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by Softly

The three of us had been close friends since college. Our husbands all were electrical engineers, who went to work for GE right out of school. We all were assigned to the Atlanta area, which is a great place for young couples because there are endless things to do.

On January 16, 1988, we all received transfer notices to Burlington, Vermont, a city of 38,000 people. It was even worse then you can imagine for us when we settled in there. No place to go dancing, two movie theaters, and a handful of good restaurants. Jean, Sandy and I were twenty-seven, no kids, and bored to death. Our husbands were assigned to the four to midnight shift.

We gals got in the habit of having a cocktail at the "High Hat," the in place for the professional locals, and the executive visitors. We became friendly with the owner, Sue Cole. One day Sue sat with us, and after listening to our complaints for a while, she inquired as to if we were game to try something "different." "Sure," we all said at once.

This was her plan: She knew all the locals. If a well dressed, good looking guy came in alone that she was sure was a visitor, she would have a conversation with him and would ask him if he was interested in being joined by a woman. If he said yes, she would call us to see which of us was available to meet the guy. Since she was a woman, she would not upset ours husbands if they happened to answer the phone. Jean, Sandy and I looked at each other. It was two minutes before I spoke. "Sue, can you really make this happen?", I said. "Easy, every night," was her reply. We gave Sue our phone numbers and our husbands days off. It was a go deal.

My dress was soaked by the time I got home. I got on my bed and masturbated. Thinking of a strange man on me drove me crazy.

The next night, Sandy was called. She met a guy in a shopping center and went to his motel. After, she reported that he was more nervous then she was. Thursday, my phone rang. "Jane." "Yes," its Sue. Are you busy tonight. "No" Be at the KMart center at 9 PM. Look for a gray Chevy. "OK." I was there in my Mercedes at 9 sharp. The Chevy pulled in next to me. The man that got out was awesome. Six two, black hair, 175 pounds, and wearing a pin striped suit. "Are you Jane," he inquired. I just said, "hop in." and we were off. His room was in the Radison. I walk in and stood in the center of the room. We slowly undressed each other. Naked, we stood kissing. He backed up and looked me over from head to toe. "God was very kind to you," he whispered. "I was runner up for Miss New Jersey, so yes, I can hold my own," I said. You far, far exceed my expectations for tonight, he said as he lowered me to the bed.

A bitch in heat, would be the only way to describe me at that point. His hand was on my pussy, which was flowing. Put it in me, please please please! He did. The second push was enough to trigger my first orgasm after waiting for this for two days. We were like animals. His cock was him and it was stroking all my fires. In a frenzy, panting, we cum together.

I lay back, while he fondled my breasts and made small talk. Ten minutes later he was hard again. I spread my legs and he mounted me again. It was even better the second time. There was a third and forth.

I was home by eleven. I called Jean. After, I told her my saga, she said that she too had gone out tonight. Jean is a doll baby. She is 5'1," and 109 pounds. She had only been with three guys before tonight, and never had a "big" cock.

Seems the guy looked normal, at 5' 10," and 150 pounds. But, and this is a big but, his cock was ten thick inches. Jean said that he turned the light off as soon as they got to his room. He kissed her a bit and then undressed her. Once on the bed he ate her. She loved it and noticed that he was making her vagina very wet. Sliding between her legs, he both her wrists with one hand and guided his penis to her love spot with the other. Jean was all excited and spread her legs to help him put his manhood into her.

He thrust his ass forward and put six inches into her. Then, grabbing the cheeks of her tiny fanny, he slammed the rest of his meat into her pussy. Jean cried out in pain during the next few minutes. With ten inches of shaft to work with, he would withdraw seven inches and then throw all his weight into her. Her pussy stretched to take him and she orgasm as he did. He stayed on her, pinning her in place. He got hard again. This time he plowed her pussy for twenty minutes. Jean said,"it felt like he had shredded my insides," but if he calls tomorrow, I go with him again. I've never been so much in heat in my life. My thoughts exactly!

We were in Burlington until GE sold their plant there in 1995. We were never caught by our husbands. We averaged a new guy each week. Hmm, 1988 until 1995. We are all in Florida now. We "allowed" our husbands to talk us into being Swingers, but that is another story.

U B good now, I'm Softly UB2

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