen had asked, "Well, you got your cherry popped last night, huh?" When Carol had asked her what she meant, Karen said that the smell of sex was all over the apartment when she came in at 4:30 am. Then when Carol had carried her sheets out in her laundry basket, Karen had grabbed them and found stains on them: cum, pussy juice, and a little virgin blood.

As Karen was congratulating a thoroughly embarrassed Carol that she was finally a real woman, Joan, their other apartment mate, returned from visiting her parents. So Carol's loss of virginity, which she had wanted to keep secret, was suddenly known to her apartment mates. Then that afternoon, to make matters worse, Carol developed sharp pains in her abdomen. Karen told her that she had the same problem the first time she had sex, so she took Carol to the emergency room of the student health center, and there the (unfortunately) male doctor examined her and observed that she had just become sexually active and had, in the process, contracted a bladder infection. Carol felt her reputation was ruined and that the bladder infection was punishment for having had sex before marriage. She told me not to call back and hung up on me.

For the next three weeks I called every day, but she wouldn't talk to me. I met her outside her summer school class, but she ignored me. I kept trying. On a Friday evening, almost exactly three weeks since our (to me at least) wonderful sexual activity, I called Carol again, but Joan answered. She told me that Carol had left for the weekend to visit her parents, but that she and Karen wanted to talk to me to see if they could help get Carol and me back together. I told her that I was very serious about Carol, and that I had tried to keep our sexual activity a secret to protect her. Joan said she understood, but that she and Karen wanted to talk to me face-to-face. I said I'd bring over some beer, and Joan told me to come whenever I could. I bought a case of bottled beer, and went right over. Since it was the middle of summer I was only wearing sandals, shorts, jockey shorts, and a T-shirt.

Karen opened the door when I knocked. She was barefoot wearing tight, stretchy short-shorts, and a man's shirt over a darkly-colored bra. She smiled at me, gave me a brief hug, and kissed me on the cheek. She told me to leave my sandals near the door. The two of us put the cold beers into a plastic tub and filled it with ice. Joan came out of her bedroom and also hugged me and kissed my cheek. She too was barefoot and wearing short-shorts and a bra-less halter top. Karen had long, brown hair and hazel eyes. Joan was a dusty blonde with light blue eyes. Both had excellent figures and were very pretty. Their breasts were larger than Carol's. I had really enjoyed the hugs! I hoped they had too, since working and training at the pool had left me deeply tanned and in great shape.

Karen poured each of us a glass of beer, and we sat on the sofa with one girl on either side of me. Karen lifted my arm and put it around her shoulders and rubbed against me. Joan did the same and my right arm was touching the skin of her bare shoulders. They turned toward me, rubbing their breasts against my chest and pressing their knees against mine. I began to get a hard-on. Joan spread her fingers and slid her hand up my body from my waist to my face, pulled my head toward hers, and kissed me, pushing her tongue between my lips. "Are you really serious about Carol?" she asked in a throaty voice.

At the same time Karen was rubbing her hand along my thigh. I answered that yes, I was serious about Carol, and Joan slid her hand back down me and rubbed my penis through my pants. Then Karen ran her hand up my chest and kissed me, also with a lot of tongue action. She asked another question, but I interrupted by asking in a strange, tight voice, "What are you two trying to do to me?" They both laughed. Karen stopped kissing me, rubbed her breasts against my chest while Joan continued stroking my bulging pants. "We're making sure you tell the truth! If you're turned on, your mind is on sex and it's hard to lie about other things!" she said. Then she asked, "Carol said you were still a virgin when you fucked her. Is that true?"

I was surprised that Carol had told them that, but I admitted it. Joan said she didn't believe it. Joan said when she "did it" the first time, her boyfriend slammed his way into her, then immediately ejaculated. (I didn't tell them that I had shot my first wad against Carol's legs while kissing her in the kitchen.) She said she didn't have "good" sex until nearly a year later, and that was with another guy. Karen said much the same thing. Her date had pulled her panties aside and rammed his way into her, pumped a few times while she cried out with pain, ejaculated, then pulled out and kissed her good night. Even after she got over her bladder infection she, too, had not enjoyed sex until several months later. Joan said that Carol, on the other hand, was walking around that Sunday morning after her first fuck with "the look." She had obviously been serviced and serviced well the night before. I didn't really like hearing something so private from relative strangers, but I was enjoying their bodies against me so I didn't say anything. Besides I was proud of myself for my first-time performance.

Joan said that I was either a liar or a natural lover. "There was cum on the refrigerator door. Did you screw standing up in the kitchen?" asked Karen. "There was a pussy and cum spot on the underside of a sofa cushion. Did you bang her in the living room, too?" demanded Joan. They had also seen the stains on Carol's sheets. "How long did you fuck in her bed, anyway? That wet spot was huge!" said Karen. I mumbled something about not discussing my sex life and they began to giggle. Then out of nowhere Joan said, "Don't worry. We're both on the pill!" They both giggled again. What the hell was going on?

They moved even closer to me, rubbing their breasts against my chest. They took turns rubbing my erection through my pants. I got even harder. Karen said that they would help me to get back into Carol's good graces ("Well, actually into Carol!" interrupted Joan) and they both laughed. "First we want to check you out." said Joan. Their kisses got more passionate as they kissed me, first one, then the other. I moved my hands from their shoulders and began to rub their breasts, Karen's through her shirt but Joan's underneath her halter top. "Now you're catching on!" Joan purred. She grabbed my penis as she kissed me. I could feel Karen's nipple getting hard through her bra, and I could roll Joan's hard nipple between my fingers. Between kisses and gropes, I said I was interested in Carol and I didn't think it would be right to get involved with them, too. Karen laughed and said that they didn't want to get involved with me. They just wanted to see if I could be as good with them as I obviously was with Carol. "If you can do it three times with a virgin," Joan said, "we wondered how many times you could do it with us?" They promised that this evening was our secret, and that they would never tell Carol about it. But, they said, they needed to know me better before they would help me with Carol. They continued to rub against me and kiss me and I played with their breasts. They were both playing with my stiff, covered prick. Three weeks before I had been a virgin. Now here I was making out with two new women at the same time! Unbelievable!

Abruptly Joan asked me how many articles of clothing I was wearing. I stammered out, "What?" and she clarified her question by squeezing my penis. "Are you wearing underwear?" I said yes, and she said my clothing count was three: shorts, underpants, and a shirt. Joan said that she was also wearing three items. Karen said, "Well, I have four on, so I'll take one off." With that she moved away from me and removed her shirt, leaving her breasts barely contained within a lacy red bra. My stiffening penis really caused a huge tent in my pants as she did this, causing Joan to point at it. Both Joan and Karen giggled, sharing some joke I didn't get. Before I could pull Karen back under my arm and put my hand inside her bra, she winked at Joan. "Okay, we're all even. Let's play cards." Joan said and they both giggled again.

They pulled me off the sofa, and pushed me down on the rug behind a small table, one of them on each side of me. Joan filled each of our glasses with beer from the tub behind her, and we drank them down, then refilled them. Karen began to shuffle cards. "Do you know how to play Hearts?" she asked. I said yes, that the Queen of Spades counted thirteen points and each heart counted one point, although if you got all of the points you "shot the moon" and everyone else got 26 points. Jane declared, "Well, we're playing a little differently. This is Strip Hearts and we don't keep score that way."

I was glad I was sitting down because my dong was pressing really hard against my pants. I kept glancing back and forth from Karen's large, bra-covered breasts to Joan's halter top. Joan explained the new rules: whoever got the Queen of Spades would choose an article of his clothing which the one who gave him the card would remove; whoever got the Ace of Hearts had to down a glass of beer; anyone who shot the moon got to both choose and remove an article of clothing from each of the other players; and the first one naked had to do whatever the person who took off his last piece of clothing told him to do. "Are you man enough to play, virgin-killer?" challenged Karen. "I guess we'll see!" I said and Karen dealt out 51 cards (17 to each of us), leaving the "extra" one face down. "This card goes with the first Heart trick," said Karen.

First we drained our beers and refilled our glasses. We each passed 3 cards to the person on our right, and I ended up with the Queen. Karen led with the two of Clubs, and we followed suit, with Joan winning. She led spades, and Karen won. Karen led spades, and Joan won again. She led spades again, and I had to put the Queen on the pile. Karen played the King, and won the trick but got the Queen. Two hands later I won a trick and got the Ace of Hearts (and the extra card on the table). Karen said that this hand was over since nobody could shoot the moon, and told me to down my beer. I handed my empty glass to Joan who refilled it. Since I had given the Queen to Karen, I got to remove whatever item she chose. She stood up and pointed to her bra. My throat was so tight I couldn't speak, but I got up, moved behind her, unfastened her bra, and removed it from her breasts. As it leaned forward to slip it off, Karen reached behind her, grabbed my penis, and said, "Hey! What's this poking into me?" They both laughed, and Karen turned around and I stared open-eyed at her large breasts as they bounced with her laughter. Karen cupped them with her hands, said that her bra had made her nipples hurt, and asked if I would kiss them to make them feel better. I kissed and sucked each nipple several times until she stopped me. "Never seen any so big before, have you?" challenged Karen. "Not in the wild!" I replied, and we all laughed.

On the second hand I gave Joan both the Queen and the Ace. She drank her beer, and Joan pointed to her top and grinned at me. I got up and finally figured out how to get it off. Her breasts were a little smaller than Karen's but still very large (especially compared to Carol's), and her nipples and areolae were huge! I gave her breasts and nipples the same kissing and sucking treatment that Karen had received, and she rubbed my penis through my pants as I kissed her. Karen whistled and yelled at us like she was at a ball game.

Staring at the two topless women kept me from paying attention to my cards. Karen gave me the Queen, and I gave her the Ace. She drank her beer, then asked what I wanted her to remove. I pointed to my shirt, and she flattened her breasts against me and slowly pulled my shirt over my head, keeping her nipples in constant motion against my chest as she did so. Then she kissed my nipples until they were erect. "He's got double-A breasts, right?" Joan inquired. "Triple!" replied Karen and again we all laughed. "Guess my size!" Joan demanded, and had me reach around her and cup her breasts in my hands. "36 D?" I guessed. Joan corrected me to 34 D. Then I did the same for Karen, and guessed 38 Double D. Karen gave my penis a squeeze, said that was close enough, and we sat down to play another hand. Their nipples were red and sticking straight out. Their areolae were swollen. My balls were aching.

So, there we sat, each topless and wearing our last two items of apparel. On the next hand I shot the moon. Each of them drank down their beers, and I stood in front of Joan. Very, very slowly I felt around her shorts then slid them slowly over her hips and down her legs. I kept my face against her the entire time, ending with my nose pressing against her pussy through her panties. I could feel her heat and wetness against my nose. As her tight stretch pants moved down, they almost pulled her white panties off. Joan just left them that way, with two inches of her blonde pubic hair showing above the top. I was looking at my first blonde pussy! I did the same thing with Karen, but her wet, red panties did come down halfway to her knees, and only stayed where they did because they were hung up on my nose. She left them that way and sat down with her entire black pubic thatch on display. I felt very overdressed. I could feel and smell both of their pussies on my face. Their breasts were bouncing with erect nipples, and I could see the wetness glistening between their legs. My penis was throbbing in my pants.

On the next hand Joan gave me the Queen and the Ace, so I drank my beer and waited for her to remove my pants. She began by crushing herself against me. Then she reached inside my pants, unfastened the snap, and slid my shorts down my legs. As she did so, she pressed her breasts against my thighs and penis. She started to pull my jockey shorts down, too, but Karen stopped her, saying it was against the rules. Joan stood up, gave me a hug, then suddenly tongue-kissed me. I ran my hands down her back and caressed her bare bottom down to where her panties were. I was just beginning to rub her breasts with my hands Karen told us to stop and play cards. I was beginning to feel the beer, Karen was breathing loudly, and Joan was clearly drunk and had lost all inhibitions. It was wonderful!

We knew that one of us would be the loser on the next hand. Karen somehow managed to shoot the moon. Joan and I downed our beers, then Karen reached out and pulled Joan's panties to the floor. Karen picked them up, sniffed them, smiled, and told me to sniff them, too. They were wet and sticky with Joan's juices. Then she rubbed herself against me, slid down me, and pulled my jockey shorts down. My penis snapped free and struck her in the face, and she grabbed it with one hand and began to suck its head. Karen felt my tenseness and asked me if I had ever had a blowjob. I admitted I hadn't, and she and Joan laughed, saying that they would soon fix that!

Karen stood up, still wearing her panties at mid-thigh, and said that Joan and I were the losers, so we had to do what she said. She told Joan to lie spread-eagled on the rug. Then Karen had me kneel between Joan's legs with my face almost touching her crotch. My erection began to bounce up and down with my heartbeat as I stared at her labia which were slowly opening as she watched me stare at them. She flexed her hips forward and back, exposing herself even more. Karen told me to kiss Joan's clitoris, and I said I had never done that before. But Karen ordered me to try, so I moved closer but I couldn't see it. So I kissed in approximately the correct place, and it quickly popped out, very long and red. I sucked and licked on it for a few seconds and Joan suddenly clamped her thighs around my head and screamed. She rammed her pussy against my face as she had an intense orgasm which I could feel against my face.

Karen told me to help her out of her panties. As I reached for them, she stopped me and told me to do it with my tongue. So I stuck my tongue out and poked it into her damp pubic hair and down between her thighs to the panties. After some difficulty I managed to get them down. Karen was breathing very hard and she was rubbing her own breasts. She stood over me, spread her legs wide apart, and told me to put my tongue inside her, and I did. She began to grind her hips against my face as I knelt on the floor in front of her. After a couple of minutes she began to climax, and she let out a series of loud grunts, then collapsed on top of me. I caught her and we ended up on the floor, with me almost lying down and with Karen straddling my lap. My erect penis was trapped under her bottom, sticking down toward my feet.

Karen kissed me, and Joan came over and began to suck on the tip of my penis under Karen's ass. Karen tasted like beer. I kissed and rubbed her wonderful breasts. I felt myself getting ready to ejaculate, and Karen knew this. She had Joan stop sucking on my penis, and said, "I won so I get first fuck!" With that she rose up, grabbed my penis, positioned it against her labia, then sat down. I was immediately jammed completely into her and I almost creamed her cunt. She sat motionless on me until I began to calm down, then she began to rock and roll on my pole. Each time I got close to climax, she would stop and let me relax. Karen was getting hot, too, but she knew how to be in charge. After several minutes my balls began to ache, but I was loving everything. Then Joan moved around Karen and sat on my face. Karen grabbed Joan's breasts, I grabbed Karen's breasts, and Karen bounced and twisted on my penis while I stuck my tongue into Joan. Karen climaxed first, and this time she yelled. I immediately shot my wad a couple of times into her, and a few seconds later Joan screamed and almost suffocated me as she pushed against my face. I rubbed both girls' breasts, and Karen suddenly climaxed again, also with a yell, as I pinched her nipples. Her twat was hot and wet around me, and my penis stayed erect inside her. Joan got off me, but Karen just sat there, clamping down and releasing my captured penis.

Finally she rolled off me and told Joan to clean my penis. Joan started to get a towel, but Karen reminded her that she had lost the game, and told her to do it with her tongue. Obviously Joan had never sucked another woman's juice off of a penis before, but she was still drunk enough that she would try anything. She lapped up huge wads of my cum and Karen's juices, and then moved up and drooled them into my mouth. Karen applauded and Joan tongue-kissed me. Karen's juice tasted almost the same as before, but it was spiced with my cum. As Joan continued to lick and suck my penis, Karen reached around Joan and rubbed her breasts. I could see Joan getting excited again, and my penis got fully erect.

Karen tried to tell us what to do, but I told her the game was over and I was going to fuck Joan. I pulled a couple of cushions off the sofa, spread Joan on them, and got between her legs. I had figured out from my sex with Carol that taking plenty of time was what made it so good for women, so I just leaned down and kissed her lips, face, neck, and breasts. She grabbed my penis and tried to put it into her. I kept myself just far enough from her that only the head would go in. Joan began to moan, and she begged me to fuck her. I reached down to my penis, pushed her hand away, and began to move its tip up and down her slit, each time bumping into her clitoris. Joan began to buck and jump and suddenly let out a yell. As her pussy trembled against my penis, I slowly pushed myself all of the way in. As I hit bottom, I pressed my pelvis hard against hers, pressing on her clitoris. She had another orgasm. As it subsided, I began to move in and out, twisting and turning. I changed the rhythm constantly, never letting her get used to it. I kissed and fondled her breasts. Joan began to grunt and groan again. I looked at Karen and she was rubbing her crotch with one hand and squeezing her nipples with the other. When Karen screamed with her solitary climax, I pumped faster and faster into Joan, and she raised her hips off of the cushions and yelled "Oh! Oh! Oh!" over and over. She had reached a nearly continuous orgasm, and I managed to keep her in it for a couple of minutes before I shot my wad into her. We both screamed as I did so. I rolled off Joan, and Karen moved over against me. The three of us cuddled and I kissed each of them over and over. I caressed Joan's breasts with one hand and Karen's with the other. I figured the evening was over, but I was feeling pretty good. I looked down at my flaccid penis which was shiny with Joan's pussy juice. Wow!

Karen got up and refilled our beer glasses. We sat there naked and toasted each other. We all had to take a piss, so we went together. Karen, as the winner, insisted that she hold my penis while I went, and she aimed me pretty well into the bowl. After they were done they had me wipe them off, something I had obviously never done before! Then we sat down to drink more beer. They stared at my penis, and asked what would bring him back to life. "Skinny dipping!" shouted Joan. She got three beach towels, and we each wrapped up in them. Karen hung an apartment key on a string around her neck, and we went down to the pool. It was completely dark and deserted. We tossed our towels onto the side and slipped into the cool water. Joan and Karen immediately began to play erotic games with me. I put my penis in each of them, but there was too much playing around and none of us managed to climax that way. The most popular game was seeing how long each one could suck my penis underwater. Another was having me finger-fuck both of them at the same time while they rubbed their breasts against me. After several minutes, they climaxed almost at the same time on my fingers. We were afraid that their screams would bring someone, but after waiting for several minutes, nobody came. Joan was kissing and groping me and asked what had happened to my balls. I explained what happens in cold water. "We can't have him ball-less!" exclaimed Karen, so we got out of the pool. I grabbed all three towels and threw them over a fence. I challenged them to sneak us all into their apartment naked. I had a raging hard-on by this time watching their glistening breasts bounce and sparkle in the limited light. Karen took the key from her neck and hung it on my penis after carefully warning me not to let it fall. Then she kissed the tip of my penis to make her (and it) point.

We were almost to the building when some people came out, and we had to hide in the bushes. I kissed and fondled both of them as we crouched down, watching. As soon as the coast was clear, so we slipped into the brightly-lighted entryway and ran for the stairs. Just before we got there two girls opened the stairwell door and gasped when they saw the three of us. Joan and Karen got past them, but they stepped in front of me with big grins on their faces, forcing me to slide slowly past them. One of them grabbed my penis and remarked that it was a funny place for a guy to carry a key. We laughed as we ran up the stairs. I was three weeks past virginity and already women who were complete strangers were yanking on my dong in public! What had I been missing!

We made it into the apartment without further incident. They kissed me and pushed me into Karen's bedroom. I ended up on my back with Joan sitting on my chest. She suddenly grabbed one of my arms and held me down. Karen grabbed the other arm and tied it to the leg of the bed with some kind of soft rope. Before I could react, Karen leaned over me, putting her pussy in my face, and tied the other arm. I demanded to know what they were doing, but they both just laughed. With Joan sitting on me I really couldn't move, and Karen had little trouble tying my legs to the other corners of the bed, leaving me spread-eagled and helpless. My penis began to sag. Karen held it and said that they would take care of that in a moment. Then Karen put a gauze pad over each of my eyes and taped them in place with heavy tape. I was now both blind and helpless.

I could hear them whispering but couldn't make out the words. Suddenly I felt hands touching me, but I couldn't tell whose they were. Breasts rubbed against my face, my legs, my chest, and my penis. Their touches were everywhere seemingly all at once. My penis sprang to attention once again. I felt someone sucking and kissing my penis. Then it felt like the other. Then the first. I was being blown by two women at once! I could feel their breasts on my legs. One of them was caressing my balls, and hands were moving all over my body. I felt my ejaculation begin, but somebody quickly applied pressure at the base of my penis, stopping me. They did this several times. My balls were beginning to ache and I told them so. Abruptly they released me and I begged them to finish me off.

The bed moved and I felt one of them grab my penis than sit down on it as Karen had done earlier. Whoever it was, she sat there squeezing my penis with her vagina, over and over. Then she began to move, twisting and rubbing her clitoris against me, occasionally leaning low enough that her breasts rubbed against my chest. How I wanted to reach up and hold them, but were they Joan's or Karen's? As she bounced up and down I could hear my penis making squishy sounds inside her pussy. I matched her motion, staying just a little slower than she was moving, and I felt her start to climax. I pushed my hips up as hard as I could and she screamed out a long, loud "Aaaah!" in a voice I didn't recognize. I couldn't hold back and I ejaculated deeply into her. She could feel my cum, and cried out as I shot my wad. Her pussy continued trembling against me, so I began to twist my hips on the bed. She screamed again, and this time I recognized Joan's voice. My penis was still erect within her, and she managed to move up and down on it several times, evoking yet another orgasm. She flopped down on me, breathing hard, covered with sweat. I could feel her entire body against me but I couldn't touch her! My penis slipped out of her.

She climbed off after a few minutes, and someone (Karen?) began to lick and suck on my penis. This continued for five minutes or so, and my penis came back to life. I felt hands all over my legs, chest, and groin. One girl was kissing the rim and head of my penis with her lips and tongue, then she would pull her lips back to the tip, maintaining pressure all the way. There was a hand rubbing up and down the shaft of my penis, and one girl was sucking on my balls, moving them gently between her lips and tongue. Then I felt a finger covered with something slippery moving in and out of my ass. I couldn't take any more and I exploded three or four times. One shot went directly into the mouth of the woman sucking on the tip of my penis, but the others could have gone anywhere. Then I heard them talking and making smacking sounds and realized they were licking my cum from each others breasts!

They took turns "sharing" my cum with me by tonguing it into my mouth as they kissed me. I could feel my deflated penis against my leg, then suddenly two sets of tongues began to clean me up as they had before. I didn't get erect this time. Maybe I was done for the night. After trying to revive my penis for several minutes, the girls gave up and untied me and I pulled the tape from my eyes. We got more beers and walked out onto the balcony and leaned over. We could see a couple way down below fucking on a blanket behind some bushes. We watched as his bare ass went up and down until, far away, we heard first her cry then his as they climaxed. "At least he finished last!" remarked Joan we all laughed. Joan got us more beer and we sat on the patio chairs and drank them. Karen got up from her chair and sat down on my lap with her legs apart and kissed me. She reached back and began to stroke my penis and asked, "Is he dead?" As I rubbed her breasts my penis began to respond and it poked into Karen's crotch. She jumped off me with a cry of triumph, and began to suck on it. She soon had me completely hard. Then she leaned over a low table and told me to enter her from the rear. I slipped into her easily and began to move in and out. Karen began to grunt with each stroke, and then Joan reached under her and started rubbing Karen's clitoris in rhythm with my thrusts. I reached up and grabbed Karen's breasts and pinched her nipples between two of my fingers. Karen began to tremble and shake, then she started to grunt really loudly, and finally she let out a scream that probably woke everyone in the building. I stopped pumping and waited for her to calm down. Then I started again, as did Joan. Karen came three more times before she collapsed across the table saying she couldn't take any more. I was still hard and hadn't come yet, so I pushed Joan face-up on top of Karen and drove my penis into her. Karen's bottom made for a strange cushion, but we figured out the best angle and my pumping had the desired effect. Karen was pinned down by Joan's weight and grunting "Unh!" each time I pushed into Joan. Joan began to have a long, nearly continuous orgasm, accompanied by loud shrieks of "God! Oh! Yes!" over and over. Finally I ejaculated with a loud cry, and Joan answered with another loud yell. By this time the whole building must have known what we were doing. Somebody on a balcony a couple of floors above us actually whistled and applauded after Joan's yell of climax!

We scrambled back into the apartment and climbed into the shower together. We all had to piss, and we just did it in the shower, with urine running down their legs both from themselves and from me. It took a long time to get everyone clean since I had to taste-check them and they had to taste-test me before we could certify we were clean, and juice and cum kept dripping out of both of their pussies, requiring additional cleaning and tasting on my part. We were waterlogged when we were done.

We went back into the living room and got our beer glasses, then we crawled into Joan's bed and the three of us cuddled, one on each side of me. While Karen played with my penis, I asked if I had been satisfactory. Joan jumped up and told me she would show me. She went to Karen's room and returned with a pile of Polaroid photos which they had taken when I was tied to the bed. There were closeups of my penis inside Joan, shots of first Joan then Karen sucking on my penis and balls, and a variety of other shots showing everything we had done. Joan said that I could keep them as a souvenir because they had taken two pictures of everything and they still had the other set. Then they got playful.

"If we ever get too horny and Carol is out of town, we may call you to come over and help us out." Karen said. "If you refuse, we might have to show these to Carol!" Joan said. I told them that they didn't need to coerce me and that I would come back anytime they wanted me to. I told them I had to leave so that I could get up and go to work the next day (I had the early shift at the swimming pool) but that I could come back the following evening. Joan had a date, so we agreed that I would come over about 9, that Joan would get rid of her date at the door, and that the three of us would see what other games we could play. With that they both kissed me and told me to get dressed. I wrapped the pictures up in a towel, kissed them both again (with them still naked), and went home. Would this help me get Carol back? I hoped so, but I also wanted to spend some more time trying to convince them to help!

My virginity was really over, now! Orally I had brought Karen to orgasm once and Joan twice. (A lost virginity!) One of them (I still didn't know which one!) had given me my first blow job. (Another lost virginity!) I had finger-fucked them both to climax. I had seen Karen masturbate herself over the top. I had fucked Karen with her sitting on me (New position, another lost virginity!) and also from the rear. (Doggy-style - another lost virginity!) I had fucked Joan twice with me on top and once with her sitting on me while I was tied up. (Being tied up was another lost virginity!) Both of them had multiple orgasms, and both of them had screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I was drained since I had come at least five times, but as I thought about what we would do the next evening, my cock began to rise in anticipation. I hoped they were both as eager as I was! At least I didn't have to beat off before driving home!

To Be Continued...


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