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by Rico & Ron

The poor girl had just decided to have a drink or two in the bar after work. She had been on her feet all day. "Poor thing" the bartender has said as he handed her the drink.

As she was finishing her second drink the door to the bar was opened and in walked six men, all dressed in biker's leathers. They looked around and before she was aware of it they had surrounded the table...all of them. She looked up startled, but without a word they walked to the bar and began harassing the bartender with their drink orders. She saw them looking in the mirror at her and whispering to each other. With a couple of drinks in her she was a little slow to realize that she was alone in the bar with the six of them. She saw the bartender was going back into the storeroom for a case of beer. One of the gang members quickly blocked the door so he couldn't get back in. She tried to get up and walk out but as she tried to slip past her audience, two of them stood and grabbed her by each arm and forced her to stay put. Standing in front of the leader she saw the guy who had followed the bartender come out from the back laughing and move to the front door to lock it.

The two bikers held her in place as the leader walked up to her. Smiling at her pleas to be released he caressed her face in both of his hands. Slowly working them down to her neck then in a swift movement he rips open her blouse exposing her bra-clad breasts to the onlookers. Her nipples, hardened with fear, poke through the material. Pulling out a knife, the leader cuts first one strap, then the other. Finally, despite her moans, he slips it under the front and slices it open completely. The remnants of the bra disappear quickly and her breasts are assaulted first. The leader grabs her breasts and squeezes them hard. She immediately stops squirming, trying to not betray the pleasure the man's touch brings to her nipples. The leader, one of them called him Ace, laughs in her face as she lowered her eyes in humiliation. Ace lowers his head and starts to suck her nipples, biting into her flesh just a little to keep her "on her toes."

As he unzips his trousers to let his hard 8" cock free the two "guards" use their free hands to raise her skirt and push her panties down to her knees. They force her back down on a table with her legs hanging off. The other three guys now move closer, for a better view, and Ace motions 2 of them to hold her legs open. He kneels between her parted thighs and begins to roughly lick her as Spike the co-leader unzips and frees his cock right in her face.

She closes her eyes, trying to block out the sensation of Ace licking her...just as Spike thrusts his cock into her mouth. She almost gags he's so big and he just pumps in and out of her mouth, not caring if she can breath or not. He fucks her mouth, as her breasts are squeezed and pinched, Ace's tongue pushes deep into her.

Then Ace stands and quickly thrusts himself inside her. In one deep push he buries his cock in her all the way to until his balls slap against her ass. Ace continues his attack on her pussy. She gets close to cumming ... and is totally humiliated. The shock of his 8 inch cock inside her takes her over the edge. He presses his thumb on her clit, feeling her walls contracting around him, milking him...her body responding as much as her mind rejects this humiliation/pleasure.

As she starts cumming, squeezing his cock, two of the bystanders twist her nipples hard. She tries to cry out but Spike's cock filing her mouth stifles her cry. Ace pounds her pussy harder and harder giving her a wild raw fuck, unlike anything she's ever imagined possible. Hands are everywhere on her body, each one causing a different sensation, pain here, and pleasure there.

Suddenly her mouth is defiled with hot cum as Spike shoots streams of it into her throat. Pulling out to let it drip on her face then thrusting it back in. With a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, cum filling her mouth now, hot and salty dripping on her face. She begins to feel apart from what is happening. Her body overloaded by sensations has take over, responding against her will.

Spike removes his cock and she is flipped over and another instantly replaces it. Without realizing she begins to lick and suck it... Ace isn't far behind...she can feel him throb in side her tortured pussy as with on final hard thrust his hot seed pours into her, overflowing, running out beside his still hard and grinding cock.

No sooner has Ace pulled out of her then she is grabbed and flipped around, bent over the table. Two thick fingers plunge into her sopping pussy, and then are rubbed over her ass with special attention paid to her asshole. Her nether opening is getting all slick and shiny. Dimly she realizes that she is about to loose her last virginity, A hard knob of flesh is pressed against her. She barely has time to open her mouth to scream her protest before the cock rams into her at full force. Just as hot cum shoots into her mouth again, she feels her ass opening forced wide as the hard cock forces its way into her. She cries out, choking on the cum that is running down her chin, but that only acts as encouragement..

The pounding assault on her ass get harder and faster. She is held fast to the table as her asshole is pummeled over and over. Her hair is grabbed forcing her face up as yet another cock finds her mouth muffling her cries and choking her even more. She feels every inch of the cock in her ass, her chin bounces off the table as the cock in her mouth pistons in and out.

The cock in her ass pulls out but only long enough for her to be rolled off the table and onto the floor where she is forced to sit as the cock finds its way back into her ass. The other cock returns to her mouth just as she feels the last one entering her pussy. She is now completely filled and she is tugged back and forth like a rag doll.

An unbelievable rhythm starts, as all three cocks are moving in and out, at the same time. Filling, emptying, filling again. Her body betrays her again as her orgasms come over and over crashing one on top of another. She has lost all control of her body, jerking and writhing as she cums.
Then first one then another of the cocks begin to deposit its load into her. Her ass first, then her pussy, finally her mouth. In a hot chain reaction which sends her over the edge one last time. She finally collapses, almost unconscious.

The bikers, tired of their fun, get up and exchange high five's. Muttering to each other what a hot fuck she is, they head for the door just as the bartender comes into the room. They look at him on their way out and say "Thanks for the entertainment."

The poor girl lays slumped in the floor and he sees her cum covered body lying there. He walks over to her and gently helps her to her feet. Cradling her in his arms she looks up at him, just staring through the haze of the feelings running through her. He kisses her lips and says " Well honey. I hope you enjoyed my buddies acting out your fantasy as much as I did video watching it." He points to the security cameras located around the room and says, "I even got different views. When you are ready well decide which is best."

She looks into his eyes and kissing him she says, "Thank you Love. Next time it's your turn for a fantasy."

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