The Best Erotic Stories.

Wet Dream
(oil painting by Jaisini)
by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

Wet Dream, an oil painting by Jaisini, in terms of exploration of own sexuality, dreams, or nightmares, belongs to a human traditional need for personal revelations. The imagery of the work is of a usually Jaisinesque theme that is not to be a statement or an illusion, but which summons the emotions.

In Wet Dream, the feelings of morning euphoria and desire create a new formula f early life's passion.

Jaisini delivers a high sensory level through the graduate, almost hypnotic step by step desire awakening.

The work precedes the Reincarnation series. As in all of his paintings, Jaisini pursues a metamorphosis of the physical and mental states. In his works, the concept and the material are enclosed and inserted within each other. The essential visual vehicle is in a line, that emphatically as a life of its own and could be perceived as an automatic release. The enclosure of the line is not only graphical, but also symbolic of the connection between the picture's elements which await their disclosure.

In the years of cubism, Andre Masson created his series of erotic drawings. In his works, Masson portrayed pure erotica with total absorption in the act, orgiastic, uncomplicated, and a little banal. the lack of diversity in such a subject matter as eroticism resulted in the Masson's scenes of pairs, trios, or even dozens of naked women interacting in a sexual way with one another. Masson filled this scenes with a Rubensian appreciation of the flesh and its pleasures, the very quality which impoverishes the otherwise fruitful area of human psyche.

Jaisini, on the contrary, uses the sensual overtones to enrich and explore the mysterious realm of mind potential. So, instead of creating automatically, similarly, and limited, Jaisini employs his mind to complicate and develop the subject of desire.

In Masson's erotic series, the only sentiment is the libidinous desire. Jaisini reflects a different time and epoch that is not satisfied with the simple approach. Jaisini combines together the physical with psychological, which becomes nearly a game.

The expressionistic line swirls flow in the open canvas ground and embrace the canvas in expansive loops. The work is airy.

The artist's thought transfers line into an image of a contraposto torso with a liplike part on the neck cut. Another female images express their physical and emotional concerns. The bottom lean figure indicates the young age of this female. In turn, that may explain the desperate pose for the erotic fulfillment. The third blond woman at the upper right corner appears to be more sexually mature. She holds a big breast that belongs to another female with a face that has only big red lips and flowing down hair lines. here, we find a profile of a man who seems to sniff the aroma of the female bodies not without pleasure. In the center, there is another gasping profile. The curvilinear forms enhance the overall impression of a fluid movement, which so well corresponds to the erotic sensation. a phallic finger touches a soft pillow and charges erotic energy in all other phallic configurations in Wet Dream.

All images link in their conscious-unconscious, figurative-abstract condition.

The cycle of desire goes on endlessly and is at the core of human existence. In Wet Dream, Jaisini liberates the desire from the self.

In this well born work of art the desire is taken for a model.

The work demonstrates what we know of creation to be a combination of already existing things into newer forms. That being so, the desire of man must have been in an endless existence and will continue to dwell in bodies and in works of art to which Wet Dream is an example.

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