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Wanna Bet
by Bootner

She woke up slowly, with last nights drinking taking its toll, rolled on her side to touch him. His space was empty. His pillow cold beneath her fingertips and she felt the sharp pang of disappointment. Bobbie ran her hand across his pillow, "hmm," breathing in his after shave when her fingers ran across something out of place.

It was a small business card with something printed on it. "Good morning "Beautiful, hope you remember last night's bet and your subsequent loss. As you remember, you must fulfill whatever asked of you today. Under my pillow is the panties you are allowed to wear for today's assignment."

She smiled as the memories of last night's sexual tryst came flooding back to arouse her lust for him, first thing this morning. They, of course, had bet sexual favors as money would just come out of the same pocket, so they only way to put any excitement into any bet was to make it sexual. He had lost the bet last time over a sports bet. He had predicted that his football team would beat hers and when they had lost, found himself owing her a sexual debt. He was to go out and come home with two women to screw, while she hid in their closet with the video camera to capture the scene for posterity. She ran her hand under his pillow searching, but only found a black garter, hose and another card.

"That's right. You are not allowed underwear of any kind today besides the garter and hose. You must wear your shortest mini skirt and my favorite knit top with no bra. Have a nice day." This was starting to sound like a very interesting day already and it wasn't even, she rolled over to check the clock, nine o clock yet. Well, she had better shower, brush her hair, teeth and primp to ready herself to pay off her bet. She rolled out of bed and wobbled to the bathroom to start her daily routine. She and Bob had started a business as talent agents some five years ago and now they had one of the biggest agencies in the area. Neither really had to work any more, but it was nice to keep an eye on things and to have something to do.

When she got inside, the bathroom, she snapped on the light and found the next note on the counter under his shaving gel. "Shower now and shave yourself as smooth as a baby's bottom. More instructions will follow. Have a good day baby." She wasn't sure about the shaving, but a bet was a bet so she would give it her best shot. Bobbie sat on the edge of their bed to check out her new look in her dresser mirror. It was a very nasty, erotic look she thought, spreading her legs a little to get a more intimate, up close look. There were a couple of stray hairs near the back that she had missed, with no mirror handy in the shower, so she started to dry shave the stragglers with the razor she had brought with her. Her mound and outer lips seem more sensitive now for she could now feel a slight draft blowing across her newly exposed skin. She wasn't sure if she could get used to this cool, tingly sensation of a shaved pussy, but it did look very titillating.

Finished with that task now, Bobbie started to put on the garter and hose. She kept one eye in the mirror to check out every angle of this look. She wasn't sure why, but this was starting to arouse her lust, getting to her in the most erotic way. When she was satisfied that the seams in the hose were straight down the back of her legs. . . wow, she saw herself again in the mirror, bent way over adjusting the seams and was quite sure that this would make even a devote monk cum. She opened her shirt drawer and found the next set of instructions with a video tape.

"You look great babe, now takeout this video, plug it into the VCR and using only your hands bring yourself to an orgasm. Take your time sexy." She smiled to herself in the mirror, turned slowly, then started off to the living room to plug in the movie. She walked out of their room, heading straight for the couch in the living room, pausing only to push the tape into the VCR. Once seated she picked up the universal remote, from the table beside her and hit play. They had one of those systems that could start a number of things all at the same time, but she still jumped a little at the flash of light catching her off guard. She hadn't noticed the instamatic camera set up on the tripod till now, but as she thought about it, she really shouldn't have been surprised. Making sure that the camera would catch the best angled shots of her, she settled back into the couch for the rest of the show. Flash! She had just hit the button to start the VCR and the light had made her jump.

Ah this was going to be his little game was it. She looked at the screen to find it had a porno movie playing with a two women lesbian scene developing. She had mentioned to him once about a fantasy she had about her and another women, just a fantasy really. She watched now fascinated as a totally naked blonde, helped a dark haired oriental out of her top while they French kissed. Bobbie felt her juices start to flow as the oriental's hands started kneading the blonde's small, pert breasts and Bobbie slid her hand up her ribcage and cupped. . . Flash! her own breasts. Her fingers tripped lightly over her own nipples, a small, "oh," escaping her lips.

The sounds, from the screen mixed with her own, now brought her attention back to the screen as the oriental, now totally naked herself, bent toward the erect nipples of the blonde's pert breasts. As the tongue flashed out to flick the blondes left nipple, Bobbie leaned forward and watched as she started pulling on her own hardened little nibs. Her other free hand started to skim across her tummy toward her mound. Flash! As her fingers come into contact with the newly shaved area, she looks down to watch her own hands on this strange, vaginal territory. She had played with herself before, sure, but it was definitely a new experience for her like this. It was almost like she was touching a stranger down there now and that just added fire to the experience. She looked back to the screen now as she lazily let her index finger trace a path through her wet crease. Flash! Up and down her finger slowly traveled, spreading her wetness evenly from her hooded nib to the end of her opening. She looked back again at the screen to see the blonde and her well rounded bottom, position herself, with her shaved pussy, just over the Oriental's pouty little mouth. The tongue from the oriental slid along her slick crease, her fingers pulling it open to allow her tongue some penetration. While she watched this, Bobbie's other hand came into play to hold her lips open wide as her first hand allowed her moistened finger to push into the now slickened opening.

Flash! With her thumb rubbing her clit at the top of her slit and her index finger already starting a fluid pumping motion, Bobbie used her other hand to open her lips wider to accept another digit inside. The two fingers felt better, but she still wasn't content, she wanted more. She turned her attention back to the screen and watched as from a different angle they showed that the blonde was also busy with her fingers, trying to force their way into the Oriental's shaved pussy. Bobbie stopped what she was doing for a second to watch intently as the blonde's whole hand slowly disappeared into the well lubricated snatch of the oriental. She was dumbfounded for a second, as Bobbie had heard about things like this, but had thought them impossible. Her third finger slid in and joined in the tempo. Flash!

"Uhm, ohh," escaped Bobbie as she had managed a fourth finger into the dance and with all four digits thrusting in and out of her, her thumb busily rubbing her clit and her occasional glimpse of the action on the screen, Bobbie could feel herself starting to build to the peak. All she had to do now was rock her hand back and forth to get into a rhythm. Her other hand had found its way back to her breasts and was tweaking her nipples. "Oh god, oh god, oh-h-h-." Flash! "Stop what ever your doing right now!" Bobbie jumped a bit, then looked at the screen where his face was smiling on the T.V. screen at her. "If you haven't come yet, you are not allowed. Save it for later and come to work." He had a smirk on his face and lust in his eyes as though he could actually see her there.

"Now finish getting dressed." His face turned from the screen, then turned back again to say, "Oh, by the way no washing anything. When you get here, I want to be able to smell how much fun you had. See ya later babe." She started to get up slowly then and as she straightened, the movie kicked back in. She watched in envy as the oriental screamed out her orgasm for the camera, with the most blissful look on her face. "Bitch," muttered Bobbie as she turned off the VCR and started back to her room, to finish dressing, on wobbly legs. First she put on the black knit crop shirt he had requested and exhaled to herself at the image she perceived in the mirror. Her nipples were still rock hard and poked through the material, showing how excited she still was and probably would stay all day. "Shit! I'll look like a tramp with this shirt on," she muttered. She went to the closet and reached for her black mini that he had bought for her last week. Taped to the front was another card for her. "You smell great lover. Don't forget to bring in the Polaroids for my viewing pleasure. Place them in an envelope for me and I'll see you in a while." Bobbie smiled to herself as she started to step into her black mini skirt.

Stepping in front of the mirror for a better view, she realized, with some apprehension, that she would definitely have to be very careful in this number. She had bent over to retrieve the dropped card from the floor and got the shock of her life in the mirror as the cheeks to her butt and her shaved peach were more than exposed. Oh yeah, definitely careful in this get up. Taking another glance in the mirror, she decided it was time to tough it out and get this day over with. Driving to work had been a real eye opener for herself and a few other drivers along the way. With the shortness of the skirt and the fact that the seat covering pulled at it, Bobbie seemed to be perpetually flashing her shaved muff to any passers by. One guy had to slam on the brakes in his van to avoid an accident. She guessed that being higher up than her car, must have given that man an unobstructed exceptional view. Part of her felt sorry for the guy, but another randier part of her was thrilled that she could have such an effect on a complete stranger.

These mixed feelings coursed through her as she accidentally and occasionally purposely flashed other people on her way to work. It didn't matter any more weather they were male or female, just so long as they seemed interested in the view. She felt a little disappointment at having to end the exhibitionism as she pulled up to the parking garage located under the building that housed their offices. She popped open the glove compartment to get her parking card and spotted the next card, attached to a present. She proceeded to park in her space before turning her attention to the present and the card. The card just said that, "This present will help you get the most out of this day. Insert deeply and do not remove." Inside the box was a small (about two inch) egg shaped silver vibrator attached to a control. She took the small device and carefully slipped it into her overly sensitive pussy, then she took the control and slipped it behind her garter belt. She stepped out of the car first, to see if everything would stay in place, then turned the vibrating egg on. "Mmm, oh-h-h yes," she moaned to herself, but had to reach to the car for support. Turning the vibrations down, Bobbie hoped that she could manage to walk now and started for the elevator. Waiting for the elevator she found was harder than moving for you had nothing to occupy your mind, but the steady delicious buzzing of the vibrating egg inside her. She started to fidget now as she could feel a wave threatening to crash down over her.

She leaned against the door jam for support, her legs shaking a little, she fought to keep her first orgasm of the day at bay. Reaching under her skirt again, she turned the vibrations down again, but she could still feel her coming climax and her juices were starting to run down her inner thighs. Her female scent was strong now, musky, unmistakable and she was hoping that no one noticed before she got into her office. When the doors to the elevator finally opened, Bobbie stepped in, but just her luck, in behind her stepped a young blonde woman. The doors closed, Bobbie suddenly felt trapped and the best Bobbie could hope for was a short ride before her guest noticed the scent of her lust inside. Hopefully the first or second floor, Bobbie thought, but the girl rode all the way up with Bobbie to the tenth floor. By about the fourth floor, Bobbie noticed that the girl looked vaguely familiar and was staring at her and smiling.

"In this getup, with my scent in the air, this young lady probably has me pegged as some sort of hooker," thought Bobbie as she looked up to the young lady's eyes and smiled back. They both got off at the same floor and Bobbie watched in horror as the girl walked straight into their office suite. Bobbie waited a few minutes, hoping to avoid her, before walking in, straight to Bob's office. Alice greeted Bobbie with, "Sorry Mrs. Quincy, but Mr. Quincy said that he wouldn't be in today until later. He did say that you had something for him and that I should send it to him by Fedex." Bobbie reached into her purse tentatively and gave Alice the envelope full of pictures of herself masturbating. It did not put her mind at ease to give these intimate pictures up, but she turned to escape to the safety of her office. Alice stopped her by adding, "Oh, yeah Mrs. Quincy. You have an audition waiting for you in your office and Mr. Quincy also said to tell you something about, turn it to high. Whatever that means."

Bobbie thanked her and headed off to her office, feeling herself blush. Bobbie walked into her office and closed the door before noticing that the girl from the elevator was seated on her guest couch. The girl was a very attractive blonde with cool blue eyes who stood as Bobbie walked over to her desk. Bobbie still couldn't get over the feeling that she knew this girl from somewhere. Bobbie sat down behind her desk, before saying anything. "Good day Miss. . ." and Bobbie waited for the young lady to fill in a name.

"Dicks ma'am, Cheryl Dicks." Bobbie reached down and turned her egg on high while this girl was introducing herself and explained why she was here. "Mr. Quincy said that this company might be able to use a talent such as mine, if I wouldn't mind auditioning for his partner today." Bobbie looked into her face and again felt that she should know her from somewhere.

"Well, dear we usually like to see some type of portfolio, some references of some kind. Did you bring anything with you?" Bobbie asked as she hunkered down in her chair a little, for the vibrator was starting to get to her, making it hard to concentrate on conversation. "I just brought my video with me and some photographs if that's okay."

"Hum, ahh, well yes. Yes dear, that would, umm, be fine. Just pop the tape into the VCR over there and hit play." The blonde walked over to the entertainment wall and popped the video in as Bobbie's left hand started to absent mindedly stroke the outer lips of her wet pussy. It was comforting to Bobbie to gently touch herself now. When she looked up, at the screen, the shock of what she saw snapped her back to the present. On the large screen before her was the video she had watched this morning of the two girls. She looked over at the blonde and sure enough, this was were Bobbie remembered her from. Bobbie pulled her chair in closer to the desk so as not to be noticed while touching herself. She couldn't believe what was going on in her office. There on their large screen T.V. was the blonde girl who was standing in her office to audition for her who was also on the screen totally naked and french kissing her oriental partner while helping to remove the others clothing.

The young lady was obviously nervous, pacing back and forth by Bobbie's desk. She would occasionally glance at the screen and then back at Bobbie, looking for some reaction. Bobbie's vibrating egg was bringing her so close to the edge that she found it hard to concentrate on anything. "You see, your partner said that it was up to you whether the agency would represent me or not. That's why the audition and all. What do you think?"

The questioned went unanswered for a few seconds as Bobbie tried to compose herself. "Well, I'm sure that you are very good at, umm, this sort of umm. . . entertainment, but this agency, handling this type of entertainment, makes me a little nervous, to say the least. "Bobbie looked from the girl then back to screen, "but if you leave this with me for a while, I'll give it my best unbiased decision." Bobbie's eyes were drawn to the action on the screen again as she watched the screen blonde, eagerly lapping at the Oriental's nipples. The blonde paced around again, obviously nervous and was now standing directly behind Bobbie. The room started to fill with the sounds from the video as both Bobbie and Cheryl seemed wrapped up in the action. Besides the moaning on the screen, there wasn't a sound except, Bobbie was sure Cheryl could hear her breathing heavily. Cheryl was fidgeting behind Bobbie, but Bobbie felt confident she could touch herself without being noticed, being this close to her desk. Her fingers found that her skirt had rode up past her thighs and that she was probably leaking her juices into the fabric of her chair. Bobbie's fingers had no trouble locating her well lubricated entrance, but as she was just about to plunge into that pool. . .Br-r-ring.

The phone made her jump a little. "Hello, Mrs. Quincy speaking, must remember to tell Alice to hold all my calls thought Bobbie.

"Hey sweetheart." Bobbie leaned back into her chair at the sound of Bob's reassuring voice, right into the caressing hands of Cheryl. Cheryl started massaging Bobbie's shoulders then as Bob's voice started, "I figure that Cheryl's got her hands full about now and that you're ready for the best of today's schedule."

Bobbie knew then that Bob had set this all up earlier and asked him, "So dear, what did you tell her?"

She could hear him snicker on the other end of the phone. "I told her, to get a contract with us, she'd have to please you, my horny bisexual wife and that she'd have to start as soon as your phone rang.

"You devious son of a bitch," Bobbie half-heartedly snapped. That brought more snickering from the phone, but Cheryl's hands on her shoulders were just so soothing and relaxing. "Hmm, that's nice dear," Bobbie half whispered to Cheryl or Bob or maybe both, as she turned to tell Cheryl that this really wasn't necessary. As she turned, Bobbie hung up the phone then found herself face to face with the Cheryl's bare nipples.

Bobbie looked up and down then up again into the clear blue eyes of the totally naked Cheryl. "I believe that call was for me." Bobbie nodded, meekly assenting to the hands that had just slipped down into Bobbie's top and were now kneading her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Cheryl leaned down and started nibbling on Bobbie's lobes whispering, "you smell more than ready for me Bobbie."

Bobbie was very apprehensive about the whole situation that was unraveling before her now. She didn't think she could stop what Bob had put in motion, but she wasn't sure about this lesbian tryst that was about to happen so she started to blurt out anything to distract Cheryl as Cheryl started to pull Bobbie's top down, exposing her breasts. "Now Cheryl, this isn't totally appropriate or. . ." Cheryl's wet, warm mouth had just sucked in Bobbie's left nipple. "Uhm-m-m, that's nice, no wait a minute. Don t. . ." her objection ended as Cheryl's fingers started tracing lines up Bobbie's inner thighs above her stocking tops.

As Cheryl's finger nails lightly racked across Bobbie's wet outer lips she leaned in and whispered, "Do you really want me to stop Bobbie? Just say stop Bobbie." and she started nibbling on Bobbie's lobe again. Bobbie reached out and pulled Cheryl closer, moaning now, "Don't stop Cheryl, please." With that said, Cheryl cupped Bobbie's left cheek in her palm and turned her to look Cheryl in the eyes.

heryl leaned forward and their lips finally meet. There was no resistance to this kiss as Cheryl found Bobbie's lips parting open, ready to receive her exploring tongue. The kissing became more passionate and Bobbie felt her anticipation grow as Cheryl's index finger start to run through her sopping wet slit. Cheryl broke the kiss long enough to bring that wet finger to her lips for Bobbie's view, her tongue flashed out and pulled that finger into her eager mouth. When she withdrew the digit, she again leaned in close to whisper in Bobbie's ear, "I've got a surprise for you Bobbie." "Oh, not another surprise," thought Bobbie as she grabbed Cheryl's face and pressed her lips to Cheryl s, trying to urge the other girl on with her own tongue probing. As their tongues started to dance together, in Bobbie's mouth, there was a sound from the office's bathroom door. Out of the bathroom stepped Cheryl's oriental partner from the movie that was still playing in full surround sound. "Bobbie, I d like to introduce you to Ki-Loo, my partner," stated Cheryl as her index finger slid easily into Bobbie's wetness. "Ow, Bobbie, what's this?"Cheryl asked as she discovered Bobbie's vibrating egg inside her. She pulled gently on the wire till it came out of Bobbie with a wet popping sound. Starting to rub it up and down the wet crease it had just left, Cheryl began to croon in Bobbie's ear, "C mon Bobbie. Wouldn't you like to cum for me baby" as Bobbie's legs started to tense up and quiver. Bobbie couldn't stop herself from reaching out to grasp Cheryl's buttock, pulling her closer. Cheryl stepped in next to Bobbie, being sure to place her nipples inches from Bobbie's mouth. Bobbie took the bait and was now greedily sucking and moaning on Cheryl's nipple, but still hadn't hit her peak when, Cheryl stopped rubbing her clit with the egg. Bobbie sucked harder on the nipple in her mouth, reached down with her other hand, desperately touching Cheryl's sopping wet pussy, then pulled back to plead with her tormentor, "please don't stop now. I was so close Cheryl, so close. Please make me cum. Please!"

Cheryl just leaned forward, kissed Bobbie passionately on the mouth before saying, "No can do, baby. Your husband said that we were only to get you primed, not to let you cum."

Cheryl then slid the egg back into Bobbie's wet hole, to an anguished "Oh-h-h, please," plead that escaped her. Stepping back behind Bobbie, Cheryl said, "You just sit back and relax baby, for we have something special for you to see. "Bobbie felt Cheryl's hands gently, but firmly, pull her back into the chair and then she once again started rubbing Bobbie's bare shoulders. "Ki-Loo is the best solo act around Bobbie, so your in for a real treat." and with that, Cheryl pulled Bobbie's chair away from the desk, to the side, for a better view. When Bobbie looked over, Ki-Loo was already naked and sitting on a wooden bar stool. Her shaved, pouty pussy lips looked puffy and swollen from excitement already. She was average height, dark haired about medium length and fairly chesty. As Bobbie's interrupted climax started to quell a little, she started to relax again into Cheryl's warm caressing hands.

Ki-Loo started running her hands down her sides as Bobbie now sat transfixed by the beautiful Ki-Loo's body. Ki-Loo's hands started sliding back up her rib cage, cradling her perfect breasts with her hands. She started running her finger tips teasingly across the tips of each breast, drawing out the delicious sensations, reveling in taking her own time. Bobbie felt Cheryl's hot breath on her ear, but wouldn't take her eyes, no couldn't take her eyes from Ki-Loo. She was flushed with need and want as her hands traveled down across her stomach. Bobbie watched with envy as Ki-Loo's eyes, half closed with lust, concentrated on the glow that Bobbie knew was building from her center. Her manicured fingers traced circles across her shaved womanhood and Bobbie moaned in unison with her little Ki-Loo.

It was like she was traveling this self discovery with Ki-Loo, being one with her and sharing it all. Ki-Loo's fingers started caressing her wetness as Bobbie felt Cheryl's fingers starting to play and tease her hard nipples. "Isn't she beautiful Bobby?" Cheryl breathed hotly into Bobbies ear. Bobbie nodded her agreement as she felt Cheryl's tongue flick across her ear lobe "Don't you want to cum with her Bobbie?" asked a very breathy Cheryl.

Bobbie whispered a barely audible, "Yes, yes I want her to cum," her eyes transfixed on the lust filled Ki-Loo. The opening to Ki-Loo's center was glistening, as were the fingers caressing and teasing that sacred orifice. Bobbie was letting out uncontrollable small little moans as Ki-Loo's fingers started searching, to possess all the treasures within and bring them forth.

"I think we need help Bobbie," said a sultry voiced Ki-Loo. Reaching into a bag beside her, she withdrew a large black vibrator. Bobbie's hand had started to slid down her stomach to her bare mound, to join Ki-Loo, before Cheryl's hand caught it and placed it on the arm rest of the chair.

"Not yet Bobbie," said Ki-Loo from across the room "got a long way to go yet. Will you insure that Cheryl," asked Ki-Loo. As Bobbie watched the show, now mesmerized, she felt Cheryl handcuff her hands to the armrests. The black vibrator was switched on before it was sent sliding up and down Ki-Loo's wetness. Now as Cheryl stepped over, straddling Bobbie's left arm she reached out, tweaking and teasing Bobbie's nipples to Bobbie's appreciative, "ooohs" and started rubbing her juices allover Bobbie's trapped arm. Bobbie turned her head, received Cheryl's lusty kiss and felt her teasing fingers start to lightly trace patterns around her sensitive clit.

Bobbie could hear Ki-Loo's slick black lover humming it's lovesong to her and with her egg joining the harmony, she just found it frustrating that she couldn't bring herself off. She had been on the edge all day and her clit was screaming for relief of her sexual need and want. Cheryl broke their kiss and leaned her lips close to Bobbie's ear again. "Do you need to cum yet baby hmm?"

Bobbie strained against her restraints mumbling in Cheryl's ear, "yes. Yes please make me cum. Please Cheryl, please".

Cheryl's index finger then came directly into contact with Bobbie's clit, rubbing and pinching it. Bobbie was screaming out her pleasure now, her head thrashing back and forth. When she looked up, there was Ki-Loo looking directly into her eyes. "I think you're ripe enough for my tasting now," said Ki-Loo as she knelt down between Bobbies wet shaking thighs.

As Ki-Loo's tongue touched her shaved mons, Bobbie threw her head back in absolute screaming abandon, "Yes". Cheryl released Bobbie's hands from the cuffs, but try as she might Bobbie could hardly move her arms. Ki-Loo's tongue was now dancing over Bobbies clit again and again.

Bobbie started to quiver and spasm as she crashed into her first orgasm. She was barely over the first wave as another climax hit her, "Yes, god, yes," followed by another, "ooh, no more. Please no. . ." and yet another. She arched herself up out of the chair and Ki-Loo's mouth stayed planted on her clit by pure suction alone. Bobbie was so far gone that she barely noticed that Cheryl's rubbing had caused her to cum all over Bobbie's forearm. The screaming had stopped, but both Bobbie and Cheryl's after shocks were causing them both to shake. Ki-Loo stayed knelt between Bobbie's thighs, gently lapping up Bobbie's wetness like a kitten licks up cream.

Bobbie reached down and lovingly caressed Ki-Loo's flaxen hair then broke the silence with, "Thank you for this special..." She was at a loss for words now as she felt herself slowly start to get excited again with Ki-Loo's loving licks. Cheryl reached past Bobbie for the phone, then dialed a number saying, "Hello. Yes she's been primed and is ready now for you".


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