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Watching Abby Pt. I
by Salteena

There had been a late summer storm overnight with heavy wind and rain and, once again, the tired old roof on my house had leaked. The weather cleared over the morning and I was now clambering over the tiles in the welcome sunshine with my tube of silicone sealant, searching out the newly cracked ones and trying to effect temporary repairs. What a way to spend a weekend! Six more months and I'd have saved enough money to get the whole place re-roofed. Goddamn my ex-wife! If she weren't bleeding me so much for support, I'd have had this done two years ago. She was the one who, ten years ago ran off with her personal fitness coach, who dumped her five months later. And, thanks to a female judge with a feminist axe to grind at the divorce hearing, the cow has lived off me ever since!

I was working right up on the ridgeline when I noticed my next door neighbour, Arlene, set off in her car. It looked like she was off to the supermarket, which usually meant her being away for a couple of hours. She was a dark, trim widow in her late thirties who had two teenaged kids: Abby, who was nineteen, and Chris, who was fifteen months younger than his sister. I knew from long experience that Arlene going out meant that a fight between Abby and Chris would start very soon. And I wasn't wrong - it took them less than five minutes to begin screaming and yelling. God, those kids hated each other!

I carried on looking for cracked tiles and spreading silicone around, when a sudden movement from next door caught my eye. I could see right into their lounge room through the big ranchslider that led out onto their patio. Chris was chasing Abby around the furniture, yelling at her. She was holding something small in her hand. It looked like a calculator. I guessed that she must have stolen it from her brother and he was chasing her to get it back. Eventually he caught up with his sister and threw her onto the floor up close to the glass door. Even though he was the younger of the two of them, Chris was much bigger and stronger that she was.

They wrestled furiously for a few moments with neither of them gaining any advantage. Then Abby played one of those typical "sister tricks" that girls play on their brothers when they want to stop them from taking something away: She pushed the calculator under the waist band of her baggy shorts and held it with both hands up against her crotch. Abby stuck her tongue out at Chris and pulled a face. I didn't have to be there to know she was saying in a singsong kind of voice, "You can't get it na-ow!" My kid sister used to do that to me all the time when we were young.

But by now Chris must have been pretty damned mad, or maybe he was made of sterner stuff than I was at his age, because he shoved his hands up his sister's shorts leg and wrestled the object away from her. They fought furiously for a little while longer, with Abby biting Chris' fingers and screaming at the top of her lungs for him to "Give it back!" I could hear every word now and her language would have made a shearing gang blush.

Then suddenly, Abby gave up the contest, letting go of the prize so that Chris tumbled over. He fell with his head and shoulders across her slightly spread upper legs, holding the object up like a trophy and grinning like a maniac. Abby let loose another stream of invective at her brother, then dissolved into tears with her hands covering her face. Chris just laughed at her, reveling in his victory, then he bent over and bit his sister hard between the legs. Abby fetched him a mighty slap on the side of his head. I could "feel" it from where I was. But Chris just rolled away from her laughing and then got to his feet and ran from the room holding his trophy above his head. Abby curled up in a ball on her side and sobbed her heart out.

I lay on my belly on the roof, full of sympathy, looking down at the weeping girl. I really liked Abby and usually took her side when these fights happened between her and her brother. That wasn't only because she was a really good-looking young chick, with firm little boobs, a tight ass and great legs, she was also much the nicer person of the two of them. Chris could be a mean little bastard when he wanted to be and I often wanted to whack him one at some of the things I heard him saying to his mother. But it wasn't my place to do that. Right then I would have liked to take Abby in my arms and cuddle her and stroke her hair, and tell her everything would be all right.

After a few minutes Abby sat up and dried her eyes on the sleeve of her T-shirt. And then my heart almost stopped, because she pulled the leg of her shorts right up and shifted her panties to one side while she checked for damage where Chris had bitten her. I was a fair distance away, but I could still clearly see her faint dusting of dark pubic hairs and the luscious slit of her pussy between her legs. I instantly got a hard-on and had to adjust my cock in my pants to stop it breaking in half under the pressure. After a very brief examination, Abby covered herself again, much to my disappointment, and lay back down with her eyes closed. I carried on looking at her - I could have stayed there all day she was so gorgeous.

But work eventually called again and I was just about to cease my voyeurism to carry on with my repairs when I saw Abby move her hand and start to stroke her inner thigh up under the leg of her shorts. My hard-on returned with redoubled intensity as I watched her move it higher, until she was, obviously, inside her pants and fingering her pussy. At the same time she pushed her T-shirt and then her bra up her chest with her other hand and began stroking her breasts and pulling at her nipples. I couldn't help myself. I undid my zipper and pulled my rock hard cock out and started jerking myself off as I watched her masturbate.

Abby was writhing her pelvis rhythmically. She now had both of her hands inside her pants, plunging her fingers deeper inside her pussy and working on her clit. Her chest was shaking and heaving with the rising intensity of the feelings she was engendering. I was fast approaching a climax too. I could feel my balls tightening in their sac and that familiar excruciating rise in tension in my scrotum that heralded a massive come. Then I saw Chris come back into the room. When he saw what his sister was doing he crept slowly up to stand beside her. Abby was too far gone with pleasuring herself to notice anything much else by now. I stopped stroking my dick and just held it in my fist, waiting expectantly to see what would happen next.

Chris rubbed his crotch through his trousers. It was pretty obvious that he too had a huge hard-on. Then, plucking up courage no doubt, he undid his pants and got his cock out and started to jerk himself off as he watched Abby root her pussy with both hands. Jesus, he was pretty well hung for a kid his age! But quite inexperienced though, because in a very few seconds his whole body started twitching and jerking, and long, pearly strings of jism began spurting out of his prick and splashing onto his sister's bare belly. Abby opened her eyes with a shriek and when she saw that the source of the hot fluids splashing on her was Chris, she tried to roll away from his sticky stream. But he followed her, making sure she got everything.

Abby aimed another stream of abuse at her brother, including a demand that he clean up his vile, sticky mess off of her. Surprisingly, Chris appeared to agree straight away, and kneeled down beside her and started to wipe her down with a handkerchief from his pocket. But the real reason for his altruism soon became apparent when he slid his hand under the waistband of her shorts and, judging by Abby's reaction, down into her knickers. She tried to fight him off, but his superior strength prevailed. And when his fingers found her soaking pussy she gave in and spread her legs wide, lifting her pelvis to his fingers as he entered her.

Chris' long soft dick, was still hanging limply out of the front of his trousers. Abby gazed at it for a few moments while she ground her pussy ecstatically against his fingers. She had been close to coming when Chris disturbed her and now she was returning rapidly to that peak. Tentatively, she reached out a hand to touch her brother's tool. It stirred under her fingers and started to harden again. Abby gripped it firmly and stroked it in her fist, rapidly bringing him back to a fully rampant erection. Chris thrust against her hand in time to the plunging motion of his fingers in her cunt while Abby shook and writhed her pelvis and massaged her swollen nipples with her free hand.

Brother and sister going to explode in and orgasmic frenzy very soon. And so was I, up on my roof, furiously pulling at my cock in time with their wild movements. Chris and I didn't quite make it, because Abby suddenly tore herself away from him and rolled onto her side with her hands pressed hard into her crotch. She was obviously coming, and coming very hard. I stopped rubbing and returned to holding my dick like I had been before. Chris just knelt and watched interestedly as his sister shuddered and trembled. His erection slackened slightly, but did not entirely collapse

He gave her about six minutes then he turned her onto her back again. He said something to her and gestured to his prick. Abby shook her head violently. Chris gestured to his prick again, obviously demanding that she do something with it. Abby shook her head again. I could see another fight brewing. Then, suddenly, Chris swung his leg across her so that he was kneeling astride her chest. He took his prick in one hand and lifted Abby's head with the other. Holding her still he jammed his weapon against her tightly closed lips. Abby shook her head again in protest. Chris banged her head on the floor and lifted her head up again. I heard his shout: "Suck it you horny bitch!" Abby shook her head again and was rewarded with another head-thump on the floor. After her third refusal Chris slapped her face hard, "You'll suck it you dirty cunt or I'll smack you around all day!"

Realising that she was in a losing situation, Abby opened her mouth and allowed Chris to shove his prick in. The excitement of knocking his sister around had made the boy massively hard and he rammed his full length down her throat and rooted her mercilessly. Fortunately for her he didn't last much longer than he had the first time. With a howl that was more anger than pleasure, Chris pulled his cock from his sister's tortured throat and jerked himself off as his come spurted from him, spraying his sticky jism all over face and into her hair. Sitting on her chest, he milked every last drop out of his balls, making sure that her face got the lot. Then he got to his feet and walked out of the room without looking back, leaving her lying there.

Abby didn't move for more than five minutes. She just lay there with her eyes closed, ignoring the slimy goo on her face. Then, to my surprise, I saw her slide her hands across her breasts and down over her belly to her top of her shorts. She undid the buttons and slid them down her thighs and then kicked them off. Her pale blue panties were tiny, only just covering her teenage cunt. And the narrow strip of material covering her pussy lips was dark with juices from her previous masturbating and Chris finger fucking her. With both hands she stroked her belly and the insides of her thighs and rubbed her pussy mound. Then, with one swift movement, Abby stripped her panties off and threw them into a corner of the room.

Abby continued to stroke her belly and thighs, trailing her fingertips over them sensuously, as if she was pretending a lover was touching her. I found that I was stroking my still rampant cock in much the same way as I lay on my roof, wishing that they were my fingers caressing her soft, young-girl's flesh. And when she spread her legs wide to dip her fingers into her juicy cunt, I shot my wad in explosive streams across the tiles. It was the same colour and almost the same consistency as the silicone gel I had been using.

I continued to watch Abby fuck herself with her fingers while I enjoyed the warm aftermath of my ejaculation. She slowly built herself up to a peak. Then, spreading the dark pink, blood suffused outer lips of her pussy with the fingers of one hand, she found her clit with the cunt-juice slimy fingers of the other and started to rub it at a phenomenal speed. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I never would have believed that a hand and an abdomen could move that quickly! Then Abby lifted her pelvis right off the floor until only her shoulders and feet were supporting her. Rubbing her clit all the while she held that position for about thirty seconds, then snapped into a violently writhing orgasm that lasted for a good three minutes.

Abby rested for a while then, still naked from the waist down, gathered up her discarded clothing and left the room to clean herself up before her mother got home with the shopping. I was so hyped up that I couldn't continue searching for cracked tiles. So I got down from the roof and went to my bedroom, where I jerked myself off to a second massive come, mentally revisiting all I had just seen and fantasising about sticking my hot cock deep into Abby's tight juicy cunt.

The next day I just had to get back up on the roof to finish the repairing the tiles. I saw Chris go off on his mountain bike. Shortly afterwards Arlene went out in the car. There was no sign of Abby. Good, she must have gone out before I got up here, I thought. At least I'll have no distractions today.

An hour and a half later I was at the far end of the roof with the job almost finished when a flash of movement next door attracted my attention. Little Abby had wandered into their lounge and had started to make herself comfortable, on the floor again by the ranchslider door. She must have been home all the time. And she was wearing only a bra and panties! This time they were a matching soft pink. Forgetting all about roof tiles I hastily made my way back to my viewing position of the day before. Before I knew it, my cock was out of my pants and in my fist as I gazed down lustfully at Abby's beautiful lithe form. And, ohhh, yes! Her hand soon made it's way into her panties and she began to stroke her lovely pussy - not hard and furiously like yesterday, but softly and languidly as though she was intent on prolonging her pleasure for several hours.

She spread her legs wider apart and I could tell that she was bringing the lubricating juices from her cunt-hole on her fingertips and circling and caressing her clit. I have no idea how long I watched her tease her pussy, bringing herself close to orgasm at least six times - each time letting her excitement subside before starting up again. I could tell by the way she shook and clamped her legs together that it got harder and harder for her with each near-climax to let those "I want to come" feelings go past. I emptied my balls at about her third peak and was hard again almost immediately afterwards. In the end she gave in and dissolved in a shaking paroxysm of pleasure. She shouted out one word when her orgasm hit her. It might have been a name, but I couldn't hear exactly what it was. Probably the lucky young stud that's fucking her, I thought. Then she appeared to fall asleep.

I continued to gaze at Abby. I was so entranced with her by now it didn't matter what she was doing. Just to look and dream was enough. Then I saw Chris return, and he wasn't alone. His pal Gary was with him. And they were moving stealthily, not making any noise and with obvious bad intent. They must have let themselves into the house very quietly because Abby carried on sleeping and didn't move. I wanted to call out and warn her, but that would give me away - that I was a pervert who watched her secretly while she pleasured herself.

I saw Chris peek around the lounge room door, but he didn't come into the room. In fact there wasn't a sign of either him or Gary for some time. I was beginning to think I was wrong about their intentions, but then they appeared. And both of them were buck-naked, with enormous erections sticking out in front of them. Chris was also carrying a huge black dildo - obviously Arlene's personal sexual outlet.

It looked to me like Abby could be in for a rough time and I resolved to intervene if it got too heavy and it looked like she was going to get raped, wuth the dildo or otherwise. I didn't involve myself right then, though, because I had no idea of how Abby would react to them. This may have been planned all along. She may be pleased to see them, I reasoned.

It immediately became apparent that Abby had no idea that her space would be invaded by two such naked and thoroughly tumid youths. Both of them dropped to their knees, one each side of her and straight away started to run their hands over her smooth belly and thighs and down into her panty-covered crotch. Abby awoke with a start and screamed in protest. Chris grabbed her by the hair and banged her head on the floor then slapped her face a couple of times. Gary appeared to protest at the violence, but Chris just laughed and hit his sister once more. Then he pulled her panties down at the front and tried to push his fingers in her pussy, but Abby managed to clamp her thighs shut.

Seeing that she was odds-on to a hiding, Abby must have decided to take a different tack and defeat them in the way that every female eventually wins against the male - by emptying his balls. She reached out and took a cock in each hand and started to jack both boys off at once and rub their stiff pricks on her warm belly-flesh. Chris came quickly, again, ripping his convulsing cock away from her and aiming his streams of pearly come right at Abby's mound and the fork of her tightly closed thighs. Gary took a few moments longer, but under the influence of both of Abby's hands on his prick, he too started to shoot his load, directing it to the same place as Chris had.

Chris forcibly took Abby's bra off and both boys crushed her diminutive tits in their hands and twisted and stretched her nipples. Abby obviously didn't find this objectionable or painful because she was thrusting her chest up to them and sometimes placing her hands on theirs and rubbing them harder against her. Chris eventually left his sister's breasts to Gary and moved down to her pussy. Even though she was rolling her pelvis sexually, Abby still had her legs crossed tightly. Chris tried to pry them apart so that he could take her panties off and use the dildo on her. But try as he might, he couldn't force Abby's legs open by himself. Therefore, he had to content himself with rubbing his and his friend's sperm into his sister's pubic hair with the fake dick and pushing it down into her labial crack with his fingers.

Both boys were soon hard again and ready to attack their victim in other ways. I made sure that my raging cock was well tucked away and prepared myself to intervene. Chris called Gary down to help him force Abby's legs apart, but she managed to roll over onto her front, delaying them temporarily. Gary said something to Chris with a wolfish grin and Abby's brother plainly thought his suggestion a good idea, because he immediately thrust his hand into the back of Abby's panties to spread the cheeks of her ass and try to shove the dildo up her back passage.

Abby slapped his hand and the dildo away and then, behaving amazingly like canine bitch in heat, she wriggled her bottom sexily and made a suggestion to the boys. They stared at her, immobile, totally stunned. As if to reinforce her offer, she slowly rolled down her panties at the back, revealing the tight enticing globes of her curvaceous buttocks and the deep cleft between them. I nearly creamed in my pants she was so desirable. Chris and Gary stared at her buns, mesmerised. Then Gary shook his head, obviously saying "No." But Chris appeared to accept her offer.

He bent over and started kissing the crevasse between Abby's ass cheeks. He moved down on her, his tongue plainly delving into their depths. Then, suddenly he also shook his head in denial, but came down on top of his sister and tried to mount her. In the ass? Or in the pussy? I couldn't tell from that distance. With surprising strength, Abby bounced him off. Chris obviously asked Gary for his help, but it looked like he got a negative, "You're on your own, buddy," kind of response.

Abby wriggled her bottom at her brother again and obviously said something very enticing to him, because he mounted her once more. Only this time he didn't attempt to enter her, well not immediately, seemingly content to dry-fuck her delicious buttock-cleft. Abby responded to Chris' thrusts, lifting her ass and pressing back and writhing against him to increase his pleasure. Every time he tried to move the head of his cock to more intimate places, and he tried several times, Abby reached back and returned him to where they agreed he could be. But this to-and-fro movement must have spread his pre-come liberally all over his sister's ass-cleft, because he was soon slipping and sliding in there smoothly.

Chris held out for much longer this time. But eventually his climax ripped through him and he shot big, sticky blobs of his come all the way up his sister's spine. He rolled away from her satisfied for the moment and Abby smiled to Gary and evidently offered him the same service. Gary shook his head once again, plainly reluctant to rub his dick in amongst Chris' sperm. But, he appeared to make a suggestion to which Abby seemed to agree to enthusiastically.

Gary got to his feet and Abby crawled over to kneel in front of him. Taking his stiff pole in both hands, she rubbed it up and down a few times, making him harder, then lowered her face and took him into her mouth. She gave him a really great blowjob. I had my cock out again, stroking it and wishing it was me that she was doing it to. Abby took him right inside, deep-throating him at first. Then she backed off and licked all around his corona and down the sensitive underside of his shaft. She sucked both of his balls in turn while scratching him just behind his sac with her fingernail. And then she returned to his mushroom head and sucked it deep into her mouth again and bobbed up on down on his length, mouth-fucking him with her warm wetness. Then, when she felt him stiffening, ready to come, Abby pulled back and with two quick strokes brought him off, directing his cock-head towards her pert little titties so that his sperm splattered all over them.

Gary seemed to keep coming forever, with his head thrown back and a fierce grimace on his features. Abby milked him for every drop of come he had, then she gave his now softening cock a friendly pat and turned to her brother. She evidently asked him if he wanted some of the same, because he came to her eagerly holding his half-hard prick in his fingers. Abby gave him a good suck and soon made him fully erect, and then she licked him all over just as she did with Gary. And when it was time for him to shoot his load, she directed the hot globules at her breasts again, rubbing the slimy spunk over her nipples with her free hand.

Gary moved in for another session, but Abby pointed at the clock behind him. The look of consternation on the boys' faces told me that Arlene must be due home at any minute. The three kids scattered in all directions, the boys to dress and Abby to shower and wash their come-stains from her body. I climbed back down from the roof to my bedroom and spent the next hour beating my meat again for two mighty comes, and moaning Abby's name as the spasms hit me.

To Be Continued...


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