The Best Erotic Stories.

What's Good For The Goose...
by EvesDemise

We were bored one evening, Barry and I. It was well after five and with dinner out of the way (we always went someplace nice for dinner), our extra spending money was burning a rather large hole in our pockets. So we headed out to the bars, to have a few drinks, and play some darts if we decided to gamble a bit. The night at that point, had gone smoothly, and as we were headed back towards the apartment, a weird thought took hold. "Hey, I have an idea." I said to Barry.

He looked at me slyly, knowing my ideas tended to be a little on the bizarre side. "Ok," he said to me with a smile. "Whatever it is, I love it already."

"I am glad to know you have such faith in me, sweetie." I returned with a grin.

""Oh, I have faith in you alright, Snooks," He has always called me that since the day we met, four years ago. "I have faith that although whatever that pretty little head is dreaming up won't be anything less than slightly illegal, immoral, or both, it will surely be enticing, as are you--always."

"Well, let's not go to extremes. Shall we?" I said with an air of dignity.

"Let's hear the idea dreamt up by my beautiful dreamer." He said with a warming look at me, and a finger toussel to my cropped auburn locks.

"Well," I began, "I was thinking that it might be fun to go down to the 'stroll' tonight."

The "stroll" was what the locals called the area where all of the prostitutes walk around all dressed up, in short shorts, mini skirts or evening dresses, and maybe as little as nothing more than a body stocking, to solicit the more wealthy men who drive through the couple of cross streets there. It is only about three blocks from the apartment, and I have always been curious as to what it would be like to actually "stroll" as I have seen the women there do.

"Hmm." was Barry's immediate response, followed by a short stifled giggle, and then the question as to what his role would be in all of this I was telling him.

And then, peering up, as if to get further counsel from the heavens, I suggested "Well, you could drop me off, and watch me for a while, and then pick me up--you know, like a real "trick".

His smile broadened, and he reached over to hug me tight, saying "Snooks, that is why I love you so much. You always know just how to make a guy's fantasies turn real." I smiled back, looking down at my shoes. Black and white Chuck Taylors--they would never do. "I need change my shoes when we get back to the apartment, babe."

"Alright," he agreed. "I will get the car and a bit of money--ya know, to make it look legit."

"And that is why I love you, Barry," I said. "Because you are always thinking."

He smiled again as we rounded the corner of the walkway that led to our apartment building. Once inside, I went into the walk-in closet in the bedroom to search the shelves for my ultimate "slut shoes". Barry busied himself with gathering some cash from the lock box, and combing his thick, black hair. He even went so far, I noticed, as I sneaked a peek passing by the bathroom door, as to comb his beard and mustache. Barry is a very attractive man, in my opinion. He stands five feet ten inches tall, with hazel green eyes and gorgeous black hair. His hair is not curly, per se, rather soft and wavy in just the right places, with touches of grey near his temples. He looks sophisticated, yet youthful and, well, generally gorgeous. I began to worry that perhaps one of the real prostitutes might try to get together with Barry tonight, as we played out our little scenario.

Finally, deciding on my red slip-ons with the three and a half inch plexiglass heel I decide to also change out of my tee and shorts, and found an outfit befitting of my role for the evening. Now I was ready. And so with sexy bustier in jet black suede, and tighter than tight fire engine red pants that zipped up both sides from ankle to waist, and my sexy red heels to match the sprayed on pants, I re-entered the living room, to find Barry, just putting a quick polish on his money clip. "I am ready now." I said, affording him gorgeous look at me from head to toe.

To Be Continued...


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