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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

They both leaned over at the same time and kissed both his cheeks, and then passionately kissed each other just inches away from his face. He could smell them so close to him, almost taste them. They moved away from the arms of the chair and stood together closely continuing to kiss while directly in front of him. He was close enough to touch them, see everything they were doing, almost feel what they were feeling.

Wicked's hands were the first to move, she caressed Wild's face as they kissed. Her hair a beautiful backdrop to that white feathered mask made her so erotic looking, so desirable. Her fingers moved slowly lower until they reached one of the ribbons that held Wild's bustier closed. Slowly she pulled the end of the top bow and exposed the tops of a pair of the beautiful tits. He heard Wild moan softly and she took her fingers and entwined them in Wicked's hair. He could see their tongues move against each other when their mouths opened, each sliding their tongues into the other's mouth. They were so hot together, they looked so good.

Wicked opened another bow, and Wild's breasts pressed menacingly against the remaining ribbon. They wanted to be free, and Wicked granted their wish. The last bow opened with the slightest of tugs and Wild's tits escaped their capture with glorious abandonment. They both moaned into each other's mouths and Doug let out a groan of his own. What a sweet torture this was. It was truly exquisite to see these two beautiful women touching, enjoying each other.

Her red nailed fingers softly caressed the outer edges of the now escaped breasts while her thumbs traced imaginary circles around the outer edge of both areolas. They were a medium rose in color, and about the size of half dollars. The nipples were deeper in color, and distended about a half an inch. Wild arched her back and pulled Wicked closer to her then finally took her own hands and covered the other woman's with them.

Wicked shrugged her shoulders and the spaghetti straps slipped down her arms to just above her elbows. When she did that, the bustier rolled down of its own accord. The weight of her bountiful breasts pushed the garment downward and blossomed out for all to see. Doug caught his breath for a moment. He knew they would be magnificent, but that word was not quite adequate enough. They were soft pillows of unblemished beauty, with delightfully pink colored areolae. The areolae were large, twice the size of Wild's and the nipples jutted outward in defiant arousal. He wouldn't be surprised if they were three quarters of an inch long. They were made for licking and sucking, smothering and cumming on.

His cock ached and began to drip pre cum. He was more aroused than he could ever remember being. She took Wild's dainty hands and cupped them under the huge breasts. The woman's hands were dwarfed by their opulence. Wild began to caress them gently while her partner grazed her thumb nails over her own hardened nipples. Their mouths never left the other, but each new sensation brought additional twinges of wetness to their already soaked pussies. Doug's cock was as hard as a rock, straining, yearning for a touch, a lick, pounding with its own relentless rhythm. There were no longer just drops accumulating on the swollen, fat head, it was now a tiny steady stream. It was hot to the touch, and he clenched and unclenched the muscles of his ass fucking the air with his majestic scepter.

Wicked moved her lips down toward Wild's breasts, licking her way downward in soft tiny catlike oscillations, without the sandpapery tongue. Hers was soft, long and she used it well. When she got to the breast, she kissed it softly, moving around the pink center, being careful not to touch the nipple yet. Then teasingly she darted her talented tongue in and out whipping the nipple lightly, back and forth. Wild shuddered and let out a soft long moan, followed by one from Doug.

He was so close he could hear the lapping of her tongue against the other woman's tits and thought how he was going to enjoy feeling her tongue on his cock, on his balls, in his ass. The thought made his cock ooze more, he was ready to fuck anything anybody put in front of him. Wicked looked over at him and moved her tongue around the outside of her lips. She said, "I am going to lick some pussy, and I want you to watch me."

All he could say was "Oh God." The girls pushed the huge ottoman over to where he was sitting, and Wild propped her leg up between his, pushed her panties over to the side of her crotch, and slid two fingers inside. Her eyes closed and she moaned again. Wicked took Wild's hand away and placed those fingers inside her mouth licking and sucking them off loudly. "You taste so fuckin good," she exclaimed, and then kissed the other girl yet again. While she did, she pulled Wild's panties down and she stepped out of them. Wild arranged herself on the ottoman so that Doug had a perfect view of everything going on.

Wicked spread Wild's legs wide open and then took her red nailed hands and opened up the woman's dripping cunt. Doug could clearly see how excited she was, she was so fuckin hot and wet. Wicked bit her friend lightly on the inside of the thighs, then dragged her hot tongue upward toward her crotch. That action caused Wild to cry out and grasp for her partner's head. Wicked pushed her hands away and placed them on her tits. "Play with your nipples for Doug, he likes that, don't you Doug?"

"Oh yeah, I like it all!" he gasped. Wild started to pinch and tweak her own nipples while Wicked spread out her pussy even further so that the head of her clit could be clearly seen. It too was swollen and distended, easy to find and Wicked wasted no time in moving her tongue around the erotic little button. She buried her face in the other woman, licking her softly but so that she could be felt, long licks from her ass to her clit, and then back down again. She flicked her tongue over the girl's clit lightly and then more vigorously, her head a barrage of red glistening fury. She tongue fucked her, probing hard, so that the other woman fucked her tongue as she pushed the small cock-like protrusion into her liquidy orifice. Wild was groaning steadily, uttering unintelligible things. Her head was moving back and forth on the ottoman.

Doug knew she was almost ready to cum, and so did Wicked. Wicked leaned back, and placed two of her fingers into Doug's mouth, he sucked and wet then eagerly. She took them out of his mouth and slowly drilled them into Wild's saturated pussy. While she finger fucked her, she began to suck and tongue lash her clit. Wild began to fuck Wicked's face uncontrollably. She grabbed her head and thrust it further inside her womanhood, if that was possible, and wrapped her legs around her tightly. Her body started to arch and buck and became wracked with spasms. She screamed "Oh God!" over and over again, each time pumping furiously against the other woman's face and fingers. Finally, her grip on Wicked released and Wicked moved out from her temporary prison.

She turned to look at Doug, her face was glistening with the other woman's sweet love juices. She leaned over and pressed her soft soaking wet lips onto his, her tongue inside his mouth instantly letting him taste the other woman as well as herself. It was too much for Doug, his cock was in flames, he needed release. With one huge thrust his churning cum was like a pneumatic piston inside his cock that had reached maximum overdrive and he shot a huge load far out into the room. Wicked moved her lips from his mouth to his cock in time to take the remaining smaller explosions down into her throat, swallowing in gulps, taking him in as quickly as she could. He screamed in ecstasy. He couldn't remember when he had cum so much and so hard.

In his dreamlike state, he shouted "RED." From a speaker somewhere mounted in the room he could hear Jack say, "OK, I'm taking a break, be back in 10 min. There is an hour and twenty minutes left to tape." And then the room was momentarily silent.

Doug was the first to speak saying, "You two women are so hot, I couldn't control myself anymore. I'm not embarrassed either, I am not sure how I lasted that long!"

Wicked said, "You are a really sexy man, the rest of the session is going to be just as hot. Let us clean up, we'll bring you a warm cloth and towel, and get you ready for some more fun." She walked over to a door at the far corner of the room, it looked like a lavatory door, and when she opened it, that is what it was. It even had a shower.

The two girls disappeared inside and were in there for only a few minutes when they returned with his warm cloth and towel. They cleaned his genital area gently and then toweled him off. The touch of their hands made him harder still. He hadn't become soft, he had remained aroused, he was still very much excited. After they had finished he said, "It is my turn now. Wicked I want to lick every part of you, If you would please remove all your clothes, and Wild, while I am eating your friend, I want you to suck my cock, my balls. Is that OK with you girls?"

They looked at each other and laughed. Wild said,, "We thought you would never ask!" Doug laughed too.

Wicked said. "Jack, we're ready any time you are."

To which Jack said. "Rolling now." Wicked walked over to the wall and hit a button. The room filled with a very sexy jazz number. Something you would hear in a high class strip joint, and that is exactly what she did. She began to strip for Doug. She stood in front of him, moving so seductively, her huge tits still outside of the bustier, and the nipples still hard and hot. She grabbed her tits, one in each hand and began to roll them around, milking them, sort of grinding them with her hands to the music. She was close to him, she bent over and teased him with them, brushing his face with them, letting him stick his tongue out and then pushing a hard nipple into his mouth.

He pulled the nipple gently with his teeth as she backed away and it stretched for a moment and then she was gone. She stood farther away, swaying to the music and began to unhook the bustier letting it drop to the floor when she was done. She placed each foot on his chair and removed her stockings, he massaged her legs as she did. She turned around for him, removing her panties lastly and then turned slowly, letting him see the full frontal view of her. She was awesome. A flawless work of Rubenesque art. Soft, supple and sexy.

He stood up and took her in his arms, his huge cock between them, pressing into her as he did. She gave herself up completely to him, her arms wound around his neck, her hands in his hair. He bent slightly and pressed his lips to her mouth softly at first and then more aggressively. His hands held the sides of her face, he didn't want to let it go. Her lips were like candy, sweet and succulent, his tongue licked them moving around in a circle and then back to where it first started. Her mouth was warm and inviting, he pressed his tongue inside and she allowed him the pleasure of being there. He probed her open mouth deeply, passionately, gently sucking at her tongue and she did the same to his.

All the while the music continued that soft grinding rhythm and his body churned into hers, lightly, wanting to meld into her. He removed her mask, and pushed his hands through her flowing mane. She was a glorious sight to behold, he caressed her face, his fingers trailing through her hair. Small sounds of pleasure began to escape from her lips. His rigid cock began oozing again. He moved her slowly over to the bed and had her lie on her back. He lie down next to her, taking her in hungrily with his eyes. All this time Wild had quietly watched from the other arm chair in the room, but now she joined them on the bed, she had a bottle of massage lotion in her hand. She whispered, "While you are pleasuring Wicked, I will be pleasuring you."

All he could think was, "Damn, I'm gonna like this." His hands began to caress Wicked's body. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down, making sure not to miss an inch of skin. He wanted to touch all of her, leaving nothing unlicked, unfelt. His lips again found hers and their kisses were powerful, tiny bursts of delight kept sweeping through her pussy. He pushed his knee in between her legs, letting her press her bare womanhood against him, almost humping him like a dog in heat. He could feel the wetness of her there. Soft hands were on his back, massaging in a warm silky liquid, it relaxed him and excited him at the same time.

His mouth left Wicked's and began to trail through her hair, and he pressed his lips to her ear whispering how excited he was to be with her. How hot and sexy he thought she was. His hands were on her huge breasts now, kneading them softly between his fingers. He kissed each gently and teased the hard nipples with the tip of his tongue. He placed his teeth on one and pulled it up letting it fall back in place, she groaned at the touch of his lips on her tits. She let her hands drift onto his chest and began to tease his nipples with her nails. Rapidly flicking them over his tiny nipples. He loved the sensation, it made his hard cock even harder. He pressed himself again into her plushness, she could feel how rocklike he was and longed to feel him inside of her.

Wild's hands traveled downward working on Doug's rounded ass. She had a thing for guys asses, liked to massage them, tongue them, and Doug's was no exception. She went to work diligently, kneading the sexy cheeks with her tiny pliable hands. Her thumbs pulled up large clumps of hard flesh and let it drop again. Almost like big pinches, but much more enjoyable. She worked the silky smooth lotion into his ass, then rubbed some on her tits and rubbed her tits on his ass. He could feel what she was doing and he began to move his ass against her tits.

His mouth was on one of Wicked's nipples sucking greedily, licking loudly. Wicked continued to pinch and play with his nipples. Wild moved lower so that her face was even with Doug's ass and she splayed her fingers over his ass cheeks and separated them slightly. She started at the top of the separation and pressed her tongue between them, letting it move downward inside about an inch and all the way to his balls. Doug's cock started to drip like a faucet, he pressed his ass into Wild's face, making the crack of his ass more accessible to her. She spread him open farther exposing his hole to her. Tight, puckered, wet with her saliva.


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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