The Best Erotic Stories.

by Alex Valentine

The warm sand gently cradles her body as she lays down to let the sun warm her skin. She spreads here blanket over the hot sand and smoothes the wrinkles. Closing her eyes she lets the sun work it magic, warming her soft skin. The days warm breeze rolls over her warming skin, licking the perspiration from her body causing her to shiver quietly. She shifts her legs and sits up slightly.

Looking around she sees that there is no one else on this beach, smiling slightly to her self she reaches back and lets the top of here suit fall away. Her nipples finally free of the binding material spring upward as there pressure is released. She runs her fingers down over her belly and back up, as they drift over her nipples she arches her back unexpectedly. The wind, sun and sweat have made them sensitive. Relishing in the tingles sent through her body she closes her eyes again and allows her hands and fingers to circle her breasts in tighter and tighter circles until finally, playfully she pinches both erect nipples at once, this time the waves of electricity cause her to cry out. She begins to play the rhythms of her body, up and down as her mind begins to wander.

She imagines her new neighbor, the one she spies on some evenings with her binoculars. She remembers her surprise two nights ago when he removed his clothing while laying on his bed and began to play with him self. As she remembers this her hands have untied the string holding her bottoms together and she lies there fully exposed to the sun and surf. She plays over in her mind the way he was so hard and wet that she had to remove her own underwear and join him. Her long red finger nails comb through the fine hair that covers her swollen lips, as she runs one hand up and down her thighs. She thinks she hears something but is too excited to care as she flicks her longest finger over her firm clit.

Her other hand pulls and pinches her nipples, and she moans as she remembers him climaxing, she could almost hear him shout. Hearing a moan that in not hers she opens her eyes slightly and sees him laying there beside her. His hairy chest, firm arms and trim body. He is naked too and is playing with himself in time to her fingers sliding in and out of her. Keeping her rhythm within herself she reaches one hand down to feel his swollen cock as her reaches over to caress her wet pussy at the same time.

They gasp together as he lowers his lips to take in her nipple. He moves his mouth over to her other breast and swallows her hard nipple just as the waves crash on her feet. The sensation of warm mouth and fingers, and the cold waves is too much for her. She grabs him, rolling him on top of her. She feverishly grabs his hardness and places it at the opening between her legs. He pushes himself into her as the waves crash over there legs again, and he begins a madding rhythm. In out in out in out in as the waves crash, so that every fourth stroke is timed with the waves perfectly. The pleasure building inside of her grows to a madding level as the waves climb higher and higher up there bodies. His thrusts become more urgent as his mouth and teeth wander all over her breasts neck and face. She feels him building to his climax and is not far behind as the warm water swoops over them again and again until finally it reaches he stiff nipples and she releases all the pleasure she has built up. Cumming again and again as the waves ravish her body she feels him release in side of her as their bodies quake together. As she calms down and opens her eyes again she looks around ad sees the tide coming closer, looking down the beach she sees a young couple in the distance and noticing her suit in such disarray she quickly gathers up her towel and rushes in side to take a hot bath....

As she sits in the warm tub she soaks the sand from her body. The steam releases the tension she has held in herself all week and she realizes that she has not yet exercised all the sexual energy from her body. Smiling she reaches over to the small cabinet and removes a long hard rubber toy, that she reserves for special occasions, as she works herself up in order to use her toy she works on a fantasy she has been having lately.

She has been waiting at the restaurant for almost fifteen minutes, and is becoming annoyed that he would be so late. Just as she is beginning to think about leaving she sees him come into the restaurant. Angry she decides that she will not forgive him and the special lace surprise she left at home in the bathroom for latter tonight will go back to the store tomorrow. As he sits she sees that he is out of breath and she almost loses her anger, but holds onto it. "Sorry love, traffic."

"Sure" she says, he can see now that its not going to be that easy as he sits quietly truing to figure out a way to make it up to her. They order and as the waiter leaves, he tries another tactic.

"I bought you something" he says as he pulls from his pocket the beautiful diamond necklace she has wanted for years.

"It's nice" she says with out loosing her cool.

He finally losses his and almost shouts "look I'm sorry, what can I do to make it up to you?"

"nothing" she replies.


"Look I wouldn't forgive you even if you got down on your knees and begged me right now!" she says.

"On my knees huh?" he says with his boyish smile and she wonders what he is up to. Looking around he notices that he is not being watched, and before she can say anything he quickly vanishes under the table.

"Where are you going?" she asks as he disappears under the table. She only hears mil chuckle softly. Angry and confused now she sits quietly and wonders what the hell he is doing. The waiter comes back with the drinks as something tickles up her stockinged leg under the table. She smile politely as she tries to smack him under the floor length table cloth. After another moment his soft hand tickles up he other leg. She spreads her leg slightly and then realizes what she did and clamps them back together, crossing them. Damm him she is going to stay mad at him even if it ki.... Her mind stops in mid thought as he removes her shoe and begins caressing her toe, he licks it, bites it, and then finally sucks it all into his mouth as he dances his fingers up her leg.

"Oh hell she thinks, I'll be angry latter" as she uncrosses her legs. His fingers seize the opportunity as they race up her leg to dance over her black silk panties. Deftly his fingers undo the snaps to the garter she is wearing and he begins to slowly remove her stockings. As he pulls them down over her leg his tongue traces the path down her leg. The while removing her other stocking he r repeats the action on the other side. Pushing her skirt up slightly his fingers begin to pull on the black silk material that covers her. He pushes his face between her legs and breathes in deeply.

Instantly she becomes wet and week in the knees. She imagines his cock growing stiff in his pants and becomes even wetter. She hears the metal click of some thing beneath the table, and almost jumps as she feels cold metal brush against her, the she feels him pull her underwear out away from her as he begins to cut it off of her with a pocket knife. She almost cums right there her eyes half shut, then she realizes that people may be watching her as she sips some cold water and fans herself. She feels the elastic band cut lose and the cool air of the restaurant reach her crotch. She sighs and relaxes more. He pushes his face between her legs and begins to lick there. She gasps and grabs the table cloth. Looking around she notices she has drawn the attention of an older man sitting with his wife. He seems to be bored, his wife to engrossed in her meal to notice him. Under the table a tongue is inserted between her lips and she grabs a bread stick to keep from screaming. She begins to run her hand over her breast and bite her lip. The tongue under the table slides in and out of her and she knows his face must be covered with her juice.

Her eyes meet those of the old man across the way as the tongue under the table flips back and forth across her clit. She can stand it no longer and cumms all over his face. She locks eyes with the old man as she gasps and cums, her mouth devouring the bread stick. Her body shakes and the water spills as another orgasm rips through her body. She has grabbed her breast and is pinching her nipple of the dress as she cums again. The old man stares into her eyes as she opens her mouth to let another orgasm course through her. Finally she can stand it no longer and pushes his head away under the table. The old man is smiling as she half closes her eyes in exhaustion. She sees him come up from under the table wiping his face. The old man winks and turns away. She is completely sated.

"Well," she hears his voice from far off "Where is that damn waiter."

She returns to her senses in the bath tub and thinks, it is time to make him notice her.


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