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Virgin Teen
by Sebastian

I quickly closed the folding doors, trapping myself in my sister Ashley's bedroom closet. Just in time to keep from getting caught, too. What was she doing back already? They told me she wasn't coming back until Saturday. But there she was bouncing up the steps, singing some song to herself.

Hopefully, I thought, she'll need to go to the bathroom, and I can make my escape then. It turns out I was very wrong about that possibility. Very wrong.

She tossed her travel bags on the bed and then sat down on the end, directly facing the closet. Trapped, I thought. And if she found me, her birthday surprise -- which I was trying to hide for her so she would discover it when she returned from her trip -- would be ruined.

I knew she couldn't see me through the small crack between the doors (I hadn't managed to close them all the way before it was too late). But I had a good view of her.

I guess I think she's pretty hot. That may sound strange coming from a brother, but then we are all mother nature's children. So what can I say? Sitting there on the bed in her tight faded jeans, her pussy straining at the crotch so I could see the sides of it pushing around the middle seam. The purple tank-top shirt she was wearing -- also tight -- and the black bra whose straps were showing on her shoulders. The long brown hair that she had just let down, setting the ribbon down beside her.

It wasn't until she unsnapped her pants that I started to panic. She would be pissed, I assumed, if she knew I hid in her closet and watched her undress. I had to announce myself even if it meant a ruined surprise.

And I would have if she hadn't done something that completely floored me. I didn't think she masturbated, though I guess I never really asked myself. But there she was, her hand slowly rubbing up and down across her crotch. I recognized her class ring with its blue birthstone. I never expected to see it so close to her pussy.

Her eyes were closed, and she had her head tilted up to the ceiling fan. The fan was turning slowly and stirring up the smell of her perfume. My heart was beating in my ears. I was surprised Ashley couldn't hear it.

There was, of course, no way I could announce myself. Too much embarrassment. Her breath was getting short and I could tell her face was flushing. Was she going to come right there?

She sat up and unzipped her pants, pushing them down to her knees. Black panties just like her bra. Then she lay back on the bed, shoving one of the travel bags off onto the floor. Both hands massaged her crotch. She spread her thighs wider, sighing now, absolutely positive that no one was around.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I pulled my pants down also, and started doing what she was doing. So what if she caught me? I wasn't thinking clearly at that moment.

I though she was close to orgasm and could not believe I was going to be so close to her when she did it. She had one leg lifted slightly, tugging on the wadded jeans now at her ankles. She kicked off her sandals, one falling on the soft throw-rug at the foot of her bed and the other clattering on the hard-wood floor. She pulled off the jeans and the panties. The panties she tossed at the closet and they fell just inches from the crack between the doors.

I wanted to grab them up. The smell of Ashley's sex juice was now starting to overpower the perfume. I wanted to grab the panties up and shove them into my mouth. Now that they were drenched with her cum. But I didn't dare open the doors.

With her pants off, she straddled the edge of her bed and began to hump against it, holding on tight. That's when she started saying my name. Over and over as she slid up and down the edge of her bed, wrinkling the blanket. She was saying my name while she was doing it. I wasn't sure how to think about that, but I knew I was enjoying this moment.

Before she climaxed, she stopped and slid off the bed. She got up on her knees and said she wanted to be fucked. Then she said she wanted me to do it. That was stimulating in itself, but what followed was simply unbelievable.

"You can come out of there," she said. "I saw you closing the doors as I came up. Decided to see if you would stay even when I...when I started fucking myself."

I opened the doors and stood there my pants down staring at her, flushed and panting and on her knees. I got on my knees in front of her and held her bare shoulders.

"Wait," she said and reached behind me to get the soaked black panties. "Taste these first."

She put them up to my mouth. I put my tongue out and touched the damp spot in the center. She did indeed taste as good as I imagined.

Ashley pulled off her shirt and let her bra fall to the floor onto the soft throw-rug. Her tits were full and round with small rings around the nipples. I got undressed and came closer to her, lowering her onto the rug. Her skin was hot and soft, the nipples hard little nubs on top of the soft flesh underneath.

"I've never done this before," she said. "Let's make it special."

I was ready to push inside her, my cock just touching the warm wet lips between her thighs. She grabbed hold of my back and told me to start into her. She groaned when I did, when I shoved up into the very slick small tunnel. As I thrust inside her, her hands moved down to my ass, and she started pulling me to her. Her breath came in short quick gasps and soon she climaxed around my cock. We clung to each other tightly, savouring our moment together.

When I later explained to her that I was in the closet because I was trying to hide her birthday surprise, she told me it was the best birthday surprise she had ever had.


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