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What a Night!
by hullo_nurse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

As Phil is pounding in my pussy Tom has gotten down on the floor & under me. He dips his finger into my flowing juices, pulls my ass cheeks apart & starts to massage my asshole. Every few seconds he pushes the tip of his finger in, seeing if I will allow admittance. Jason's head is throbbing & he begs me to let him cum, so I release the hold I have on his shaft & start massaging his balls. I feel his balls squeeze up & know that Jason is right on the verge. What can I say, I am a bitch. I open my mouth & let Jason's cock fall out just before he cums. I tell Phil to get off of me so we can reposition. It is then that I notice that Trish is still in the room, silently rubbing her clit. I figure it does no harm to let her keep watching, so I don't say anything. This is all on tape anyway, so what difference does it make, eh?

I ask Jason where he would like to cum. He looks at me with a surprised expression on his face & asks what I mean. I reply that there are 3 places he can cum & for him to pick one of them. He looks at me with wonder & picks my pussy. I have him lie on his back on the platform. I take the condom in my mouth & roll it down his shaft with my tongue & lips.

Then I ask Jason where he wants Phil to cum. He looks at Phil & says "in your slut mouth", so Phil positions himself at Jason's head, sitting on a stool, just at the right height for me to lean over & suck him off. "I guess I'm stuck jacking off," says Tom. Jason has finally figured me out & replies "Nope, you're wrong, Tom. You get her ass." I slide myself down onto Jason's thick dick, which has calmed down quite a bit & is going to have to rebuild his climax.

As Jason pushes himself all the way in Tom gets behind me. He has lubed up his cock with my pussy juice & k-y jelly after putting on a condom. He spreads my ass cheeks & puts the tip of his cock at my back door entrance. He very gently penetrates, pushing in then stopping to let me become accustomed to his size. I am moaning constantly now, feeling used like a whore, knowing that soon all of my holes will be filled & my fantasy come true. Jason starts moving again & Tom works his way into my ass, finally getting himself all the way in. I gasp as he buries himself in to the hilt, feeling his balls slap against my pussy. Phil pulls my head to his cock, and I start to bob in rhythm to the pounding my ass & box are getting. I am in heaven, and feel soooo full, & know this is going to be the best orgasm I have ever had in my life.

We all move in rhythm together, Jason & Tom alternating thrusts, so as my pussy gets filled my ass is emptied. It is like 2 pistons simultaneously thrusting in & out. I can hardly stand the intensity, knowing that this is just the beginning of an incredible night! The first one to start cuming is Tom. "Your ass is so tight! My dick has never been anywhere so tight. I'm going to cum!" As he starts to squirt it triggers my climax & I bite down on Phil's rod, sucking so hard that he starts to pour his warm jism down my throat.

As my vagina spasms it takes Jason over the brink & he cums, exploding into the condom. It is then that I notice that I am completely filled. Phil's dick is to the back of my throat, Tom's dick is maxed in my ass & the tip of Jason's dick is hitting my cervix. It is the most intense feeling I have ever had & I don't want it to end. But, it has to. As the boys remove themselves from me & peel off the used condoms I go to each one & lick their dicks clean. Trish has left the room, I can only guess that she, too, has had a wonderful orgasm & that she has gone back to work.

After cleaning all 3 dicks I go to the tray & get the salad. I know the guys have been wondering what it is for & don't want to keep them in suspense any more. I ask them if they are hungry. All three nod & I tell them I am going to give them a special dressing for their salad. I sit on the stool that is on the platform & spread my legs wide open. All three focus their eyes on my dripping wet pussy. It seems that I have a river of cum flowing out of me & some drips onto the floor. I get this way when I am very excited, it is somewhat unusual, but not unheard of & I am not the only girl I know that has copious amounts of cum.

I bring the salad bowl near to me & take a leaf of spinach. I bring it down to my nether lips & spread them open with my free hand. I then proceed to put the leaf of spinach into my snatch, coating it with my cum. I take it out & replace it with a leaf of romaine lettuce. The guys are mesmerized, just staring with their mouths open, having never seen anything like this before. I continue until I have applied dressing to each leaf of lettuce & spinach. I then walk to the tray Trish had left & divide the salad into 4 bowls. I sprinkle each of them with shredded carrots, cucumber chunks, raisins & croutons & bring them to the table with the drinks.

Tom says "you really expect me to eat this?" I just smile & lift my fork to my lips and open my mouth. I take a bite of mine and say "mmmmm."

Then Jason decides to try his salad & after taking a tentative bite, he says "this is the best dressing I have ever had." So, Phil gives his a try. Once he sees that his buddies have not dropped over dead, Tom lifts his fork to his mouth & tries his salad. "Not bad," he says. As we all finish our salads I notice that all three are sporting wood again.

"Would you like me to see if Trish is free to join us," I ask. Next thing I know I have 6 ogling eyes staring at me, bewildered.

"Are you shitting us?" Phil asks.

"I'll bet she is," says Tom.

"I think she's serious," Jason pipes in.

"I guess you don't want to add to our merriment tonight. I thought an extra pussy, pair of tits & lips would add to the fun. I'm sorry if I misjudged you," I reply.

All of a sudden all three are talking at once "oh, no, we didn't mean it that way"

"it's just that no girl has ever offered to do the things you have"

"please go get her, we want her too." I start to laugh as I walk out of the room & return with Trish. We go to the platform & start to dance together. Rubbing our titties together, caressing each others bodies, kissing deeply, running our fingers through each other's hair. It is as if the three of them are not here, just Trish & I, because we are so comfortable together.

Trish & I continue to dance eroticly together, working each other's bodies into an aroused state. I gather her bosom to my face & push her breasts together so that I can lick both nipples at once. I suck & nibble on them, and they respond to my attention by becoming hard as marbles & as big as marbles, too. I start to roll one between my fingers, pulling on it, pinching it harder & harder until the tip of the nipple that is not between my fingers turns white.

Trish gasps in pain/pleasure & as I release her nipple I lean down to kiss the spot I have just hurt. Trish & I find our way to the floor, groping at each other. We automatically move to the 69 position on our sides, spreading apart the other's legs to get to the forbidden fruit. I kiss her inner thigh, licking it, my tongue feathery-light on her lips. I kiss her mons, rubbing my nose in her soft hair, breathing in the scent of female arousal. I gently spread apart her lips with my tongue & then go back to kissing the top of her pussy. I like to tease her, because she knows that the more I tease, the harder she will cum.

Trish is working on me at the same time & is planning on giving these studs a show like they've never seen before. She isn't going to hold back & is going to use me like the wench I am when I get this horny. She has started to insert her fingers into my pussy, first one & then two, all while licking my clit. I don't realize just yet what she is planning to do, so I start to try to get her to cum before me. It is a game we play sometimes, seeing who will make the other one cum first. I have found her clit, peeking out from under its hood, all hard & sensitive.

I pinch it, then lick it with long lapping strokes. I use the whole surface of my tongue to lick her vagina from top to bottom, starting at the clit, going down to her asshole & back up again. I know this drives her wild. Then I go back to her clit, point my tongue & make circles around her clit. First big circles that don't touch her clit, then spiralling to make the circles smaller & smaller until the circles on her clit. She starts thrashing her head back & forth, gasping & calling out "oh, yeah, it feels so good, please don't stop

Any good lover know that when someone says "please don't stop" it really means "I'm going to cum soon," so I start to do what makes her cum like crazy. I flick my tongue up & down, under & on top of her clit, like my tongue is going over a speed bump or something. Soon Trish is thrashing her whole body back & forth & that is when I go in for the kill. I hold her legs to my face & suck her clit into my mouth. I suck on her clit like there is no tomorrow, biting it & sucking harder & harder until she comes in wave after wave of pure bliss. Jason, Tom & Phil are mesmerized, their hands on their dicks, wanking them up & down in time to Trish's moans & cries. None of them have ever seen 2 girls go at it live - yeah, in pornos or in mags, but never within 5 feet of them & just for them.

This whole time Trish had managed to keep two fingers inside my pussy, wiggling them back & forth, if not moving them in & out. After recovering, she starts working on me. She is licking on my clitty while keeping up the pace with her fingers. She slides in a third finger, & is using her thumb on my clit then inserts a fourth finger. Her hand is going in my pussy sideways now to accommodate her 4 fingers & when her hand is inside she spreads her fingers out, stretching my pussy wider & wider with each thrust.

I am loving it, bucking my hips with her thrusts, trying to get more inside. I realize now what she is trying to do. I love her for it, knowing she has remember what I have only told her once, one of my most intimate fantasies that I have only shared with her. And she knows that this time she will be able to fulfil it, she knows this because she has never seen me so frantically horny, so wanton, so uninhibited. I whisper to her "yes, yes! More, I want more. Do it, give it to me, please. Do it, I'm begging you!"

Then I call out to Jason, asking him to come to me, to kiss me while Trish is fucking my pussy with her fingers. He does, lying on the platform next to me, kissing me tenderly, playing with my nipples. Trish becomes a little distracted when she finds Tom & Phil behind her, Tom fingering her & Phil eating her out, but focuses on the task at hand before becoming lost in her pleasure. I feel her stretching my pussy wider & I gasp, as it hurts a little bit, but then I feel like I have never ever felt before in my life.

Trish has gotten her entire fist into my pussy & is fucking me with it. I spread my legs out as far as I can & then feel someone helping me. I open my eyes & see that Phil & Tom have each grasped one ankle & are holding me spread eagle. Trish keeps fist-fucking me & then I feel a tongue on my clit. This is almost more than I can take. Jason keeps at it, as does Trish. Tom & Phil & Jason are in awe, they have never seen anything like this before in their life. I start to cum, harder & longer that I ever have before.

Then I feel this rush, like I have to pee, but I don't, and it builds into an even more intense orgasm & I actually squirt (as in ejaculate). I pass out after that, kinda like in a trance & all floaty. Trish begins to remove her arm from my pussy, & as she slides it out you hear a slurping noise & her arm is just coated with my cum. She and the 3 fellas taste my cum and the next thing you know her arm is clean.

Trish & Tom & Phil go over to the other side of the room to continue their little escapade, while Jason sits with me until I come to. I am only out for about 5 minutes & find him kissing me all over my face & neck. He is so tender, like he thinks I am hurt or something. I start to kiss him back most passionately & he stops to ask if I am ok. I tell him that he has just shared in the most incredible experience of my life & that I feel a bond towards him like I have not felt towards anyone else. We cuddle on the bed in the back of the room & drift off to sleep.

When we wake up we find that Trish, Phil & Tom are gone. There is a note on the table from Ned. It says to help ourselves to anything in the back kitchen or behind the bar & to lock up when we leave. He knows I have keys to the place & will set the alarm. Under the note is an unmarked videotape. I slide it in my bag before Jason sees it. We go to the kitchen & rustle up some breakfast & bring it to the bed on a tray. After enjoying our leisurely meal & talking for a while we lie back & make sweet love over & over again. Of course, we exchanged numbers as we parted. The guys had left Phil's car for Jason, so he went his way & I went mine, after one last lingering kiss. I know we will be seeing a lot more of each other.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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