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Wishes Can Be Dangerous:
A Cautionary Fantasy

by Too-Kay

Having finished my latest erotic novel, I put the book down and sighed,

"I wonder what it would be like to be fucked and whipped or beaten and fucked again and again - all the while being strapped so I couldn't get away. I wish it could happen to me like in that book."

Although I was naked, I wasn't cold, and I rubbed my pussy as I put the book on the shelf.

There was a fuzzy sensation in my head.

I felt I was being sucked through time...

* * * * *

When I came to I was in a familiar room - familiar because it was the punishment room from the book I'd just read.

Looking around I saw everything as the novelist had described, even to the frame to which I was strapped. My arms were out at right angles to my torso while my ankles were strapped sufficiently far apart for my thighs to be parted. I was wearing a sarong, and my curly hair, which had been tied back, was hanging across my shoulders.

I fidgeted. Little bells on the arm straps tinkled; the sound that told the Master and Mistress their plaything was conscious again. They strolled in, dressed as I expected them to be, in sleek silk and leather jump-suits.

"Well, well, look what has wished herself to us," Mistress Abutnot chuckled. "You really ought to be more careful what you wish for - especially as first wishes that come here have a 24-hour duration. Still, it will give us a diversion, won't it, Master dear?"

"Indeed. Now, what, exactly was your wish? Let me see: *I wonder what it would be like to be fucked and whipped or beaten and fucked again - all the while being strapped so I couldn't get away* that was it, wasn't it?"

I nodded, beginning to get terrified.

"Very well. Your name is - um, Ann, isn't it? Well Ann, you are going to have your wish fulfilled for 24 hours, after which you will be returned to your time at the instant you left it. Is that understood? You will retain the memory of this place, its people, but will not be physically marked in any way. However, your body will remember the sensations it experiences."

I just looked at him, appalled yet eager. After all, I had wished for this, hadn't I? Mistress came towards me.

"Don't be scared, child, we know how to teach pain and pleasure. Let me show you."

She peeled off my sarong and gently rubbed my breasts till they were a source of pleasure to me. I moaned when she stopped, then again as she felt between my legs for my other lips.

"She's damp already, husband. We will both enjoy her well, and teach her to enjoy us."

"Good. Warm her up, while I cane Philippa. Philippa - come here - NOW!" he roared.

A dark haired girl, who I recognised from the book, let herself into the room and stood in front of Master Abutnot.

"Master," she murmured.

"Your afternoon caning is overdue. Stand there." He pointed to a waist-high table. The girl obediently went to it, and stretched her naked body across it, aligning her buttocks with Master. Her legs were parted, and I knew that as well as a caning, she would be brought to orgasm at least once.

Mistress' attentions to my body drew my attention back to myself. She had been fingering me for a few minutes and I was panting heavily. She stopped now, and went for a razor. Carefully shaving me bare between my legs, she whispered

"That's better."

She bent to my cold, bare skin, and licked it. It felt wonderful! I moaned. She licked more and gradually began to eat me. I was in heaven. My thighs parted as much as they could as I let her coax me towards a climax. In the background, Master had finished caning Philippa and was casually finger-fucking her. All this time, the girl had not uttered a sound, and simply bowed to him when he had finished with her.

Mistress stopped before I reached my climax. I moaned - and got a swipe around the face for my complaint.

You are here to learn discipline, girl. That includes not complaining! Also it means not making a noise." She snapped at me. "I know we cannot teach you everything in 24 hours, but you will learn not to complain."

Master had dismissed Philippa and came over to his wife. His cock was pulsing beneath his tight garment and he rubbed the bulge as he spoke.

"Take her to the table. We'll see how fast she blushes with the paddles before we both take her."

I was untied and led to the table Philippa had occupied earlier. Instead of just laying me on it, they strapped me down so that I could not move. Then they pushed a gag into my mouth. Mistress played with my lips while Master went for the paddles. I was aching to cum but she wouldn't let me.

Suddenly - whack! I screamed into the gag as the beating started. Master beat each buttock in turn, and within moments I was in agony. Mistress had sat on the floor beneath me and was fingering my clit at the same time: as the beating continued, so she sweetened the pain with her fingers till I didn't know which was pain and which was pleasure. Then Master stopped his beating and slid his hands over my red raw cheeks, parting them gently to see my lips and my little hole. I was brought to climax by Mistress as he slid his finger up and down my crack, then he pushed in as I exploded onto Mistress' fingers.

I bucked as much as my straps would allow and screamed in agony into the gag. He kept his finger in me till I relaxed, and Mistress started to lick me to another climax, then slipped a finger (or was it two) into my cunt, and pressing upwards to find Master's finger. The double assault on my senses was too much. I came within seconds.

I felt Master pull his finger out of me; heard him unfasten his clothes and felt his huge cock ram in me, past his wife's fingers. I knew it was a big cock, the book had described it in loving detail, but it wasn't the same as experiencing it. He thrust into me like a traction engine and he came fiercely at the fifth thrust.

I was hanging onto consciousness by my figurative fingernails at that point but this fuck finished me off. I fainted.

+ + + +

When I came to, I was in a small cot, naked but covered with a blanket. Three girls were standing around me. One of them was Philippa.

"Mistress said we could play with her when she came round," I heard Philippa say. "We've got till Lights Out. Bags me first!"

"No, let's ALL take her together!" one of the others said.

"She's a 'wisher'. She wished for lots of fucks and pain. One at a time would be better," Philippa said.

She was obviously the leader of this dormitory as the other two reluctantly agreed to fuck me in turn. I didn't know whether I could cope with more fucks and I protested as they pulled the thin blanket off me.

"No complaints. I have borrowed Master's cane - you remember, the one he kissed me with this afternoon - and we will use it on more than your bum and those lovely tits if you aren't careful. Now, on your back, with your legs apart." Philippa ordered.

Meekly I obeyed. She sat between my legs and began to suckle my breasts. I loved having my tits sucked deeply and was soon breathing heavily.

"Hey, she likes this too much. Sarah, kiss her with the cane on her legs." Philippa commanded, between tits.

One of the other girls picked up the cane and methodically rapped my legs with it. It hurt but wasn't agony. Philippa carried on sucking my breasts but she had slid a hand into my cunt and was working me to a climax. I whimpered as she drew me nearer to cumming,

"We like noisy toys, you can scream all you like!" the third girl said as she kissed my face.

"Wendy, keep off, she's mine. Sarah, stop the caning, I'm going down on her."

With that, Philippa reversed her position and began sucking me deeply. I clutched at her thighs as she tongued my sensitive clit and moaned my pleasure as I came in her face. She rolled off me and at once Wendy pulled me to my feet and was draping me over the headboard of the bed. Sarah tied my wrists to the bed frame, pulling me forward so my bottom was raised.

"What a cute bottom, let's see what it says to being kissed by Master's cane," Sarah said as she started to cane me.

Gently at first, but then with more force and careful placing, she turned the afterglow of my cum into dark pain. Never hard enough to break my skin, she wielded the cane with expertise.

"Ow, stop! Stop! Please - don't hurt me. Stop! Ow-wwww!" I howled as Sarah caned me. My bottom was on fire. I howled with every stroke.

"Ow-www! No-ooo-ooo! Ow-wwww!"

Suddenly she stopped. I tried to look round, but my arms were too firmly tied. Then I felt a vibrator being slipped into my wetness. It was turned on - medium-high, I judged - and as it was pressed into me, the caning started again. Now there was pleasure mixed with pain and I pleaded

"Fuck me, fuck me please! I want it. Please. I need you to fuck me. Fuck me!"

The vibrator was thrust into me, and pulled out in time with the swipes of the cane. It was turned up to maximum, and whoever was wielding it, knew just where to press it.

"Fuck me, oh fuck me - please. More, more, more, fuck me. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, YES! YES, FUCK ME." I screamed as the climax built in me despite the pain in my buttocks.

Amazingly, the vibrator's speed was turned up beyond what I had thought of as maximum, and it was focused on the inside of my clit. I ignored the cane's strokes and gave myself up to the extreme pleasure of cumming. My legs parted wide as I tried to lower myself onto the tool that was so wonderful. I gasped incoherently as I was tipped over the precipice into unadulterated Bliss.

Without giving me time to recover, the three girls untied me and lowered me to the floor. I shuddered as I landed on my bum. Wendy immediately went down on my cunt, her bottom lifted high above my knees. Sarah positioned herself over my face and pulled Philippa across Wendy's back. Wendy was sucking me; Philippa was finger-fucking Wendy while being finger-fucked by Sarah who expected me to suck her.

"Toy, if you want to cum, you have to keep me cumming. If I stop cumming, Philippa stops and then Wendy will stop. Get started. Oh, Wendy *loves* to bite, by the way."

Sarah ground her pussy into my face. I hesitated, and felt a vicious bite from Wendy. I quickly started eating Sarah's wetness. I sensed her start finger-fucking Philippa and within moments, Wendy was licking in the very place she had bitten me.

It was hard, keeping the chain going. Every time I paused, the others paused and I got a nip from Wendy. After a few nips, I began to wonder whether she was using tweezers, the bites were so painful. Sarah did not make it easy for me. She kept lifting herself off my face, which broke the chain, but once I had found her bud and was holding her thighs, it got easier.

I could hear the other girls let themselves enjoy being pleasured, and it turned my weakened cunt on again. Soon I was fighting the temptation to stop eating Sarah and give myself over to pleasure. Every time I did, Wendy bit me; each time, it was a sharper bite and it lasted a fraction longer. Soon my inner lips were tender from the bites as much as the constant stimulation.

I decided to try sucking Sarah's bud, rather than the gentle licking it had been getting, to see whether that would make her cum. Although she was soaking, she had learnt well the Master and Mistress' self control, and was making me work for both her orgasm and mine.

A tell-tale gasp told me that I had found the key to all our orgasms, and I concentrated on working her bud, holding her firmly down on my mouth. Soon Sarah's bud was flowering repeatedly, each time drawing her closer to cumming. Risking letting go of her with one hand, I slid my thumb along her crack and pressed against her little hole. She shuddered with pleasure and I had to fight the urge to let go as Wendy rammed two fingers into me and pressed my clit with her thumb.

It was anyone's guess who came first in the end. The explosion didn't seem to have a start or a finish. The three girls collapsed in a heap of pleasured exhaustion with me at the bottom of the heap. We lay there for a few minutes, before Philippa told the other two to get into bed. She didn't say anything to me: I was their Toy, to be left on the floor when play was over.

The lights went out almost as soon as the girls had got into their wider cots. I was left to fumble to the small cot in the corner in the dark, where I dropped into an exhausted sleep.

* * * * *

I woke to find myself back in the punishment room, strapped to an A-frame. Master and Mistress were talking across me.

"...The girls were good. I liked the way they made her work for their orgasm as well as hers. I think they are ready to Graduate."

"A pity - I like caning Philippa, she's so responsive. Still, you are right. Watching the three of them last night, I can't deny they are ready to be Mistresses in their own right. When shall we tell them?"

"This evening, after the usual after-dinner exercises, I think. You could always offer them all a Post-Grad course if you truly don't want to lose Philippa, my dear Master."

"No, I think not. Now, what more shall we introduce this 'wisher' to?"

"She lacks patience and implicit obedience. I suggest a morning of tantalising and appropriate punishment. We can hook her to the Machine and punish her when she shows impatience or lack of obedience. I favour the nipple clamps and possibly the clit one."

"I'll introduce her to my favourite whip - not my usual cane. The whip I use on you, my sweet," Master smiled at his wife as he said that.

I was terrified. In the book, the whip Master was talking about was a tiny thing which he used on his wife to reduce her to tears, by flicking her tenderest spots till she begged for mercy. Even Mistress was surprised at the degree of cruelty her husband was contemplating, until he added,

"But of course, not with the same finesse I use with you."

With that, they raised the A-frame to an upright position, and wheeled a contraption, known as the Machine, over to me. It was a multi-purpose device, used to give continual pleasure or pain to pupils. Once set to whatever setting was desired, it would continue at that level until it was turned off or the setting was changed. The pupil was almost plugged into it; in my case, they extended its vibrator arm and slid it into the outer opening of my dryish lips. Master lubricated me, then slid it in further, until it nearly touched the wall of my vagina.

He turned it on. They had set it to at least half-speed and my cunt was catapulted into a torrent of sensation.

"No, please, slow it down," I begged, "its too fast."

"Quiet. Any more noise and you'll be punished severely."

I bit my lip as the Machine roughly roused me to nearly a climax. Once the initial sensation had past, it was extraordinarily pleasant. I tried to sag onto it, to increase the sensation, but a whip lashed my buttocks.

"Stay there." Master roared at me. "You will not cum till we permit it."

I whimpered - and got another lash of the whip. This time, Mistress stepped forward and fastened a clamp over each nipple. That hurt enough but then I saw she had a cord tied to each clamp and this was fastened to the outside of the A-frame at my shoulder height. Pulling the cords tight meant that my breasts were lifted up and out by the nipples and IT HURT! I cried with the pain, only to get whipped more by Master.

"I agree. She definitely lacks obedience. Turn the Machine off. We will leave her like this for half an hour to ponder her position. Maybe she will learn to accept this." Master strode off, leaving Mistress to turn the Machine off. She left the now-still vibrator in me and followed her husband and Master.

Though my tits were torture, my cunt was complaining at suddenly being abandoned - yet not abandoned, as I could feel the vibrator tantalisingly close to my vagina and clit. If I could sag a tiny bit, maybe I could rub against it. Alas, Mistress knew her craft too well and every time I sagged, my tits were pulled.

After half an hour, in which my tits had gone from screamingly painful to just very sore, the Machine turned on again. I had not realised it was on a timer. I was biting my lip to stop myself from crying out when I was roughly roused again. I didn't dare. I didn't know when Master and Mistress would return, to whip me and punish my tits. I reached the plateau of stimulation just as they returned.

They were smiling.

"Good girl. Turn it up for two minutes as a reward, then back down. We'll see how long it is till she complains, this time."

They amused themselves by playing with each other while the Machine tormented me. Having felt Mistress' fingers in my cunt and Master's strong cock filling me, I ached, watching them fondle each other. I wanted them to fondle *me*, to fuck *me*. As I watched Master finger-fuck his wife in complete silence, I whimpered in frustration.

He reached for his whip with his other hand and deliberately ping-ed one cord holding my tit-clamp. It hurt. He ping-ed the other cord. Then he flicked the whip across my belly before stroking it tenderly between his wife's cunt lips. She had not stopped caressing his cock. Now she pulled him down onto her face so she could make love to his sac.

I don't know which tormented me more, the Machine or watching the two of them make love in the 69 position. I wanted them to do it to me, I wanted to be fucked by both of them again. I NEEDED it. This was torture. The Machine kept me simmering, but I couldn't get to the boil.

Eventually, an hour later, they finished making love, and turned their full attention to me. Mistress stood in front of me and kissed my breasts around the clamps, while Master knelt behind me and slid his finger in alongside the vibrator for a moment before reaching round for my clit.

I was in heaven, they were going to let me cum. He made it blossom easily and then he pinched it hard. I yelped in pain. The next second, I was being thrashed with a cane. Mistress had dropped down and was nuzzling my mound while I was caned.

"To make me stop, all you have to do is be quiet." Master said in my ear. "A successful Mistress or Master has to be able to take pleasure or pain in silence - otherwise how can they teach their slaves? So, are you going to be quiet, and let Mistress play with your clit?"

I nodded. Biting my lip, I stopped howling. He stopped caning me, but Mistress carried on teasing me. I felt him caress my buttocks, and knew what would come next. Sure enough, he found my small hole, and ran his thumb across the opening, caressing me, persuading me.

I braced myself for the pain. It didn't come. There was just that tantalising pressure as Mistress kept me just below climax point.

"Let's see what your stamina is for cumming repeatedly, eh?" Mistress said after a while. She rapidly brought me to my first climax of the morning; I washed her fingers in wetness as I felt it course through me.

Master ran his hand between my thighs and found my still-pulsing hole. He slid a finger in alongside the Machine's vibrator and pressed against my outer wall as Mistress repositioned the Machine to actually stimulate me rather than torment me. I came again and again. Master pressed his thumb into my little hole and I whimpered in pain. Immediately Mistress pulled hard on my tits, making me howl in pain as the clamps bit me. She picked up Master's little whip and began stroking my breasts with it as she said,

"Quiet, girl. I will lash you with this if you whimper once more!"

She turned the Machine up a lot higher. I was being made to cum non-stop now, but I still wanted Master's cock in me more than ever. I wished to myself that he'd ram it into my cunt and fuck me stupid - or I thought I had wished it to myself! Mistress's arm suddenly began plying that whip across my breasts, drawing blood as it bit into the stretched flesh. Clearly I had spoken aloud and was being punished.

As I was dragged from one climax to the next over the next half hour I came to enjoy Master's thumb in me and Mistress's vicious whipping every time I made a sound other than heavy breathing. Master took his thumb out of me, and they changed places. Mistress pushed a small vibrator in the emptiness Master had left. I had to bite back a scream as it went in, but managed it. Master pulled the Machine away from me, not seeming to care if it hurt me, and stood, with his cock standing proud again, in front of me.

"I know you want this. But before you get it, I need to explain something. Your time here is nearly up, we have loved *having* you, isn't that right, dear?" Mistress agreed, but carried on playing with the vibrator.

"If you make a second wish, you will be here for a whole school year in our timeline, including all three holidays. You will be placed with the beginners, for the more experienced pupils to practice on, in addition to our teaching, and you will be subject to all our rules. You will be exposed to both male and female pupils, unlike the book, and only if and when Mistress and I are satisfied you have mastered the basics will you be moved up the school. I doubt you would reach 'Mistress level' in a year though."

He paused.

"If you are rash enough to make the wish for a third time, you will be trapped in our timeline permanently. Is that clear?"

I nodded. 24 hours had felt long enough, despite my enjoyment, and the prospect of a year appalled me. As for being trapped here permanently, I didn't want to think about THAT!

He had been stroking his cock while talking to me, and now reached for me. I was ready for whatever he wanted to do to me. My cunt was desperate to have him in me. I risked a grunt as Mistress turned the vibrator on and pushed it more firmly into me.

Nothing happened.

Master felt for my clit, and rubbed it till I came again. He then slid his huge cock into me. Despite the constant exercise and stimulation I had been given, it still felt almost too big to take in. the vibrator pressed against the wall separating it from his cock and I breathed very heavily as Master fucked me stupid. I washed his cock with my juices as he pushed ever deeper into me.

Suddenly he increased his speed and I came again.

I felt him cum in me.

Then everything went black...

* * * * *

I was back in my bedroom, kneeling by the bookcase. I had just put that book away.

I looked down at my bare breasts; there were no marks on them, no cuts from the whip, yet they, and the rest of me, felt sore. I felt between my legs; I wasn't shaven. My shoulder-length hair was clipped back.

It had been a dream - hadn't it?


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