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Woman's Guide to No Strings Sex With Attractive Men Pt. II
by Softly

Golly, the response from "Woman's guide to" gives me a warm feeling. You folks are right when you say that I left out some of the details of exactly what I do and look for before I make things happen.

Clothes: Grays or brown clothes of a material that won't wrinkle are good so that you can mingle without standing out, and of course you do not want to appear as though you have been on your back, or other interesting positions. Pantyhose get in the way, so I wear stockings and a garter belt, without any panties. A loose sweater with a bra with front snaps allows easy access, which gets the fellas excited. I wear my glasses to appear less of a threat to the other gals.

Makeup: You should wear very little. It gets smeared, and its absence tones you down. The goal is not to be remembered by others at the party.

Help serve food: You must do this. It allows you to get a close up look at who is there. You see which woman is with which man. You can pick out two or three subjects to target and track their condition and positions as the night goes on.

"Booze" The magic ingredient. Without this you might as well go home. Interestingly enough, it is how much you can get into the other ladies that will determine how easy it is for you to seduce the men. When three or four other woman are flirting and moving around the room, it is easy to spot a man that is alone. If you know from serving drinks that he has three in him, it is like the "ducks in a barrel" saying.

Lose control: Happened to me a few times. I had never been with a black man. Good looking guy at a party given at an auto dealer. I made a move on him. He told two of his friends that he thought we might do something. We were in a bedroom in the basement level. As he was cumming in me, the other two came in and one of them replaced him as he slid off. The third guy did the same thing. I enjoyed it, but was worried that if someone came in on us that I would lose my ability to be part of this social group. Turned out OK.

Big Penis: Has been a problem several times. Give a guy three or four drinks and let him loose on a strange woman and you can't blame him for getting excited. Girls, you just have to tuck your fanny down to lessen his penetration. If he is huge, as one was, go 69, and don't let go of it.

Thrill for you Guys: Tell your wife that you would be turned on by watching her seduce another man. Tell her this a few times. Go to a party. Give her a lot to drink. Then ask a couple guys to, you know, give her some great sex! See y'all!

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