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Whipped Cream
by Shintani

It had been a long night of waitressing for Dawn. Although it hadn't been too busy, she had her hands full with customers who were demanding everything. It was almost too much for her to take when the hostess seated her another table, a young couple, clearly out-of-towners. Oh well, she thought, at least these visitors usually leave a good tip. The night was dying down, and she was able to spend some more time with her last table, and they seemed friendly enough.

When it came time for dessert, they asked her to bring out some more whipped cream for their cake, and once again, she thought, here I go running around for these people. They better leave me a good tip. She came out of the kitchen with a can of whipped cream and went up to their table. With a little flourish, she had liberally covered both of their desserts with a giant pile of whipped cream. "That was great," the man said. "Why don't you bring the rest of the can up to our hotel room. We're staying next door."

"Sure," said Dawn with a smile on her face, and then she laughed, because he had to be joking. Later on when they were done, and paid the check, she went over to clean the table and collect her tip. To her surprise, in addition to her tip there was a note attached to a half of a twenty-dollar bill. "Come on up to room 509" it read.

Down in the locker room as she was getting ready to go she showed the note to Delores, a friend of hers. "You gonna do it?" asked Delores.

"Are you kidding?" replied Dawn "No way." "Hey," Delores reminded her "you've got rent due and the tourist season is almost over. You weren't here last year, but in the winter all we do is stare at each other in here. Bring 'em up a can of whipped cream, I'm sure that's all they want. And if not, you don't have to stay, they did give you a pretty decent tip."

"I guess your right," said Dawn, "it won't hurt to go up there." She went back up to the kitchen and grabbed a can of whipped cream, then went down to the locker room. Delores was still down there, waiting for her.

"You can't go over like that," said Delores, and she pushed Dawn into the bathroom and helped her straighten out her hair and makeup.

"And here, you might want to wear these." Delores sat down on a chair and took off her stockings and a garter belt.

"Delores!" Exclaimed Dawn, "What do you think I am, some kind of hooker?"

"I didn't say that, replied Delores. "I just want you to be ready for anything. Here, wear these too" she added as she handed over a pair of high heels. "Can't go over in sneakers."

Dawn thought about it for a moment, and then sat down next to Delores. She hiked her skirt up and took off the pantyhose she had been wearing, and started to put on the stockings and garter belt that Delores had offered. "Hey wait a minute," interrupted Delores. "Panties off. If you must wear them with a garter, put 'em on last so they come off first."

"OK" said Dawn. "But it really doesn't matter because all I'm doing is taking this stuff over and then leaving. I'm just doing all this to make you happy. And where did you get this lipstick, It makes me look slutty."

"That's the idea" replied Delores. "Now get going." With that, Dawn got into her car and drove over to the hotel. She walked into the lobby; not noticing the stares she got from the desk clerk or hearing him mutter "hooker" under his breath. She got into an elevator and was quickly up on the fifth floor. Looking over herself in the mirrored elevator door, she thought not too bad. Standing 5'2" with medium length brown hair and blue eyes her legs weren't terribly long, but waitressing and exercise kept them shapely. And men, lots of men, she admitted, to herself, loved her 36C breasts.

At room 509, she knocked on the door, and it opened. The young couple she had waited on was in there, and they had changed too. They were both wearing bathrobes and were watching a movie, and invited her in. "First thing first" said the man.

"I'm Wayne and this is my wife Sheri." Wayne had to be a good 6'2" and built like a linebacker. Sheri was taller than Dawn, about 5'7 and slim, but she had a great ass and nice tits too.

Wayne handed over the other half of the twenty, and Dawn said, "well, have a good night, you guys."

"You don't have to go right away, do you?" asked Sheri. "Not really" replied Dawn, I guess I can stay for a bit.

"Great," said Wayne and he offered Dawn a drink, which she accepted. The three of them sat talking, and drinking, and having a good time as they all got along.

"Hey Dawn," asked Sheri as the night went on, "do you think you could show me how to handle that whipped cream can as well as you?" "Well," replied Dawn, I guess so and with that, Sheri opened up her silk bathrobe and lay back on the bed.

"Now wait just a minute" interrupted Dawn, but Wayne added "we'll make it worth you while" and lay a couple of bills out on the table. Dawn thought about it for a moment, then thought about what Delores said, and replied "OK". She climbed up on the bed with Sheri and took the can of whipped cream with her. Sheri lay back, her beautiful breasts exposed and Dawn slowly built up a pile of whipped cream on her chest.

"Ooh that's cold," she said and squirmed a bit, spilling some of the whipped cream off of her breast onto the other nipple.

"Guess you'll have to clean that up" added Wayne. Dawn hesitated for a moment, and then bent down all the way and licked the cream off of Sheri as she moaned and writhed. Soon, Dawn had her blouse unbuttoned and her bra off and she and Sheri were kissing and licking each other's breasts and the whipped cream, which was getting all over the two of them.

It wasn't the first time for either of them and they took turns sucking each other's tits and fingering each other. Their kisses and tongues made their way lower, and Sheri got a taste of Dawn's soaked pussy. It didn't take her too long to cum, and she returned the favor on Sheri. Her cunt was moist and sweet, and Dawn had a great time licking it.

Dawn, now completely involved, even inserted the tip of the can into Sheri's pussy and squirted a bit in. She then spread some more around Sheri's pink pussy lips and her furry patch. After doing that, she got up on her hands and knees between her legs and licked and sucked the whipped cream out. She was vaguely aware of Wayne stroking his large cock while watching the lesbian sex show in front of him, and even less aware that he had hiked up her black skirt, exposing her naked ass and garters.

As Sheri moaned and writhed under Dawn's tongue and finger attack on her pussy, Wayne climbed up on the bed behind Dawn. Dawn wiggled her hips back towards Wayne's waiting cock and felt it slide into her wet pussy.

"You're so wet," he said as he slid deep inside her and started to fuck her. Sheri was fully involved in a screaming orgasm as Dawn intensified her pace to Wayne's expert fucking of her hot cunt. Sheri screamed and moaned, and her pussy juices flowed into Dawn's hot mouth as she came again and again. Then, she slid out from under her, and watched as her husband fucked Dawn from behind. His hard cock was slamming into Dawn repeatedly as he fucked her harder and harder. Dawn was moaning herself, as this monster cock was doing a great job of filling her hole. She ground her hips against Wayne's as his wife watched and added encouragement.

"How hot is her pussy?" asked Sheri.

"So hot honey, so hot and wet" was his reply. "She likes fucking, doesn't she? You like getting fucked, don't you Dawn?"

"Yes, oh yes!" cried Dawn.

"Fuck her hard honey, fuck this whore hard! She's just a little slut, do it to her!"

"Oh! Fuck me!" screamed Dawn.

"Do it to her!" continued Sheri. "She loves getting it hard and fast, I bet her pussy is so does it feel to get fucked you little whore? You love it don't you?"


Sheri continued her verbal rape of Dawn. "Bet you've fucked lots of guys, bet that pussy is so loose"

"Oh, yes, dozens" was Dawn's breathless reply. "Fill my cunt up, I love it. Cum deep inside me!"

"She's been fucked so many times, I could still taste other guy's cum when I was eating her out!" said Sheri. "This is the best whore we've ever fucked!"

"You little whore!" screamed Wayne "I'm gonna fill that cunt up!"

"Fuck her hard!" added Sheri. "All that little bitch is good for is fucking!"

"Yes! Fuck me!" shouted Dawn. "All the guys love to! And I love fucking them!"

"Oh!" shouted Wayne as he filled Dawn's wet cunt up with cum. He grabbed her ass and thrust hard and deep into her a few more times, watching his jism squirt out of her pussy and drip down her legs.

"That was incredible" said Dawn as she rolled over onto her back, as Sheri bent down to lick her husband's cum off of her pussy as they all caught their breath.

"Well, I better get going," said Dawn as she straightened herself up and collected her fee for the evening's activities.

Not too bad she thought to herself, as she drove home, well satisfied after turning the first trick of her career. I'll have to get some more pointers from Delores.


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