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What a Dull Night
by Vasdefrn

The party was dull. He had known it would be, and he still wasn't quite sure why he had bothered to rent out the tuxedo, let alone turn up in the first place. It seemed that most of the people he knew had had the same thoughts, but had acted on them, instead of blindly accepting an invite to this plethroic mound of dirge. What was worse, was that everyone else was blind drunk and oblivious to the lack of excitement. He began to regret giving up alcohol, but changed his mind when he saw someone vomiting in the corner. How refined.

"I was thinking the same thing."

He jumped, startled by the voice, but more scared that it seemed to know what he was thinking. Turning, he saw the owner of the voice, as his heart skipped and his stomach knotted. Now, he felt sick. He swallowed, hoping it wasn't noticeable, and gathered his thoughts.

"Um ... what? ... yes ..." he stuttered, "I'm sorry?"

He tried to look sweet, hoping that it would disguise what he percieved as impoliteness.

"I was thinking the same thing."

God, Stephanie was fabulous. If he was holding a glass, he would have dropped it there and then. She was afraid that she had interrupted something, embarrassed slightly that she had been listening to him talking to himself.

"Um ... I uh, how did you know what I was thinking?"

A smile erupted across her face, and he melted from within. If only his erection had melted too, he would be much more comfortable. God, what a mouth. Those full, soft lips, glistening in the light, framing her perfect white teeth. His subconscious betrayed him, and peppered his mind with images and sensations of that fabulous mouth wrapped softly around his ...

"You uh, you were talking to yourself."

"Oh, sorry."

Shit. Why did he always have to apologise for everything? Of all the witty lines he could have come up with, his bastard brain betrayed him again. Here she was, Steph, the most adorable girl he had ever seen (without exageration), the girl he could never get out of his mind, the girl he had never had the courage to ever speak to, and all he could do was, well ... bastard brain.

She smiled coyly. He looked so sweet, his short blond hair bleached softly by the sun, and his normally white skin, bronzed ever so slightly, illuminating his already bright, baby blue eyes. The way he was biting his lip subconsciously was more than adorable. She wanted to tell him, but all she managed was a trite observation about the raucous rugby lads ... bastard brain.

They watched the party, dying its slow painful death, second by second in front of their very eyes. He afforded himself some lecherous glances, noting the way her long blond hair flowed effortlessly down her naked back, forcing the eye further down. His cock strained hard against its confines as he traced the curve of her perfect buttocks beneath the black material of her figure hugging dress. A dress that oozed dignity, yet afforded the most fabulous flashes of her perfect, flawless olive toned skin. A dress whose material moulded itself perfectly to her, wrapping lightly around her small, but wonderfully perky tits. As she moved, the changes in light allowed him the faintest hint of her nipples poking tantalisingly at the material. His wonderful brain filled his mind with images of them hovering close to his open mouth. If only the silence could be broken. He decided to say ...

"You look stunning!" Fuck, that came out totally wrong. It was supposed be a question about her studies - oh. His fabulous bastard brain.

"Thankyou," she whispered self-consciously, genuinely convinced that most blokes would never give her a second look. He looked gorgeous dressed up, and she wondered when, and if, he was ever going to ... she sighed inwardly. "What's the matter?" he asked softly. With a soft shake of her head she hoped that she indicated that she was content, but also that she wanted him. Badly.

"There are very few things right now that would make this party worthwhile." He thought it seemed innocuous enough, hoping that it might spark a free flowing conversation.

"Mmm. I don't if there is anything actually." She smiled as he giggled. She loved it when he giggled. And he giggled alot. She noticed the way he would sit in lectures idly ignoring everything that was going on, then pipe up with an excellently disguised facetious comment, then lightly chuckle to himself as he doodled fabulously intrictae cartoon characters on his pad. Never any notes.

"Not even eyelid kissing?!" Where the hell did that come from? God he hoped she hadn't heard it. Of all the memories his head could have offered him then and there, it proffered the time when he and his female friends had discovered how nice eyelid kissing was. Chocolate. He could have said chocolate.

"I'm sorry?" She turned to him, keenly interested in what he meant.

"Eyelid kissing," he mumbled.

She shrugged, now very interested in this turn of events. She felt her nipples harden slightly, and her breathing hurried. Was the fantasy that she had shared with her fingers every few nights about to ...

"You know, kissing eyelids? It's um ... nice."

"Is it?" she tried to sound unconvinced, but her spine was tingling, and she had become acutely aware that she was pouting. Ever so, ever so slightly. But she was pouting. He nodded. "I'm unconvinced," she said quietly.

"Then you should ask someone to demonstrate," his cock was so big now that he could take it for a dance and no-one would know.

"But you don't even know my name." Wow, she surprised herself with that.

"It's uh, Stephanie."

She smiled again, touched that he knew she existed.

"I'm ... "

"John. I know." A beat, as she breathed deeply, summoning the courage to say it, "Now we're introduced." She closed her eyes, and offered them to him.

With her eyes closed, he thought, now would be the perfect opportuinity to make a run for it. But his bastard brain acquiesced to his insistent member. He leaned in close, making his lips as soft as he could, and she sighed silently to herself as his breath brushed lightly over her now super sensitive skin. He hovered, still unsure, and the waiting made her giggle softly. The tension subsiding, he pressed lightly on her lid, once, then twice, and then gently, ever so gently, licked at it. Wow, that was nice. Far too nice. She sensed that he was uncertain of her response, and so decided to lighten the mood.

"Oh, I see now,"she said, sounding much more sexy than she ever intended. The sound of her voice, made him pull back, and she added quickly, "But don't stop."

Then his lips pressed softly onto the other lid, and she felt her lips parting, aching to feel them there, wanting to taste him after all this time. Then he pulled away. A deep, gathering breath, and she opened her eyes, to see him looking at her shyly. Biting her bottom lip delicately, she smiled. A beat as she stared at him, tracing her face with his big, gorgeous sparkling blue eyes.

"Make love to me."

He nearly fell over, and if he had a drink near his lips, he would have spat it halfway to Brazil. Funny, none of his friends had ever said that.

She felt her teeth pushing into her soft lips, watching him gather himself. She had surprised herself too, but that was nothing compared to what came next.

"Take me to my room and fuck me." She held out her hands and grasped lightly at the air. Her breathing grew heavier as he took them and she lead him silently out of the hall, through a hallway and out into the night air. He stopped her, and she turned to look at him. Before he could say anything, she stepped forward, and delicately placed her lips to his. He engulfed her lower lip and kissed her adoringly. Then she pushed her tongue into his mouth, and explored it passionately. His cock expanded even more, and she pushed onto it, rubbing its aching hardness against her mons. A soft moan escaped from her lips, and the kiss ended.

Minutes later they were in her room, and this time he pulled her to him. Their tongues danced, lightly carressing one another, but she abruptly pulled away and stepped back. She had an urge, an uncontrollable urge ...

"Let me see it," she whispered, again biting her lower lip self consciously. How could he refuse her when she looked as adorable as that? He tugged off his shoes and socks and removed his bow tie and jacket. As she watched him unbutton his dress shirt, she realised that her right hand was at her left breast, a finger gently pushing at the straining nipple behind the dress. The shirt slid from his shoulders and he unbuttoned his trousers, stepping from them as they fell to the floor. The cotton of his jockeys hugged the shape of it, cupping his balls up under its length. It looked as big as it had felt. Then it sprang proudly into the air, as his pants slipped away. It was definitely as big as it had felt, and it had never felt bigger. Watching her toy with her nipple made it ache. He had always been proud of his eight inches, and now at last, someone else was going to get to use it.

All she knew was that she wanted it. Pinching her nipple, she stared at it as it stood rigid in the air, swollen beautifully, and those fabulous balls bobbing down beneath it. She knelt down, suddenly aware that she had only had sex three times before, and that she had never had a cock near her mouth. But she wanted this one. This big, gorgeous beast. He gasped as she curled her fingers around the base, feeling its girth in her soft, tiny hand. Then the other hand grasped it lightly around the shaft, and she felt the big vein give slightly to her touch. His thigh muscles tensed as she leaned forward, feeling the warmth of the big swollen head that stuck out above her hands.

"Say it," she whispered, trying to think of where to begin, "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Suck it," he moaned, "Please suck it."

Then her tongue touched the tip, pushing inside his foreskin, and she found his most senstive area immediately.

He swooned. He actually swooned, as her tongue teased his cock rim, working its way around the sensitve glans beneath the skin. This was what it felt like to have a blowjob. And it felt good on her tongue too. The slightly salty per-cum mixing with her saliva. She removed the hand from his shaft and and ran a soft, wide tongue up its length, before sucking the head into her mouth, swirling at the soft skin with her tongue. It was fabulous, and he stroked her hair as her lips felt as soft as he had imagined them earlier. Feeling him carress her earlobe made her more daring. She took him deeper, filling her cheeks, and he had to move her head to see her fabulous mouth wrapped around him in the most intimate of embraces. But still further. She shocked herself as she pushed onto him, feeling its wonderful warmth penetrate her throat deeply. Her free hand couldn't resist caressing her nipple once more.

This was too much. He was all the way in and she was fucking his cock with her mouth. He wanted to see it, and stroked her hair away, but it didn't really help. Then he caught sight of them in the mirror, and was entranced as she really, really, deep throated him to oblivion. She moaned, the vibrations running through his entire cock and up his spine. Again she moaned, surprising herself at how much she was enjoying this. Cupping his balls, she pinched through her dress more urgently, wanting to free her nipple, but not wanting to move. Then his balls tensed, and she felt the wonderful sensation of him jerking into her throat, the warm semen gushing into her, and she let out another long, soft moan. She slowly slid off, licking and teasing every inch of the way, before she reached the tip and lapped up what was left.

He pulled her up, and thanked her with a long passionate kiss.

"I want to see you," he whispered huskily into her ear. Obligingly, she steped away and slowly slipped a strap from her shoulder, then the other, and her silky gown fell to the floor. When she flicked her hair over her shoulders, her swollen tits pushed into the air, and he couldn't take his eyes off of her red hot nipples. They were so big, pointing perkily into space, swollen more than they had been for a long time. Her fabulous belly was finished perfectly with a tiny belly button stud, the only embellishment, including make-up, she ever wore. Then her tiny, soft blond downy bush, free in the air as she had worn no panties. The very top of her pussy lips were showing. All she wore were the lycra topped hold up stockings she had treated herself to yesterday.

He moved to her, unable to take his eyes from her perky little boobs.

"Do you like them?" He liked them so much that he could only nod. "Will you suck them?"

Then he looked deep into her eyes, and that was the most fabulous thing of the whole night - the moment that they both realised they would soon, very soon, fall in love. After a great kiss, she felt his tongue flick at her nipple. It made her gasp with pleasure, such was the sensation of final satisfaction. He sucked each one in turn, making them even bigger, and she loved the way his hands snaked around her body and began to carress her pert little bottom. As he teased and carressed one nipple, she cupped his head with one hand, pushing him onto them, and toyed with her free nipple with the other. She was very wet now, and she took both of his hands and pulled him to the bed.

He watched her sit at the foot of it, unable to break the intense stare they had embarked upon. Finally, she looked away coyly, lay back, and pulled him to her, making sure his head landed right where she wanted it. On her belly. He couldn't resist licking around that stud, tracing the wonderful toned shape of her naval with his relaxed tongue. She wallowed in that for as long as she could resist, before she pushed his head down and opened her legs wide for him. She wanted to wait no longer.

After planting soft kisses on the exposed flesh of her thighs, he looked up at her, propped up on her elbows, staring wide eyed at him. He smiled. She smiled.

"Lick it," she ordered huskily.

He dropped his head, and watched as her fingers gently opened her up for his tongue. New territory, he hoped he knew what to do. He darted his tongue softly at her hooded nubbin, and she purred. She actually purred. He took that as a good sign, and his bastard brain suddenly redeemed itself forever, reminding him of a trick one of his female friends had mentioned. He loved not hanging around with blokes.

Softly, and ever so tenderly, he began to trace the alphabet with his tongue, carressing every inch of her, paying special attention to her clit. It was fabulous, and she pushed onto his tongue vociferously, making sure he knew that she wanted more of the same. She was so close to coming already, and she hooked her leg over his shoulder, and let out another long, soft, delighted moan. "Oh yeah mmm". God she was wet, and he was making her wetter. "Put your fingers in," she purred quietly, and he did - sliding them in slowly, listening to her groan as he did so. As his tongue continued its spelling game, he pressed up onto her g-spot, and she arched her back with a gasp. She had always been sensitive there, and he was teasing her just right.

The yellow glow, and stars and loud, long moans of pleausre as she came. But he didn't stop, and she swore delightedly as his tongue continued teasing her just right. Another orgasm rocked her body, and she pushed even more eagerly onto his mouth and urged him to caress her g-spot more vigourously.

As she rocked on his tongue, he decided to go for it, and rotated his two fingers, softly pressing down onto the wall of her anus.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, and he released the pushing pressure inside her vagina, "No, no, I didn't say stop." And she gasped again as he resumed the massage. This was new to her, she never realised that there was such a delightful spot inside her pussy, other than her g-spot, and she soon rocked and bucked another orgasm, ejaculating right into his face. He lapped at it eagerly, and she gave herself up to his tongue and fingers again.

He had been on his knees for God knows how long, but he was enjoying this too much to stop. Her moaning and pushing encouraged him further into her, and as he flicked vociferously at her swollen bud, his fingers found her cervix.

"What are you doing," she demanded again, through even deeper breathes, "And keep doing it, whatever it is." Fuck this was fantastic. Feeling his fingers massage her in places she never knew existed. And when he touched the tip of her cervix, she could take no more. Her legs wrapped around his head, and she came again.

"Fuck me. Oh God, that is so fucking nice. Oh yeah, fuck." And she pushed him away, unable to stand any more. Panting heavily, and feeling dizzy, she sat up, and asked him, "Are you hard?"

As giddy as she had ever felt, she rolled across the bed and grabbed her only condom from the drawer. He knelt down in front of her, and she slowly slid it down his length. Then she lay back and he lay on her, pressing his lips to hers. Kissing pasionately, he entered her, and she took control, wrapping her legs over the back of his thighs and only allowing him to rock softly. They never stopped kissing, only when she came again. And after he had come, they fell asleep in one another's tight embrace.

That was how they met.
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