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We're Doing What??!! Pt. I
by bacomicfan

When I looked out my window and saw the street sign for Meadow Lane go whizzing by, I lowered my head, putting my hand to my forehead, and chuckled quietly. I looked over at Lana, and asked, "Lan, how many drinks did you have tonight?"

"Just a few...why?" came her answer, her tone perfectly even and her speech unslurred.

"Well, you seem to have missed your own street. That blur on the right was Meadow."

"Oh, I guess I neglected to tell you.....we're not going back to my place."

"Hmm..." I pondered, "this is news. So just where ARE we going?"

She turned and flashed me a grin that was playfully wicked, her smile flashing in glow of passing street lights.

"You'll see, sweets. I've got a little surprise for you."

Now, anyone who's ever known Lana, knows she has a wild imagination and a most uninhibited sense of adventure. I was at once intrigued and frightened out of my skin. But, I refused to let the fear show.

I sat back and watched as we left the town limits, going into the sticks for several miles. A few miles out of town, civilization a thing of the past, Lana aimed her Caddy at a right fork in the road. We followed this fork for maybe ten minutes or so, then followed the road around a sharp left curve, after which the road became little more than dirt and rocks choked with shrubs and trees. It also turned into a steep incline. The Caddy rocked and skidded up this incline for another ten minutes or so before the road finally leveled off. Another few minutes of driving and we were apparently at our destination.

Lana slowed the Caddy and pulled off to the side of the road. The car's headlights could find nothing but trees and bushes and dirt road. I half expected to see some axe-wielding maniac galloping up to the car. Thankfully, no maniacs about.....except maybe my Lana.

"Ok, bucko, we're here."

I looked at Lana and said, "Say what? We're WHERE? And WHY are we here in Deliverance land? What could that wacky brain of yours have in mind, now?"

She looked at me with those captivating blue eyes (which I could barely see in the dark) and said, "What do you think?" The lips from which those words escaped were curled into a hedonistic grin. I got that shiver of fear again, but also felt a swelling in my loins. There was a battle of my two heads going on. One thought this was crazy, while the other wanted what Lana was obviously offering. I had to go to work in the morning, so my brain was calculating just how much sleep I was going to get tonight, and the result that chiseled it's way into my mind was "none". Lana would see to that, I was sure. So, for those of you keeping score in my battle of heads, the score for round one was: Glans - 1, Brainpan - 0

Lana interrupted my various calculations and scorings and said, "You gonna stay in the car by yourself, or you gonna join me?" With that, she opened her door, pausing to turn off the headlights and shut off the engine. In the brief glare from the overhead car light, I glanced quickly at my watch. Almost way I was getting any significant sleep tonight. I opened my door and got out into the gloom.

Lana was already busy at the back of the Caddy. With a creek and groan, the trunk lid popped open and Lana rummaged about in the trunk. As I came up on her, she flung a blanket into my chest. I caught it but looked at it quizzically. "Um...where pray tell would you like me to put this? There's nothing here but dirt, rocks and trees. You planning on something painful?"

"Oh, ye of little imagination," she cooed and tickled under my chin, "Just put the blanket up there." My eyes followed the trajectory marked by her pointing finger, but saw nothing but trees and blackness. The only light came from distant street lights on what appeared to be a highway off in the distance and even higher in elevation than we were. Unless Lana had a hunter's tree stand prepared or maybe a special tree fort trysting place, I could see nowhere I could place the blanket. I looked back at her with confusion chiseled into my features. She sighed that "do-I-have-to-show-you-everything" sigh and walked up to me, kissing me on the cheek.

"On the car, Einstein. Put the blanket on the roof."

"You're not serious. The roof?" I quizzed.

"Yes, the roof. Why not? It's certainly big enough. You afraid of falling off? I'll protect you, my big strong man." Then, moving against me, rubbing her hip into my crotch, she added, "And, I'll make it worth your while."

That final sentence did the trick. With a bulge beginning in my jeans, I scurried up onto the trunk and began to spread the blanket out on the roof. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but the vibrations in my crotch urged me on.

When I slid off the roof and trunk to go around the side of the car to straighten out the blanket a little better, I looked back at Lana. She already had off her shoes, socks and pants and was working on the buttons of her blouse. When she caught me looking over at her, she licked her fingertips and worked one hand into her panties and the other down into her partially-unbuttoned blouse, her fingers circling her nipple.

I got immediately quicker at positioning the blanket, and scrambled back onto the roof for final touchups. Before I could completely finish the task, I felt a push from behind. Lana now had her blouse completely off and, wearing only panties (she rarely wore a bra) she had jumped onto my back, forcing me down on the roof on my stomach. She scrambled to get to her knees and straddled me. She left me just enough room to roll over onto my back. When I did so to playfully wrestle with her, she immediately sat back down on me with her full weight, sitting on my stomach. I started to throw her off, but she leaned forward and put her breasts right in my face, directly at eye level. She never did play fair.

When my eyes focused on her delicious nipples, she slid up and sat on my chest. I gave up the battle to wait and see what she had in mind next. I didn't have to wait long.

"Now,'re mine. COMPLETELY mine. You're going to do for me all those hot things my ex-husband would never do for me. And, mind you, you have no choice in this. You are going to pleasure me until I can't take anymore."

"Or, until I die" I kidded.

"Yes, or until you die trying." she agreed. Her smile was wicked, and there came that twitch in my crotch again.

While I was eager for her charms, I had a brief flash of angst. The mention of her ex-husband had made me cringe. You see, her ex was an animal....He was only slightly smaller than Godzilla, probably hairier than King Kong, his muscles had their own muscles and his neck was as thick as a Redwood. He had all the charm of a box full of centipedes and the intelligence of a bottle of Elmer's glue. And, to top all of this off, on his mellowest days he made Charles Manson look like a poster child for Prozac. In short, he was mayhem in Keds. He made my skin crawl just to think about him. And after all of that, Lana's main reason for leaving him was that he wasn't fun in bed! Go figure.

Sensing my discomfort, Lana knew just how to ease my mind. She slid herself way up on my chest. Her feet were on the edge of the front windshield. She lifted herself up only long enough to clutch at her panties, but it was awkward for her to get them off. So she told me if I wanted her I had to remove them for her. Trust me, the panties were short work. They were grabbed, removed and flung in one fluid motion....gliding in a graceful arc to the rocky road. Lana admired my eagerness.

She sat back down on my chest. She grabbed me by the back of the head and said, "Kiss me." and pushed my face into her bush. I gave no resistance. I kissed her already moist crotch. She sighed and giggled gleefully, moving her hips in some attempt to help my lips and tongue pleasure if they needed it. As uncomfortable as it was for me, the taste of her was driving me on. She knew how much I enjoyed eating her, and she never hesitated to get my head between her legs. She rode my smile like a rodeo star. Her moans and happy screams got louder and louder. With my tongue lapping energetically, I still felt uneasy about her loud verbal urgings. But then I remembered we were in nowhere land so I focused on the task at hand.

Lana pulled my arms up and put my hands on her breasts. Unable to see anything but her pubic hair, I groped her breasts and tweaked her erect nipples. She took control of how I ate her, moving her hips and bottom to get my mouth where she wanted it, grabbing my hair to keep my head there. She was gyrating and squirming on my head and It was all I could do to keep up with her. As she neared climax, she pushed her groin hard into my face, and even began to bounce lightly on it. I did my best licking and sucking and managed to work my lips around to her clit. I finally captured it and sucked it hard, the way Lana liked it. Now she was bouncing with gusto, mashing her crotch into my face, wriggling about and squeezing my head between her thighs. I was sure I was going to be suffocated (but what a way to go!). My life flashed before my eyes...with Lana's ex waiting for me at the end of it.

Finally, Lana squeezed my head hard between her thighs and yanked on my hair. Her hips were pounding her crotch into my face...a thumping disco beat of passion. She was practically screaming....and then she did scream. I heard the word "YES!" many times, as well as my name, and several colorful descriptions of what I was doing for her. She held back not a single descriptive word to tell the world how good my tongue had felt. I was sure people in the next county were stumbling out of their beds and calling their local authorities. And every stray headlight that flashed briefly by on the far-off highway I was sure was a police cruiser bent on our arrest.

"Yes! That was WONDERFUL!" Lana squealed, "That was for you, limp toad! YOU never did anything like THAT for me!" I heard all that despite the fact that Lana was still firmly seated on my now-sticky face. That's how loudly and clearly she'd yelled it.

She finally got off of me, reluctantly it seemed, and sat exhausted on the blanketed roof. She smiled and stroked my chest. In her eagerness for pleasure, she never even took something into account.

"My poor baby," she boo-boo lipped at me. "You never even got your clothes off, did you? Well, we'll have to take care of that right this minute."

She didn't unbutton my shirt....she ripped it open....buttons flying into the darkness. "We've got to get you ready for your next performance, don't we?" came the sugary words. "There's so much more we have to do. And look here...this big old bulge. We need to get you free of those nasty old jeans right now. You'll feel so much better."

As Lana finished ripping off my shirt, and then greedily eyed my jeans, I knew this was going to be a very long and strenuous night. And as Lana's fingers tugged at the hook and zipper of my jeans, I couldn't have smiled broader if I'd tried.

Her fingers worked feverishly at my jeans. Then, in a less sex-fevered moment, she realized the jeans weren't coming off without the sneakers coming off first. Abandoning opened fly, she turned her attention to the removal of my sneakers. Her fingers were a blur of motion as she made quick work of the laces...and my sneakers joined her clothes, having their own little party on the road. Next flew the socks. As she ripped off the socks, she seemed very intense, her tongue sneaking out just a bit between her lips.

Then, all at once the motion stopped. Lana was looking at me intently. She once again straddled my chest, leaving the disrobing project for now. She laid down on top of me, her face in mine. Her eyes were looking deeply into mine, searching. They were piercing right to my core. She had a look of doubt on her face, of measuring me up somehow. Her eyes were so intense as to make me just a bit uncomfortable. I didn't say anything, because I knew she'd tell me what was up as soon as she'd made whatever determinations she was working on in her lovely head. Finally, it came.

"I need you to do something for me," she said, "and it's the most important thing I've ever asked you to do for me. I need you to be there for me."

"Sure," I said, "You know I've always been there for you."

"Yes, I know....but this is something I really need from you. Whether or not you come through for me could determine our whole future together. I need you to be stronger than you've ever been for me."

Stupidly thinking she was talking about stamina, I made the following cerebral response.

"Hey, know I'll go as long as I possibly can for ya."

"Not that, you idiot." she seemed disappointed by the response, "I'm not talking about how long you can keep it up. This is more important than that." Then, she smiled and added, "Though that will have SOMETHING to do with it."

"What then?" I asked, more serious now.

"I'm going to tell you something and it may unnerve you a bit. But I need to know you can give me what I need from you....and I don't mean just sex."

"Sure, hon....anything... You know that."

"I hope so. I want to have some rip-roaring sex first, and then I'll tell you all about it, ok?"

"Why not now?" I asked, "I'll be ok with whatever it is, I'm sure."

"No...once I tell you this evening could very well be over, and I'm still very horny. I'm not going to risk going home and having to finish things off by myself."

"Really, Lan, I'm......" I started, but her finger pressed against my lips ended all resistance on my part. I knew from past experience that the discussion was at an end. Absolutely no point in trying to go further with it.

Once again Lana was a blur of motion, ripping my jeans off like peeling a banana...just that easy. Hmm..I thought to myself...way too much experience there...But I enjoyed the experience and Lana's anxiousness all the same.

When she'd removed jeans and shorts, she quickly began stroking my semi-erect rod, kissing it at the same time. Her tongue teasingly played with the head and shaft. I laid back to enjoy the experience, but somehow felt I was neglecting Lana, so I reached over and grabbed her leg, bringing it across my chest as she lay at my side giving me pleasure with her lips and tongue.

As Lana expertly pleasured my swollen member, I admired her downy treasure. I gently caressed between her legs with tender finger-play, kissing and licking her thigh as best I could given our positions. Her skin was always so soft and she always smelled so good. It was a pleasure just kissing her thigh. She enjoyed the attention obviously, because she slid herself closer to me, moving her thigh further across my chest. My kisses were now much higher up on her thigh, and her glistening mound was more easily accessible to my probing fingers.

As her warm lips surrounded my shaft first from one side and then the other, her fingers stroked the base of it so gently I could barely feel them, but the electricity generated by that light touch sent waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. She sent her softly probing fingers downward, to my testicles, stroking and cupping them as her tongue worked it's wonders elsewhere. Then, squeezing gently and stroking just behind my testicles, she took my manhood deeply into her mouth, one hand behind my sack and the other squeezing the base of my penis. Her mouth worked up and down the shaft and her tongue seemed to have it's own agenda.

My mind was rapidly turning to mush, but I still kept kissing and licking her thigh, one hand stroking her hip and buttock and the other playing freely with the folds of her moist pussy. She was dripping with lust and I was enjoying the feel of her furry mound. I carefully avoided her clit as I didn't want this to end for her too soon. I probed and teased all the wonderful folds and then slipped a finger inside her, my tongue never missing a beat on her delicious thigh. She moaned quietly, barely audible above the wet sounds at my groin. Realizing she was wet enough for more, I slipped a second finger inside her. As I did, she moaned again and I felt a slight nip as her teeth momentarily closed on my throbbing shaft.

I slid my fingers in and out of her slowly, alternating that with a circling motion to allow my fingers to caress all around the inside walls of her. In and out and around in circles went my fingers as she pleasured me between my legs. I was getting extremely close to orgasm myself and in my passion I began to suck and nibble on her thigh, and my other hand squeezed and roughly fondled her buttock. I boldly slipped a third finger into her, and her hips began to gyrate. She moaned around my manhood but never once stopped her oral caresses. I quickened the rhythm of my fingers inside her and she matched me with her hips. I made sure as my fingers circled inside her that I managed to frequently touch her inner wall directly behind her clit, even paying extended attention to this area.

Her gyrations quickened as did her oral ministrations. She cupped my testicles more firmly and her tongue bathed my shaft with abandon, her lips sliding up and down it as they'd never done before. I wanted so badly to taste her again, but knew she was enjoying things the way they were, so I settled for her thigh as I licked and sucked it's sweet-smelling flesh.

When I felt Lana nearing orgasm herself, I allowed my wet thumb to gently approach the area immediately around her clit. She shuddered and gasped, both of which heightened my own passion. She was now sucking me with single-minded intent. She wanted my I wanted hers.

Feeling myself very close now, I once again used my thumb on her, this time directly, but gently, on her clit. She shuddered yet again but continued giving me pleasure. I worked my fingers in rhythm with her and when my orgasm finally felt imminent, I kept my fingers moving inside her but captured her clit between my moving fingers and my thumb, squeezing gently.

I exploded first. As my fluid filled her mouth she continued to piston up and down on me, prolonging it as long as she could. I couldn't help biting her thigh a little as I came, but still kept the presence of mind to stroke Lana's clit. I squeezed her cheek hard and moved my fingers inside her and around her clit. She shuddered and bucked a few times before she finally exploded herself. During her orgasm was the only time her lips left me. She panted loudly and screamed yet again. This time I didn't care at all that she was screaming so loudly. It didn't matter. Seeing her having so much pleasure was all that mattered. I kept my fingers moving inside her and my thumb playing with her clit for as long as possible to prolong her climax.

Finally, she slumped on top of me. I was actually grateful for it, because I was as exhausted as she was and I needed to crash myself. We lay there for several minutes, neither of us talking. We couldn't...we had no breath to spare. While we came down from the heights of passion, I gently nibbled her thigh again, kissing it with adoration. Likewise, Lana stroked my shrinking member and kissed my belly and hip.

When we finally had the wind and energy to move again, she sat up. She looked down at me, smiling broadly.

"That was wonderful" I said.

"For me, too." she smiled.

She continued to stroke my belly for a few minutes, then took her leg off my chest and got herself into a sitting position. She stared down at me. She playfully stroked my penis again, looked at it, and then looked back into my eyes. She got that concerned look on her face again, searching my eyes and face.

" I think it's time I ask for that favor now." she said, doubt creeping onto her face.

"Lana, I love you. You can trust me."

"But do you love me ENOUGH?" she questioned.

"Of course I do. What's bothering you so much?"

"It's not that something's bothering me. I just need to know that you'll always be willing to please me in all the ways that Brad never would."

"Haven't I up to this point?" I asked, somewhat hurt.

"Yes, you have. But tonight is something I really need...something cathartic. I need to know that you'll always pleasure me no matter what the circumstances...and I need something else too. It doesn't really involve you, actually. I need to exorcise Brad from my life once and for all, and I need to pay him back for years of neglect. I feel the need to humiliate him if I can....the way his ignoring my needs humiliated me. Can I count on you to help me do that? I know you're afraid of him."

"Well, hon...what's not to be afraid of? The man's a murder looking for a place to happen. You of all people should know that. He could probably squash me just by stepping on me."

"I understand that. But if you could help me pay him back in just some small way, would you do it?"

"If it doesn't get me killed, I'll sure try. I hate the creep as much as you do."

"You sure?"

"For you, Lan, I'll give it everything I've got. That's a promise."

"Ok, then, if you're sure."

"I'm sure," I said bravely...perhaps foolishly, "bring on the danger."

"Well, I guess I should tell you then."

My heart skipped several beats as I asked...."Tell me what?"

Lana sighed and twisted on the blanket to point across the dirt road into the darkness.

"Actually, my revenge has already begun. You can't see it 'cause it's too dark...but right across the road there, well, that's Brad's house."

I'm pretty sure my heart stopped completely...

To Be Continued...


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