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Valley of Desire: Alien Infestation
by Glenn Beuhring

Being on the road used to make Max depressed. He spent weeks driving from town to town talking to strangers all day and spending the nights alone in one rat trap motel after another. He would lay there on the bed, thinking of his gorgeous wife waiting for him at home, worrying that a young woman like her would not be content to spend the nights alone. It was in this state of mind that he found himself in when there was a knocking at the door.

Quickly he threw on his pants and approached the door. As old instincts kicked in, he checked the peep hole before opening the door. In awe, he found himself looking at a vision of such beauty that he suddenly thought that he must be dreaming. The girl was 18 at most with blonde pig tails hanging over her shoulders. She wore a girl scout uniform complete with merit badges pinned to a sash that hung over her shoulder.

"It's the middle of the night," he thought as he opened the motel door.

"Good evening," spoke the proper young lady that greeted him with a smile. I am selling blow jobs to earn my next merit badge. Would you like one?"

Well thought Max, this was just about the most inventive whore he'd ever come across. He was about to politely turn her away when suddenly he realized that he really did want a blow job. "How much?" he asked.

Still smiling the girl announced that it was a $20 donation.

"Sure. Why not?" As Max was getting ready to move out of the way and allow the girl to enter his room, she suddenly dropped to her knees right there on the sidewalk. Nervously, Max looked around and while not seeing anyone, expected at any moment to be arrested or give some late night arrival to the motel a shock.

"Maybe . . ."

As he was about to suggest a more private local, the girl unzipped his fly and with skill learned by practice swiftly fished out his rigid prick. When he watched the soft lips envelope it, he completely gave up. Leisurely she slid her mouth back and forth, not stopping until her chin rested against his balls. She was good, he thought now bracing himself on the frame of the door for fear that his even now weakening knees would buckle any moment.

Pressure built deep in his testicles and as the girl's tempo grew, he knew it would not be long. Managing to open his eyes he noticed that she had stopped her previous efforts resting the head of his prick on her tongue which protruded from her wide open mouth. Just as the first burst of cum spilled forth, she looked up into his eyes as if to say thank you. Pummeled again and again by streams of gooey cum, she writhed her tongue about spreading it over her lips. Max's knees did almost give out, though he managed to keep himself standing. He expected the professional to spew out the tremendous load, instead she wiped what dripped from her chin and licked it hungrily from her fingers. She sat there feasting upon the sperm even as a middle aged woman walked by the door.

Startled by this sudden intrusion, Max did nothing to cover or hide his now softening member which dripped with sperm and saliva. The attractive woman just looked and smiled at the scene and continued walking until she came to a room which she then entered without even a second glance.

"Excuse me sir. . . Sir, I don't mean to be rude but I really have to be going." Though in shock at the recent events, he managed to retrieve $20 and paying the prostitute, he closed his door quickly.

A more restful sleep, he had never had. In the morning he was awake even before he took his usual hot morning shower. He had time to stop for breakfast at the motel diner and took the short walk across the parking lot. He was floating on air as he entered the small but quaint establishment and found a seat at a booth near the window. The feeling of bliss multiplied at the sight of the beautiful waitress that approached him soon after he'd settled in. Looking about the small diner, he noticed that there were only three people here.

A man sat in a far booth, and though his long graying hair gave him away as being older, his physique and warm gracious smile gave an air of attractiveness that even heterosexual men noticed. The cook, Max noticed was a dark skinned woman with the most enchanting brown eyes he'd ever seen. Max found himself watching her for several minutes through the little window that separated the kitchen from the waitress' station. It then dawned on him that with the exception of him everyone here was quite attractive in a unique way.

Even as he ordered his eggs and bacon, Max felt the stirring in his cock. The waitress wore her blonde hair in an old fashioned beehive hairdo that seemed out of place with the young face that smiled down at him as he gave his order. Her beautiful green eyes seemed to sparkle and her full lips made you want to kiss them to the point of being painful. Her body was stocky and full, reminding him of Marilyn Monroe. After taking a sip of much needed water he gave his order, loving the smile she gave him as she walked away.

As she left to put in his order, Max decided he better go to the bathroom before he ate. The men's and woman's room were in the back side by side. He entered the small room that housed only a urinal and a sink.

As he proceeded to relieve himself he heard the door to the ladies room to open. Suddenly he noticed the hole in the wall just above the urinal. He'd never done anything like this before but he couldn't resist the urge to lean down and put an eye to the hole. Expecting to see nothing but a black dirty hole he was stunned to see the lit room quite clearly. In delight, Max watched as the figure of the waitress came into view in front of the toilet. Her movements were slow and deliberate as she raised her knee length skirt, revealing a garter belt which held her stockings in place . Hooking her fingers on the waist of and a pair of white panties she lowered them until they fell to the floor. Moaning aloud, Max gaped at the full round ass that was now revealed to him. It was a thing of devine beauty unto itself. Max watch as she by surprise sat on the seat of the toilet with her back to him. Then as he observed the display, she reached between her legs. In this position he could only see the movements of her arms and the slight movement of her ass as she began rubbing herself. In amazement he gazed as her movements became more and more urgent. Abruptly she raised off the seat, arching her back and completely exposing her fingers that dug mercilessly into her parted flesh.

Afraid to touch his own flesh for fear that he would immediately explode, he watched as the woman began to gyrate her hips, fucking her fingers that continued their onslaught. Cries of rapture echoed through the small bathroom announcing to all that she was in the thrall of an orgasm.

When it was over, she turned to sit on the toilet, resting from her exertion. This seemed like a good opportunity for Max to make his escape. He quickly tried to stuff his still hard cock back into his pants that seemed to have very little room. He returned with a nervous gate to his booth, waiting for his waitress and hoping he would be able to look her in the eye. The older gentleman had left leaving just he and . . . that was funny, he thought. He couldn't see the cook through the window either. Just as he was about to sit, he heard a slight squeal that caught his curiosity. It sounded like it came from the kitchen and as there was no one there to stop him he walked behind the counter that separated the waitress station from the rest of the diner.

Once there, he had to stand on his tip toes to see the whole kitchen. Still he couldn't see much so he stepped on the little shelf under the counter. With the added support of his arms, he held himself there with ease, though his balls were pinned up against the counter uncomfortably. With a slight adjustment they now rested on the counter relieving him quite nicely.

He scanned the kitchen for only a second before finding the source of the squeal which was just then followed by yet another. The cook he saw was down on her knees and elbows. This position arched her back and caused her exquisite ass to raise in the air. Max saw the cook's white pants bunched up around her knees as the missing customer knelt behind her. From his vantage point, he could see as the pale skin of the man's prick disappeared into the cook's anus only reappearing after it could go no further. The older gentleman grasped her hips but she was more that willing to rock back and forth, impaling herself on his cock. As Max observed the show, he suddenly realized the scent of perfume that just surrounded him. "May I help you with something?"

Though he attempted to drop to the floor, firm arms held him in position. Turning his head he saw that his waitress had taken a position behind him and hugged him around the waist. "Don't let me interrupt. I'll just help myself."

She now held him with her left hand, reaching with her right to unfasten his belt and swiftly undo the front of his pants. Though certain he would end up in jail and subsequently divorced from his wife, Max only watched as she slid his pants and underwear to his ankles. He was quite aware that he was completely naked from the waist down in a diner that might at any moment have an influx of customers. As the heavenly creature grasped his hardened flesh, he realized one thing. He didn't care.

Precum flowed from the tip, soaking him as well as coating her hand as it slid from the base to the purple head. "Watch," she whispered . As instructed he returned his gaze to the kitchen and watched as the man began to ram in and out bringing more and more squeals from the ebony skinned beauty whose face he could see expressed only delight as her ass was filled again and again with increasing tempo. In spite of the fact that he was only slightly aware of his surroundings, Max did notice the creamer container that his waitress placed in front of his soon to explode cock.

With determination to see it to it's end, he once again turned his full attention to the couple. He could hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh as his thighs smacked her ass cheeks. The cook was now screaming in tempo to his thrusts which became more furious. Then with one final grunt he pulled free from her hole and began to spew one large wad of cum after another. The white goo could plainly be seen against the dark skin of the woman's ass. When the flow subsided, Max watched the cook wipe it off, and hungrily slurp it from her fingers as if it were the best thing she'd ever eaten.

Max would have fallen had it not been for the support of the waitress. The eruption of his own cum drew all the strength from his knees. He observed that his discharges were being aimed into the creamer container with very little spillage. Only after he was completely drained did she cease pumping his now sagging organ. She helped him fix his pants before releasing hold around his waste and taking the cum filled container to the cooler.

Confused about the recent events, Max made his way out of the diner to his car without another word. He sat there in the parking lot wondering if the whole thing were some kind of sick dream and he was still sleeping in the motel. After several minutes of silent pondering he came to the conclusion that if this were a dream, he hoped he would never wake up. Though he was uncertain about the reality of the situation, Max decided to proceed as if it were real. He packed up his samples and began his day of selling useless junk to clueless strangers. It sucked but it was what he did. He knew he had about an hour driving through West Virginia mountains before he would reach any kind of populated area.

All roads leading away from here were up a mountain. That is West Virginia terrain. Before the interstate, it was downright dangerous for traveling salesmen. Many slept in their trucks. In the winter this could be fatal.

After about a half hour of ascending the mountain road, he felt the sudden jerk and knew that one of his tires had gone flat. Cursing to himself for not taking more time for maintenance of his car, he pulled over on the very narrow shoulder of the road. Only after 15 minutes of searching did he finally relent to the fact that he had no jack.

He had seen an old house nestled in the trees back down the road. Maybe they would be able to help him. Though he was tempted to think of this as a bad day, the mornings activities would not allow him to make that claim. He briskly walked back the way he came. You would think that walking down a hill would be easy, however, to his discovery it took a lot of effort not to tumble down this steep mountain road.

By the time he reached the little dirt driveway, he was exhausted. determined to at least find a place to stay as the day was rather ruined for business purposes, he marched along the driveway that disappeared into a grove of trees. It dawned on him that you could not actually see the house from the road but rather just the entrance.

So quickly did it happen that he had no time to react at all. The rustling of the brush barely announced the ensuing burst of white flesh. The two girls stampeded from the cover of the woods revealing their completely naked bodies. The flowing of blonde curls caught his attention initially thought the even longer chestnut mane could not be ignored. In utter amazement Max surveyed as the slim but muscular bodies raced down the windy dirt driveway only to disappear into the front door.

As Max neared the front porch of the run down house, the screen door screeched open. Cautiously, a woman in her thirties, with curly, strawberry blonde hair emerged.

"Can I help you?" she asked, a slight hint of caution escaping in her tone.

"Actually, my car has a flat. I was hoping I could borrow a jack?"

Smiling a warm smile as if she just realized that her worries were unfounded, "Well you could but it would be with my husband, David and he ain't here right now." Stopping in his tracks, he smiled. Thanks anyway, he said as he turned to leave.

"Your welcome to wait. Would you like a glass of lemonade?"

Knowing that he will never make the trek down the mountain, Max turns back. "I certainly would mam."

"My name is Diedre, not mam, but we'll forgive you this time."

"Well thank you Diedre and my name is Max."

Making his way up the porch steps and was greeted with a lovely smile. Instantly, he became aware that she wore an apron and when she turned to enter the house, he realized that that was all that she wore. The white cotton covered the front of her to her knees, however, with the exception of a tied string, her entire back and a quite lovely ass was laid open only framed by the apron.

It had been years since he had more than one hard-on in one day. As if he were 18 again his cock filled again with blood and desire. As we walked through a comfortable but casual living room the stark naked girls lay on pillows in front of a television set, their attentions drawn to it. Their young, ripe bodies did nothing to recede the lust that brought him to life. He sat at an old kitchen table while Diedre went to the refrigerator. His eyes were unable to look anywhere but the full, round bottom that swayed as she walked. She filled two glasses of cold limonade and returned to the table. Smiling, she set one before him and sat in the chair to the right. As she was turned towards him, folding one leg across the other, Max had a wonderful look at her short but well muscled legs. Inwardly he was embarrassed that his libido was so out of control, though outwardly he smiled while keeping most of his lower body hidden by the table.

The cold liquid did wonders for his current physical state and in one gulp the glass was empty leaving only ice to clink as he set it down.

"Don't you want to take care of that Max?" she asked.

Confused he looked up into the woman' eyes. "Take care of what?"

"Your cock. Don't you want to take care of that? It has to be uncomfortable, all scrunched up like that."

Max could say or do nothing save stare in her face.

"Are you all right?" she asked, suddenly concerned that her guest was ill. Blinking once or twice, he looked around the kitchen. "When is your husband coming home?"

"In a few hours. Why?"

"Don't know," Max said fidgeting in his seat. "Thought you might be worried about him."

"Oh no, he can take care of himself"

That was cold, Max thought, for such a sweet looking girl. "Well, where?"

"Here is good if you'd like."

"Um, what about your daughters?"

"You'd like for them to join us? Well, ok... Pamela...Angela, would you come here?!"


Instantly the two naked girls charged into the room with the energy of youth. "What Mom?" they asked in unison.

"Max has invited you to join us."

"Yeah!" they screamed in exultation. He was quickly surrounded by the two girls who enfolded him in their arms from opposite sides, taking turns kissing him. Their tongues were sweet and with each slither the concern of the situation faded away.

During this time, Max noticed Diedre had thrown her left leg over him, straddling his lap while leaning forward across the table. Coming up for air the traveling salesman examined the round ass before him. Passion overcame him commanding him to discard his clothes which fell to the kitchen floor. Standing in a strangers kitchen was not unusual enough but the offering of this incredible ass while two teenage girls guided your prick into the pussy of their mother was unearthly.

Her warm, wet cunt swallowed his flesh ravenously, drawing him in completely. Unable and unwilling to hold back any longer, Max gripped her hips and fiercely began to ram his cock in and out of her womb. Diedre met each thrust with a bucking of her hips and a loud shriek. Diedre's pussy spasmed with each orgasm causing her squeal to raise to a screech.

The torrid copulation began to slowly move the table, scuffing the floor as it went. It was not until Pamela climbed onto the table that it stopped moving. Just as though they'd done it many times before, her daughter opened her legs before her mother. Max was only slightly aware that Diedre had lowered her face to her young offspring. He was much more aware of the tongue that began to lick his ball sack as it withdrew.

The screams were muffled now by the flesh that Diedre's lips were pressing against as her tongue slithered in and around the youthful pussy. Pamela ran her fingers through her mother's hair, moaning softly as wave upon wave of pleasure traveled through her body. She could hear the strangers breathing become frantic and the grunts that announced that he would soon shoot.

Neither did her sister miss the signs as she licked her target when it came within range. If she did not act at the right moment she would not be able to taste the treat except to dig it from her mother's hole. She did like to do that as well, but she especially enjoyed the taste of fresh, warm sperm as it shot from the cock. It was for this reason that at just the right moment, she grasped the base of the stranger's member and urged him to stop in mid thrust.

Angela closed her eyes, as she opened her mouth just as the creamy sperm fired from the cockhead. Warm seed splashed against her teeth and gums, dripping finally to her waiting tongue. She could hear her mother turn and knew that she had to share the prize. Reluctantly she opened her eyes and aimed the next shot at her mother's hungry mouth. Diedre caught the eruption, slurping up the gooey cum that dripped from her bottom lip.

The assault of cum that followed was distributed among the mother and daughter, dashing on chins and cheeks but eventually all ending up being lapped and licked up by the other. Max was amazed at their hunger for cum. He enjoyed watching them licking it from one anther's faces especially. He enjoyed it so much that he barely noticed that a man in a white tank top and blue jeans had entered the kitchen.

Prepared for the worst, Max braced himself for the attack that he knew would come from this man who could only be the man of the house. He would not fight back. He would deserve a beating for this offense. The man walked across the floor to the frig, from which he retrieved a bottle of beer. Pamela who had been watching her mother and sister share his cum, now launched herself at her father.

This man was large and quite muscular, catching the naked young girl with ease. He smiled, picking his light burden up, resting her on the crook of his arm. His strength must be incredible, Max thought. He's taken a beating before but this guy could easily kill him. To his utter shock, the man pulled his daughter's face to his and invaded her mouth with his tongue. The incestuous kiss lasted several seconds before his attention was drawn to Max once again. Diedre had raised from her kneeling position and with a total lack of concern approached her husband.

"Hello dear. We have a guest."

"Yes honey, I noticed. You still have some of his cum on you chin."

"His car broke down and he was exhausted from walking down the mountain," she announced as she wiped the creamy goo from her chin and consumed it like all the rest. Cautiously, Max moved towards his clothes. The unreal situation would not allow him to accept that this man would believe his behavior acceptable. As he began to get dressed Diedre hugged her husband and then turned, once again to her guest. "Would you like to stay for dinner Max?"

"Uh...well...sure," he responded, as he fastened his belt. Hey, he figured, if he wasn't dead by now maybe he would survive this.

"Good, it'll be ready in about two hours."

"Come watch some TV with us Max," begged Angela. The still unclad girls took him by the hand and led him to the living room where the television was still on. He was led to two large pillows that rested just in front of the set. Powerless to resist the vixens, he lay on his stomach with his legs stretched behind him. Side by side the three lay, watching first the "I love Lucy" show and then several others until Max lay his head down and slept.

The sound of news greeted Max as he opened his eyes. His young companions were absent from their place on either side of him as the sounds in the kitchen told him that Diedre still prepared the meal and a quiet shush told him that the girls were just over his left shoulder. Casually, he spun his head around to see what they were up to. Their father had changed into a large night shirt and before long had fallen asleep in his easy chair. His daughters were in the midst of pulling the hem of his garment up over his waist.

The size of the man's cock startled him for a moment. It's length was awesome, but nothing in comparison with it's girth. In comparison, the fingers that wrapped around it were tiny and the mouth that lowered towards it's upturned head could only massage it. It was evidently enough to get the desired effect. The cock filled with blood which only enlarged it further. Both girls now held on to it as two sets of mouths began lathering it with saliva. It was not until it pointed at the ceiling did the maidens begin stroking its length with two hands each.

Moans escaped their father's lips though he remained asleep. Four hands began pumping and two tongues began licking it's head it was only a few moments before Max could see the cock's veins pulsing. The girls knew the impending moment would arrive soon. Though they continued to stroke their father's cock, the movement of their tongues ceased. Pressed as close to the tiny hole at the very tip, the girls side by side awaited the fruit of their labor. Not until the first immense stream of semen jettisoned from the purple head did the man wake from his sleep. His eyes opened as he grasped a handful of their hair. With one last groan he arched his back causing his cock to rub the length of his daughter's faces. The white gunk washed over their faces and hair, covering them in one shot. Glob upon glob of spunk was propelled in the air seeming only to grow in measure. The girls just stuck out their tongues and waited for it to drip and splash into their voracious orifice.

When their father was drained and properly licked clean, they turned on one another, falling to the floor lapping up the coating of cum that covered their faces. Once there was no more to be had the nymphs swiveled into a 69 position and proceeded to lap at each other's barely covered cunts. Remarkably, Max noticed that once again his cock rose with urgent need. What audacity he had to strip off his clothes and approach his benefactor's daughters with a raging hard-on while he sat in a chair not more that 5 feet away. Angela heard his approach and with a smile lifted her head from it's position between her sister's thighs, making room for his prick to push it's way up the tight passage.

With Pamela still licking her sister's flesh, Max began pumping her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, pushing him to quicken his pace. Her ass was soft and supple as he kneaded it. In a frenzied effort, his pumping cock pummeled her soft flesh as her father no doubt watched. Without warning, he flooded her womb with his seed, letting out a guttural moan, still pumping until the sounds of Pamela's orgasm could be heard throughout the small house. His energy spent, he rolled off of the teenager and stared for the longest time at the ceiling fan that spun. After Angela cleaned the cum from her sister's hole, they giggled and ran to their bedroom playful! ly laughing. For the first time, Max realized, he and their father was alone. He then realized that he didn't even know his name, nor had he even spoken to him since he got home. He sat up and realized that he was looking at him. "Has it dawned on you yet?" questioned the man, who sat upright in his recliner.


"Things aren't the way they were."

"That's for sure. I never got this much sex in my life."

"That's only the beginning."

"What do you mean. The beginning of what?"

"Soon you'll start to get stronger, even younger. Then your loads will get bigger and bigger."

"Are you kidding?"

"Not hardly," he chuckled. "Our doctors say they're microscopic organisms.

"What? Are we talking aliens here?"

"Not necessarily, one theory is that these things lived on the planet before we did."

"What do they want?"

"To survive just like us all. In order for that to happen they need two things. One is a body to live in."

"Do they take you over, inquired Max, now just a little frightened."

"Not exactly, they heighten certain urges, especially in the women. It doesn't take much urging to convince a guy he wants to get laid."

"That's true... So, why do they want us to have sex so much?"

"Dr. Anderson says that they begin their lives as organisms in the water, then when we drink them, they come out of hibernation and start to work."

Now he was nervous. "Doing what?"

"Well, for some reason they can't live for too long in a man's body so they hitch a ride with the cum, which by the way, they consume evidently."


"Yep, like cheese and crackers. Once in the female body they multiply and send their offspring via the sewer system back into the water supply."

"If they live on sperm, why bother having them do each other?"

"We think that's when they socialize with other groups. I guess their social creatures too."

"Isn't it weird having your wife and kids controlled by these things?"

"Control is not really the word I'd use. Basically my wife is who my wife always was except now she will perform any sexual act anytime and anywhere. The control is so subtle she would tell you she does it because she wants to."

"It's still weird don't you think."

"It was at first but...Let me show you something."

Following the muscular man to what obviously was the master bedroom, Max was no longer afraid but curious to the Nth degree. On the wall of the room were pictures of an elderly couple. They looked familiar, probably parents, thought Max.

"Do you recognize them?"

"How would I? I've never met them."

"Sure you have. Max, meet David and Diedre Robinson."


"Yes. The elderly couple you are looking at are me and my wife not more that 20 years ago."

Max sat on the bed, confused and dazed. "They make you young?"

"Thank god no. I was a little wimp when I was 30. It makes you into perfection."


Immediately, they both marched out of the bedroom, entering the kitchen. Max was aware of the fact that he no longer even considered talking to David. His attentions were on the two young girls and the lovely woman who brought food to the table. He also realized that despite of still loving his wife, he had no intention of ever leaving this small town.


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