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Who's Birthday is it Anyway? Ch. II
by Beebaw

We had had such an erotic evening so far with the two Swedish strangers. Denise had cleaned herself up a bit as I poured some water for us all. She was still wearing only her black knee high boots and tiny g-string, while I was naked except for my glam shoes.

Denise turned to me and said, "This is so wild Maria, its exactly what I wanted for a big birthday blow-out. Do you mind if I take control for a while?"

I thought she had been all along!

"Go for it Dee! This is all so sexy, I don't want it to end. It's your night and I want you to decide what goes"

With that we marched back into the lounge where the boys were eagerly waiting. They were both dressed in their underwear and shirts. They must have been discussing these horny English sluts that appeared to be up for anything.

Denise said, "Guys - as you know it's my birthday and it's my turn to get the attention now. So, I want you both to strip for me and show me your equipment"

The boys looked at each other and almost with a resigned shrug began pulling down their pants. Johann's cock almost leapt out of his pants as he pulled them down. He was already raging hard again after Denise's expert sucking. Per-Ola was looking at me as he removed his shirt. I just nodded towards Denise, and only then did Per-Ola realise that the night was taking an even more bizarre twist.

"Right, I want to inspect those cocks hold them next to each other."

The boys were obviously a little concerned that the night was getting to bizarre, but complied with Denise's order. She was very authoritative when she wanted to be. Johann fisted his pale cock and turned to hold it a few inches from Per-Ola's. Per-Ola grabbed his own tool and ran his hand up and down a couple of times.

Denise knelt in front of the pair and seemed to examine both in detail then cupped both guys' balls, gently squeezing them. She leaned over trying to get both dicks into her mouth, but even though the guys did not appear to flinch as their erections rubbed against each other, she couldn't quite manage it. She slipped the head of Per-Ola's prick into her mouth and sucked gently for a moment then turned to Johann and did the same, her head bobbing up and down. I couldn't help myself, I started to lightly brush my clit with my fingernails while I sat on the couch watching the show. After sucking them both for a few moments she decided on her next move.

"Johann, please sit in the armchair and start playing with that big cock of yours. Your mate is going to get to fuck me while we watch you."

Johann almost looked crestfallen as he realised that Per-Ola was going to screw this sexy black girl first. When he'd sat down, Denise stood up and, bending over, pulled her sticky white panties off and tossed them at Johann. Her dark black pubic hair was tight and curly, matted with her own juices. She took hold of Per-Ola's stiff prick and lead him over the room in front of the armchair.

She knelt on the floor facing Johann and motioned for Per-Ola to move round behind her. He didn't need telling twice. Per-Ola grabbed Denise's black cheeks and pushed his hips forward seeking out her pussy. She reached between her legs and helped ease his dick into her, gasping slightly as the head penetrated her hole. Suddenly Per-Ola thrust himself forward burying his length in her wet cunt. As he thrust again, he grabbed her arse cheeks tightly and moved then his hands up and down her dark thighs. Denise's big breasts swung to and fro as she moved against Per-Ola's thrusts.

I had been oblivious to Johann, who was staring at the fucking couple and pumping furiously on his raging hard on. Denise kept looking up to check on him and occasionally offering little screams or moans as Per-Ola fucked her. I was already cumming again and decided to take matters into my own hands again.

I almost ran across the room and climbed onto the armchair. Squatting over Johann's cock, I began to lower myself. I spread my pussy lips with my fingers to receive his pole, which he held straight upright. With his other hand he kept me steady. I looked at Denise, who was smiling wickedly at me. I slowly inched my way down onto his meaty prick savouring the feeling as my cunt muscles tightened around it. When I had fully engorged his prick I wriggled my bum and dropped my legs to the floor, spreading them as wide as I could. Johann reached around and grabbed my tits, running his hands up and down my front touching my clit and pinching my hard nipples. My orgasm burst forth almost immediately and I gave a huge scream which even stopped Per-Ola in his tracks for a moment.

Opening my eyes, I could see that Denise was in a similar state and had started more gently grinding are arse into Per-Ola's groin.

Johann grabbed my hips and started bouncing me up and down on his lap. His now slimy cock slipped effortlessly into my sopping hole. Raising my arms I screamed "Yesssssss" as I came violently. I felt Johann stiffen behind me. He grabbed my small boobs tightly pulling me hard down on him. I felt a hot gush of liquid as he shot his cum deep into my pussy. Then he leaned right back with a massive sigh.

Denise, having had her fucking, was not yet finished. Per-Ola had not been allowed to come in her pussy. She had pulled forward forcing his dick to slip out of her. Turning she said,

"Okay, we've all had fun, but I want my final birthday treat. I want you two guys to come over her and suck me together. Maria can blow your dicks as you do it, but you can't stop until I'm ready!"

It's a good job these boys were fit. I got off Johann's lap. His already wilting dick plopped messily onto his stomach. Denise stood up and spread her legs slightly, hands on hips. Her glistening black thighs looked even sexier as she still wore those black knee boots. Her bum stuck proudly out, the cheeks reddened by Per-Ola's pawing and clawing.

Per-Ola moved behind her again. He knelt and spread her cheeks seeking out her tiny puckered anus with his tongue. Johann had flopped onto his knees and holding the tops of her boots began licking her cunt where his best mates penis had just been. I watched breathlessly at the forming triangle of bodies.

Johann was lapping for all that he was worth on her swollen lips and clit. Per-Ola squeezed her cheeks rubbing his face hare into her arse. His tongue worked it's way into her anus making her gasp and reached for Johann's blond head for support.

I felt it was only fair that Per-Ola should get one more go. So, crawling like a commando, I moved behind Denise's boots and took a firm hold of Per-Ola's throbbing penis. I pulled on the shaft for all I was worth, ignoring the uncomfortable position I was in. Darting my head forward, I took his cock into my mouth. I could here Denise moaning wildly and various slurping noises from above my head.

I continued to wank Per-Ola into my mouth, harder and harder. It knew I could only keep this position for a short time. I could taste Denise's juices on it, or was it mine. I didn't care, it was just amazing to taste his cock and think where it had been. Without warning, Per-Ola stopped bobbing backwards and forwards and instantly his hot spunk shot against the roof of my mouth. I continued wanking him and running my tongue around his shaft until the cum subsided.

Moving away, I looked back at the trio. Denise had her face pointed to the ceiling and was squeezing one of her bouncing breasts. After his momentary shock, Per-Ola had returned to licking her anus, spreading her cheeks as wide as they would go. He inserted a his index finger just inside her greasy hole, rubbing it gently around inside. Denise let out a piercing scream as she came again and again. With that the three of them collapsed towards me and we ended up in a pile of bodies, my face engulfed by Denise's boobs at one point!

We sorted ourselves out and sought the water to help us recover. Denise whispered in my ear that the whole experience had been "fan-fucking-tastic". She kissed me on the cheeks and hugged me as if to say thank you for being part of it.

The next day after dropping off the boys, I took Denise to the station. We agreed that next time, I would come to Wales with her for my birthday. Perhaps, having somewhat liberated her sexuality, she might persuade her Ex, the Ebony Sex God, to join us for an evening!!


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