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Weekend at Betty's
by Lucky Bob

Betty was a childhood friend. A woman married to a coworker of my dad. I was ten, she was twenty-five. In the usual turn of events, our two families spent a lot of time together, at each others homes. So one day, at my house, I came rushing in to use the bathroom, unaware that Betty was visiting. And without a thought burst into the bathroom, just as Betty was stepping out of the shower. Now at my house, the bathroom was always locked when my parents were using it, so I had never seen either naked.

Suddenly, to be standing before a naked woman, was somewhat traumatic, freezing me in my place. Fully expecting the yelling to begin, I was taken aback by Betty's warm smile, as she reached for a towel, and began to pat herself dry. I was transfixed by the sight of her round breasts, slim waist, and the fuzz between her legs. A sight that I had never seen before. In the moments that followed, the vision of her calmly drying herself off, as I watched, was forever engraved in my memory.

Soon the realization, that I was where I did not belong, flashed into my mind, when I heard my mom calling for me. Without a word between us, I tore my eyes from the sight of Betty's body, and fled, expecting trouble to follow when my parents heard of my indiscretion. But Betty never said a word, only to take me aside and tell me it would be our little secret.

A secret we kept forever.

Now as fate often does, my family moved away to another town, and we only occasionally saw Betty and her husband, mostly staying in touch by phone.

Fifteen years pass, and my own career takes me back to the old neighborhood. So one day, without calling ahead, I drop by to see Betty. At first it seemed she didn't recognize me, but soon tears of joy flow down her cheeks at our reunion. She could not believe how much I had changed, all grown up, she said. But I was taken by how little Betty had changed. Still very shapely, more so I thought, as I looked her over as an adult. In a flurry of questions, Betty asked how long I could stay, insisting I stay at her house, and refusing to take no for an answer. Of course I would stay, I wanted to stay, we had a lot of catching up to do. Only when I was settled in my room, did I ask when her husband would be getting home from work. Betty still flush from our reunion, replied that her was out of town on business for the next two weeks, so we would have the weekend to ourselves.

My mind raced at the possibilities, but I knew they were all fantasies, this was an old friend, an older woman, who knew me as a child. She had no fantasies, I was sure, about me. With me unpacked, Betty thought it would be a great idea to have a cookout, out by their swimming pool. A swimming pool? The look on my face must have said it all, bringing a laugh from Betty. They had put in a pool a few years ago, and it was where they spent most of their free time. It was a garden of eden! Betty spent most of her day tending her garden around the pool, creating a scenic wonder. With a fountain at one end, creating a mini waterfall, and vines hanging over the pool, here and there. A lot of work she said, but something she was very proud of. With her prompting, I changed into my swimsuit and ventured out to enjoy the warm sunshine. Stepping into the pool, I was realized it was not cold, but cool to the skin. Swimming into deep water, I felt very refreshed and alive. In no time Betty joined me, after changing into her swimsuit. A bright yellow, very revealing bikini! Her tan was even, and dark. Her figure was a joy to see!

I was glad to be in deep water, least Betty see the raging hard-on she had given me. I stood in water up to my chin, as I watched her come and go, preparing to cook at the grill, with my dick throbbing in my suit. To watch her breasts jiggle so slightly, beneath the triangles of her bikini top, would give me a tiny spasm. To watch her ass move about in her tiny bikini bottoms, was as pleasurable. To stare at the thin cloth, clinging to the mound between her legs, was nearly unbearable. Still I knew it was just my imagination getting carried away, as I lusted for her.

With the evening soon upon us, I had arrived late in the day, it soon began to get dark in the backyard, and darker in the pool.

Watching Betty come and go, and her relaxed state of being, I too began to relax, and my lustful fantasies began to fade. Apparently my face told the story to Betty as well. Pausing in her cooking at the grill, and in the dimness that was the pool, I heard her ask me if I was having a good time. Slowly wading to the side nearest to her, I answered I was having a great time. But a voice I hardly recognized as my own, offered it would be even better, if Betty would not object, if I were to skinny dip! With my arms resting on the pool side, I could not believe I had said such a thing. But Betty only grinned, and said she didn't care if I skinny dipped! With her voice ringing in my ear, I heard myself ask again, if she really didn't mind! Strolling past on her way back into the house, Betty said, "Please, make yourself at home." With a rush of adrenaline, I pulled my suit down and off, and tossed them to the steps of the pool.

Standing in the pool, water up to my neck, I awaited Betty's return, wondering if she would take a look. And she did! Betty strolled to the grill, all the while looking at me in the pool. I don't know how much she could see, in the darkened water, but I was thrilled to have her looking. My dick returned to it's erect form, as I contemplated my next move. Becoming accustomed to Betty's glances, I began to swim a few laps, slowly, letting her see my bare ass. Coming back, I swam a bit more into the shallow end of the pool, nearest the grill, hoping Betty would be able to see better. She looked my way, and a smile flashed across her face, with me grinning back at her. Feeling the need, I swam back to the far end of the pool, on my back, my penis clearly visible. Betty watched intently the whole time! Repeating my backstroke, I slowly swam to the end nearest Betty, hoping she was watching still.

Coming to rest at the shallows, I glanced up to make eye contact with Betty and see her still smiling. It was almost too much! I was letting a childhood friend, a woman fifteen years my senior, see all that I had!

The moment seemed so surreal, yet natural. I soon came to be comfortable with her eyes on me, and again I relaxed. After a while, being naked in the pool, with Betty watching, was no big deal. My imagination, my fantasies, were in check, as I enjoyed the sense of freedom, being naked was giving me. It was not too long before Betty called out that dinner was ready, and for me to come to the table. In my innocence, I heard myself ask Betty if I should put my swimsuit back on, only to hear her say, "Just wrap up in your towel." The thought of only wearing a towel gave me a new rush, as I sat down at the table on the patio. Betty quickly served the chicken she had grilled, and sat down across the table from me. As we ate, we chatted about the past, and caught up on each others lives, with Betty seemingly uncaring about my near nudity. It did not take long for the knot I had tied in my towel to loosen, giving me the sensation of sitting naked at the table.

My mind was drifting when I was startled to hear Betty ask me about my skinny dipping. Feeling a bit sheepish, I replied I was having a great time, and offered a meek "Thank you" for letting me wear just the towel. With a glint of mischief in her eye, Betty said that she thought I wanted to wear it, since I was going to put my suit back on.

I paused a moment, thinking about what she was saying, and asked another innocent question, "You mean I could have stayed naked? It would have been ok with you, if I walked around, out of the pool, naked? Even had dinner, naked?"

With a wink, Betty answered, "It would be fine with me!"

I was losing control, my mind could not handle the concept. Betty was inviting me to be naked, in and out of the pool!

The shock of it all, knocked the stiffness out of my dick!

We finished our dinner in silence, with me coming to grips with Betty's disclosure. But it did not take long for me to accept that I was not expected to get dressed anytime soon.

Thanking Betty for dinner, I offered to clear the table, and rose to do so. I carried the dishes into the house, very aware that Betty was watching the whole time. Walking across the patio, my dick swinging freely, as I gathered up all the dishes, soon became very natural.

To be watched as I did the cleaning up, was as much pleasure for me as I thought it was for Betty. She seemed to be really enjoying my display of my manly charms. Standing naked before her, I asked if there was anything else I could do for her while I was up. With one fingernail, casually scratching at the corner of her mouth, and the obvious erection of her nipples just beneath the edge of her bikini, I heard her ask me to get her a towel from her bathroom.

Off I strolled, to do her bidding, thinking, hoping, praying, to myself, that she was going to need the towel to dry off her naked body.

When I returned to the pool, Betty was swimming slowly across the deep end. In the dim light, I could not tell if she was naked, but I was pleased to see her in the pool. I just dropped the towel, and dived in to join her. Swimming up close, I realized she was still in her bikini, much to my disappointment. For several minutes we swam around each other, soon to come to rest in chin deep water. With the darkness fully upon us, I dared ask the question that I desperately needed to ask.

"Betty, are you going to join me, and skinny dip?"

Mocking shyness, Betty asked, "How dare you ask such a question?"

Swimming away from me, Betty stopped and sat on the bottom step of the pool. Looking me straight in the eye, she calmly reached behind her back, untied her bikini top, and tossed it across the patio! Soon her bottoms followed suit, and I was faced by a naked woman. Naked in the water, not yet to be seen by my eyes. In slow motion, it seemed, Betty began to make her way to me. Still under the water, still out of sight, but getting closer. As if timed, the lights, beneath the surface of the pool suddenly came on! Illuminating Betty's lush body, just as she reached me!

I could clearly see all her feminine charms, so close, so near.

With a wicked grin, Betty asked if I remembered the time I had burst into the bathroom and caught her naked. All I could do was nod yes.

Reaching up, Betty wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled herself close, pressing her warm breasts to my chest, and began to kiss me. Short, light pecks, at first, followed by a longer pressing of lips to mine.

Taking a deep breath, she soon parted my lips with her tongue, as I returned the favor. It was like sinking into an abyss of passion.

I felt her hands exploring my backside, taking each butt cheek into her hands and squeezing tightly, as she pulled me closer to her pussy.

My dick was pounding against her pubic bone, as we ground against each other in the never-ending kiss. With the water helping float her body, I felt her legs come up and wrap around my waist. With Betty grinding her hips against me, I could feel the unmistakable hot juices of her pussy sliding along my throbbing penis. With the practiced ease of her years, Betty found the end of my dick with her pussy, and began the slide down its length. Soon I was fully engulfed by her pussy, my balls pressing against her bottom. Reaching down and cupping her bottom in my hands, I began to rock her back and forth. Leaning back, Betty, hands around my neck, met my thrusts with a clenching that felt like it could pinch my dick off! It was not something I was ready for, and I was soon to loose control. With the deep signal that my eruption was imminent, I cried out to Betty, "I'm coming!"

Betty intensified her motions, squeezing my prick tighter and tighter, and cried out she was coming too!

In a blur, we thrashed violently in the pool, releasing our pent-up sexual needs. I must have filled her pussy to the brim, in my release, seeing the evidence floating in the water around us. With Betty collapsed in my arms, I carried her to the pool steps, still with my dick impaled in her pulsating pussy. I turned and sat down, not losing Betty perched upon me, and tried to catch my breath.

For several minutes we just held on to each other, reveling in our satisfaction.

Betty lifted her head from my neck, and kissed me sweetly, offering her hopes we could do it again, later!

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