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His hands began to trace the swell of her stomach, she was arching her back, pressing her hot wet pussy into his knee more furiously now, she wanted his face there. He wanted to touch her first. He spread her legs open with his hand and placed the palm of his hand over her hairless mound. His fingers were drenched, she was soaked. Her wetness had seeped past her lips and had dripped between her legs. His middle finger started at her ass and slid along the outside of her lips to the top of her mound. He quickly placed the finger in his mouth so he could sample her. She was all he had dreamt of and more.

He whispered to her, "I want to taste you now." And with that, he spread her legs wide open and got on his knees in front of her, resting on his forearms. His fingers held her legs open while his lips started at her knees and moved inward and upward until they kissed their way to their slippery goal. At the same time, Wild had maneuvered in behind Doug and she began licking his ass again, but this time probing his hole with her tongue hesitantly at first, licking at the outer perimeter, then more aggressively, until she was fucking his ass at a slow and steady pace. Doug's cock was on fire again, between his face in Wicked's hot, delicious cunt and Wild's tongue in his ass, he didn't know how long he would be able to last.

Wild slid herself underneath Doug so that she would be able to suck his cock while he was busy elsewhere. He gazed into her saturated femininity, then he placed his lips delicately on one side and began licking her entire outer labium. She moaned with pleasure undulating under his tongue, massaging her own mammary glands squeezing the nipples between her fingers and pulling upward.

Wild placed both of her tiny hands around Doug's manhood and was amazed at how hard and huge he was. She teased him with her mouth, licking the swollen head of his cock with her tongue in small tiny circles around the hole in the tip. It was wet and dripping and as she pulled her lips away for a moment a long strand of pre-cum followed draped from his dick to her mouth. She licked it away and then went back and lowered her mouth over the entire head, sucking in as she did.

As promised, he left no part of her womanhood unlicked, and he softly held her outer lips open with his thumbs, spreading them open as wide as he could, he wanted to consume her alive. He anointed his entire face with the juice from her dripping pussy. He wanted to breath in her fragrance for hours, somehow hold on to her essence for all eternity.

Wild's lips on his cock felt wonderful. She was taking long hard wet licks all the way up one side and down the other. She too manipulated him so that he was entirely wet between his pre-cum and her mouth juices. She licked down past the base of his cock and gathered one of his balls into her mouth and began sucking on it, rolling it in her mouth gently while lethargically stroking his penis with her hands. When she was finished with one, she took in the other, treating it the same sensual way. He was straining against her hands, it all felt so good, he wanted it to last forever.

Wicked was ablaze with desire, his tongue in her pussy was as great a pleasure as she had ever received. He moved it adeptly, knowing exactly where and when to apply pressure or just the hint of a flutter. He circled his tongue around her vaginal opening, teasing, teasing her incessantly. She wanted to fuck his tongue, but he removed it just before she could grab it with her vaginal muscles. He moved in slow motion around her clitoris, his tongue so soft, exciting her so. Then he began to flick over it lightly, and placed one of his fingers into her opening, pressing it in slowly, making her beg him to fuck her. "Oh God Doug, make me cum, please.....," she cried.

Doug smiled, tell me how you want me to make you cum, Wicked."

"I want to cum all over your face," she said breathlessly. She was breathing hard, almost in gasps.

"You only had to ask," was his reply. He placed his fingers in an inverted V outside her clit, spreading out the skin, making it taut. He began to lick her steadily, increasing the pressure as he went. He took two fingers of his other hand and slid them in to her gushing hole. She groaned, flooding his fingers with her love juices while fucking his fingers with her pulsating hips.

Wild had moved her mouth back up to his hot cock and began to suck him, letting her lips move lower and lower each time she renewed her attempt. She moved her mouth and tongue in a swirling motion and as she ascended her lips from his cock she moved her mouth in a spiraling direction upward while still sucking him in. She paced herself though, she didn't want to make him cum, just let him wallow in pleasure. His dick was so hot and heavy, it wouldn't take much to make him cum so she took her time and really enjoyed what she was doing. She took her free hand and began fingering her own sodden slit.

He switched positions using his fingers now to manipulate her clit so he could fuck her with his tongue. He wanted to taste her fully, have her saturate his face with her creamy hot sauce. He ground his face into her then holding nothing back, wanting her to feel him penetrating her vagina with his torrid tongue. She reached for the back of his head, holding him in place there pumping his tongue wildly while feeling the heat of his constant barrage on her clit rise from her feet up into her pelvic region. Lights began to flash inside her closed eyelids and she began to feel the beginning of a truly sensational orgasm. She started to ride the wave of a huge spasm, her whole body tensed, held, and then shuddered in release. She shrieked. He plunged his tongue further inside her, lapping her juices as fast as he could. He could feel her pulsating orgasm against his face, his lips. She was like thunder and lightning all rolled into one. Her legs began to shake, and Wild had to stop what she was doing, she was afraid he would cum. He was almost as vocal as Wicked was, he was truly enjoying himself. It was then that he yelled "RED!"

From the speaker again came Jack's voice, "You guys are looking good. Another ten minute break and 23 minutes left on the clock. Holler when you're ready." Jack was dismayed for a moment, only 23 minutes left, he felt like he had just started. But he knew the rules, one appointment, one chance. He would make the most of it. They all knew what they wanted next. They didn't even have to discuss it. The girls went back into the bathroom to freshen up and they again brought him a warm wet cloth and a dry towel. He walked over to his jeans and took out the rubbers. He shook the package in the air and asked if he had a volunteer to put it on him. Both women giggled and raised their hands in unison. He shouted at the hidden microphone, "You can start rolling Jack."

Jack answered back, "I'm right on it!" He smiled at them and walked over to them, his cock still hard and rigid. The veins were distended forming huge cablelike masses under the soft silky skin. It was an angry red color, and hot to the touch. Wicked grasped him with both hands around the base, holding him still, pausing to kiss the tip with her pretty pink lips. She poked the tip of her tongue into the tiny hole for a second, and then removed it. Wild began to unroll the condom with her fingers, getting it started, then placed it at the tip of his penis and continued to roll it down almost struggling to keep it from rolling up again. He was large, it was a very tight fit, but it finally managed to stay down.

He told the girls he wanted to fuck them. Both of them, as much at the same time as possible. So he had them get on their hands and knees, doggie style, his favorite position. The two women got on the bed, close enough to each other to be touching shoulders, their feet just over the edge of the bed. Doug came up behind them, suited and ready for action. He had the massage lotion in his hand. He drizzled the lotion over first Wild, then Wicked's ass. He rubbed it in with his hands, one on one woman and the other on the other. He massaged their anal area with the lotion and then applied more lotion to his hands and slid his hands back and forth along their pussy lips and inner labium, making them saturated with slippery stuff. He then took the bottle and dumped a dollop on his encased appendage and lubed himself to the hilt.

He first grabbed Wild by the hips and began to ease himself into her. The girls moved closer together and began to kiss again passionately. The effect on Doug was instantaneous, he could watch them make love all night long. They suited and complimented each other well. Wild felt her pussy being stretched to the limit, but it felt so good. She began to ride his cock, pressing into him as he pushed into her. Doug's thumb started to circle around her tight asshole, teasing it with the lotion, making her squirm.

He reached down with his other hand and began to slide his hand back and forth on the outside of Wicked's slippery pussy. Slowly working his way inside massaging her, getting her ready for him. They were all moving in the same rhythm, a sort of communal fuck dance. Doug eased his cock out of Wild's pussy and moved over to Wicked. He now played with Wild's pussy manually while he teased Wicked by sliding his cock down the entire length of her crack. He did that several times, each time slapping his huge piece of meat against her plump ass watching the lotion scatter out from under the weight of it. He was really teasing her like she had teased him.

She started to beg him to fuck her. "Please slide your glorious cock into my hot hole!", she pleaded.

He laughed, "Excuse me, not sure I heard you right?" She said, "Fuck me with your hard fuckin cock, I need it, I want it!" "Oh, did you say you wanted this?" And with that he plunged powerfully into her palpitating passage. Her mouth was filled with Wild's tongue, but she shrieked all the same. He stood stock still, he was afraid to move, the velvet like folds inside her vagina opened up and consumed him fully. She took him in greedily, lustfully. Her muscles pulled against him, not wanting him to leave. He pulled out almost all the way and then plunged in again. Again she groaned loudly, he felt incredibly good. He began to slide in and out slowly, letting her follow his rhythm, his balls were wet with ooze, both hers and Wilds.

He took three of his fingers and pushed them into Wild's juicy cunt. She began to fuck them hard. She reached her own hand between her legs and began to massage her hot swollen clit. He continued to pound into Wicked's slippery pussy, his balls slapping her ass splattering juicy ooze all over her. She began to moan relentlessly. He felt that boiling sensation in his balls again.

He was hoping they would cum at the same time, but Wild was first. That is exactly what she screamed, "I'm cumming, God it feels so good!" He could feel the contractions of her pussy around his fingers, feel the warm fluid of her orgasm coating his fingers. When she stopped moving against him, he slowly removed his hand, and grabbed Wicked by the hips with both of his hands. He pulled her upward so that she was on her knees, but upright. He placed his hands around her chest and cupped her huge tits in his hands as well as he could. He breathed into her hair, whispered to her he wanted her to cum on his cock.

Wild moved around to the front of Wicked and slid in backwards under her. Just her face and lips under Wicked's pussy. She spread open her red hot cunt lips and began to lick her clit while Doug fucked her from behind. Wicked closed her eyes, placed her hands over Dougs and held on for dear life. Between Wild sucking on her clitoris and Doug filling her pussy from behind Wicked let all the pleasure she was receiving take its course. Her body started to tense and then her pussy started to contract. One heart stopping spasm after another found her groaning with passion over and over.

Doug too was close, but he wanted his cock to be free to cum on this woman, the one he thought most erotic, most desirable. When he knew she was spent, he eased himself out of her and asked her to turn around and sit on the edge of the bed. As she did, he pulled off the condom and pressed his huge erection between her mammoth tits, she squeezed them together for him as he began to fuck them hard. He knew the explosion was eminent and braced himself between her legs. He grabbed the base of his cock and pulled it out from between her breasts, he tilted her face upward and as before, the first hot wad jettisoned out into the room. She opened her mouth and he aimed for it and actually hit her lips twice. The rest he let hit her breasts where his other hand rubbed it in.

His legs were shaking when he was done. Wicked's face was wet with his cum, but she still looked great. Wild had joined them at the edge of the bed, her face wet with Wicked's latest offering. Jack's voice wafted over the speaker, "You guys did good, and with about 2 minutes to spare, I guess that's a wrap." Doug said, "I guess it is." Nobody said anything as he dressed. He did so slowly, not wanting to leave, wanting to live the whole experience over again. But he guessed that is what the tape was for, so he could do just that.

Jack came down from upstairs and handed him a tape box. It was a large version of her card. The same sexy, sensual design. "Here you go, hope you enjoyed yourself, you sure looked like you did," remarked Jack.

"Thanks, I really did," replied Doug. The girls walked him to the door, they both kissed him on the cheek and said they were glad they had the chance to meet. He thanked them profusely and told them what a great time he had had with them both. If they ever needed a recommendation, he would be more than happy to oblige. They giggled and he left. He was spent, but still excited and couldn't wait to watch the tape when he got home.

It was the third time he viewed the tape since yesterday. He still wanted her, still needed her. He argued with himself, look what she does for a living! He could never make enough money to satisfy her or her sexual needs. Of course he could, he was young, hot, loved sex, well endowed and horny as hell for her. He drifted into a fitful sleep. Somehow the argument with himself transferred itself to his dreams. He dreamt of her. He could see her at the end of a long avenue lined with beds. In each was a different man. As soon as she was done with one, she hopped to the next one. Finally, all the men looked the same, they were all one man in the end.

He remembered the dream in the morning and thought maybe that meant something. Maybe he was the man she was looking for. What did he have to lose? The most she could say was no. So he made up his mind, as soon as he got out of work he would go to the shop and see her. Tell her he wanted to date her, take her out, get to know and appreciate her.

The day was reminiscent of the previous Monday. He just couldn't wait to get out of there. At 5 PM he busted a nut getting to his car and onto the highway. He drove well over the speed limit to make it to the shop in time. As he pulled into the lot he knew there was something wrong.

Upon closer inspection he realized there were no lights on. The purple Levelor blinds were gone, so were the two signs that had been taped to the door. In their place was a big FOR RENT sign. He searched the lot for her car, but it was no where to be seen. He shook his head in disbelief. How could he have been so naive to think that she could want him? She had a terrific job, made excellent money, had all the sex she could handle, what more could she have wanted.

Obviously not some ordinary small town jerk like him. He drove home close to tears, he hadn't cried in years. But his heart sure was greatly saddened by what had just transpired. As he unlocked his front door something fell to the ground. It was her card, the Wicked card. Except this one was different. Oh it was the same card all right, but in the corner it said, I may be Wicked, but I'm not stupid. She giggled. He spun around to see her in all her beautiful radiance. He took her in his arms and let his warm lips fall on hers. She whispered to him, "I'll be your Wicked anytime, anyplace, anyhow."

And the rest of the crew? Why just about that same time 300 miles to the North, MaryJane Watson was so absorbed looking for the right brand of tuna, that she was suddenly startled by the sound of steel clashing against steel............

This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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