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What a Night!
by hullo_nurse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I left the movie theater still laughing, laughing so much my sides hurt, tears were streaming down my face & I was getting hoarse. I had laughed through the entire movie, sometimes howling & sometimes just chuckling. It was the best movie I had seen in a long time.

I was hungry & figured the night was young, so I went over to the IHOP down the road a bit. The parking lot was getting full & it seemed that quite a few others from the movie had converged to this spot, as it is open late into the night. I was a little embarrassed that I was alone, since most of the crowd waiting to be seated were in groups of at least 3 or more.

As I was waiting I couldn't help but stare at the hunk standing in front of me. He was skin was tan, his hands strong, his ass tight, with tiger eyes & dark brown, almost black hair. He had a wonderful smile that flashed perfect pearlie-whites. His voice was deep, not Barry White deep, but a sexy-deep that got my juices flowing. I guess it didn't help that the movie I had just seen was full of sexual innuendoes & that sex was on my brain. I hadn't gotten laid in a while, since Joe & I had broken up a month ago. Masturbating was cool if it was the only thing available, but I was getting tired of my toy collection. I needed some meat that was attached to a living breathing man!

Back to this guy in front of me. It looked like he must work out or has a job that keeps him buff. He has strong looking hands & with a short sleeved shirt on I could see the muscle definition in his arms. Gawd! I'd love to feel them around me. Well, a table for me cleared up before a table for him & his buddies, so I sat down & figured out what I wanted to order. Once that was done I concentrate on trying to make eye contact with the hunk. Joe had gotten me into some "bad" habits-- one of which was to not wear any panties under my skirts. I had a short skirt on today & I was feeling a little moist since I had been checking out the stud. I sipped on my water while waiting for my food & saw the group of guys being led to a table near me. If only he would sit so he could see my legs & I could make eye contact with him!

As luck would have it, tonight was going to be a good night after all! He wound up sitting so that all he had to do was look straight across the table he was at to look at me. Granted there was one of his pals sitting in his line of view, but I could fix that by moving slightly to my left at the table I was at. I did this when my food was brought to me, moving my chair rather than pushing my plate over. Very subtle if you ask me.

Well, as I was lifting my link sausage to my mouth in the most sexy of ways I caught his eye. I managed to smile & wink before I blushed & had to look away. I've never been shy in my entire life & couldn't figure out why I was now! Maybe because I was pursuing him in a major way instead of the other way around. Whatever it was, I had better get over it & quick!

I looked up & caught his eye again & began uncrossing my legs. I subtly pointed my finger down to my lap, hoping he would get the drift to look down. I licked my lips in the most erotic way and closed my eyes, my head tilted back. Then I behaved for a short while, but just couldn't keep the little innocent image up. I had ordered milk to go with my omelet, so when I took a sip I accidentally let a little dribble down my chin. I gasped & giggled as I caught it with my finger, then sucked my finger into my mouth. I hoped he was getting as hot & horny as I was or I'd be frantically finger-fucking myself tonight!

He finally got the drift & looked under the table & I gave him a little peep show. You shoulda seen the look on his face when he realized I was pantiless! His eyes bugged out & strained to see more & he got this huge smile on his face! It was so worth the effort. But, then his buddies asked him what he was staring at and he must have told them, cuz all of sudden all 3 guys were looking at me. I smiled & tried to nonchalantly eat my omelet, but wound up bursting out in laughter. My efforts at seduction were over! I just couldn't do it with a straight face.

I said to the guys "Are you waiting for me to do something or do I have food on my face or what, boys?" They chuckled a little & one of them, not the one I wanted, said "Oh, no, it's just that Jason here swears you don't have anything on under that skirt." Talk about forward!!! Shit, what was I supposed to do! I decided to go for it & thought, what the hell, maybe I could have all 3 of them tonight. I was feeling FRISKY!!

It was turning out to be an even better evening that I had anticipated. "Well, if I could join you three, maybe you would be able to find out if Jason is correct." They jumped at the chance to have me come to their table & fought about who I was going to sit in between. I insisted that I be seated next to Jason & let the other 2 squabble.

"My name is Lianne" I said to them. They introduced themselves as Jason, Phil & Tom. Jason was the first to snake his hand up my bare thigh to check on the panty situation. A huge grin broke out on his face & he just turned to me & kissed me smack on the lips! Of course I kissed him back & we drifted off into our own little world playing tonsil hockey until one of the others cleared his throat. I blushed again & started to make small talk as we all were eating. I asked them if they had just come from the movie theater & they said they had just seen the same flick as I had.

While we finished eating we talked about the movie & told each other our favorite lines & such. But I wasn't being good, far from it. I had slipped off my shoe & had the toes of my left foot feeling up the crotch of Phil. He wasn't sure what to do at first, but then seemed to slide down in his seat a little. I guess he liked what I was doing. Imagine that. Needless to say, suddenly everything that was coming out of our mouths had a sexual twist to it & we were all getting hornier by the minute. Poor Tom was feeling left out, so I reached over to feel him up.

He had a nice package, firm & protruding a bit, but that was to be expected, as his hand had been under my skirt for the past 5 minutes. He had found out that I shave most of my mound, leaving just a small path down the center to my pearl of pleasure. The guys willingly picked up my tab as we discussed where we were going to go now. I wasn't comfortable going to their place, nor with them coming to mine just yet, so I suggested that we go somewhere we could dance. I had Jason ride with me & Tom & Phil followed. Little did they know I was bringing them somewhere they could watch ME dance. I pulled into the parking lot of TaTa's.

"Isn't this a strip joint?" Tom asks as we get out of the cars. I just motion for them to follow me inside. Once inside I seek out the owner, Big Ned, himself. While I am talking to Big Ned the guys have their eyes glued to the center stage where Ellen & Wendy are going to town, dancing & twirling on the poles. They are down to g-strings & nipple tassels, & the crowd is whooping & hollering for them to lose the rest. I have to pull on Jason's arm to get him & the rest to follow me back to the private room. It is behind center stage, a room that has a 2-way mirror, so we can see what's going on on the floor & have a great close-up view of center stage, but no one can see in where we are. Big Ned kisses me on the cheek & tells me to have fun & use the room as long as I want.

The guys look at me curiously & I tell them that Ned is a very close friend of the family, kinda like a foster-father to me & lets me come here from time to time if the room isn't already rented out or in use. I tell them about the 2-way mirror & that no one can see in, but that's not the complete truth. There are four cameras in different spots behind the walls that are recording everything that happens here. This way Big Ned can have his muscle keep on eye on us & make sure nothing bad happens to me. They all know my safe word & not to come in no matter what is going on unless I say it.

I order us a round of drinks from the waitress that comes in after kissing her full on the lips. The guys are sitting in front of the mirror watching the action on center stage. Wendy & Ellen are completely naked now & are getting it on with each other on stage. The other girls have come out to do lap dances for the patrons wishing for them.

Once Trish bring in our drinks I have her shut the door. I go sit on Justin's lap & start to kiss him. I reach down & arrange my skirt so that my bare bottom is on him. Jason is holding me close, kissing me deeply, barely coming up for air. Then Tom & Phil start to complain, telling Jason he has to share. Little do they know that I intend on having my way with all 3 of them before the night is over. Jason continues to kiss me all over my face & neck while Phil starts unbuttoning my blouse. I am working on getting Jason's clothes off, too & have started with his belt & pants. I have gotten them down far enough to have a good grip on his manhood. I stop kissing him to look down to see what I will get to taste later. He already has a string of precum at the tip, & I could never resist licking up precum, so I lean down I stick out my tongue to lap it up. Jason shivers as I do this & a soft moan escapes. Phil has my blouse off & is kissing my breasts through the thin material of my bra. I go back to kissing Jason & Tom comes over to put his face between my legs. Damn! I never thought this would happen tonight!!

None of us are aware of what is happening outside of this room, as we are completely absorbed in what we are doing. I ask the guys if they would like a little show of their own, just for them. I get a unanimous reply "YES!" I turn up the music a little that is coming in through the speakers & start to feel the music. My arms go over my head & I begin swaying back & forth, getting carried away by the beat. I dance with abandon, swinging my hips, shaking my breasts, eyes closed, completely absorbed in what I am doing. I don't even notice that all three of them have started to touch themselves.

I touch my nipples, pulling on them, rolling them between my fingers, my head back. I am moaning, but the guys don't hear me because the music is so loud. My hands slowly move down my body, caressing every part, lingering at my stomach & hips, feeling what makes me different as a woman from you men. Wider hips, made for giving birth to propagate the human species. My hands travel to my nether regions, & I smooth the fine hairs beneath my fingers, feeling that the ones closest to my folds are moist. I bring my fingers to my nose & smell my juices before tasting them. I lick my fingertips one at a time, slowly sliding them all the way in & then out of my mouth.

I open my eyes to see the reaction I am causing in my lovers. There is precum at the tip of all three dicks & I go to each of them, starting with Jason, and take the head in my mouth & suck the precum up, twirling my tongue in & out & around the hole from which the nectar flows. My tongue moves around the entire head, then under in slow circular motions & a soft sucking sensation. I move to Phil, then Tom to complete the circle. I lick my lips & tell them how good they taste & that I can't wait for more. I press the buzzer near the door & Trish comes back in.

I show her the 3 of them, dicks out & standing strong, and say I need more to drink. She also knows to bring me a large spinach & romaine lettuce salad. I have only done this a few times before, but Trish knows me better than most, as we have been friends since high school & are lovers on occasion. She can tell by the gleam in my eyes & the grin on my face that these guys are really in for a treat tonight! My cunt is dripping wet, and my juices are flowing onto my thighs. I continue dancing for them, tweaking my nipples with one hand, & the other playing with my pussy. I don't even notice Trish come back in with the tray.

She sets it down on the table in the back & sits down to watch the show for just a bit. I spread my pussy lips open wide & begin inserting my finger, first one & then two, finger-fucking myself. I let the thumb of my left hand slide up to my clit, which has peeked out from under it's hood, and begin to rhythmically stroke it. My knees begin to tremble & I have to sit down on the platform. Phil walks up to me & starts to kiss me, hands exploring my body. Next Tom comes over, gets on his knees & starts eating my pussy again. Jason is watching this, dick hard in his hand & decides that his buds shouldn't get to have all the fun. He comes over & takes my left breast into his mouth. He sucks on my nipple, biting it gently, until I am moaning.

I have taken his shaft in my hand & am working it up & down, until I break away from Phil & pull Jason closer to me. I position him so that I can take him fully into my mouth, while Tom continues to lap at my fountain. Phil moves to take Jason's spot at my breast & licks the right nipple until it is standing out & is rock hard, burning for more. I am getting ready to cum & start bucking my hips. I take Jason's rod into my mouth & start to suck furiously, humping my face up & down on him, sucking, tonguing & licking, all while moaning through my orgasm. Phil has reached over to the nearby table & grabs a condom. I hate these damn things, but we gotta be safe, he thinks.

Tom moves off my pussy & Phil replaces him, slamming his hard dick into my throbbing hole. I gasp at his thickness, not expecting him to be quite so big! I continue to give Jason a blow job, taking him deep into my mouth, the tip of his dick hitting the back of my throat. I swallow on his dick, so he can feel my throat contract on his swollen head. I continue to move my tongue over his shaft, causing Jason to feel multiple sensations at once. His dick vibrates every time I moan with pleasure from the fucking I am getting in my pussy. I grab ahold of Jason's rod at the base, both balls in my hand, and squeeze, prolonging his erection & not letting him cum just yet.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by hullo_nurse.

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