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Window Fun
by author

Dave walked in to the kitchen of our apartment, the front of a house now split into three places. I was doing dishes as he got between me and the sink puting his arms around me. He took advantage of my wet hands by grabbing and playing with my tits then reaching down my pants and fondling my ass. As I leaned in for more he lowered my pants down and played more. After a few minutes he stopped and said "stay that way" he needed to take a fast shower.

As he left me there pants around my knees he walked away saying "did you know if it's dark out and our lights are on you get a great view from the street?" He laughed and left. I stayed put washing the dishes. "Didn't you hear me?" he asked several minutes later returning to my still exposed ass.

"Yes, I did". From, then on anytime we were home alone at night he'd get me naked with lights on blinds open, door open, out on the porch- it was a whole new dimension we both loved, though I was the one getting seen. We know for a fact we had several steady lookers and we loved to give them a show.

We'd get so hot thinking of ways to show off we'd be starting in the car. One night after a drive in I was naked from the waist down but about to cover up Dave took my pants and panties and tossed them in the back seat saying why bother. We drove home and parked on the side of the house I got out and walked to the door and got in quick. He followed turning lights on. "Theres a car parked across the street with some guys in it, I think they were waiting for us" He took me on the porch my back to the door and lifted my shirt up bending me over a chair he started to play in both holes fingering me, we saw a light in ther car as if someone lit a cigarette but the car stayed. We put on a show for a while but then got too horny to just stay there. We closed the door waved in their direction and headed to the bedroom, as we fell into bed we heard the car start up and go.

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