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We're Doing What??!! Pt. II
by bacomicfan

As I lay there on my back, eyes staring numbly at the early morning summer sky, the enormity of what Lana had just spoken gave me an instant replay of my life flashing before my eyes...but this time it was Brad who slapped my bottom in the delivery room, Brad who bullied me in third grade and Brad who's tire-sized paw was ushering me into the hereafter. My brain was mush, and I could swear I saw deceased kin beckoning me from within a bright white light. The sound came as if from miles away..or from the bottom of some great canyon...a familiar sound...distant....growing louder as my mind slowly crept back to the here and now, where it seemed it really didn't want to be.

"Mike"......came the distant sound....."Mike...are you ok?"

"Um....yeah, sure, cupcake.......are we in heaven?"

My poor attempt at humor did little for Lana. Not only was she not smiling, but she had that "I knew it." look on her face. My eyes focused on that lovely but disappointed face. I could see the defeat in her eyes. Eyes that pretty should never have defeat in them. That hurt me to the core. She sighed and turned away from me.

"I knew this was gonna happen. You're too scared and bummed now to give me what I need, aren't you? I'll be lucky if you get it up by Christmas now."

She tried to joke, but her voice was dripping with disappointment.

"It's ok," she said, "I still love you. I can't expect you to risk life and limb for me. I guess it was pretty silly of me to even concoct this little scheme. I'm really sorry, Mike. Let's just get dressed and go back to my place. At least we can still finish things up there, I hope."

Her voice was still distant, but the emptiness in it grabbed at my heart. How could that animal hurt her so badly? Lana was a beautiful person, inside and out. What kind of idiot would be so cold and unfeeling toward her? How could any man ignore the needs of a goddess like her? And just how bad was it between them that she needed such to exorcise him with another man? The thought of his grotesque, hairy, brainless body snuggled up against her soft, supple form almost made me cry. The more I thought about such a blasphemous union, the angrier I got...and the worse I felt for Lana. I was literally fuming, all sorts of thoughts bubbling in my head.

Lana didn't notice the change in my mental status. She snuggled up against me and was trying to console me. SHE was trying to console ME! That cretinous idiot had treated her badly for several years and SHE was trying to console ME!

Then it happened.....all fear left my mind, to be replaced by a strong desire to please Lana in any way I do anything for her that her malignant ex-husband wouldn't. Well, it was either that, or the fact that her hardened nipples were pressed against my own as she nuzzled and kissed my face. Her soft lips felt so good on my own lips, her warm body against mine gave me strength I could never have found on my own. As we kissed deeply, my hands traced light paths down her back and along her buttocks. I brought my hands up to her face and pulled her head away from my own so I could look into her sexy blue eyes. I could still see the hurt there, but as she noticed my lips curling into a most wicked grin, I saw a flicker of hope dance in those eyes. I burst into uncontrollable laughter, and Lana looked at me wide-eyed as if she were thinking commitment papers might be in order. I grabbed her face and kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Mike....maybe we should go. I didn't realize this would have such an effect on you.."

"No way, hon," I interrupted, "You wouldn't want to disappoint little Mikey, would you?"

"'re really losing it...."

I pressed my index finger over her lips and said, "Lan, it's my turn to surprise you." With that, I pointed a proud finger. It was now her turn to follow my finger's trajectory. Her eyes widened and she squealed with delight, like a schoolgirl who'd just received a phone call from the cutest boy in school. There, pulsing slightly and proudly saluting the warm night sky was my trusty little soldier. He saw his duty clearly....THE HILL HAD TO BE TAKEN!

While Lana was squealing and beaming a broad smile at me, eyes wide and unbelieving, I snuck my hand down along her buttocks and slipped it between her legs. I grinned lasciviously as I stroked her fur. She leaned over and kissed me so hard on my mouth that she knocked me back, the new position giving me better access to her now moistening mound. Our tongues played tag, and I sucked on hers as I knew she enjoyed that immensely. In only a few brief seconds she was dripping again.

She kissed my face roughly and said "I love you." maybe eight or ten times in rapid succession....and then in one lightning-swift motion had lifted herself up and then impaled herself on my throbbing tool. And the race was on........

Sidebar: Still keeping score in my battle of the heads? If so... Glans - 2, Brainpan - 0

Lana was awash in primal lust. She pummeled my groin with her soft behind, pounding up and down my muscle like an automobile piston. Her head was thrown back and her silky blonde hair flew all about her. She was holding her head in her hands as if it was all too much for her, and her lower lip was held captive between perfect teeth. Every now and then she'd stop pistoning into my groin and sit on it, rotating her hips in a circular motion, the movement forcing my penis to circle around the inner walls of her love canal. As turned on as I was, I totally forgot my own excitement and watched Lana as she jumped and twisted happily on my stalwart soldier (I must confess, I was very proud of him given the circumstances). Now and again she would lean forward and grab my face and kiss me passionately for a bit, but then sit back up again and resume her assault on my groin. She found a very pleasing position by leaning backwards, forcing my erect penis to rub primarily along her inner wall behind her clitoris. She did this now and again, but didn't maintain it for fear of climaxing too soon. I, on the other hand, had other plans.

When she once again leaned back, the head of my penis rubbing the inner wall behind her button, I put one hand down between her legs, getting my thumb and forefinger wet with her juices. As she bounded atop me, my penis playing behind her clit, I gently stroked her clit with my fingers. She shuddered immediately and violently, gasping for air. I gently squeezed her clit, and the ensuing eruption was pure joy to behold. She screamed and leaned forward again, pinning my hand between her bush and mine. She pistoned on me at warp speed. It was over in seconds after that....her warp drive humping apparently being the last stages of her orgasm. Spent, she flopped down on top of me, kissing any part of my face and neck she could.

"Oh, my God," she forced from her panting lungs, "That was incredible."

Then, she flashed me a sad expression, saying, "But, I didn't feel you come. You didn't, did you? You still upset?"

"No way, sexy....I'm way past that. I was just enjoying giving you a nice time. I was so into pleasing you that I must've just gotten caught up in your orgasm."

But little did Lana know that I was also thinking about something else while she was bombarding my groin with her luscious fanny. I was thinking about a fantasy she'd told me about shortly after we'd met..a fantasy she'd asked Brad to act out for her many times, only to be met with refusal after refusal, and even with derisive laughter, from her narrow-minded cretin of a husband. I'm not sure where between Lana's mounting me and her orgasm that the idea had come to me, but it had grown into full-blown desire, though I'd never done it before. The idea of doing if for her when he never would, and doing it here, in front of his own home, with the possibility of him driving up the road at any moment....well, the idea clung to me and would not let go.

"Lana?" I asked.

"Mmm...yes, sweet thing," she cooed, her face buried now in my chest.

"You remember that fantasy you told me about shortly after we'd met? The one you wanted Brad to do for you, but he never would?"

She bolted upright, eyes wide.

"Oh, boy, do I. That's been a fantasy of mine forever. Never could find a guy to do it for me. I don't really think it's a fantasy...more of a...well...position. Not many people are into it. You've never done it either, have you?"

"No...never had a partner like you before, tho. Want to give it a try...right here, in front of ol' Braddie's pad?" The grin I flashed would've made Snidely Whiplash proud.

"Are you serious? Really?!" she almost squealed again.

"Why not? You noticed yourself that I didn't have an orgasm just now. I'd like to see if I could have one doing something new. Are ya game?"

Lana glanced down between my legs to see my member still erect and raring to go. Always insatiable, she was raring to go too almost instantly. She hoisted herself up off my chest and got on her knees, pointing her behind in my direction, wiggling it teasingly.

"Here it is, big boy.....want some?"

Without answering, I rolled over and kissed her bottom several times on each cheek and then got to my knees behind her. I once again moistened my fingers in her warm wet crotch. I rubbed my fingers all around her anal area, slowly, teasingly. Lana nearly swooned. I used that copious lubrication to loosen her up, slowly relaxing her sphincter.

"Oh, my God....I can't believe you're going to do this!"

"Hey," I said, "I'm just helping you with your revenge, remember?"

"And," she gasped in anticipation, "doing a wonderful job of it."

I brought my hips up behind hers and inserted myself between her cheeks. Instantly, she moaned. On all fours, her hands grasped the blanket and I even saw her toes curling. She licked her lips and breathed hard as I slid further into her. I used as much of her juices as I could to lubricate my shaft, and began to slowly pump into her orifice. With each push I went just a little further. She again had one hand wringing her hair, using her other for balance.

"Oh, my God, Mike........I love you so much!"

"I love you, too, Lan...I love you too."

As her sphincter relaxed more and more I worked in and out of her. The tightness of it was an incredible experience. I had never done this before, and I now realized what I'd been missing all these years. Lana got up off all fours and I pulled her back to me. I cupped one of her breasts with one hand and slid the other down to her moist crotch. I stayed away from her clit figuring it must be extremely sensitive by now. I just fondled her breasts, alternating between them, and lightly pinched her nipples...while playfully but gently playing with the folds of her nest. And I pushed myself in and out of her hot bottom to a steady rhythm. Knowing what would give her still another orgasm, I began to kiss and nibble her neck, and I whispered into her ear.

"I'll bet that limp ex hubby of yours never did this for you."

She moaned.

"No......not.....ever......." she puffed.

"And he'll never get the chance to do it for you ever again. But, Lan.....I'll do this for you as often as you like. I love doing it for you. Anytime you want just ask."

"Oh....Mike.....oh, God......" she gasped out the words, "Mike... you've... really.... REALLY... come... through for... me... this time."

"Lana," I whispered, my lips barely touching her ear, my fingers busy in her flower and on her nipples, "I will ALWAYS be there for you....not like Brad. I will please you in ANY way you desire. Tonight.....and ALWAYS."

I didn't realize how exciting anal sex was for her. She was almost growling and grunting in animalistic passion. I loved what I was doing to..and for her. She was writhing on my pole and gasping. Her hands flailed about, not knowing what to do...I was doing it all for her.

The tightness of her sphincter squeezing my shaft was more than I could bear.

It wasn't long before my pent-up passion spilled out of me into her. When she felt the rush of it inside her, she screamed yet again and almost snarled as she erupted around my fingers. She bucked and almost dislodged me from her, but I held fast. She was screaming all sorts of erotic exclamations at the sky. We climaxed together and continued to do so for several minutes. In her excitement at such a wonderful release, and her desire to thank me, she ripped herself off of me and whirled around. She didn't kiss me so much as assault my mouth....licking, sucking, biting my lips. She was gasping out "Thank you"s in rapid succession, squeezing me as a python does it's prey.

She pulled me down on top of her on the blanket, and then held me tightly. Still smarting from her rapid and unheralded departure from my battered member, I simply lay there in her embrace. We actually rolled around on the roof locked in each others arms. Eventually, once again exhausted, we simply lay in each others arms. I partially sat up and shouted very, very loudly,

"That's how you please a woman, Brad, you Neanderthal!"

Lana laughed and applauded, but the applause was short. Her laughter and applause was cut short by a familiar sound.....the sound of tires skidding and bouncing on dirt and rocks.

Brad was coming home from work.

Lana and I stared wide-eyed at each other....then flew into motion. Lana was down off the roof and sliding down the trunk in a split second (I marveled at her speed considering all what we'd done that night). The dawn having just begun to break, she was able to find our discarded clothes in their scattered piles. I skipped the trunk scenario and flew directly from the roof to the dirt road. I looked hurriedly about for any clothes that Lan might have missed, but the girl was good...very good. She'd collared every one of escapees.

We began laughing uncontrollably, which didn't help our attempt to throw the blanket and clothes into the car and follow them with our sweating naked bodies. I only prayed that Lan had left the keys in the ignition.

The sounds of Brad's pickup barreling up the road grew much louder. Still laughing, partially from nervous fear, and partially as two kids who'd done something bad and just might get away with it, we tossed ourselves onto the front seat. Thankfully, the keys were there in the ignition. Still having a need for humor, I said,

"Warp speed, Scotty...get us the hell out of here!"

After all......we were brave....but not THAT brave......and certainly - hopefully - not stupid.

Lana gunned the engine and the tires spewed rock and dirt. We skidded and swerved up the dusty road, the sun now displaying all the area had to offer. I glanced back and saw the creature's lair for the first time. We drove around a bend and Lana slammed on the brake just as Brad's truck slowed to turn into his driveway. Sitting in center of the road, just out of view of the unholy being, we craned our necks to see Brad stumble out of his truck and shamble into his den. He was uglier and meaner looking than I remembered him. We both shuddered.

We sat there for a few minutes after he'd gone inside and then looked at each other. We burst out into childlike laughter again. It was hard not to with the two of us sitting there naked in the front seat. Then Lana scared me again...

"I have an idea," she said.

"What? What? WHAT?! Don't do this to me, Lan." I pleaded.

She pulled the car around in a circle and headed back toward Brad's place! My eyes bulged enough to fall out of their sockets. What was this maniac doing now?! When she got to Brad's driveway she slowed down, veering slightly toward it.

"Let's do it right in his driveway." she said, an evil grin on her sultry lips.

"You're out of your mind!" I screamed and whispered at the same time, "How many times do you think you can escape death in one night?!"

Lana laughed wickedly and put her foot back on the accelerator.

"Gotcha!" she chuckled.......and we drove off back down the dirt road, leaving both Lana's issues and my fears up there on that dusty mountain road, never to surface again.

- END -


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