The Best Erotic Stories.

by Leah Bryan

Hands grab me from behind, pushing me up against a cold brick wall....His right hand is holding my hair in a scruff like a cat's neck, his left hand is on my left shoulder, keeping me firmly against the wall. I gasp. Startled. A little shocked, a little scared, and more than a little excited. I struggle between the cold bricks against my face and the hand holding my head in place to turn just a little, straining my eyes to catch a glimpse of him in the darkness, but he holds my head in place and whispers roughly "Don't move!" His voice makes me shiver. Even if I wanted to escape, I know I've got no chance of moving.

His body is heavily pressed against mine, I can feel the burning heat and hardness of his crotch against my arse and I think I like it. He's still for a few moments, they're only seconds but they pass like hours for me. I become aware of my short shallow breathes in the night air, my rapid heart thudding against my rib cage. He relaxes a little, breathing hot against my neck, making my skin tingle. His left hand is keeping me against the wall and his right hand is still roughly grasping my hair, pulling my head back. He moves his left hand around to my front, allowing me to move a little away from the wall. He pulls at the buttons of my top, struggling to find my breasts through the fabric. Familiar hands graze my nipples and I internally scream. I start to relax into him. Falling against him, melting at his touch, putty in his hands. He pulls my head to the side, kissing my exposed neck. I moan, unconsciously. He knows that my struggle is over. I now know that he won't hurt me. He's too caught up in the moment, he's under my spell as much as I am under his. The magic of touch, the power that sex promises. He turns me around to face him.

We stare into each others eyes, there's the connection of understanding, the beginnings of a smile. Then his mouth comes down on mine, silencing something I wasn't going to say. I take control, ripping open the remaining buttons of my top, exposing my naked flesh to my audience, the dark night and this man. Adding fuel to his desire he kisses my flesh, licking it, feeling it. He sucks on my neck, nibbling and biting me, I bite down on my bottom lip, I hope he'll draw blood. I want him to hurt me, just a little. Fear and a little pain heighten my awareness, making every pleasure greater. Increasing sensation. Doubling, no, tripling my pleasure. He looks down at me, he knows what he's doing to me.

I draw his head down to me, kissing his mouth with such ferocity that I wish we could devour each other, like two snakes eating each other up. I need him inside of me in every way possible. I grind my hips against his, feeling his cock so close to me, so urgently wanting me. This spurs him on as he undoes his fly and releases it. Hot and hard in the cold night air, he pulls my panties to one side and hoists me up by my thighs. Slowly he lowers me onto his throbbing cock which my hungry pussy willingly accepts. Using the brick wall to balance me he thrusts in and out, I cling to his neck, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. My clothes don't do much to protect my arse from the grazings of the brick wall, but it feels too good to complain. He enters me hard, he fucks me fast. Holding me firmly as I move around on his cock. It starts to rain, water splashes from our bodies and sticks us together. Steam rises from my exposed flesh as I climax in a mixture of pleasure and adrenalin. Hot bodies and cold rain. I beg for more. I want it harder, faster, deeper, I'll take it anyway he'll give it, I just don't want it to end. I moan and scream into the night air, free to express my climax with animal noises. He holds me tightly to him, I feel a rush of heat inside of me. He catches his breath, not letting me go, still connected. Slowly he slides out of me and lowers me to my feet. Our communal juices run down my legs as we walk the two blocks to our house hand in hand in the rain.
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