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Wet Dream
by Starr Sawyer

Leigh lay on the fire engine red satin sheets, trembling in anticipation and a touch of fear. Of course, she couldn't tell the sheets were a screaming shade of red, because of the deep blue silk blindfold that hid her large almond shaped green eyes from the already darkened bedroom.

Leigh first met Kyle online, when she ran a search on her hometown and age group. While she was nineteen and Kyle was twenty-one, it didn't matter to Leigh because he was great at cyber sex. Although it's common knowledge that meeting people from the Internet is highly dangerous and completely inadvisable, Kyle convinced her to meet him in the woods. That had been last night, if Leigh was calculating correctly. She hadn't even seen him before the blindfold was slipped over her eyes, the matching gag tied between her jaws and knotted behind her head.

She lay now stretched out on the large bed in complete and utter silence. Her slim tanned arms were tied firmly together and above her head, though not stretched uncomfortably. Despite the hostile welcome she had received, Kyle had expressed interest in this sort of sex during one of their online conversations and Leigh had a gut instinct that Kyle had no intention of hurting her...well, on a long term basis at least. Leigh could tell she was alone in the bed, and that her thick white-blonde hair in it's shiny curls was loose around her face and that she surprisingly wasn't naked. Leigh could feel a garter belt, lace-topped stockings, lacy thong panties, and a demi-cup bra. The bottom half of the bra was smooth cool satin, white the top half was delicate lace. She sensed his presence in the room the minute Kyle entered, however quiet he managed to keep. Leigh lay very still, as she suddenly realized that perhaps she had been wrong about Kyle's intentions. He chuckled lowly from across the room and took a few steps towards the bed where Leigh lay in her wanton position. The gag was no longer in her mouth, so she asked him what he planned to do to her.

"You just relax honey and learn. School is in session."

Leigh felt the cool, impersonal touch of leather on her ankles as experienced hands slid their way up her stockinged legs, until her panties were eased slowly down her ankles and tossed aside to whereabouts unknown. Leigh had been paying it cool, but Kyle found her partially shaved pussy wet and welcoming to his breath as her inched his mouth to her opening and blew...Leigh bit down on her lower lip and moaned quietly.

"Ever been fisted darlin'?" he had a sexy southern twang, that spoke straight sex. She shook her head timidly, not sure if she wanted to be. Leigh didn't have any choice though. Kyle flipped her onto her stomach carefully folded a fluffy pillow in half under her stomach, leaving both her pussy and asshole open to any curious probing. Leigh arched her back sensually as one gloved finger slid deep inside her, right up to his knuckle. He bent his finger, stretching the walls of her dripping cunt. He withdrew hid finger and sucked it, enjoying her musky flavor and that of new leather. Without a hint of gentility or even a warning, he slammed two fingers up her pussy, quickly pushing them in and out in a vigorous finger-fuck, and before Leigh could catch her breath, he had three, then four gloved fingers bending and twisting inside her tight walls and she bucked, letting out a cry of frustration.

Kyle curled up the four fingers inside of her, creating a mini-fist that gave Leigh such a sensation that she felt herself beginning to come. Kyle felt her pussy tightening around his fingers and yanked them out, whispering that it wasn't time yet. The leather of his four fingers was wet and shiny with Leigh's juices and some dripped onto his wrist. He caught the drop with his tongue, and, savoring the flavor, made a fist. Going knuckles first, he pushed and shoved the leather-clad fist into Leigh. She gasped and moaned loudly, arching her back and trying to come. Kyle wasn't finished yet.

Using the strength of his forearms, he pushed firmly and slowly, letting her take his hand in to well about the wrist. She came, thrashing the slick sheets and screaming like a banshee. Kyle began pumping with his fist and Leigh did her best to use her hips. She was spent, and lay depleted on the sheets. It was only seconds after the fist was withdrawn from her battered pussy that she felt something cold, very cold, touching her anus. It was Kyle's finger, without the glove but damp from her cum. He poked his way gently into her asshole, lubing the opening generously, trying to stretch with his fingers.

The new sensation aroused Leigh and she tossed her head, causing her curly mane of hair to bounce enticingly. Before she could prepare or brace herself, Leigh felt the swollen, throbbing head of Kyle cock at her asshole, pushing and probing with sexual desperation. Leigh's ass was never usually used for anything except shitting, but she adjusted and found the feeling of being totally filled and inhabited tantalizing. So did Kyle...his hips slammed into her tanned butt cheeks with randy force, and Leigh cried out in pain and intense pleasure.

Kyle blew a good sized load of steaming cum into her rectum and as soon as he withdrew himself, bent to lick the length of her ass crack to lap up the excess fluids. Once more, Leigh was turned on her stomach, and although she felt his weight on the bed, she didn't feel Kyle on her skin. It took her a moment to realize he was standing above her, with one foot on either side of her stomach. The image of him, standing with his already half-aroused dick dangling just a little ways above her head turned her on.

She could feel the trickle of wetness begin to douse her aroused pussy again. He knew what she wanted, and Leigh knew he knew. As he dropped to his knees straddling her neck, he mouth rose up to meet his now fully erect prick midair and take the whole thing down her throat in one swallow. He pumped his hips in and out of her velvety wet mouth and groaned as she licked delicately at his swollen head and suckled a few drops of precum. He felt his calves tighter around her shoulders as she took him into her mouth again, skimming her teeth very lightly over the sensitive flesh that filled her mouth, while letting the underside of his prick rub her tongue.

She closed her lips tightly over his hard meat and created a torturous suction within her mouth, building pressure against his head. When she let up a little and blew lightly to create a sensation of warm and cool air against his cock. He came fast a furious, taking fistfuls of her silky hair and he tried to get as much of himself inside her mouth as physically possible, and he blew the hugest load he could ever remember doing. Leigh sucked greedily at his penis and swallowed ounce after ounce of hot semen, savoring the salty taste and enjoying the way it filled her stomach.

She let out a satisfied sigh as he collapsed beside her, breathing hard but still raring to go. She looked like Marilyn Monroe, in her bright red under garments, red lipstick, pale blonde hair and all against the red sheeted background. Strands of her luxurious hair were plastered to her porcelain skin cheeks with sweat and the rest fell in tousled curls like a halo around her angelic face. He was surprised to find himself fully aroused against and ready for another round. Leigh felt him stir and smiled in anticipation. Her former boyfriends had been astonished at her sexual appetite but Kyle was matching her stroke for stroke.

He inched his way down her body, enjoying the way she tried to sense with her skin, and the way the blindfold quivered slightly from her fluttering eyelashes. He slid into her like a golden key to her womanhood and felt her gasp as his beefy length filled her tight, sopping wt pussy to capacity and then some. She tried to pump her hips to fuck him back, but without something to hold onto, it was in vain. But the more he thought about the hot woman with her long legs wrapped around him being helpless and aroused, the more excited he got. Kyle pumped hard an fast, rocking the bed and ramming Leigh's head into the soft pillows separating her head from the headboard.

She tightened her grip with her legs, hearing him moan as he felt the sexy feeling on nylon over his flushed skin. She moaned and made sweet loving sounds with every thrust, but she was driven over the edge when he reached down and pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger. She yelped and cried out as he caressed her love bud and rubbed it firmly into her pussy, making it swell and throb, all the while maintaining his steady thrusting. She came, as if tumbling down a sexual mountain head first, screaming and bucking, calling his name and one tear of ecstasy damped the blindfold.

When he finally emptied himself into her body, she felt the warm rush of sperm in her pussy and sighed, deep and full of pleasure as Kyle grunted and moaned. They both rested for a moment, until Kyle reached back and loosed her lock ankles from around his waist and stood up. Leigh was disappointed when she felt her restraints being loosened. But Kyle took her hand and led her to a bathroom (she decided it was a bathroom by the cold tile beneath her stockinged feet.) He left the blindfold on as he unclipped her garter belt straps in one deft movement, and removed her garter belt. He release her large creamy breasts and let them swing free from the binding bra. She was naked, and felt the warm rush of steam as he started the shower.

As they waited for the hot shower to steam the room up, she felt his warm tongue on her hard pearly nipples. He sucked hard on them, leaving them red and swollen. He took her whole right breast into his mouth and ground his teeth gently on the unblemished skin, repeating the process with her left. He again took the dark pink nipple into his mouth and nipped hard, making Leigh take a sharp breath and almost cry out. With her blindfold still in place, he took her hand and led her into the hot, hot shower. He washed her hair for her and kissed her repeatedly until she almost couldn't breathe. He then took the soap into his hand and made a slow business of massaging the scented soap into her soft skin, using big circular strokes. He kept the soap in his hand when he reached her pussy, but decided to clean her otherwise.

Leigh braced herself on the shower walls and gasped as she felt Kyle's lips close around her small clit, sucking and licking for a good five minutes. He stroked her from the top of her slit to the bottom with his talented tongue, missing her opening but tracing lightly around it with the tip. He slit was pounding and had turned a deep shade of pink...Kyle could feel the blood pulsing beneath the sensitive skin when he put his tongue right...there. Then, almost abruptly, he shoved his tongue deep into her opening, grinding his face into her cunt, which was dripping with warm water, her excited juices, and jasmine soap.

With her arms on opposite shower walls, Leigh felt he butt lifted until she sat on Kyle's shoulders, her thighs around his neck, and she was finally in a good position. She grabbed onto his hair for leverage and twisted her hips into his face until he was practically smothered by her delicious tight cunt. He lowered her to her feet again and got to his own, leaving her on the brink of a screaming orgasm. Without warning, she felt the slippery smooth end of the soap bar washing her pussy, and she groaned in disbelief...she fought the urge to just melt to the floor, and Kyle held her up as he eased the large bar of slippery soap all the way into her pussy.

Leigh savored the feeling for only a moment before she felt herself release, and the intense pressure from her vagina forced the soap to a clattering exit on the shower floor. While Leigh came, and even as she recovered from it, Kyle was making mad love to her sumptuous and fleshy breasts, sucking, nipping and groping until that, combined with him eating her sweet pussy, had him stiff and dripping again. He turned the water off in the shower and lay her on a plush towel on the tile.

She slid easily down his pole and settled comfortably against his hips and pumped in rhythm to his thrusting, riding him hard and fast. Just before he came, head spun her to her back, pulled out and sprayed his hot sperm all over her firm delicious tits, watching as his cum mixed with the water droplets and slid over her sun bronzed skin. She sat slightly up and held on of her own huge breasts in her wet hands. She lifted the soaked tit to her lips and began licking he tasty sperm off her clean scented skin. She continues the tongue bath on both breasts, as she could hear him stroking himself and slowly masturbating at the sight of this gorgeous woman suckling her beautiful breasts, tasting and swallowing every last drop of him cum.

For once, Leigh didn't sense, feel, or hear him coming before he slammed full force into her pussy again, just in time to blow a last load of thick white love into her cunt. She let out a cry of surprise but drew his head to her chest as he relaxed and grew limp inside her. He didn't use his mouth...she simply lifted her still damp breasts and rubbed them on his face, pushing the hard nipples against his lips as he breathed hard on her lovely tits.

When she had finished drying his face with her boobs, she lay back and somehow still felt very aroused. She voiced this thought and it was met by an utter of disbelief as his swept her up, dried her off and carried her to bed, retying her and this time also tying her ankles to the bedposts. He said that he was tired and empty but he would improvise. She was wondering what this meant when she felt something smooth against her opening, and then it began to vibrate intensely.

Kyle rubbed the vibrator back and forth against the sensitive strip of skin between her asshole and pussy hole, driving her to an almost-orgasm before he lubed her up and buried the thick plastic cock deep inside her rectum, causing her to arch and thrash in pleasure and desire. She stilled only for a second when he left the room. After she came, she simply relaxed against the pillows, and relished in the feeling of the thrumming deep inside her most personal places.

Leigh opened her eyes and heard birds chirping. She looked down and saw the zip-up sweatshirt and jeans she had worn to meet Kyle. Her back was stiff from sitting against the aging pine tree. She blinked rapidly and removed a twig from her hair...her dry hair. Leigh's face fell as she realized her pussy was dripping wet, and that her romp with Kyle had only been a dream.

When Leigh returned home, she looked in on her roommate Sonya. Sonya walked up, laid a hand on Leigh's breast and kissed her deeply.

"You smell like jasmine," Sonya breathed. Leigh only smiled, turned off the light, and locked the bedroom door.


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