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Where Eagles Fly
by CRaZy

(for my friend)

She knew him only as Eagle as he narrowed the thousands of miles between them over the chat line, his words so carefully chosen that he magically seemed to be right beside her, an old friend having an easy conversation. The vision of the broadly smiling, teddybear-cuddly Eagle had become part of her everyday routine. They had teased about this meeting for over two years, gradually becoming less jovial and more serious in their tone, until finally the moment was almost upon them.

CRaZy stood on the fourteenth floor of the Pittsburgh Sheraton, completely fraught. She looked through her window across the river, barely able to identify Liberty Bridge on this overcast winter's day. The room itself was light and warm but CRaZy was too tense to appreciate the luxury. She had spoken to Eagle that morning, given him the room number, now she could only wait. Several times she had gone to sit on the imposing king-sized bed which commanded the room and just as quickly she had leapt back, as though bitten. She was desperate to appear casual, as though she regularly flew to another country to fulfil her fantasies.

She debated as to whether she ought to rumple the sheets a little, but in the end she could not even look at the bed, let alone drape her jet lagged body across it. CRaZy sighed and slumped into the armchair, staring fixedly at the rather worn photo of Eagle she always carried in her purse. These days, just the thought of him was enough to make her squirm with discomfort as a rising, stabbing heat filled her nether regions. With the culminating moment so close, the heat had become a raging fire, all her senses centred on the nerve endings in her pussy.

CRaZy was perplexed by her nervousness, her fears. She had been in a steady relationship for ten years, sacrificing passion for familiarity and comfort. It had only been since she developed her on-line relationship with Eagle that her long forgotten stirrings had risen again. In her youth, however, she had indulged in fleeting, lust driven unions - a beach in Athens, a park in Brussels, a campsite in Berlin. Transitory moments of intimacy instead of love. She was always the active participant, determined to prove her worthiness for these short periods of closeness. Ultimately her own enjoyment became a secondary consideration. Only average in looks and brains, she was grateful for the crumbs of affection thrown her way.

Eagle looked at his watch as he hurried away from work. Five-thirty. He cursed the rain, the Friday afternoon traffic and the lights as his shaking hands steered him towards his destination. He knew this escapade had the potential to exceed his wildest desires or destroy forever a friendship he had grown to nurture and treasure. Just for a moment he considered turning back, driving home to the safe comfort of his family and abandoning his fantasy forever.

With shock, he realised he was at the Sheraton driveway and a chauffeur was gently prodding his thoughts, "Sir. Sir. Do you have any luggage? May I take your car Sir?" Slightly flustered, Eagle retrieved his briefcase from the back seat and proceeded into the lobby. Startled to hear his own laboured breathing, he was glad to be the only one in the elevator. He retrieved a comb from his pocket and proceeded to adjust his slightly thinning hair in the mirror. How he wished he wasn't middle-aged...had gone to the gym...had gone on that diet...but now he was here, standing outside her door, and any small amount of pretence he had maintained over the chat line would be gone.

Eagle's knocking brought quick movement from within. He heard the latch on the door open and there she was - radiant, flustered, but much less fragile than her photo seemed to suggest. They stood there, hesitant. Then, his arms were encircling her tightly, her face trapped against his chest and they clung together in the doorway, not breathing, not speaking, as their fears melded into one and dissipated in the moment. Eventually, CRaZy pulled away, her uneven breathing belying the control she now attempted to adopt. She led Eagle towards the chair and busied herself pouring chilled white wine, concentrating on each movement in the simple process lest her shaking hands betray her.

Eagle sipped the wine, savoured its fruitiness whilst assessing this girl he had come to adore. She was wearing a short, floral cotton dress, obviously ideal for the Australian summer, he considered ruefully. She was fit and tanned with a reasonably toned body but also with a womanly softness that she had acquired over 38 years of living. Her breasts moved under the thin fabric, despite a bra, he noticed. Her waist was small but the seams of her dress stretched a little over her hips - those extra pounds gained from eating chocolate as she often confessed to him, he noted with a smile. Finally, he assessed her face, perfectly framed by curly brown hair flecked with red highlights. Her face was pleasant, perhaps plain, until she smiled, causing her hazel eyes to sparkle like crystal and her whole body to exude effervescence. He vowed to make her smile a lot during their time together.

CRaZy was hovering now. There was only one chair and she continued to avoid acknowledging the presence of the bed. She sat on the edge of the desk, then moved to the window, finally pacing up and down the length of the small room, drink in hand as she rambled. She knew she was rambling, about the weather, the flight, her cats. In her head she was screaming at herself to stop but she seemed incapable of making her brain preside over her actions. Meanwhile, Eagle sat bemused, collecting his own thoughts, preparing to take control. He craved this woman more than anything in his whole life. He wanted to fulfil her dreams.

Darkness truly hovered outside now as the lights of the city gradually reflected in the window. Eagle stood, placed his drink on the desk, moved towards CRaZy and gently steered her to the bed. He sat her down on the edge and knelt before her, his eyes locking with, becoming entranced, by hers. He maintained eye contact for a long time, before leaning and barely brushing her lips with his. She cried out as he pulled back, bereft with disappointment at the brevity of their first real intimacy. She moved forward now, placing her lips firmly against his, clutching his shoulders, demanding commitment. His lips parted as a tiny growl emerged from his throat and he possessed her, roughly forcing his tongue between her teeth to meet hers, not for a moment breaking eye contact. She returned the favour with equal vigour, crushing her mouth into him, pulling harder at his shoulders in an attempt to bring him even closer. Instinctively, he let one hand roam to her breasts, feeling them through her dress. He pressed down hard on one, then the other, causing CRaZy's whole body to jolt with electric shock. She hadn't been lying about enjoying a modicum of pain, he realised. At last, the kiss became more gentle till they were really just resting their lips against each other, occasionally pressing a little more firmly.

"I need to shower, Hon," Eagle whispered into CRaZy's ear, even the warmth of his breath as he spoke causing her to quiver. Eagle arose from the floor. "Let me join you?" intoned CRaZy eagerly as she attempted to stand. The sudden movement made her dizzy, her knees buckling before Eagle caught her with his strong arms and steadied her. "I think you need a cold shower," he joked. "Just give me one minute before you come in, OK?" he requested a little sheepishly. CRaZy nodded.

Eagle entered the ensuite and quickly stripped. He did not hear the slight movement as CRaZy entered, placed her wine on the basin and stood behind him at the bowl. He was temporarily numbed however, when she put down the seat and sat on it before him. She lifted her eyes to look at him; reassuring, questioning. Her hand gently fondled his cock as she placed her mouth over his tiny slit without her lips touching it. CRaZy actually shocked herself with this action. She had done it before but not often and she seemed almost powerless with an overwhelming need to share her very essence with this man. Eagle groaned. He needed to go - desperately. It had ached almost unbearably to hold back when CRaZy intruded. His body trembled uncontrollably as his mind swirled. "A liberal voter. HE swings to the right," she observed. Feeble attempt to lighten the moment, but it made Eagle smile. CRaZy clasped his hips gently, pulling him slightly closer to her. Her hand cupped the base of his brimming vessel. Eagle concentrated. He wasn't sure he could do this. Gradually, the desperation mounted and CRaZy was rewarded with a gentle gush of fluid as he watched in awe while she accepted his acidic refreshment, the unexpected intimacy beyond anything he had ever experienced. Her tongue caressed him clean in long, slow, tender strokes of bubbling promise.

Eagle felt his control waning. He pulled her to her feet, tipping her wine glass against her lips. She reached out and held the stem, allowing him to raise her dress, remove her panties in a single movement. He knelt down so he could run his hands over her smooth legs, her hips, her neatly waxed mound. He placed his mouth on her pubic bone, feeling the warmth, the softness of the naked flesh against him whilst she continued to sip. Cool wine soothing the burn his offerings had caused in her throat. He stood, replaced the glass on the basin and lifted her dress over her head. He whistled low as he unclasped her bra to see her medium sized mounds of flesh that heaved with secret longings. He bit each nipple - quickly, sharply. CRaZy squealed, then moaned, pressing her body into him. "I hope I look okay." Discomfort in her wavering voice. "There's nothing like a naked woman, Hon." A delighted laugh at her modesty.

Eagle pushed open the door to the shower and pulled CRaZy in with him. He released the showerhead from its holder and proceeded to adjust the water temperature and pressure. Meanwhile, CRaZy grasped a bar of herbal soap , its scent everything to do with freshly mown grass and picnics in the sand and nothing like a Pittsburgh winter. Eagle proceeded to douse them both with water, whilst CRaZy ran the soap across his body appreciatively. He was strong and hefty and exuded a protective demeanour she had craved for years. Her hands used the soap to find his crevices and she delighted when he shuddered as she touched under his arms...along his butt crack...his clearly excited shaft. Eagle used the water pressure to good advantage, aiming it at private spots which made CRaZy squirm and squeal and giggle with protest, her blissful laughter tingling off the tiles.

Eagle held her to him, one arm clutching her waist, her back pulled firmly against his chest. She could feel his excited flesh pressing into her butt as he deliberately rubbed against her gently. He turned the shower hose to the pulse setting now, using his free hand to hold it against her most tender area. At first she whimpered, the persistent momentum tingling and making her shudder slightly. Then she felt herself moaning - long, low, guttural moans such as she had never heard come from her lips before. The water was stinging, relentlessly hitting some spot she had never identified. Without Eagle's tight grip on her waist she would have been unable to stand. Then came the tears as she felt a burning sensation that rose from her feet, ran up her legs to her shoulders and culminated with what she thought would be an explosion in her head.

"Stop. Please God stop. I feel sick. There's something wrong with me - I might have a stroke," she managed to stutter with the last of her draining energy. Eagle switched off the shower, replaced it in its holder. He turned her to face him, still gripping her tightly, her body feeling weightless in his sturdy arms. "Hon?" His voice quavered with concern. CRaZy's breath had slowly returned. "I just never felt that before. I -I d-don't know what you were doing," she stammered. Eagle held her eyes to him. He saw dismay and confusion behind their sparkling light. He knew she spoke the truth. He pushed her sogging hair back behind her ears.

"You just never came before then Hon," he whispered. "This time, just ride with it. You won't have a stroke, I promise."

"Oh," she replied, head hung low, tiny little girl voice revealing her embarrassment. Eagle tipped her chin, brought her face up to look at him. He kissed her softly, reassuringly on each eyelid.

"You are special to me Hon," he said simply.

Eagle turned the shower on again, just lightly so the warm, cascading droplets trickled down their bodies. He resumed the previous position with CraZy's back to him, but this time he used his fingers, exploring mildly at first, just teasing the outer folds of her flesh. Her breathing remained steady, calm, almost relaxed. He felt sad. Sad that for twenty-two years this woman had obviously given so much of herself, yet the ultimate prize had not been reciprocated. His fingers then moved, almost imperceptibly, across the magic point at the top of her lips she had never found.

She shuddered a little but remained in control. It was like a soft tickling sensation - merciless but bearable. Then Eagle pressed harder, rolling her bud between two fingers, gripping her body with all his strength. Her whole body contracted now - she felt the inferno again, heating her flesh from the inside out. She tried to speak. Tried to beg. She closed her eyes as white liquid fire flashed before them. She just wanted this to stop. She panicked as she felt an incredible stinging sensation in her loins like she might pee.

"Please God no! Stop. I'm going to wet myself," she struggled the words from somewhere in her mind. Eagle sighed. She had been prepared to drink his own waste, yet was afraid that he might be repulsed by her fluids.

"I don't mind," he murmured against her ear. Tears streaked her face as she fought the sensations with every fibre in her being. Eagle held her fiercely, kissed her neck, but persisted. Finally, he felt her go rigid, her body rhythmically heaving as she emitted a long, shattering wail. Then she went limp. Lifeless in his arms. Her body continued to spasm in tiny crests of waves for several minutes till gradually she settled, her ragged breathing returning to normal.

"I'm so sorry. I peed on your hand," she blurted out at last.

The tiny, apologetic little girl voice again. God it turned him on. "You didn't you know. It is normal fluid. It's meant to happen." Matter of fact. Knowledgeable.

"O-oh." Clearly relieved.

CRaZy dropped, almost reverently, to her knees now. She was still flushed, trembling. This was familiar territory and she so much wanted to repay this man. Eagle gritted his teeth, made tight fists with his hands and grunted as the most luscious, sultry mouth he had ever felt encircled his palpitating flesh and deliciously teased him into the depths of her throat. This was CRaZy's favourite part of the game. She gratefully accepted all seven spectacular inches, shivering as she noted its thickness, her body quivering with fervour at the image of this specimen raking her open. Her mouth came all the way to the perfectly cut tip now as she flickered her tongue across it, lost at her own little altar of worship.

CRaZy's mouth was fiery velvet. Eagle could take no more. With greater force than intended, he pushed her aside, quickly placing his thumb in her mouth as compensation. Still dripping, he lifted her, turned off the tap, stepped out of the shower, and gingerly carried her to the bed. A permanent shiver caused by the sudden coolness, accompanied by anticipation, began to claim CRaZy's body. Eagle's body lay sideways to hers, his hand once again quickly finding her centre of gravity. It spilled with her special marinade, his delicate touch producing a hair trigger reaction of further quivering. He slid one finger all the way into her nest. Soon to be his nest, he realised with a wry smile. She had told the truth when she said she was tight, and fleetingly, he was a little concerned about his thickness. He tried two fingers, but she mewed piteously and he knew that a leisurely pace was the only solution.

Eagle sat up, pulling CRaZy so that her legs were wrapped around his thighs as he supported her in a half upright position. His hands on her hips, he coaxed her so that her delicate portal was positioned over his glistening tip. Inch by inch, he added more pressure to his grip as he felt himself being snugly wrapped in her pulsating folds. His lips, then his teeth danced across her breasts until finally he bit one of her nipples harshly, causing her to cry from surprise rather than an inability to endure the pain. When she recovered, her little nest was filled and she found herself tensing and relaxing in rhythm with his steady movements.

"Hon? Hon?" he murmured as his face became glazed with that familiar look of impending climax. CRaZy could only nod her assent. Her already heated flesh was being scraped beyond endurance with his every thrust. Then, just as it became unbearable, she felt Eagle's warm, sweet emulsion blending with her own secretions. She barely heard him cry out as her own gasps roared above his. They remained locked together, suspended in each other, lost in a trance. CRaZy was a little surprised but not shocked as she felt Eagle's flesh recovering within her.

Eagle himself was amazed. It had been more than ten years since he had achieved such a feat. CRaZy rocked a little, testing to see if he indeed was recuperating. Her pussy was slick with fluid now yet he managed to stay gripped within her. He was absolutely ready. "Is there anything special I can do for you?" she asked. Eagle stroked her hair, her cheeks, her lips. He told her how perfect everything had been. He knew this girl would comply with any wish but he did not want to emulate her past lovers. Yet, he had a burning need. He knew this might be his last chance.

CRaZy drew in her breath sharply at the request. It had been twenty years since she had experienced anal sex. Her first boyfriend had a fetish for it. In fact, for two years, it had been her sole experience of love making. When she lost her virginity, it had been because her boyfriend had missed his chosen spot one night, and so it was. Night after night CRaZy had lain awake, unfulfilled, yearning for release in a much neglected part of her body. She was therefore intrepid but afraid to deny this wish.

Eagle held his breath. He may well alienate this woman, his friend, and she was more to him than sex. Yet, his urge to try this just once was great. Without waiting for an answer, he helped CRaZy to lie back down. Again, lying casually beside her, he placed one finger on her tiny bud, admiring its hardness and sensitivity. She was more familiar with the sensations now, able to gauge her own reactions.

Crisp, white sheets with lavender smell...

He moved his finger in small circular motions, slow and gentle at first, then faster and harder. He waited till her hips lifted from the bed, then resumed the slow pace again. Each time he changed pace she yelped charmingly, increasing his own desire.

Salt bead precipitation forming on skin...

He watched as her breathing wavered, her stomach muscles contracted and her beautiful ambrosia covered his hand. He felt her peak and ebb as he caused her body to react in waves till she was delirious, spent of energy.

Body soaring...weightless...helpless over oceans and mountains and deserts and plains...

When he knew she had reached her peak of tolerance, he thrust his finger completely inside her, the intrusion causing convulsions within her walls.

Spectrum of colour bursting in brain...

He marveled as he watched her stomach contract uncontrollably and her small cries became unintelligible moans.

Hovering...gliding...with wings to fly...

Ultimately, the pleasure gave way to tears of exhaustion and Eagle ceased his assault.

Eagle kissed her very, very lovingly on the lips before sliding both pillows beneath her bottom. He reached down now, carefully gauging her reaction as he took the copious nectar she had produced and spread it around her even smaller nest as well as his own shaft. CRaZy did not react at all, still plunging between smiling and crying as the intensity of her emotions eased. Eagle felt a flutter in his heart as he deliberately but carefully pressed against CRaZy's rim. It was tightly clenched, impenetrable. He pressed harder. CRaZy gained the presence of mind to reach down, part her butt cheeks with her hands. He felt the tip slide in. So very tight. He paused. She gave a tiny yelp. He pressed again. A slight suction. He was in an inch now. He fought for control.

Eagle slowly released the weight off his arms lowering himself into her delectable depths. He watched every expression on her face, every nuance, ready to stop at any protest. CRaZy was tense, her teeth clenched, but she did not object. With agonising slowness, he felt himself being gripped like never before, every fibre of his manhood caressed and massaged by her incredibly compact walls. Her body was a wonderful, gossamer vice. He was aware of the impact he was having. He could sense slight tearing. He could perceive the almost impossible stretching of her most intimate spot. Still she did not object. Still he continued. He held his body taut as he reached the bottom, almost unable to control the feelings; the incredible constriction, the small spasms in her pelvic muscles as the aftermath of her orgasms continued unabated. Almost reluctantly, he drew himself out, seeing CRaZy unclench her teeth for just a moment, then contort her face as he began his assault again.

Eagle was unprepared for it. His body became a kaleidoscope of sensations as CRaZy lifted her hips to meet his movements, her legs wrapping around his waist, her nails digging tightly into his shoulder blades. He felt the contractions in her muscles increase in intensity again and his own self control was destroyed. Applying his full weight now, he plundered her body, unable to distinguish between her screams of pain and her cries of ecstasy. CRaZy herself could only lie there passively after a few minutes, her body wracked with the most intense of climaxes. Pleasure and pain. Pain and pleasure. Wanting it to stop. Never wanting it to stop. Then, a sudden flash as she felt a million stars shoot through her and Eagle's hot, sticky, precious liquid coursing its way into her body. She heard him call out - a loud, primitive holler until his voice and body were equally exhausted and he collapsed on top of her.

CRaZy was only vaguely aware of what transpired after, as though in a dream sequence. The shower running. Comforting hands and a soft cloth washing her all over. Light, fairy kisses all over her body. Silence. She awoke sometime later, confused and hungry. She looked at the clock - 11pm. She turned on the bedside lamp and weakly rose to her feet. On the desk, there was a tray. Chicken salad and chocolate mousse. She smiled. She took the salad and stood at the window to eat it, her bottom too tender and sore to risk sitting yet. She felt empty, incredibly alone. As the Pittsburgh rain lashed against the window, she thought about Eagle, driving home. Home to his wife, his children. She knew they had made an anonymity pact, knew the common-sense reason for it. Yet, just for a second, she wished she'd been able to hear him say her name.


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